Sunday, August 17, 2008


(I see that the video I tried to post last Saturday finally arrived dated as Friday. Weird stuff.)
The coming week is the last week of summer vacation.
I've been thinking about what I expected out of this summer, and what actually happened.
So here's a list:
1. Sleeping in - expected it, and happened. Though going back to getting up at o'stupid-thirty doesn't make me happy.
2. Pool time - didn't happen as much as we thought it would thanks to schedules, rain, and other stupid stuff.
3. Fiesta Fridays - Only a few, they were fun, but still...a bust
4. K2 getting her license - hasn't happened. Yet. That's thanks to conflicting schedules, vehicle difficulties, timing issues.
5. Weddings - still working on them.
6. Grilling - happened a lot, then a dry spell, now we're back to it.
7. Camping - we had a nice extended weekend and two other "supposed to" weekends that didn't happen. There's still one on the horizon.
8. Writing time - I managed okay with this. Did more than I thought I would, but not as much as I would have liked to. If that makes sense.
9. Relaxed pace - ?? Bwah ha ha ha ha
That is all.

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