Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Eve of The New Year

I started writing a deep and thought provoking post about motivation and momentum, but I lost it when a virus descended on my computer. I spent most of last night trying to get rid of the darned pest. By the time I did, my motivation for anything but sleep was long gone. That's the last time I search the web for snowblower parts, I'll tell you that much.
Part of the post I was working on when the virus arrived talked about how last year seemed to lose momentum and how it took me until not very long ago to realize I was letting "life" interfere with writing - letting it suck away time and letting it alter my view. "Life" probably isn't the right word. Normal life isn't a problem - it's supposed to be there. You have to live, take care of and spend time with the people who are important to you, pay your bills, feed the dog, change the cat litter, buy food. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the things you're supposed to brush off and move on from. Let's call that "stress", okay?
Normally, I'd be the first to say "suck it up and get to work" and "quit whining", because it does sound like whining. It sounds like an excuse - a really stupid excuse.
But sometimes those things "stress" pile up and before you know it, you're buried pretty far underneath. You don't realize how you got there either, or what it's doing to you, your life, your relationships, your precious writing time. All you know is that you feel like crap and you don't know why. You sit down to write, but you feel like the creative synapses in your brain have all fused together. Then, you make excuses - "I'm tired", "If I don't do the laundry, we'll all be naked" - stuff like that. You think it's "life", but it's not. Not really. Because under normal circumstances you have a semblance of balance, at least occasionally.
Stress is what makes you look at everything through broken glasses. It makes you forget to see the good things in life. Stress sucks the joy out and makes you feel small and broken. We all deal with stress, and it's relative to what you're used to. I'm used to the chaos of four children and our huge dog (I'm not saying I don't get stressed by my house at times). What I deal with, happily, on a daily basis might send a seemingly normal person to their knees in tears. It's relative to what you're used to.
When you've already got a ton of abnormal stress in your life, you're like a "stress magnet" (currently, my picture should be beside this word). Things tend to pile up around you constantly - one after another until you think you might collapse under the weight. It happens sometimes. I think you know what I'm talking about: flat tires, broken appliances, sick children, ect. that all happen on the same day, and then the next day is even worse, the day after that as well.
I don't have any advice on how to deal with that. I wish I did. I wish I knew the magic secret to banishing stress, and depolarizing the stress magnet. That sure would come in handy around here. Unfortunately, no one really knows the answers, and if they tell you they do they're probably selling something. Especially for the stress that seems to drop out of the sky like baseball-sized hail. Dealing with it is personal and situational. What works for me won't work for you and the other way, but sometimes trying another persons way helps you find your answers.
Though, I think recognizing your stress and what you're letting it do to you is part of the way to cope. There are simply some things you cannot change - no matter how hard you try, or how much you want things to be different. It's easy for other people to say "let it go", "don't let it rule you", but since they're not walking around in your soggy shoes they really don't know what you're dealing with. They don't know how hard it is to continue to put one foot in front of the other when it feels like you're wearing flip flops in a blizzard. Not that they don't mean well. They do.
My point? Gee, I'm not sure I really have one. Or maybe the point is that sometimes we all get buried under the pile. No one can pull you out, though they can help you find your own way out. Maybe just knowing you're not alone is enough. Life does go on though. You have to decide if you're going to let stress paralyze you or if you're going to swing off the rope and dive into the water with both feet and deal with what might happen when it happens. Sometimes you'll stay safe on the shore, and other times...
Well, that's another post.
And I think that's all for now.
Celebrate safely tonight, and...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Will be taking a break this week.
Look for it next Tuesday!
I'll be back later with a post. Maybe.

Monday, December 29, 2008

In Case You Wondered...

We're not getting a puppy.
Things didn't work out. I'm sure (really sure) it happened the way it was supposed to. When I think of everything that goes along with brand new baby dogs, I know. When I think of how our dog reacts when we simply rearrange the furniture, I know. When I think of the chaos that lives in my house on a daily basis, I really know.
The K's took it well. They were disappointed, but not overly so. We were very open with them about the possible outcomes, so they didn't have their hopes up too much.
And now you know, too.

Moaning Monday

The deluxe edition!
It's been quite a day!
1. The hot water running out halfway through my shower this morning. I was the only one up and I take very quick showers.
2. Toilets overflowing. 'Nuff said.
3. Wacky phones.
4. The cat barfing on our bed.
5. Pester. Pester. Pester. Argh.
6. I'm tired.
7. Dinner not turning out the way it was supposed to.
8. Missing school projects and crying because of it.
9. Getting the first tax mailing today.
10. A big headache.
There's more, but 10 is enough, don't you think?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 In Review

I wasn't going to do this post for a few more days, but in all honesty, I don't think many more reportable things will happen this year. And if they do, they'll be bad things, because that's just the way my life goes.
2008 was a long year, a rough year in a lot of ways, but a pretty good year. I guess.
Anyway. Here goes:
January: Lots of random posting, New Year's Eve recap, blurb announcement for The Shape of Love.
February: New irritating Internet service, THE SHAPE OF LOVE RELEASE! WHOOT!! My first booksigning! My first author chat! Some snow, lots of random, A Cabin Story.
March: Random practical jokes with me as the butt, customer service headaches, Easter with the family and a slew of random pics.
April: My birthday, Going to see the Chippendales with my buds, out of town company, wireless Internet! Whoot!, community service projects, science fairs, missing the beach.
May: Lots of random, baby bunny's being stolen from our back porch by an evil creature, THE RETREAT!!!, ugly woodpeckers, Memorial day, random meadow pictures.
June: Celebrating K's 19th birthday, Freddie the turtle being lost in my house, vampire garlic, the end of school, the return of Fiesta Friday, the passing of my sister's dog, Boone, preparations for camp and K2's camp counseling stint.
July: Camping for the first time of the year, lots of random meadow pictures, cat pictures, fail pictures. Supernatural videos, K1's ear injury, more camp counseling duties,
August: My cousin visiting, Fiesta Friday!, lots and lots of random, lots of meadow trips, Labor day camping, writing challenges, blogiversary, weddings, wedding showers.
September: Weddings!, Talk Like A Pirate Day, reconnecting with old friends and farm visiting,
October: Much rambling, more farm visits, Nick's (publishing gnomes) visit, Halloween parades, Halloween, K3's 12th birthday, a booksigning I missed because of a funeral, alligators.
November: Loads of birthdays, puppies, Thanksgiving, K2 turning 17.
December: K4 turning 9, our 22nd anniversary, Christmas.
And throughout it all, there was a ton of random, a ton of Supernatural discussion, and a ton of writing-related stuff. The year definitely started off with a bang, but lost steam somewhere along the way.
Here's to 2009, and a year that's full of steam and good stuff.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Feel Good Friday

The post-Christmas edition.
1. That the lovely stomach virus I was gifted with on Christmas Eve didn't quite spoil everything for me the past 2 days. It totally ruined Christmas Eve, but not Christmas Day/K4's Birthday. Though, it's still not quite gone yet and B's starting to feel the same way I did Wednesday. Joy.
2. My baby girl and her birthday.
3. The excitement from all the K's even though they knew Christmas was going to be slim this year, and the fact that none of them expressed any type of disappointment in their gifts.
4. Family and friends.
5. Getting to talk to my uncle and cousin from California.
6. The birthday cake coming out pretty darned good even though I was just winging it.
7. Warm socks.
8. Our funny dog and how much she loves opening presents.
9. The food - though I got to eat none of it.
10. Tacos for Christmas dinner. (again, I tried. I really wanted to, but my stomach reminded me I shouldn't)
11. Weekend plans.
12. The fact that the decision on the puppy will be made soon and either way, I can stop worrying about it. Though if it's a yes, oh geeze, let's not go there right now.
13. Sleeping in this morning.
14. Supernatural being on last night - and it being the Christmas episode from last year, and B staying up to watch it with me. I miss the boys so much and we still have 3 weeks until new episodes!
Okay, I think that's enough. Yes, I'm glad it's over, but the day turned out a lot better than I thought it would even with the sickness. The tree needs to go soon - the needles are raining down at an alarming rate. We won't be doing any New Year's gathering this year since we have to help the Boy Scouts with our town's "drop" event this year. That's pretty sad, but maybe only to me since everyone else seems to have fun alternate plans. Not that we won't have fun, but we won't be with the gang.
I think that's enough for now...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

May you and yours have a blessed, wonderful day!
Happy Birthday to my youngest baby girl!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Pretty easy, huh?
Here are the answers:
1. What carol contains the line "Bearing gifts we traverse afar"?
a. Silent Night
b. Rudolf
c. We Three Kings of Orient Are

2. What street does Santa Clause come down?
a. Mistletoe Lane
b. Santa Claus Lane
c. North 39th Street

3. Arguably, what is the horse's name in "Jingle Bells'?
a. Jumpin' Jack Flash
b. Holly
c. Bobtail

Now you have Christmas songs in your head! I know I do.
We're definitely on the Christmas/birthday crazy train around here. I'll bet you are, too!
Enjoy it, and...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

The questions this week come from the same source as last week - 'Tis the Season Christmas Trivia - without alterations, except my multiple choice answer guesses.
All questions are music-related.
Here we go:

1. What carol contains the line "Bearing gifts we traverse afar"?
a. Silent Night
b. Rudolf
c. We Three Kings of Orient Are

2. What street does Santa Clause come down?
a. Mistletoe Lane
b. Santa Claus Lane
c. North 39th Street

3. Arguably, what is the horse's name in "Jingle Bells'?
a. Jumpin' Jack Flash
b. Holly
c. Bobtail

I wasn't going to make it multiple choice this week, but what the heck. My Christmas spirit is arriving and I thought a little help would pull it in better. Come on, take a guess even if you're not sure. Or just leave me a comment to tell me Tall Tale Tuesday is stupid.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Moaning Monday

Only one significant moan today...
It's freezing cold - really freezing cold. Anyone who lives nearby knows that. And I had to run around this morning - load groceries in my car, walk across huge parking lots three times, unload some stuff into the Salvation Army donation box, then unload my purchases once I got home. It's still cold in the house, thanks to the wind, but at least the killer gusts have died down some.
The other moans...well...they're pretty much the same as everyone right now.
That's all. I have a list a mile long today and another Christmas party to go to tonight!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

That Explains It

...And it's kind of close to a memory I'd rather forget.
I'd like the socks back though.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This one is the one I liked.
Then we found out she was already sold.
I love her face and she's so sweet.

So, we looked at this one.
Then, found out she was already sold.
(Yes, she has some kind of rash on her face, but she's on medicine for it.)
She has beautiful blue eyes. I don't think you can tell in the pic.

There's this little girl.
She's adorable. Black with a white star-ish spot on her chest. She's a little tank - heavier than the other girls, but with a very sweet disposition. She's the one K4 likes the best.

At this point, all I can say is...we'll see...
If it's meant to be, it'll happen. If not, well, then, okay. The status of all three is still up in the air. They're not ready to go to their new homes for another 2 weeks yet.
You'll know when I know...

Call me crazy. Call me insane. I don't care. I'm completely out voted here, so it doesn't really matter what I say about the whole deal. Not like I'm fighting it so much. If I said absolutely not, the matter would be dropped. But I haven't said that. So... Like I said, if it works out, then it was meant to be. If it doesn't the same principal applies. I'm not worrying about it too much right now. I know I said we weren't getting a puppy, but you all knew my fight was only a half-hearted one, right? Come one. You know you did.

In other news...How awesome is it that my parents gave us a fantastic crockpot for our anniversary? It's got three different sized cooking bowls! The thing is sweet beyond sweet. I'm so thrilled. I can't even tell you how much!

It's supposed to snow tonight. We'll see.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Feel Good Friday

Whew! It's Friday!
Here's the list:
1. It's Friday!
2. Getting almost all of the Christmas shopping done.
3. Efficient and cheap shopping trips.
4. Christmas Wreath scented candles.
5. Friends visiting.
6. Christmas lights.
(Can you tell I'm really trying to find my Christmas spirit?)
7. Bob and I's 22nd anniversary tomorrow.
8. Puppies...(we're still not getting one)
9. hi :o) (That's Jo - she's the friend visiting)
10. The knowledge that by this time next week this holiday will be over. (That's probably bad, isn't it?)
So, there you have it.
I could have a really long list of moans for K4 and I getting drenched to our knees in freezing cold water, not having an umbrella in the driving rain, stuff like that...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Silly Stuff!

My brother-in-law's been playing with the video feature on his iMac.
The first dog in this video is mine. The second theirs.

We weren't present for this video, but it's still pretty funny. I was sad we couldn't make the weekend the first time I saw the pictures. The video solidifies that.

A little Thursday silliness for you.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Okay, here are the answers:
1. In the movie Babe, what gift do Farmer Hoggett and his wife get from their son for Christmas?
a. A box of chocolates.
b. A turkey.
c. A fax machine. (I didn't know this either, but all the K's did.)
2. What does Scrooge keep in his coalbox?
a. Money
b. Cheese
c. Coal (I thought it was money.)
3. What rock 'n' roll star, born Rich Pennimann, was born Christmas Day, 1935?
a. Little Richard (If it wasn't for the answer on the back of the card, I wouldn't have known either.)
b. Fats Domino
c. Mick Jagger
4. What was the first name of Scrooge's deceased partner, Marley?
a. John
b. James
c. Jacob (Correct)
5. According to superstition, what do cattle do at midnight on Christmas Eve?
a. Moo
b. Talk (I don't know who's superstition. I've never heard of it!)
c. Drink a shot of whiskey and howl at the moon.

Not bad, Nat. I would probably have only guessed right for #4!
So there you have it. I might do this again next week Depending.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Okay...these are straight from my Christmas Trivia box.
The box is called 'Tis The Season.
We'll do multiple choice. Choose the right answers.

1. In the movie Babe, what gift do Farmer Hoggett and his wife get from their son for Christmas?
a. A box of chocolates.
b. A turkey.
c. A fax machine.

2. What does Scrooge keep in his coalbox?
a. Money
b. Cheese
c. Coal

3. What rock 'n' roll star, born Rich Pennimann, was born Christmas Day, 1935?
a. Little Richard
b. Fats Domino
c. Mick Jagger

4. What was the first name of Scrooge's deceased partner, Marley?
a. John
b. James
c. Jacob

5. According to superstition, what do cattle do at midnight on Christmas Eve?
a. Moo
b. Talk
c. Drink a shot of whiskey and howl at the moon.

Have at it. Some were easy to me, and some were weird. I only hope I can remember the answers come tomorrow! Ha!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Moaning Monday

I think I'm cursed.
The list:
1. Bad tree lights.
2. Not knowing about things I should have known about and then getting the brush off when I ask why I wasn't informed.
3. People being in bad moods.
4. Non-stop rushing around.
5. Trying to get the tree decorated and having issue after issue prevent the decorating.
6. School projects that end up having to be redone because I gave the wrong instructions for making pinata glue.
7. The pile of administration duties waiting for me.
8. Being stumped in the gift department for 2 of the K's. (they're still not giving me lists)
9. Having a headache.
10. Being too tired for my own good.
It's a partial list, but the rest of it is too gory to share. Or maybe just too personal. I don't know. Moaning Monday's a downer! I don't need anymore downers!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Yesterday was such a blur and so not a good day. It's probably good I didn't have time to post my feel good list.
Today I can do it sincerely.
Here it is:
1. Shopping with the girls.
2. Laughing through dinner, driving, shopping.
3. Getting a good start on the Christmas shopping.
4. Making writing-related decisions that have me feeling better about writing than I have in a while.
5. Hanging with my writing friends.
6. The Sims.
7. Sleeping in.
8. Events with good music and friends.
9. Not having to run around like a crazy person today.
10. This holiday being behind us in a few short weeks.
There it is.
Have to go write and decorate and make cookies and do laundry and clean and get our tree and...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's been a little while since I've done a writing post.
I'm not promising anything, except maybe a random collection of equally random thoughts. I don't really have a soapbox issue to talk about, but a few snippets of thoughts in my head after conversations with my writing friends.
1. If you quit, it'll never happen for you.
I've talked about this before. It's still true. No one is going to knock on your door and offer you a contract. You have to work for it.
2. Take only the advice that works for you.
Every writer is different. Every book is different. What works for one author might not work for you. Many things are the same with writers, but not everything. Find your own place and own it. It's yours.
3. Critiques.
You should have someone read over your work before you submit. And not your mom and your grandma either. Your eyes can no longer see mistakes. Your brain knows exactly what your hero meant, or why your heroine hates skull tattoos. Your reader might not. You need to know that something doesn't make sense, and you need to be able to take the criticism. There are emotions involved, but you have to put them away. If the suggestions don't ring true, ignore them. I mean, consider, but if after time spent really thinking about the comments, you still know your way is better don't change it. It's your story.
4. Do not deviate!
Once you make your mind up to do something, do it. Doubts will creep in at some point. Do whatever necessary to dig yourself out of doubt hell, but stay the course. You'll never know if its going to work for you if you don't give it your all.
5. Cut yourself some slack.
Give yourself permission to goof off once in a while. You have to. That's the whole "refilling the well" thing. It's necessary.
6. Spend time with other writers.
Also necessary. Even if you don't write the same thing or have never shared your work. There's no better inspiration. If you don't belong to a writing organization, join one.
7. Do your research.
I'm not talking about finding out whether or not they wore underwear in 16th century Ireland. I'm talking about market research - submission guidelines, editor preferences, agent preferences, googling to see what other writers are saying about who/what/when/where, and listening to what your peers are saying. Be informed.
Okay. I think that's enough and I'm not sure that any of this makes sense!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Not very many takers for this one.

The answers:
The name of the song is: A New Dial, or In Those Twelve Days, not A New Day.
And, epiphany is December 6.

The song is French - at least the earlier versions - according to my research on Snopes.

So, there you go. A little Christmas knowledge for you.

I'm in crazy mode right now, so that's all!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

It's getting harder to stump you guys!
So, last night while waiting for the band/chorus concert to start, K4 asked me to sing her The 12 Days of Christmas. (yeah, stop laughing - apparently sometimes children don't care how badly you sing. I did say sometimes, because most of the time she rolls her eyes, glares at me and tells me to stop.) I, of course, couldn't recall all of the lyrics and made up my own...i.e. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a spinning battery-operated toothbrush, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 3 half-eaten bagels, 4 fish heads, 5 golden snakes. She was not appreciative. At all. To say the least. But it did begin a conversation about what the 12 days of Christmas means and is the inspiration for this post.
(The lies start here. There are 2.)
Apparently, there's some scuttlebutt floating around the 'net about the origins of the song. They're lies. The song has been possibly been confused with a different song that teaches the religious meanings for the 12 days of Christmas, "A New Day". That song dates back to 1625.
The real song has french origins, and is thought to have began as one of those party games, like telling a story and having to remember every persons part when you tell it. Possibly. Again, this is one of those things where you'd need a time machine to know for sure. The only thing I've found consistent in my research is that it's supposed to signify the 12 days of Christmas beginning with the birth of Christ (December 25) to Epiphany (January 9).
(end here)
I like this version of the 12 Days of Christmas myself: .... K3 and K4 found it highly amusing as well.
So, that's it. Tell me the 2 lies. Don't kill yourself with research. I didn't. I guess the good thing about this is that I learned a few things. I'll let you know if I ever have to use what I learned. Though I was able to explain to K4 where the song came from and that makes it worth it.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Moaning Monday

Okay, where do I start.
1. Dealing with a fidgety, coughing child during K3's band/chorus concert. (the concert was excellent though)
2. K3 totally ripping out two pairs of pants in the past two days. One was a pair of jeans. The other...his dress pants for tonight's concert. This happened about an hour before we had to leave. I was going to sew. (stop laughing, I can do it) But luckily, I found him a pair of black pants that fit.
3. Reading my horoscope and feeling this buzz of hope that I know will die a slow and painful death before the end of the year.
4. Why is it so cold?
5. Still mourning the death of my crock pot.
6. Thinking I had groceries planned out until Wednesday and realizing I have to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow despite my efforts. I don't want to.
7. This crap that's taken up residence in my sinuses. Ugh. I have the best deep, husky voice right now though. Except my throat hurts from the drainage and the cough. K4 has it too.
8. Realizing just how little time there is before Christmas, and how little I have done.
9. The dog getting into the trash and eating chicken wrappers. Ugh! And spreading garbage all over the kitchen floor.
10. Hitting the "publish post" button, only to get an error page. Luckily, I didn't have to start over, but I lost a few things!
I think that's enough for one day!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Feel Good Friday

One sad and depressing note before I get to the good stuff...
The one kitchen appliance I rely on the most - not as much as the refrigerator, but more than the coffee pot - has died. Let's all bow our heads in reverence to my crock pot. I loved my crock pot, even without the handles, even with the stainless steel scratched and stained. Now it's gone, and I have no idea what I'm going to do without it.
Seriously. I don't.
Okay. The good list:
1. Supernatural viewings that go very late and make me tired and cranky the next morning, but are so worth it for so many other reasons.
2. The way my family rearranged their schedules so I could have some time off.
3. It's Friday.
4. New pages.
5. Brainstorms that fix the old pages.
6. New laptop power cords.
7. The coming weekend.
8. Eggnog creamer for my coffee.
It's a short list for a long week, but that doesn't mean the week was bad. Just even. I guess.
Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday Things

A random collection of the things running through my beleaguered brain right now.
1. Time - It's already December 4th. That leaves 21 days to shop, decorate, and take care of all the chaos that is the holidays and regular life. Out of those 21 days, 18 are booked - some double-booked or more. I don't know when we'll get our tree, or if we'll even attempt outside decorations this year. I need a time machine.
2. Shopping - Haven't started. Have no clue where to begin. No lists have been handed to me, though I've asked several times. The "girls only" shopping night has been established, but I prefer to be nearly done by then and I haven't even started. I have no idea if I'll have time to start before then.
3. Cookies - K3 and K4 have delusions of grandeur when it comes to making cookies. They want to make a lot - different kinds, complicated kinds. I have a list of wanted cookies from them, but no gift list yet. Go figure.
4. Puppies - We still not getting one.
5. Cleaning - Our last area to take care of is the attic. It's also the worst. The boys are up there, and while I normally wouldn't interfere in their version of clean and organization, there's no choice. The attic storage areas are bursting at the seams. I've taken care of part of one, but since I was working on K4's closet at the time, I left a huge mess behind. A mess that has taken over my dining room because K1 can't hook his computer up until the mess is gone. His computer is on my dining room table. It's stressing me out.
6. The joy that accompanied the arrival of my new laptop power cord. I'm so thrilled that I can now move around again! Of course, they dropped it off sometime yesterday - late, because I would have seen it earlier, and it sat on the porch all night when I could have been using it last night. That's besides the point though.
Okay, that's enough weirdness for one post.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Yeah, 1 was right.
1. We'd already finished out the school year in Iowa, but they made us go for the last 2 weeks of school here. It was that, or repeat the year we'd finished. I don't know why, exactly. It was insanely unfair and none of us were happy about it. In my my mind, it was because they thought we must be stupid hicks because we came from a really small town and weren't in any way up to the educational standards of kids here. They were wrong. I remember being so bored. So bored. I also remember being a goof-off storyteller. I don't think one person in my class knew if I was telling the truth. (not so much different than now, huh?)
2. Yeah, we did move a lot, but it was more like 7 times, and only 5 states - or something like that.
3. I'm not sure if my dad ever rode a bull, but he wasn't a professional bull rider. He met my mom when my mom's cousin (I think - I used to think it was her brother, but I'm pretty sure that story is false) brought him home from the Navy on leave. Guess I'll have to find out if Dad has any bull riding in his past.
Yeah, it was a lame one. I'm already working on next weeks, but I can't guarantee it'll be fantastic or anything. I'm still pretty much drawing blanks or dark, demented tales of murder and mayhem.
Oh my...Out of the mouths of babes. K4 and B were having a political discussion about gas prices and all kinds of things. B was trying to explain political concepts to her in easy to understand language. She came out with something about the president (don't know if it's present or future) handing out condoms to kids. When B asked her if she knew what a condom was, she said..."a small house attached to other houses".
There's your chuckle for today.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

Which of the following is true:
1. When we moved here from Iowa, we were forced to finish out the school year here, even though we'd already finished in Iowa.
2. By the time we moved here, my family had moved a total of 12 times, in 7 different states.
3. My dad used to be a bull rider. He met my mother while performing at a state fair in Mississippi. He was 22, she was 19. They got married three weeks later. After he broke his leg and arm for the fourth time, he retired.
Only one statement is true.
Okay, so it's lame this week. I've been wracking my brain for days trying to come up with something coherent that didn't require tons of research time (which I don't have right now). I'll try to do better next week, but it'll depend on me getting done with all I have to do this week.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Moaning Monday

Here we go...
1. 2 straight days of rain that should be snow!
2. It's Monday...'nuff said.
3. Under the weather children.
4. A very, very long day.
5. Smaller humans who don't seem to remember that they have to pick up after themselves.
6. The incredibly long wait time from order date to ship date on a stinking power cord.
7. A broken power cord that makes me afraid to change locations with the laptop.
8. Having no idea what to do for Tall Tale Tuesday.
9. Supernatural hiatus. :(
10. Too much on the calendar.
That's all...sort of...but enough...