Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wah! The Weekend is Over...

...Or, you know, almost... There are mere hours left!
The Scout dinner went really well. We sold a ton of tickets and were stepping in the kitchen - dishing up spaghetti and sauce, washing dishes, laughing like hyenas at stupid stuff. It was fun. A lot of fun, but, dang, I am still tired. We didn't get home until almost 11pm, didn't go to bed until almost 2am. (Why is there always laundry to do? And other stuff to catch up on? And there was the debriefing since That Man and I were in completely different positions all day and didn't get a chance to talk!)
The good thing is that I got to see my grandson all day! Of course, I was so busy I barely got to hold him, (I did get some good baby time in before we had to leave. He is so stinking cute... cooing at me!) but I loved that my mother-in-law got to hold him for the first time (they've been on mostly lock down due to the flu and the fact that Baby B was early), and that my niece and brother's family got to finally meet him. And that my mom, even though she kept saying she didn't help with the dinner much, took baby duty while we were crazy busy trying to clean up (huge help). Also, I loved showing him off to my friends!
I slept in this morning. Until after 10. Which was not enough even though it was 8 hours. Had to make dip, run to the store for gluten free crackers, pick up K4, get gas, and then rush to a Daytona 500 party at our friends. We got a dog fix, which was much needed and hung out with friends who are super cool and that we don't see enough of.
Now we're home and I need to write!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Feel Good Friday

...but I don't want to be a once a week blogger! Wah! I hope the craziness that is my life at the moment eases soon...Anyway... if there's still anyone here, let's get to the list...
1. Spaghetti dinner prep (dinner tomorrow) - it's insane and a lot of work, but so much fun, too! (this is why I haven't been around this week.) The community loves the Scouts yearly dinner and with a very low crew this year, we've been stepping to get it all done.
2. Some decent writing progress this week!
3. The Princess Bride on TV! Love this movie!
4. Wedding planning.
5. Seeing my grandson tomorrow.
6. Friday! Pizza for dinner. A little sleeping in tomorrow before crazy spaghetti dinner stuff starts.
7. Sunday plans with friends.
8. Exercising regularly this week. I was dying on Wednesday. I could barely walk, but now I am feeling fine and the scale is moving in the right direction. (I even exercised tonight, after my very long day) I must rock the mother-of-the bride dress!!
9. Penny garage sales at the day job. That was awesome and I brought home some very cool stuff!
10. Living through the week... There is a lot to be said about that...
Okay... I will try to be better about blogging, but make no promises at the moment...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Feel Good Friday - The I Suck Edition

I meant to blog this past week! I did! But it just never happened... It was a crazy week, for sure! Anyway... Let's hit the highlights!
1. Grandkid day! Got to see K5 all day. She is so smart and silly. Got to see Baby B this evening. He's getting so big and was actually awake for quite a while!
2. Dinner with all of my kiddos. (that included cramming 5 of us into the clown car and driving up hills and on winding roads) (The 'burban is out of commission at the moment. Quite possibly out of commission forever...)
3. A good Saturday - sleeping in, bagels with my girls, picking up wedding dresses, movie time with the bff, chinese food for dinner, excellent conversations with K4, getting in two missed episodes of Supernatural (I'm still behind!), going out to see my b-i-l's band and a bunch of friends. (Also, getting told I'm sexy by a total stranger - even though it made me laugh. Seriously? Not.)
4. A bunch of really good dinners last week.
5. Writing time - though that hasn't happened yet this weekend.
That's all for now!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Stay Off The Sidewalks...

*There's a brand new driver-in-training behind the wheel! Well, not yet, but he will be soon! Yay for K3 for passing his permit exam!
We didn't think we were going to get there today. That Man called me this morning when he realized he'd taken the keys to K2's truck. He offered to bring them to me, but I was sure there was a set on the key rack so I told him not to bother. Only there wasn't. And K2 is away this weekend. With her keys.
So... we're stuck.
K3 came downstairs excited and ready to go. He looked so disappointed and it would be another two weeks until we could get there again. But Grammy rescued us and graciously said she'd take us. Yay!
He's very excited, but said he wants to do some parking lot practice before hitting the road. Smart kid.
*The snow was a huge disappointment for us. I'm sad.
*Our plans for tonight had to be rearranged due to That Man's work schedule. I'm sad.
*Per #7 from Feel Good Friday - I'm working on it. Been thinking about what to do all day, and I might have made a decision. We shall see...
That is all for now...

Friday, February 08, 2013

Feel Good Friday...

Okay... so by now I know how much I suck... I know I have the same excuse always... "How did we get to ... blah blah blah", "Sorry, it's been a long week ... blah blah blah", "I would have posted, but... blah" I know this, okay? It's still the truth!
Okay, so it's Friday and my right pinkie hurts so bad it's hard to type... yesterday morning when I woke up the pinkie was a bloody stump... I kid you not... But, through the thumping pain of my digit, I am still here... (no injury, just a very bad dry skin crack that doesn't seem to want to heal... maybe because I have to type...All day, every day...)
My list from this week has some not feel good stuff...but, please note, I am trying to put a positive spin on it....
Here we go...
1. Taxes... Well, they suck. We owe. A lot this year. Thanks to me not having enough taken out. We'll figure it out. Somehow. The good part - I know in advance and can plan, and have already taken corrective action.
2. Wedding planning - K2 has such a great group of girls as her bridesmaids. I only (kind of) personally know one of them besides K4 and S, but the bridal shower/bachelorette party plans are coming together and everyone is very exited about getting to know each other. This is where friendships are made and I love it.
3. The 'burban is parked until we can get it to the shop for inspection. It's leaking oil like you would not believe. I put 4 quarts in it when I left work on Wednesday, and it was out by the time I got home. Bad thing - I don't want a car payment yet, but oy! we might have to consider it. Good thing  - our mechanic is a very good friend of ours, so he'll give us the straight poop and let us know if it's worth fixing (and I hope he says that)! The other bad thing - it's our only 4X vehicle and it's a snowy weekend, which means other plans might have to be scrapped...
4. Potential plans that include seeing my adopted sister and my boys. I have not seen them for far too long! I hope - really hope - the weather cooperates!!
5. My kid in dealing with the loss of one of his classmates. We still don't really know what happened, but the band/chorus kids are so strong and so close. It was amazing and heartbreaking to watch them deal with this. I am sad. And so proud of them all.
6. Another chance at the permit test tomorrow. Weather permitting.
7. Writing time. Even though I have no idea what I'm doing at the moment!
8. Hopefully having time to sort out #7 this weekend!
9. Sleeping in tomorrow! Oh, yes, please!
10. The week being over... Next week will be interesting for sure.
That is all... I will try to be better about posting, but I make no promises!!

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Feel Good Friday... The Sunday Edition

Time goes so fast!!
It's late and I have to be at the day job tomorrow... Let's just get to the list...
1. Living through last week. It was brutal at times, but worked out in the end. I think.
2. Writing meeting on Saturday. Good meeting. Fun meeting. Great speaker.
3. A second viewing of Les Mis. Awesome!
4. Out with the fam for That Man's birthday! What a blast!
5. K5 today! She is such a joy!
6. Wedding dress shopping this afternoon. We had so much fun! The bride's dress and the maid of honor's dress have been purchased! And right, I mean perfectly, on budget! I am so excited for wedding planning!
7. Having most of the kids home tonight. (We were only missing K2's J). Good fun. Much fun. Baby B.
8. Baby B is getting so big! And he's so beautiful. We had a very long conversation about how weird his parents are. I think he understood... LOL
9. That man... Dinner was made. Dishes were done. Laundry also. He listened to our retelling of our bridal shop experience and didn't even cry when he saw pictures of his daughter in her dress.
10. Future plans - from dinner with friends, to bridal showers, to shopping for my dress, shopping for suits, wedding favor and decoration making, cross country visits, remodeling some of our house, potential new car purchases, and making an effort to hang out with the people we love as much as possible ... I'm looking forward to all of it, even though I know some of it will wear me to the bone (like the constant wedding stuff, remodeling, and purchases)...
It's going to be a great year! And, holy crap, it's February already!!