Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Eye

I woke up Friday morning and realized that the "Great Eye of Sauron" was on the tree right outside the camper window on my side of the bed.
B was already at work and the entire place was silent. Well, except for my giggling.
In the background you can see the muddy creek. This was, obviously, after the rains. We had a spectacular view. The bank was only about twelve feet from our camper door, and a there was a little drop off before the water. (You can kind of see it in the background. The photo's deceiving though - it's not as steep as it looks.)
With this view we saw a lot of cool things - some that we've never seen before - a bald eagle (actually two - a juvenile and an adult), an egret in the shallows directly across from my "Lord of the Rings" tree (a common sight), an otter and a mink.
Blog land is quiet these days as many are in Dallas for RWA's National Conference. I'm jealous I'm not there, and haven't been to National since New York a few years ago. But the D.C. conference is on the horizon in two years and I'm hopeful.
And, oh yeah, I am still working on the "still needs a new title" book. The word meter lies. I need to update it. I'm almost done. Work time has been a bit fragmented due to all the crazy stuff around here. With a little luck and some major self discipline, I hope to be done by the weekend.
Hot as blazes here. (good cliche, huh?)
I'm waiting for the rain...

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