Saturday, March 31, 2018

Feel Good Friday, Easter, & All the Stuff...

I blogged over at the Soul Mate Publishing blog today... . Check it out if you're so inclined.

So That Man and K4 are finally on the mend. Still rough in spots - the cough and fatigue mainly. But yikes, what a terrible two weeks.

I missed blogging last night because my brain had passed away. From exhaustion, stress, an insane work week, and a whole bunch of things. We were in bed by nine.

Today we've been running around and getting prepped for tomorrow. Had to help That Man do some stuff a the religious establishment. Got to spend a good amount of time talking to a friend I don't get to see much, which was good. Then came home to start the food prep.

I made vegan shortbread for strawberry shortcake for my vegan babies, got the strawberries ready, made deviled eggs, burgers and sausages on the grill for dinner with awesome grilled veges - carrots, mushrooms, and baby brussel sprouts.

Now I'm doing laundry and writing.

Yes. My life is really that exciting. Don't hate.

Tomorrow will be a quiet day at my sister's. Half of the family are otherwise engaged and we'll miss them a whole lot, but that's okay. It just makes the times we are all together even better.

Then back to the day job on Monday... Joy.

I'm off to write!


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It's Never Going to Go Away....

K4 missed school again today. I had to pick her up and take her home at lunchtime yesterday. She still feels like death, though her color is better today and her symptoms are better. I am paying attention to all of the things. (Sorry. I'm a little defensive after my talk with the school nurse yesterday)

She will be going to school tomorrow. Then she has another four days off to start feeling human. Gah! I hope that happens.

That Man is still feeling crappy. His back is tweaked. He's still coughing. We ran around for a little bit tonight - long story - but he spent the whole time with a huge grimace on his face. He was in pain. I got him home as soon as I could and he's now sleeping, though he's guarding his back.

The flu is the devil. That's all.


Monday, March 26, 2018

So This Plague...

Is a very real thing.

That Man and K4 are STILL struggling. K4 hasn't been to school in over a week. That Man is doing the job thing, but that's about all he manages. They are coughing and snotting and feeling like general Hell...

This weekend was spent managing symptoms and sleeping. And with me taking care of everyone. I cooked, cleaned up, washed sheets, blankets, delivered hydration and medicine. I did nap, which was awesome, but I didn't write much at all, which is not awesome.

We did get the bank stuff mostly situated - meaning, we got out "provisional" money back. Which is good because that meant I could go to the grocery store and get gas.

Anyway - It's been a week, so here's a quick update:

Wednesday: Snow day. That Man worked for a few hours, then came home and slept. K4 slept all day and then puked a bunch. I did write a little, napped, and did laundry and cooked. The snow was beautiful.

Thursday: Blah. That Man and I took a little time away from the house for talking. Came home and went to bed. Headache. That Man with the cough. K4 still sleeping.

Friday: Frozen pizza for dinner. To bed by 8pm on a Friday. Yeah, we're socially relevant around here.

Saturday: Sleeping in a bit. Coffee. Laundry. A bit of time out with my kid and That Man. Grocery store. In bed super early again only to be awakened by K4 and her sickness. Ugh and Oy.

Sunday: More sleeping. Laundry. Cleaning up. K3 came for dinner and we made epic vegan fajitas. Talking and laughing. To bed early and then of course, I could not sleep.

Monday: Long day at the day job. K4 still feeling like death. (Yes, we have been to and called the doctor. Many times. It has to run its course and we are doing all of the right things.)

So I've been kind of skimming the edge of this feeling bad thing - a lot of headaches and aches. We'll see, but if this is all I get, I will be grateful.

That is all for now...


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Still With the Plague...

And, so far, I am still unaffected... Yee haw!

That Man is still rough. He tried going to work today, but they kicked him out and he was home shortly after lunch. K4 was home again. She's still super rough. Fever, horrible cough, and miserable. If she's still feverish tomorrow, I'll have to call the doctor again. Hopefully this predicted snow really happens so she's gets a "free" day to rest and recover. K1 has fallen. He's currently moaning in between sleeping. Yay. My hands are rough and raw from all of the hand washing. Every surface of this house has been scrubbed repeatedly. Work people are afraid of me though I have no symptoms, except the headache - which comes and goes.

I'm watching the movie "Contagion", which is probably not the best choice given the state of my house, but still pretty interesting. Slow, but interesting. I play a game similar to this, so it's kind of cool to see it in movie form. Anyway.

So, it's snowing. We're supposed to get a lot. I think. I don't know. It's hard to know. Last time they called for a bunch, it was a ridiculous disappointment. So far, nothing in our area has closed or delayed yet.

The worst thing about today is that someone stole a crap ton of money from our bank account. I woke up and checked the bank like I do every morning and had a heart attack. I had checked it after my grocery store trip last night and everything was as it should be. Not so much this morning. My card was compromised. Big Time. Someone bought a very very expensive mattress and spent a super ridiculous amount of money at a cell phone store. I called the bank as soon as they opened. They closed my card right away. That Man stopped at the bank to start the fraud paperwork, but since it was my card and I'm the primary on the account, I had to leave work early to sign the forms. Then I had to go to the police station to file a report. The bank insisted since it was so much money. So it's a bunch of crap. The bank will investigate and I have to wait 7-10 days to get my money back. Ugh! And let me tell you, it's inconvenient as hell. I did get a new debit card, which is good, but actually kind of worthless, too.

I'm just angry as hell though. The police will investigate, too, but he said there is probably not much they can do unless we can figure out the cell phone charges and get a location so they can run the security footage. Still he was helpful and understanding. He waited for me outside of the station since the doors were locked. The bank said not to think to hard about how it happened or you'll wreck your brain. WTF is wrong with people that they think it's okay to do something like this? Asshats! I do love my bank though. They are so supportive and helpful. They assured me, many times, that everything is going to be okay and talked me through everything and let me rant a bit. But we're pretty screwed at the moment.

So... Happy Tuesday! Oy! This week is shaping up to be stellar! Ugh!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Plague of March

I'm think I'm going down...

My shoulders and hips ache. My head is killing me. My nose is burning.

I'm not down for the count yet though. But I am in my room on the bed. I've already said my goodnights and did my before bed stuff. I just need to put some words on the page before I call it.

That Man and K4 are still feeling crappy. K4 had a fever of over 102* earlier. That Man has one, too, but he won't let me take his temperature. There's coughing and snot and moaning.

I got up and started laundry. Went to the grocery store. Cleaned a bunch of stuff. Took a nap. Made a pretty danged decent dinner of shrimp and chicken alfredo. Did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.

So if I'm really getting sick, I'm in a good position to do nothing. Laundry is all done. Groceries are purchased. House is in decent shape. Hey, shut it. If I have to be sick, then I'll feel better just knowing my chores are complete. Ha!

That is all.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Feel Good Friday!

Well, it's Friday. That's a good thing.

This house has the flu though. Everyone but me. That Man is coughing up both lungs and possibly a kidney. He achy and has a fever. He's been on the couch and under a blanket (which is so, so unlike him) for hours. (It's hot in here. I'm normally the one under a blanket and I'm running around in a short-sleeve shirt and no shoes. There's your comparison) He only ate half of his dinner. K4 is also achy with a fever. Her symptoms are more sinus and head. She's been holed up in her room since before I got home - only emerging for food and medicine.

So far, I'm clear. Just exhausted. Though I just spent the last five minutes sneezing my brains out. But pray for me...

We've pretty much cancelled our plans for the weekend, though at this point That man and K4 are still at "let's play it by ear". Ha! I'm thinking I'm going to be playing nursemaid all weekend and that's that.

Anyway... Let's hit the good parts of the week...

1. Friday! Duh! What a long week!

2. Breakfast at work  - pancakes and french toast made by management. Corn flake french toast is awesome. Pizza provided by one of our sales reps.

3. Ordering in for dinner. I only ate half of mine (see #2), even though it was really good.

4. Weekend writing plans. If I'm going to be home with the sickness, there will be words on the page! (and sleeping in, and house cleaned, and laundry done and naps)

5. Watching television on the new bigness. It's pretty epic. And then having the old tv in our bedroom. Huge... Distracting. Epic though.

6. Texting with K3.

7. Texting with the bff - even if it's only for cancellation of plans. Her suggestion of Lysol enemas after I felt bad for my Lysol in the eyes comment was epic.

8. I'm trying to get to 10, but honestly. This week rated a 2 on the goodness scale. I got to 7, so I'm going to call that more positive than negative.

And that's what it's all about...


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is It Only Thursday?

This week has been freaking brutal. I know I say that a lot, but I'm serious. Brutal. Painful. Exhausting. Ridiculous.

Lots of crazy stuff going on at work. I'm about 90% or more busier than I was this time last week. My phone is ringing non-stop and my stupid phone cord is so tangled I can't move, and then when I do move the bottom part of the cord pulls out and no one can hear me. That's getting fixed asap. Apparently, I'm getting a wireless headset, which will be awesome!

Exhaustion is the name of the game this week. I'm not sleeping well, if at all. Too much in my brain... We had to take pictures today for the boss's presentation and I just look pale and dead. A little photo shop and viola - I had a beard. The pic is awesome and I'll share it when I can.

But tomorrow is Friday. Yay! Our plan is to order in and watch a movie and then sleep in on Saturday. That Man is sick. He's running a fever and currently laying in bed trying not to die. I'm at the other end of the bed - feeling bad for him, but staying as far away as possible.

The writing has suffered a lot this week. I managed to get some words on the page Monday, but that's been it. I'm not sure if I'll get there tonight or not. I still have a bunch of things to take care of that have to be done before I go to bed, so there's that. Keeping my fingers crossed for a productive weekend.

That's all I have.


Monday, March 12, 2018

The Long Silence...

Sorry for that!

While we were on our weekend away, the winds took out the Internets. That Kid tried to fix while we were gone. I tried to fix when we got home. There was nothing for it. The best appointment I could get was for Saturday.

It was a long week without the InterWebs. The cable guy was awesome and fixed us up within two or so hours. He was hysterical, too. And he was impressed by our gratefulness. Ha! 

And we were supposed to have a "snowpocalypse" mid-week last week. That was disappointing... They cancelled K4's school, but only because the building the school is in closed. There was no snow. We were hoping for a crap ton, but it never happened. Dang it. We're about past the point for significant snowfall. Though it still could happen. Ha!

Anyway. Our weekend away was awesome! Just That Man and I! We grabbed one of the grocery store's premade dinners for Friday night, which was okay - not great, but okay. Watched a terrible movie that we could not shut off and swept up a bunch of flies.

Oh the flies... They were everywhere - very slowed down due to the cold, but a few kept crawling out of my pile as I swept. I probably threw an entire big dust pan full outside within the first twenty minutes of arrival. That was just downstairs. That Man was working on the heat and the stove so we would be warm and I was de-infesting the place. Upstairs wasn't much better. I shook out all of the bedding and swept another huge dust pan full. The upper floor is just an open space with one corner curtained off into a private sleeping space. As I shook out the sleeping bags, I realized there were probably a thousand flies on the curtains. Ew...

But as the heat emerged, they all went towards the warmth. That Man sucked them up with the vacuum cleaner and we were able to settle in to our relaxing weekend. Though when I woke up Saturday (super early, btw), he was vacuuming flies. We had some coffee, mimosas, watched the Lord of the Rings (all day). I wrote. We walked by the river, took a nap, took another walk, I wrote some more, and then went up to the food truck at the brewery less than a mile away for dinner. Take out. Awesome, awesome food. Talked to UB and Auntie Em for a while. Watched LoTR more. To bed early. Up way early again, but went back to bed. That was super nice.

When we got up again, we chilled with coffee and the extra discs from LoTR, eventually getting stuff packed and cleaned up. The best thing was that we were only about an hour away from home, so we weren't in a huge hurry to get things done. We were home in enough time to do laundry, unpack, more writing for me, and a nap.

It was an excellent weekend. I am very excited to go back there again! It's the perfect place and pretty much what I want in a cabin. And I will have a cabin someday! I'll show pictures soon.

The work week was brutal beyond brutal! We made it to the weekend and then went to the banquet with the sister, which was fun, though I lost some of my family when it was time to say goodbye. We won a 50" TV which is now in my living room. Awesome. We had a blast.

It was super late when we got home, and I forgot to turn my alarm clock ahead. But then we got the awesome big tv hooked up and moved the downstairs tv to our room. Awesome! Sunday was basically doing whatever and ignoring the fatigue.

Ha! Time Change sucks!

That is all for now! I will continue to catch up through the week!


Thursday, March 01, 2018

Thursday Ugh...

Still a brutal week, but not for long.

Leaving early today to take the kid to the doc was awesome. All is well there and we were done earlier than we thought. She was starving, so a quick trip for food before the grocery store and all was well. No more hangry. Home a little earlier than normal. Started laundry and dinner.

Organized for the weekend. Yay!

Have to go to the day job earlier than normal tomorrow, but that also means I should get out earlier, too, so I'm willing.

Good plans on board for the weekend. That Man and I were presented with the opportunity to go away just the two of us. Yes. Hell, yes. So we'll be heading out into the wilderness for a weekend of just us, movies, good food, and just us... And I will be writing, too.

Thankfully we have people living in our house that will take care of the animals and the mail and the stuffs that we won't have to take care of. I am so excited!

Stay tuned for a Sunday update!