Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday: Writing Challenge, School

So, we're still going strong in our writing challenge. I'm in second place for the week, having been recently knocked out of first. We still have days though, (and another week) so I'm not giving up hope of another win.
My problem is...the book I finished recently? The one I'm working on revising? The one I mentioned going in strange directions? Well, it has to be mostly rewritten. Dang it. The first (nearly) half is fine. But the second half? I hit the delete button.
Now my struggle is getting over trashing that much hard work. And crafting new pages. It's kind of like trying to jog through quicksand. There's an emotional punch there, self-inflicted, of course, but still there. Worry, dread, fear...deleting that much work feels like a failure, even though it isn't really. At least the garbage is out of my system and I know what I don't want the story to look like. But...
Yeah, I know. Get over it.
I am. Honestly.
On the home front...
We have a little over a week until the first day of school. K2 is excited. She already has her schedule. She'll be a junior this year, so the world is kind of hers at this point. K3 starts middle school, and besides being a little nervous, he's really looking forward to school starting. Then, there's my baby...
In first grade, she decided she wasn't going anymore. She said she was moving to 'the french'. Last year wasn't too bad, probably because her teacher was one K2 and K3 both had, but we did have our moments. This year...sigh...she's got issues with pretty much anything that relates to going back to school. Pencils, reading challenge material, lunch money, a different hallway to go down, the earlier start time of name it, she's worried about it. This all translates into high drama. On a daily basis.
Fun stuff...
We'll see if I get through it with my sanity intact.

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