Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Morning

These weekends go far too fast!
Yesterday was a blast the whole way around.
Writers meeting, with a great speaker, then lunch.
While I was waiting for a friend to pick me up for girls night in, I caught up on laundry - which was not a blast, but a necessary task. But yay! It's done!
Then to the mountain for girls night with my sisters and mom. We had a blast! Laughed, talked, cried a little, learned more about my s-i-l's breast cancer, ate, drank, started watching a movie, but turned it off because we wouldn't shut up... Bedtime didn't roll around until 3am. We only saw the supermoon once before the clouds covered it.
And, of course, sleeping late was a necessity this morning. Now we're trying to get moving on today. The bff is hosting a surprise anniversary party for her parents (I can safely post that here, because I know they don't read this). My family will be arriving shortly from their weekend in the woods (if they can manage to get my brother's truck started). There's food to prepare, wine bottles to clean up, and festive things to do.
This is definitely one of those weekends where having an extra day would be a bonus. Wait. Every weekend should be like that.
That is all for now!

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