Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sweating in Auditoriums

Tonight was the second night this week that I've sweated out all bodily fluids in the high school auditorium. Don't get me wrong, the reasons for said dehydration were awesome. There's a lot of talent in that school and my kid is a part of it (yes, I'm allowed to brag. It's my blog. And my kids is funny and can sing - he gets neither thing from me, but from that man I live with).
Tuesday was "Showcase" - theater / improv. It was so very (so very!) long, but so awesome! Very funny and my kid was in his element.
Tonight was the chorus concert - also very awesome! And my kid was also in his element. They announced the spring musical and I could hear K3 holler "yes" from across the auditorium. And he was singing songs from the musical on the way home. He is having a blast and I love it!
This has been a really long week. Hooray for long holiday weekends on the horizon! I'm not really sure what our plans are yet, but there will be awesomeness involved, I am sure.
It's really hard to believe that this time last week I was at the retreat...It seems like months ago. And *hangs head in shame* this week has been so insane, I haven't touched the shiny new since Sunday morning. I'm irritated by that fact and will remedy that this weekend.
That is all...

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