Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I interrupt Tall Tale Tuesday, for this...My day and I don't care if you know!

Tall Tale Tuesday

This photo compliments of my mom.
So what is it?
1. The back of a decent-sized dead fish that washed up on the creek bank. Taken at the Memorial Day campout. I saw the thing up close and personal and it was one of the grossest things I've ever seen in my life. The white projections weren't maggots, they were too big and I'm pretty sure they had teeth. *shudders* Nasty stuff.
2. TICKS! *shudder, shudder* Again, a Memorial Day campout picture. Those ticks were stacked up on this wild cat that wandered into camp looking for gastric handouts. Not a real wild cat, since it let us pull the ticks off and turned out to be very loving and full of purr. (and hungry) You can almost see his dark gray fur to the left of the tick buffet. He hung out nearly all day Saturday and we haven't seen him since.
3. The inside of Mom's iced tea glass. I'm not sure if she took the picture by accident, or if the way it looked prompted the picture taking.
What do you think?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday's Thoughts...

It's Monday again.
And here's what I'm thinking:
1. Viking funerals.
2. Chinese food.
3. Chop sticks.
4. Pringles.
5. Band Aids.
6. Why ice from the store is different than ice from my freezer?
7. Bicycles.
8. Camping.
9. Alligators.
10. Fluffy pillows and clean sheets.
(#10 should give you a clue as to why this list is so random.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Forget

Sometimes it's easy to forget what you are.
What am I talking about?
Sometimes it's easy to forget you're a writer.
When life butts in and grabs you by the hair, forcibly pulling you away from your writing time and your writing goals, you tend to forget a little. If you have day after day of taken away writing time, (different than planned time off) it's even harder to get back into the swing of things and usually a form of apathy sets in. You remember how long you've been putting words on the page, how many rejections you've weathered, how many times you've sent something out only to be told "this isn't right for us". You wonder why you're still pushing, why you're still dreaming, why you can't just let it go and move on.
That apathy disables you.
It disables me.
There are days I sit and stare at my computer screen with the negative running through my head, the above, and more. Sometimes I'm even compelled to open my submission file and go over just how much is in there. It's not helpful, I'll tell you that much. Some days I have to force myself to open the document and read. And then, it happens.
I feel the spark. The need to tell the story. The need to put the words on the page. And it all comes back. Which is a very good thing.
We all struggle with the negative. No matter what stage we're at, how many books we've published, how many great reviews we've received. If anyone tells you any differently, they're either lying or delusional. Eventually the nasty jerk creeps up on us all. It's up to you what you do with it. Will you use it to refocus your efforts? Or will you let it cut you off at the knees?
I know I've talked about this before. This is an issue that never goes away, that sometimes needs handled differently every once in a while. It helps to be reminded I'm not alone when I start feeling icky.'re not alone.
Now, get back to work.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Four

The days stretch into an endless haze.
I no longer know my own name, but refer to myself in the same way the natives do. I've lost my identity - and when I say that, I can only think of SpongeBob and the episode where he has his shirt on backwards and thinks he lost his identity. I think it's something like that. Though I don't know what's more worrisome - that I immediately reference a cartoon, or that my statement actually makes sense to me. I know I am still me, but the part that used to be able to converse coherently and logically has been shoved aside with the endless repetition.
"Please stop making that noise." "Please stop." "That noise needs to go away and never come back." "No, I did not say be careful draining the hot tub. I said, be careful while I'm draining the pasta. We don't even have a hot tub." "I did not say you had fleas. I said, look in the freezer for the peas." "Please stop making that noise." "I said nothing about putting in a pool. I said, look out for the dog's drool." "Please stop making that noise."
Today, we ventured to the provision supplier. The entire way through, I was treated to endless discussion that frequently required intervention from myself, though I am sure I speak a version of dialect they cannot comprehend. I sometimes wonder if it's me, or them. Perhaps they're the ones that have lost their grip on reality?
There is a possibility of a little relief on the horizon. I hold onto this notion with everything I have. One on hand hoping, and on the other, knowing.

Goal Update:

Saturday's here, so lets look at what I did and didn't do this week...

1. Finish youngest girl-child's bedroom reorganization.
Nope. Got a little closer, but so not done. Soon. I hope.
2. Plant the flowers I brought home on Sunday.
Yes, and they're very pretty - the ones that weren't blooming are getting ready to.
3. Write - I had a decent day yesterday, but I need to do more. I'll set my writing goal for an average of 2,000 words per day. It should be higher, but there are some obligations that might throw me off this week. Yes. I came in a little over my 2k words per day, and am very close to meeting my monthly goal. The obligations happened and interfered, but I'd say I sufficiently managed.
4. Figure out a title for the current work in progress. Close, but no dice yet. I actually need two titles - one for the book I mentioned, and another for a different book. That's what my brain is working on today, so I should figure it out soon.

I'm not sure I'll set any goals for next week. To say the week is wonky would be an understatement. Did you know next Saturday is July 4th? Huh. That happened a little too fast for me.
That's all for right now.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Whoa! What a day. A long, hard, tiring day. I'm not kidding when I say I ran from 6:30 this morning, until finally arriving back home at 6:30 this evening. My feet are killing me, and I'm beyond tired. I am glad to be back home and relaxing.
So...let's do this.
The Official Feel Good Friday List:
1. My kid comes home on Sunday. (I'm not mentioning that she leaves again - right away. So we'll only see her for about 5.2 seconds until next Friday night). And we got to talk to her tonight. And she did pretty good on her SAT's.
2. No mail. I mean, snail mail. Though, that always makes me a little nervous. Did the neighbors get our mail? And if they did, was there a fat check in there that we'll never get now? (ha ha ha - like that's even remotely possible!) Did the mail person ever come? There are always bills. So I'm a little surprised. I even checked the box three times to be sure.
3. The cool breeze blowing through my house.
4. Paying attention and learning everything I can about things that affect my writing career.
5. Not cooking dinner. (not eating dinner either since I had two lunches. Lots and lots of food today.)
6. Traveling plans with friends.
7. Having an entire evening of just B and I. (oh and the dead ground hog we found in the wood pile. I have a picture. Wait for it.)
8. Not running out of gas.
9. Knowing that when I do get gas, that I'm getting it for cheap thanks to our grocery store's reward program.
10. Convincing my husband that he needs to go with me to check out the deluxe grocery store that both overwhelms and excites me. (and he actually liked it!)
That's all for now.
Tomorrow I'll update my goals list. And we will probably have a Summer Survival Journal entry as well.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thursday

Me and mine daddeh. Was going to post it for Father's Day. Here we are in the "classic family pose". There are hundred, nay probably thousands, of pictures of the members of my family in this particular pose. I told my dad I was posting it here. I don't think he believed me, and I'm not sure he's okay with it, but since you can only see beard, tongue, and sunglasses, I think it's still pretty hard to tell what he looks like.

So, here's my random Thursday list:

1. I'm trying to figure out what music best suits the tone of the book I'm working on. My playlists are completely worn out and I find myself listening to the same music over and over. No. I do not have an iPod, but it's on the wish list. Right now, I'm listening to Jason Manns and Jensen Ackles sing "Crazy Love". I love it with the intensity of a million fiery suns, but I need more music. Darker music.

2. I'm on target with my public goal posting so far. I've averaged 500 to 1000 words more than my goal, which will carry me if I end up with an off day. The flowers are planted. I'm a little concerned about the youngest child's bedroom, and the title for the new book though. We shall see.

3. The fourth of July is coming up super fast. Kind of shocked me when I realized it's next weekend already. Holy crap!

4. I will not step on slugs in my bare feet today.

5. I will remember to water said planted flowers today.

*Slight off topic tidbit for people who belong to the same parent writing organization that I do. Pay attention, people. Do your research. Learn what's going on and decide how you feel about it. Fill out your proxy vote and get it to someone who shares your views. Vote. Let your voice be heard. Change cannot happen if people don't voice their opinions. I'm not going to go into my opinions at this time, but I will once I feel I'm educated enough on the matter.*

Oh, and I feel another Summer Survival Journal coming on. Wait for it.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Thanks to everyone who took a guess!
Ready for the answer?

1. Someone decided to make bandages for imaginary wounds out of the toilet paper, leaving us with none when we were expecting company. (and toilet paper bits strewn all over the house)
Nope. But not out of the realm of possibilities. Recently, someone wrote on a half of a roll - in red ink, which was pretty gross looking.

2. The weekend I wrecked my thumb, B was trimming trees and got similarly wrecked thanks to a huge branch. It was either take the injury or break the neighbors window. Yes. His injuries weren't too terrible. A bunch of deep scratches over his arms, legs, and chest. And a bruise over most of his chest. I honestly forgot about it when I blogged about the gardening. He didn't need bandages, so that's probably why.

3. The same someone decided to dig little graves near the swing set, and buried several toys she figured were dead. She even made little head stones. And had a fit when B told her to dig them up and fill in the holes. No pictures of this and that's a shame. Nope. But also not out of the realm of possibilities.

My mom sent me a picture to use for next week.
That's all for now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

We're going back to an older format today because I'm too jazzed about getting back into my work in progress to take the time to dig up a picture.
Which one of these did really happen around here since the kids got out of school for summer vacation:
1. Someone decided to make bandages for imaginary wounds out of the toilet paper, leaving us with none when we were expecting company. (and toilet paper bits strewn all over the house)
2. The weekend I wrecked my thumb, B was trimming trees and got similarly wrecked thanks to a huge branch. It was either take the injury or break the neighbors window.
3. The same someone decided to dig little graves near the swing set, and buried several toys she figured were dead. She even made little head stones. And had a fit when B told her to dig them up and fill in the holes. No pictures of this and that's a shame.
The true one.
What do you think?

Goal Setting

I'm totally stealing Susan's public goal setting idea. At least for now.
Once the rest of my writing buddies get back from vacation, we'll start another writing challenge like we had last summer.
So, here's what I should accomplish by Saturday:
1. Finish youngest girl-child's bedroom reorganization.
2. Plant the flowers I brought home on Sunday.
3. Write - I had a decent day yesterday, but I need to do more. I'll set my writing goal for an average of 2,000 words per day. It should be higher, but there are some obligations that might throw me off this week.
4. Figure out a title for the current work in progress. It's an urban fantasy with a total kickass heroine. I'm thinking of a way to describe it, but all I can come up with is..."Dark Angel on The Island with The Terminator". I'm sure there's a better way than that, but maybe it'll come once I know the working title.
There you have it. I will report in on Saturday with my progress.
Tall Tale Tuesday coming once I lay in a supply of sustenance and take care of the house stuff.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Blog Tour

Since I have nothing much to say, go check out these blogs:
Megan Hart's newest release, Deeper, comes out July 1st. Head over to her blog to read an excerpt.
Natalie Damschroder is on vacation and falling down a lot.
Ava's a little behind on blogging thanks to volunteer activities, but her previous posts are good for a laugh.
Susan has posted her goals for the week. They're good ones, too. I'm wondering if that's something I should do here.
Natalie's post at The Gab Wagon, her multi-author blog, is relevant to anyone who's a member of RWA.
There's a Supernatural music contest over at Supernatural Sisters. Check in frequently for interesting posts from the site's authors. Even though the show's on hiatus, it's a good place to go for Supernatural related stuff.
Today should be Misty's day for a new post.
Vicky's blog was down when I wrote this, but maybe it's back up by now.
And, as always, check out the LOLcats and Fail blog on the sidebar for a good laugh.
I'm thinking about the public goal setting. If I decide to do that, I'll be back later!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Three

It is raining again.
I do not know what to do with myself anymore. The natives are on an endless cycle of video games, piano playing, and yes, fighting. My ears cannot take much more. Nor can my soul. If I move, someone follows. It does not matter where I go or how stealthily I think I've been. One of them is there...talking to me. Asking me inane questions about food, refreshments, plans, what I'm doing...They walk behind my chair and bump into it. Even the private bodily function elimination chamber is not safe from their following. There is no lock on the door either. At least only the female ones follow me inside. The males are content to stand outside and holler their requests through the door. The phone being against my ear puts them all on high alert. The noise level instantly increases, as do the arguments, and the questions. Always with the questions. It is impossible to call for help as they monitor my every conversation. I must consistently put on the facade of contentment.
The oldest girl native left camp today. The younger natives are not handling this transition well. Especially the youngest. She has taken to warlike behavior. I am apprehensive - mostly about the natives status in a faraway land. It is hard to know what my place is in this world. I have to believe I am here for a reason. Somehow I think my purpose is greater than what I see on the surface. That helps to comfort me in this time.
I am ever hopeful help will arrive soon. The form of sunshine would be much appreciated.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Whoot! Friday!
Here's the list:
1. The street fair nonsense is over for another year.
2. Sleeping in.
3. Cool breezes.
4. K2 being ready to go on her trip. (Though I'm going to miss her terribly.)
5. College scholarship potential.
6. Singing children. (too funny! It's all of them - singing lead and harmony.)
7. Fathers. Mine and my children's. (Don't forget Sunday is Fathers Day!!)
8. Husbands who send me emails with "fork" in the subject line. Too funny.
9. Kids who aren't afraid to properly bury dead critters found on the patio without my help or guidance. (Though, I think this has the potential to be scary as well.)
10. Upcoming events.
That's all for now.
I may be back later with another Summer Survival post. Maybe.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Two

I think it's day eleven, maybe twelve - I'm not sure. The days all run together in endless chaos. I have accepted the fact that this is my fate. I feel a certain responsibility for those sharing the camp with me - and, yes, an affection I cannot describe. Though I still do not understand the way they think or some of the things they say. Their questions remain endless and mind boggling. No, I do not know what we will be having for dinner three days from now. At this point, I barely remember my name and often catch myself before responding in the high-pitched tone the natives use to call me.
The food supply I laid in very recently is nearly depleted despite several more journeys to hunt and gather. My trading implements are near zero and it's several more days until I can restore them. And still they're hungry - needing specific items, like milk and bread. I do not know what's happening to the provisions. Perhaps a thief is sneaking into camp in the middle of the night to further decimate our supplies?
And the rain! Will it ever stop? There has been no way to distract them - no peace and quiet. The natives appear to be handling this situation much better than I. They dance, sing, and laugh in a decibel that threatens to break my eardrums. They do not stop. Ever. Even when it's past time for restorative sleep. The disruptions hack away at my soul.
I fear today's event. The other locals are in party mode, drawing visitors from surrounding places and clogging the pathways and travel routes with shoulder-to-shoulder bodies. Most of my natives, including the visiting ones, are caught up in the thrill of it all. Some are not, but have been forced to participate because of affiliations they maintain. It means I must travel and interact with the visitors. I also must take special precautions to maintain the validity of our private space. The incoming travelers have no concern for camp boundaries and think nothing of intruding into private spaces. I believe it must be a cultural difference, though I do not like this. Friendlier travelers will be welcome in our camp and around our fire. I have no way of knowing when or how many. The constant rain may change the norm. My usual companion - the now naked dog - is no help today. She is concerned and distracted by the travelers and has taken to hiding in a corner of our dining area. Her stress comes out in a way very similar to the natives - noise and frenzied activity that further threatens my sanity.
One wonders if it's possible to get to the end of this day with wits and life intact? I have survived before, but each year is different than the last and I never know exactly what to expect. I can only hope some sanity will come with the return of the man who lives here with me.
I do not think help is coming. I have stopped watching for it.
Who knows how much longer I can maintain the facade of authority? I fear it's the only thing keeping me from facing a pot of boiling water.
If you get here and find my head on a pike, you will know...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ready for the answer? I know you just can't think about anything else! ha!

2. Rubber gloves. A random Easter pic taken in my sister's garage. They have some really cool old stuff in there. Obviously, the rubber gloves aren't old, or really all that cool.

Yep. Cropped and stuff like that magazine we used to get when we were kids. My sheets in the camper are blue, and B does not own a white dress shirt - only different colors.

So there you have it.
I think tomorrow we might have a Summer Survival post. It's our town's street fair and if you've been following me for a while, you'll remember how much the day fills me with absolute and total dread. Plus, I've got sleepover here tonight, and they say they're staying up all night. (ahem, Not!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

Why is it that when I have very little time, everything seems to take three times as long? Slow computer, clock moving way too fast! Anyway...
A true guessing game this week.
What is this?
1. Bed sheets. An accidental picture taken inside the camper before the bed was made. I don't think I took the picture and I'm just glad I wasn't still sleeping in that bed when this was taken.
2. Rubber gloves. A random Easter pic taken in my sister's garage. They have some really cool old stuff in there. Obviously, the rubber gloves aren't old, or really all that cool.
3. B's shirt. He was all dressed up for a wedding - or maybe I should say, he was trying to get out of the wedding monkey suit and was trapped. I promised him I wouldn't show the whole picture...
Okay...Which is it?
Maybe more later. I have a hectic day on the horizon.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Whoops! That's supposed to say Monday.
Monday's are typically long and hard for me anymore. I really miss the days of Monday bliss and hope to see them again sometime in the near future.
In light of my ongoing effort to be positive, I will just say this...
1. A kid packing for a trip five days before they leave and destroy both my living room and dining room with their gear and emptying the closet in search of work boots...
2. The cat meowing nonstop...
3. Being in such a rush all day, I barely saw any of my kids...
4. Same rush equalling no conversation with my husband...(and did I even eat dinner? I don't remember.)
5. So far behind on everything that I'm still up when I can barely hold my eyes open...
So, then, why did I stop by to blog?
Heck if I know. It's not like you needed to know any of that...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gnome Sunday

Today was one of those beautiful days where you can't help but be outside. I "heard" there's more rain on our horizon, but I haven't verified that information yet and I don't even want to think about it.
We actually managed to get outside and work in the yard. Which means...I took care of my gnomes. First, I cleared out the flower bed. Lots of sticks and stuff that have no business being in the flower bed - like basketballs, crayons (don't ask - I don't know either), little cars. Then, I washed the dirtiest gnome. He was filthy and he ended up getting his mouth washed out with soap, too, because he was telling the little frog perched on his mushroom dirty stories. I caught him and he was not remorseful even after the mouth brushing. I don't know. Those gnomes...go figure. He's the ring leader though, so it's hard to tell with him.
As it turns out, I only lost one with all of the basket throwing and crazy chaos of dogs, children, balls, and things. He's awaiting medical attention in the shed, (he lost his hat) though I do hope to purchase some crazy glue and have him back with his cronies in the very near future. We even unfastened my mother's day gnome . So far, so good. He's enjoying his hokey-stick-hammock-set-up in the newly tan barked flower bed. No demonic appearances, though it might be too early for that.
All of the gnomes seem happy. And I'm happy, too. I conned B away from his tree trimming to go get some of the free tanbark our town offers, I transplanted a bunch of hostas, and ran to the store for flowers. I even bought a big fern for the hanger on the back porch.
The injured thumb made shoveling a little difficult and the stupid thing started bleeding again. I also have two blue fingers from spray painting a chair (that stuff does not want to come off). We got a lot done, but we still have quite a bit to do. This week is our town's annual street fair (and if you remember, I look upon that day with great loathing) and I'd like to get a little more done before we're inundated with guests and drop in company, but we'll see.
I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi, my name is Victoria and I'm an idiot.
We were having a fantastic evening last night - a nice dinner, a fire in our backyard burner, candles lit on the patio and picnic table, lots of good conversation...
Then, B went down to help K1 replace a bulb in his car and the fire was starting to look a little sad, so I thought I'd chop this hideous log into smaller pieces...
Do you have an idea of where this is going?
You should.
Yeah, I totally whacked my thumb. Not so much blood, but a pretty good gash that probably should have had a couple of stitches. K1 almost had a nervous breakdown over it and instantly went into mother hen mode. He went out and got new peroxide and band aids and forced me to submit to his ministrations.
It hurts. Quite a bit. But luckily, for some reason, I don't use that thumb to type. I tend to hold it up off the keyboard anyway and sometimes it gets stiff from lack of use, so I guess if it had to happen, that thumb was the right one to whack.
I've been threatened with bubble wrap...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Feel Good Friday

I know it's strange that I actually have a Feel Good Friday post after the week I've had. You can put a good spin on almost anything though, so here goes:

1. Short haircuts on kids who hate combing their hair and who now have a very easy time with personal hygiene.
2. Friends who go out of their way for you.
3. Date nights with B.
4. Working refrigerators.
5. The sun!!
6. Sleeping in!
7. Paper shredders. Oh how I love the paper shredder!
8. Knee injuries that really aren't anything to worry about.
9. Stocking the fridge.
10. A mostly relaxing weekend on the horizon.

That's all for now.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry One

Day four of summer vacation.
I lit a signal fire, but no help is on the horizon. The natives are circling. I am scared. Their eyes have this insane, glassy quality that remind me of demon eyes. I have no salt. I cannot escape them. They follow me everywhere - calling out their battle cry in a decibel that defies logic. Waking me to tell me what time it is and that the dog is out of water. They're hungry and have already decimated the food supply. There's nothing left, which means I must brave the elements to lay in more provisions. The reading material has been depleted, which is another provision that must be gathered, but again, that requires a trip out into the elements...and did I mention, they're always following? I cannot escape.
Day three went similarly to days one and two - though no one was injured or scalped. I am weary and we're only four days into this adventure. I scan the outlying areas for assistance, but the only aid that comes my way is in the form of an exhausted, stressed out spouse. All he wants is food and rest. He alternates between pity for me and my plight, humor, and the occasional desire to trade places. I hesitate to tell him I don't think he could survive with his wits intact. I barely have mine. My vocabulary has faltered. The only words I now utter are: "hush", "stop", "I don't know what's for dinner", "Please knock it off", "Clean up your mess", and a few others along that line. The rain has hampered the entertainment value of the great outdoors and I am subjected to horrible shows ranging from old-school toddler shows, teeney bopper shows, reality television, and the constant sounds of computer games. Where has the sun gone? And if it were here, would things be different?
The lead native is leaving soon. I do not know how that will change the current dynamic, but I can only imagine one of her underlings will step up to take her place as the most obnoxious, loudest, and silly. I do not know, but I am scared. I have nightmares. And my nightmares are so close to my reality that I find I am in a constant state of confusion.
Help should come soon. I am ever hopeful.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Bucket 8

Another video from my brother-in-law's band. Not quite as silly as the last one!



Here we go.
I think I have to do better with the pictures.

What is it?
1. Storm clouds gathering over the cemetery at the retreat. The thunder sent one of our members back to the center, while the rest of us were busy falling off springy dogs and rolling down hills.

Yes. And I want/need to go back so badly!!


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Two for Tuesday

We interrupt this Tall Tale Tuesday for a brief message.
I'm scared.
It's only the second day of summer vacation! And each day something head shaking has happened.

Day 1: Yesterday: The kids were playing some twisted version of Marco Polo. They were using a towel as a blindfold. I'd watched to make sure they weren't being ridiculous, reminding them to make sure the blind one didn't crash in anything and they were doing a good job of that. Then...I turned my back for about 2 minutes and heard crying in the backyard. Somehow, their easy game turned into extreme-blind-obstacle-course-running and K3 crashed into the swingset - bruising and scratching his knee. I shake my head, because seriously? Are we not old enough and intelligent enough to realize this is not smart behavior?

Day 2: Today: This one's all on me. I hang my head in total shame. Because, really, I knew better, but thought I could do it. K4 has always hated to have her hair combed. I don't know how many times I've threatened her with a boy haircut because she refuses to either comb her hair herself or let me do it. Today was no different, but guess what happened? I decided I would give her a little trim. She asked me to - more like begged me - I mean, I was already there with the scissors thanks to this knot the size of Seattle. I combed it out, decided how much was logical (B said he didn't care if she got her hair cut, but she should at least be able to put it up in a pony tail) and cut...Only the scissors slipped and it was the crookedest hunk of hair you've ever thing let to another and the next thing I know we're headed down the road to the nearest chain beauty shop to have them fix the damage.
...and it is short. Boy short. Cute, but I don't know how long it's going to take me to get used to seeing my baby girl without her long hair.
Yes, it's only hair and it grows back, but I kick myself for not just going to the beauty shop first and getting a proper haircut. The stylist just shook her head at the mangled mess I'd made. I tipped her very, very well.

We now return you to Tall Tale Tuesday...

A Video

Tall Tale Tuesday

Here we go...
What is it?
1. Storm clouds gathering over the cemetery at the retreat. The thunder sent one of our members back to the center, while the rest of us were busy falling off springy dogs and rolling down hills.
2. Clouds over the creek right before a huge storm hit Sunday night. The thunder and lightning were pretty spectacular as the storm circled us for a good hour before the sky finally opened.
3. The view out of my bedroom window of the storm clouds that eventually caused B to head up to save the camper from certain doom. Once it started raining, it didn't stop for hours.
So what is it?

Monday, June 08, 2009

The First Monday

...of summer vacation.
I heard "I'm bored" about two hours after they got home on Friday. Hopefully that's not an indication of how things are going to go around here. I'll admit, I'm a little worried. K2 has a ton of stuff going on this summer, but the rest really don't. We'll see...
Still without a working fridge. It's coming tonight. A used one, but apparently it's in good shape and it's free, so you can't really beat that. I don't care as long as it does what it's supposed to. I'm ready - hiking up and down the stairs is a chore - as is making sure the coolers have enough ice.
I'm still trying to figure out my summer writing schedule. I have options - editing/revising a project I really love and writing my new urban fantasy. Or work on both - which might be what happens. We'll see. It depends on what else we're doing.
No barking dogs this morning. But the neighbor did have tree trimmers pull in early enough to make me groan. They didn't really interfere with me sleeping in a little though, so I don't care.
Enough random for a Monday?
Yeah, I thought so.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Man, I didn't think Friday would ever get here.
Here we go...
1. Not having to go out and buy a new fridge yet. And having friends who always happen to know someone with something to get rid of. ha!
2. Pizza and calzone for dinner.
3. A clean house.
4. Hanging with friends around the fire.
5. Meeting my goal.
6. Going to a mini-retreat for tomorrow's writing group meeting.
7. School being out - even though I'm kind of scared.
8. Sleeping in and more sleeping in. Man, I can't wait. I just hope the neighbor's dog stays quiet.
9. How green everything is outside even though it's been raining for-freaking-ever.
10. Potential camping weekends.
That's all for now.

Welcome to my Week.

This has been a pretty weird week around here.
Let's see if I can sum up...
1. The refrigerator died. We thought we were going to be able to save it, but we were wrong. By Tuesday night, we were hoping that the ancient behemoth in the basement would wake up enough to keep stuff cold. It did. And it's very tiny. (It's a behemoth because it weighs approximately 728 tons) I'd held off on going to the store until Tuesday afternoon because our efforts appeared to have worked. Stuff was cold, ice was being made, the waffles were frozen again. Yeah. Whatever. A friend of ours is hooking us up with one that'll hold us over for now.
2. Last night I spent the entire day cleaning due to having company last night. I couldn't find my mop heads and ended up scrubbing all floors on my hands and knees. (I'm paying for that now) And, of course, the farthest the company came into the house was the kitchen and an occasional trek upstairs to the bathroom. It was good though. A good time.
3. I met my writer's group goal, which was set pretty darned high because of the retreat. Even though I met the bulk of it at the retreat, the weeks since have been so chaotic my writing time's been drips and dribbles.
4. Today was the last day of school. K2 is totally jazzed about being a senior. And, I kid you not, exactly 2 hours after K4 came home, I heard it...yes. I did. "I'm bored." Something tells me it's going to be a really, really long summer.
5. Two mornings this week the neighbor's dog howling woke me. At Five-freaking-thirty a.m. Picture me not happy. Then, the dog continued to howl for hours. Very irritating. And, of course, I haven't been able to catch the owner to talk to her about it. One night this week we were treated to a lovely concert featuring the other neighbor's car alarm going off constantly. Good stuff.
I think that's most of it. There was a lot more, but it's not really blog worthy. Hopefully that explains my absence around the old blog.
Back soon with a Feel Good Friday list.

Answer! And Slacking!

Geeze, it's Friday already!
How the heck did that happen? And I don't even want to talk about it being June!
I might be back later with an actual post and maybe even some Feel Good Friday, but here's the answer to Tall Tale Tuesday!

1. During our Friday night out at the retreat. A sampler platter gone wild.

Yeah, it was pretty lame. What can I say. Not the food - the food was excellent, which is why that plate is empty. ha!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

I almost forgot what day it is. That'll tell you how dumb it's been around here.

Anyway. Here's the pic.

Obviously it's a plate of totally demolished appetizer-type food. But when and where was the picture taken?

1. During our Friday night out at the retreat. A sampler platter gone wild.

2. On our trip back from Delaware. A camera phone picture I sent to K2 because she was texting me about being hungry.

3. A night out with B last fall when we actually had an evening to ourselves. Another phone picture taken to tease K2.

So, which is it? Any and all are plausible - it's just figuring out which one it is.

That's all.