Friday, February 22, 2013

Feel Good Friday

...but I don't want to be a once a week blogger! Wah! I hope the craziness that is my life at the moment eases soon...Anyway... if there's still anyone here, let's get to the list...
1. Spaghetti dinner prep (dinner tomorrow) - it's insane and a lot of work, but so much fun, too! (this is why I haven't been around this week.) The community loves the Scouts yearly dinner and with a very low crew this year, we've been stepping to get it all done.
2. Some decent writing progress this week!
3. The Princess Bride on TV! Love this movie!
4. Wedding planning.
5. Seeing my grandson tomorrow.
6. Friday! Pizza for dinner. A little sleeping in tomorrow before crazy spaghetti dinner stuff starts.
7. Sunday plans with friends.
8. Exercising regularly this week. I was dying on Wednesday. I could barely walk, but now I am feeling fine and the scale is moving in the right direction. (I even exercised tonight, after my very long day) I must rock the mother-of-the bride dress!!
9. Penny garage sales at the day job. That was awesome and I brought home some very cool stuff!
10. Living through the week... There is a lot to be said about that...
Okay... I will try to be better about blogging, but make no promises at the moment...

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