Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Year in Review

January -
I only posted once due to chaos. Go figure.
February -
Revisions, waiting for Baby C to arrive, author event, overtime at the day job, more revisions, snow, finally getting the year in review up for 2014, puppy pictures, freezing to death, Mom's kitchen remodel.
March -
New kitchen pictures that will no longer show, snow, family time, embarrassing gift card stuff, Baby C arrives!, angry St. Patty's day cat, crazy schedules, Spaghetti dinner, chaos, Easter.
April -
Retreat countdown, Delaware trip with Mom, booking the beach house, chaos, fixing stuff at Mom's, the death of our xbox.
May -
Surprising Mom with a birthday party, great Mothers Day. My mom's unexpected and horrible passing. Missing Mom. Missing retreat.
June -
That Man's best friend dying. K3 Graduating. Aftermath of Mom. New roof.
July -
Cleaning the parents house. July 4th. Redoing our hardwood floors. Night out with friends. Estate stuff.
August -
Cutting down our tree. My new ride. Sick Baby B. Beach planning. The flu. Getting ready for release day!
September -
Prelude of Lies released!!
Family time, hanging with the grandkids, fleas, camping
October -
The beach for the first time in 10 years! My sister got married! Halloween parade. Hosting Mom's spaghetti dinner, birthdays, trick or treat.
November -
K5, new dishwasher, mini writing retreat, Thanksgiving.
December -
Chaos, K4 birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas

There were a lot of sucky things going on in 2015. It was a sad year, but some good things happened, too.
Here's to a much better and brighter 2016...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post Christmas...

Sorry about more silence...
I'm sure I'm not the only one living in chaos. (at least I hope not!)
Christmas was good.
The family was here for Christmas Eve which was insanely loud, crazy, full of food, and fun!
Our teenagers were up insanely early for Christmas day, believe it or not! We took our time with the morning, which is our tradition.
K1, J, and Baby B came for breakfast, then That Man picked up his mom. He left to take her home right before my sister and her family arrived. We had a few drop in visitors. I took a nap with Baby B. We Skyped with our friends in Oregon, made awesome food, had birthday cake.
K4 had a pretty good 16th birthday! I can't believe my baby girl is 16!!
We got her eyes checked for her learner's permit on Saturday. She's not quite ready to take her test, but she should be soon!
So there you have it!
I'm not promising anything, but I hope to have the year in review up before Friday!