Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Little More Awake...

And it's time to get back to work!!
I'm about 1/3 done with my revisions and I'm eager to get this finished. I already have my document open, and have my handy dandy editing notebook ready on the proper page. I'm getting there - just moving a little slow despite getting a superbly good sleep last night. We went to bed at an insanely early time for us. I was sure I'd end up tossing and turning and not sleeping since that's been the norm this summer, but I crashed shortly after I convinced K2 that she needed to stop coming in our room and trying to talk to me about plans for tomorrow. Not plans for today - Tuesday - but plans for Wednesday. Anyway.
So, I do have to get busy, especially since I was tough-talking Simon about our weekly writing challenge. I've won once. So far. And so has she. We'll see who takes this week. Should be interesting. Except I've been spending far too much time reading author blogs about the national conference. I need to stop that and set my sights on the next conference, which means staying focused on my writing.
Oh, and a late birthday shout out to my sister-in-law! I remembered all day that her birthday was yesterday...until I blogged, and checked email. I did send her a note, but it was later than I'd planned. And I should have called her, but time got away from me in a major way. So...Happy Birthday, S! Now you're as old as me!! Ha! (and yes, I can get away with stuff like that, because not only is she my s-i-l, she's been my friend way, way longer.)
That is all!

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