Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things I Miss...

Things I miss about not being home during summer vacation...
1. Sleeping in.
2. Late nights.
3. Impromptu trips to our friend's pool.
4. Feeling free.
5. Hanging out with the kiddos.
6. Last minute plans.
7. Sleeping in.
8. Late nights.
There's more, but now I'm depressed. (Yeah, I gotta do what you gotta do...blah blah blah)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I know it's Wednesday again already... Yay for short weeks!
The long weekend was awesome (and so was the black raspberry sangria). It rained. A lot. Though the rain didn't hamper much of our plans. It definitely cooled things down and gave the teenagers an opportunity to get muddy. We ate a lot, hung out with friends we don't get to see much, shared many an adult beverage, worked on the new pavilion in the camping spot, laughed, cooked, stayed up too late (which was fine because sleeping in the humidity was next to impossible), laughed, and had a blast.
It was over far too soon. And now it's Wednesday.
I'm not sure what's up for the coming weekend besides my writing meeting! In the meantime, I must get to work!
That is all for now!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Yay weekend! Yay long weekend!
Here's the list:
1. Sleeping in. Considering I'm averaging less than 5 hours a night lately, I really needed the solid 8 I managed.
2. Living through the week. Trust me, it was that bad.
3. Laundry being a load away from caught up. Yesterday was pretty bad. I had to dry with a sheet since there were no clean towels.
4. Weekend plans!
5. Cutting my bangs in the dark and having them actually look okay. (Don't ask why...I'm not sure. I was on the phone and the scissors were there...)
6. Black raspberry sangria. (This has nothing to do with #5. The sangria hasn't even been made yet, only conceptualized)
7. My to do list being relatively short (now that I took care of most everything) and related to fun stuff. Yay.
8. Digging out my summer clothes and finding out the boxers I love to wear around the house (comfy pants for summer) are too big now.
9. The spawn that live here. They made what could have been a really horrible week not so bad by doing whatever necessary to help us all get through. And I didn't even have to ask.
10. That man I live with. He did the grocery shopping, cooked an amazing dinner last night, and planted the garden.
It's time to get this fun stuff started!!
Have an awesome weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweating in Auditoriums

Tonight was the second night this week that I've sweated out all bodily fluids in the high school auditorium. Don't get me wrong, the reasons for said dehydration were awesome. There's a lot of talent in that school and my kid is a part of it (yes, I'm allowed to brag. It's my blog. And my kids is funny and can sing - he gets neither thing from me, but from that man I live with).
Tuesday was "Showcase" - theater / improv. It was so very (so very!) long, but so awesome! Very funny and my kid was in his element.
Tonight was the chorus concert - also very awesome! And my kid was also in his element. They announced the spring musical and I could hear K3 holler "yes" from across the auditorium. And he was singing songs from the musical on the way home. He is having a blast and I love it!
This has been a really long week. Hooray for long holiday weekends on the horizon! I'm not really sure what our plans are yet, but there will be awesomeness involved, I am sure.
It's really hard to believe that this time last week I was at the retreat...It seems like months ago. And *hangs head in shame* this week has been so insane, I haven't touched the shiny new since Sunday morning. I'm irritated by that fact and will remedy that this weekend.
That is all...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Retreat!! Day Three! And Four!

I'm glad I waited to post about Day Three!
I know I'm home now and while I'm very glad to be back with my family, I'm sad the Retreat is over! Only 360 days until next year though - and it's our 10th Anniversary! Special plans are already underway!
After breakfast, I got to work on the zombie nonsense. Made good progress, and then it was lunchtime. Lunch almost killed one of our members partially thanks to the alternate location due to wedding preparations (more on that later) and peppers. (Serious pepper allergy. Not sure what happened with our menu, but she didn't die, which is good) After lunch we met at the swing set to take our annual group photo. Then, a break to watch Friday's Supernatural (still processing my thoughts on that). Back to work. Did a crit for one of our newer members, hit the word count again. Then dinner - no peppers this time. The wedding guests were arriving - so many the cars were parked on the hill and everywhere. Back to work until time for the game.
Game was a blast. Wine drinking. Laughing. Espinoza. Laughing. Big prize giveaway (where I won the prize I wanted to most! Go me!). Back to the room for what was supposed to be more writing, but ended up being social time. Went to check out the scene outside...and almost walked into a pile of puke. Yes. One of the wedding guests. We watch a woman try to step onto the sidewalk and land face first in the grass, then get up and pretend nothing happened. The party's winding down and this very intoxicated guy comes over - he's missing two buttons on his rented vest (part of the wedding party), and can't even stand up. He's giving us the details of his father and the coal mine and the psychos (his word) from the wedding (peppered with lots of cursing and repeats). Then this blonde woman in very very high heels screeches his name and runs over to him, cursing and accusing him of stealing her phone. She's ranting about how they are married and how he stole her phone and now she can't even call her mom to check their babies. Then turns to Simon and I and tells us how she had brain surgery a year ago and this is the first time she's been able to drink and how her husband was ruining it because he had her phone in his pocket. They proceed to scream at each other. Simon and I head to the kitchen to look for staff, call and report the puke, and then go back to our door - passing a weeping woman who is "just so sad". Weeping woman sits in the grass crying and is comforted by two equally intoxicated people. Screaming couple has left, but now people are riding the luggage carts up and down the hall.
The staff comes to clean up the mess, lock up the carts, and apologize to us. We look to the truck where screaming couple went, only to realize they are "making up" in the cab of the truck. I mean really making up.
Things finally die down and we go to bed - really late.
Day Four -
Breakfast, packing, saying goodbye, a little writing, more saying goodbye, a little bit of planning for next year. Settle the bill. Load the car and hit the road. Take a wrong turn, have to turn around and go back. Finally get on the road. Stop for lunch - soggy burger buns, but free dessert. Quick nap in the car. Then home.
Glad to see the family. I came home to a planted garden, buffalo chicken cooking, a clean house, and a very happy K3 who had his first weekend of working a "real" job and now has tip money in his pocket. Homework is done, but my dog is in trouble. She's getting senile or something and that man found her two blocks from our house - just walking down the sidewalk. (worried)
Back to the grind tomorrow. Not so happy about that...
That is all.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Retreat!! Day Two!

I know it's now day three, but I will catch up!
Retreat Day Two was fantastic!
I started off the day by eating too much breakfast. Took a walk, ending up in the deep dark woods with soaking wet shoes. Back to the room to take care of some regular life duties, then hit the new book.
Did I ever tell you how much I hate zombies? Hate with a fiery passion that borders on love? So, yeah, I've had this idea for a while now and it just won't get out of my head. So I'm writing the zombie book. And I am loving it!
I made major word count progress, won the race to 1,000 word challenge, and am feeling pretty good about where this book is going. Our cocktail party was a success with lots of laughter, wine drinking, and kibitzing about everything from books, to our wips, to life in general. It was a really good way to get to know each other.
I crashed earlier than normal and woke this morning with almost a solid eight hours of sleep in me.
...and I will blog Retreat Day Three later on today when I have more to report.
Also...since I missed blogging yesterday...
Happy Birthday to my momma!! (I tried to call you twice!)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Retreat!! Day One!

We're here!!
After a long night of excitement in which I didn't sleep very much, an early (way too early - like 4 am) wake up time, it was finally (Finally!) time to hit the road with the bff's. Road trip! (The road trip is as awesome as the retreat, but for different reasons) After making a stop for a late lunch, we finally arrived!
This facility is the most awesome place ever!
Everyone finally arrived, and now that rooms keys have been handed out, the tour is over, dinner has been eaten, and the initial nonstop talking has calmed, it's time to get to work.
I love it! I am so excited to be here!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Sorry for the lag! This has been an insanely busy week! But all for good because tomorrow we leave for RETREAT!!!
Yes!! Finally!!
3 days and 3 nights of nothing but writing and hanging with the writing peeps! Awesome! We're back at the facility we used last year and so excited to be there!
Did I mention... I don't have to cook, think about what's for dinner, shop for what's for dinner, go to the day job, get dressed unless I want to, or get up at o'dark-thirty! It will be a very welcome break!! AND I get to write all day, every day! How awesome is that?? I cannot wait!
I am packed completely! The retreat swag is loaded into the back of Simon's car. Whoot! I just have to get through the next few hours until it's time for the road trip with the bff's!! Did I say awesome?
I will do my best to post pictures, but...
Until then...
Behave!!! (And Woooooo!)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day!

I hope you had a good one...even if you're not a mother!
I had a spectacular day!
1. Sleeping in... that was beautiful and so needed after the neighborhood fire at 12:40 am  (and the motorcycle accident earlier).
2. Mimosas! Yes.
3. Coffee with awesome creamer! And breakfast!
4. Having the day off... no obligations, nothing hanging over my head, nothing to do but relax.... yes....
5. The family coming over... we had a fantastic time!
6. More mimosas!
...and tomorrow is Monday...
Which is really okay because there are only 3 working days until Retreat!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wow! I Suck! Feel Good Friday!

Okay. I do suck. I try to be better about posting and then... Well... I guess life or something happens and the next thing I know it's been way too many days...
I'm not sure anyone is still reading this... *crickets*
Anyways...Just in case...Here's the Feel Good Friday list...
1. 5 days until Retreat!!
2. The title...pretty good so far...
3.'s Friday. And my God...Am I glad!
4. Making it through this week - a million and a half things done...did them all. Still have a million and a half things to do.
5. 5 days until Retreat!
6. Sleeping in tomorrow.
7. Supernatural tonight!
8. Catching up on Castle! (Or kind of...catching up on email and this while I watch)
9. Tomorrow's plans - head will be down, work will be done, retreat shopping will be finished.
10. Sleep - which I must do now or # 9 will not happen and it must!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Morning

These weekends go far too fast!
Yesterday was a blast the whole way around.
Writers meeting, with a great speaker, then lunch.
While I was waiting for a friend to pick me up for girls night in, I caught up on laundry - which was not a blast, but a necessary task. But yay! It's done!
Then to the mountain for girls night with my sisters and mom. We had a blast! Laughed, talked, cried a little, learned more about my s-i-l's breast cancer, ate, drank, started watching a movie, but turned it off because we wouldn't shut up... Bedtime didn't roll around until 3am. We only saw the supermoon once before the clouds covered it.
And, of course, sleeping late was a necessity this morning. Now we're trying to get moving on today. The bff is hosting a surprise anniversary party for her parents (I can safely post that here, because I know they don't read this). My family will be arriving shortly from their weekend in the woods (if they can manage to get my brother's truck started). There's food to prepare, wine bottles to clean up, and festive things to do.
This is definitely one of those weekends where having an extra day would be a bonus. Wait. Every weekend should be like that.
That is all for now!

Friday, May 04, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Wow I Suck Edition

Wow! I suck! Almost a week? That's not good. The week was super busy, but surely I could have found time to post? Apparently not.
Okay. So what was good about the week you missed?
1. Today is Friday and I managed to get sprung a half an hour early from the day job (thanks to having to stay late on Monday.)
2. Making the right decision regarding the revisions I've been busting my hump on.
3. Retreat! Less than 2 weeks now! (and still so much to do!)
4. Awesome thunderstorms.
5. This weekend. Epic.
6. Chinese food for dinner.
7. Coffee Heath ice cream.
8. Weird movies that are supposed to be scary, but are just...weird.
9. Writing meeting tomorrow!
10. Oh... so much more, but it's late and I have laundry to finish.