Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Potter!

I am such a geek.
Last night, I got a phone call. The caller I.D. said it was the bookstore where I'd pre-ordered my copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". I was excited. On the other end of the line was Jim Dale, the guy who narrates the audio books for Harry Potter. And it was so freaking cool!
I've heard how great the audio books are. Several friends and K3 love to listen. Sadly, I've never had the chance. K3 listens at lights out (his way of getting a little extra reading time in - which is fine by me). Now we'll definitely do so on our next long car trip.
I'm trying to decide when I'm going to pick up my copy. Do I go at midnight and wait in line, but also get the benefit of actually seeing people dressed up? (and also take a huge chance on hearing the spoilers I do not want to hear) I want my copy badly, but I'm afraid if I do go at midnight, I won't go to bed when I get home. Instead, I'll crack the book open and spent the rest of the weekend unshowered, tired and reading.
As for the spoilers, they're out there. And that's a shame. I understand the Potter mania. I'm there, though I'm not as versed in Harry's world as many. I don't understand why and probably never will, and it means I'll avoid places where the book is being discussed already.
Yeah, I'll probably be in line "as Friday turns into Saturday". I promise I won't post spoilers here. At least until the book has been out a while.

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