Saturday, August 23, 2008


Once again, I went somewhere interesting, and once again, I forgot the camera.
Figures. I would have had some good pictures, too.
We had B's company picnic today. This year, they had it at a camp and all the camp amenities were available for us to use. It was a blast, but man, am I tired.
So, I'll tell you the pictures I would have had.
K4 all by herself in a kayak for the very first time. (she loved it and didn't want to get off the lake)
K3 nearly falling out of his saddle on the trail ride. (he'd never been on a horse before, but caught on quickly and had a blast.
K2 and her "friend-that's-a-boy-but-not-her-boyfriend" (this is what we call him) soaking each other while in kayaks.
Horse butts.
Trail poop. (I know you would have loved both of those)
The top of a mountain. (awesomely cool to be there)
This little stone thing with a tiny little door.
The roof of a cabin with what looked like the entire inside contents on top. (It looked like a youth group camp out. And I'm assuming the boys did this to the girls from the pink towels and pillows on the roof. Very amusing)
A huge pile of steaming tan bark. Huge pile. (I wanted to drive over it, but B said that was a bad idea. Go figure.)
There you have it. I'll bet you already have some mental images for the horse butts and trail poop.

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