Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday... Again

It seems like it's always either Tuesday or Thursday around the old blog... Weird.

So, the weekend was pretty good. That Man and I had date night on Friday night, which was nice. Out for dinner and then back home to hang out by the fire and talk. Very good stuff.

Saturday, I tackled the pantry in between hanging with Mr. B and running back and forth into the city. It took all day to get it done and I still had a few things to do on Sunday. K4 had a school thing and since parking is an issue, I took her. I was on my way to pick her up when she called and said she had a ride home with her bestie, so I turned around and went home. Then, about forty minutes later, I got a call that the bestie's battery was dead and could I come and help them. Ran back into the city with my trusty jumper cables, had to pay for an hours worth of parking for being inside the lot for four minutes... What are you going to do?

Headed out to see the band. We had a really great time. Got to see a lot of folks we haven't seen in a long time and awesome music. Home late and slept in on Sunday - for a little bit. Then the usual Sunday craziness, with some extra thrown in.

Monday was Monday. Dumb, but K3 made a great dinner.

Today - Tuesdsay. Blah. Good food again, though. Got some stuff done.

Working on a story...

Now it's bedtime.


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Random

The temps were in the 70's today and are supposed to be the same tomorrow. Yay! But we all know winter will come back soon enough! Which is actually fine by me. I would love some major snow!! And I mean MAJOR snow - like a few feet or more!
I don't care if you think I'm weird for that! I love nothing more than being "stuck" in my house - writing, watching Lord of the Rings, playing Grand Theft Auto with my kids (in death mode), writing, cooking, napping - and SNOW! And yeah, I don't even mind shoveling... (too much) This is why I think moving to Alaska would be cool, but I do know that I would get sick of it after a long while. (a really long while)
But, I did love having the windows down and running around in no shoes... I don't know what that means when you match it up to wanting to be snowed in... Hmmm...
It's Thursday!
Friday is in a few hours and that's a very good thing. Just gotta get through the day job hours to get to the relaxation of the weekend.
The weekend is a little bit crazy with some fun stuff thrown in. Looking forward to it. I get to see both of my sisters at the same time (and hopefully my brother) and hear my brother-in-laws band, and sleep in. Can't ask for much more than that. (we're not talking about the laundry I have to do, or the pantry and linen closet clean out that must happen)
That is all for now... My pillow is calling to me...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday... Oy!

What a long and laborious day!

We started early with a butt-crack-of-dawn orthodontist appointment for K4. Good news is that the teeth that were stuck are coming down. Yay! Average news is that we have to continue the every three week appointments for a while yet... But progress is good. Stopped at the convenience store for breakfast for her, which is our routine since she can't eat before. Got her to school and then to the day job...

Brain bleeding chaos. That's all I can say... I think my brain is still hemorrhaging from the craziness of the workload...

Home to the kid cooking a delicious dinner (and cleaning up) (nice!), laundry, usual Tuesday night chores (trash, etc). Family meeting night - thankfully a quick one.

Finished the edits on my short! YAY!! (one more round until it's ready) Started the critique! Also Yay! Took care of retreat stuff and emails... Time to relax now...

Tomorrow is same day job stuff. In the evening, we're running over to see K2 quickly, so Mr. B can give Baby C some of the toys he wants to pass along. Little Baby Turtle is getting big and will come in about 16 weeks. Yay!

Still a lot of chaos here on the homefront, but we're getting there. I'm practicing the utmost patience and "chill". I know it's going to be okay and work out.

That is all...


Monday, February 20, 2017


Well... The weekend happened.

It wasn't as organized as I would have liked it to be, and we didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but we did make progress.

K4's friend's play was excellent. We had dinner afterwards, which was also excellent. Then home and between whatever allergy-type/sinus thing I was dealing with all day and the chaos from the weekend, I completely crashed around 8pm and slept straight through until around 7am this morning. That was nice, but I'm still so tired. (day job = brain drain)

Didn't get as much editing done as I'd wanted over the weekend, but I am making progress. Thinking about what I want to do next after critiques and polishing.

The weather is gorgeous right now and is supposed to be all week. Not nice enough to take the top off of the Jeep, but still awesome to go without a coat and not freeze my rear off. I know the cold is going to come back, and when it does, it better bring some snow - just saying...

Not sure how the week is going to go yet... We'll see...


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Almost the Weekend...

I'm ready.

Though this weekend is going to be crazy. We have a million things to do, including going to see K4's best friend's play. And all of the regular stuff needs to be taken care of, too.

So that's what I'm doing... Organizing myself for the weekend. The grocery list is shaping up. I've gotten a bit of a start on the laundry, and the cleaning... But I still need to check coupons and pay bills. Oy! Not going to happen tonight.

I did get a good chunk of editing done tonight. Almost there. Then, I will critique for a friend, and after that, do another pass of the short before I figure out what I'm doing next. I have edits coming at some point, but also retreat, too!

That's all for now!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Madness...

Oy Monday... How I seriously do not like you...

They did a big switcheroo of territories and sales reps at the day job. It's kind of good because I got my old territory back, but bad because I lost two really great reps and we worked really well together. And re-learning my old territory after a year away is rough. And bound to be rougher. It was a crazy day!

No really having to cook tonight was nice. And from the looks of it, I won't really have to cook tomorrow night either.

Oh and to back up to yesterday - the house meeting never happened because the baby shower had me running later than expected. Laundry only kind of happened. The baby shower was okay (I usually hate baby showers). I got to catch up with friends, won a prize, had some good food, and an amazing chocolate cheesecake cupcake. And the mom to be is so adorable with her ginormous twin-filled belly. The mom is K2's best childhood friend. This now woman grew up in my house. I distinctly remember her running home in tears one day when K3 and S were babies and in their bouncers in the living room and one of them pooped, but with the motion of the bouncer... well... it was kind of explosive. I called her mom to let her know she'd be running in the back door and we laughed our butts off. So weird how they grow up! ha!

Now I'm back to the edits... I am making fantastic progress and am pleased at how things are going even though I have a "little" bit to do...


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Post Book Signing Happiness...

It was an awesome day!

Got to sleep in a little. Coffee with That Man. Ready, and off to the signing.

It was a gorgeous day! The temperatures rose to a nice enough temp that I wasn't shivering like Pennsylvania is Alaska! Also, I hope none of the neighbors were watching, but I cleared the snow from the back porch with the scraper that's supposed to be in the Jeep... Ha!

Got to the farm and garden store - place is awesome! I love the way it smells and all of the cool stuff they have. I could spend a million bucks in there... easy. Set up my stuff, then off to get swag for the giveaway baskets. (and an amazing BLT for lunch)

The signing started and one of my oldest besties shows up! It was awesome to see her and get to spend a few minutes talking! It was also great to see so many of my writing friends. Some of them I hadn't seen in a really long time.

I sold some books! Talked to some great readers! Had a blast with my fellow authors! It was amazing! K4 came to hang out with me and did some social media posting for me. Even though she ended up taking over 500 pictures on my phone, it was fun! :)

After the signing, we went to dinner at the awesome place next door to the greenhouse. Good food, good friends, and Mr. B made $4! lol.

It was a very good day!

Now home and working on edits! But... so tired... Being "on" for so long is draining!

Tomorrow is laundry, baby shower, house meeting... Then back to the day job on Monday.... (enjoy the moment... enjoy the moment... lol)


Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snow Day...

Well, not for me. I did get an hour and a half delay this morning, which meant I got to sleep in a little. That was nice, but totally necessary since I barely slept last night.

Happy for snow though! It was so pretty.

The kid had off school, which she loved. She shoveled and slept. Lucky.

And... it's supposed to be in the fifties this weekend, so the snow will be gone.


It's been a crazy week. Again. The day job is nutso. Enough that I was approved for overtime (which got eaten up by the delay, of course - that's my luck).

But Yay for Friday tomorrow!

The book-signing is Saturday. I'm looking forward to it! And to our usual dinner out afterward. We'll have Mr. B with us, too. Sunday I have a baby shower for one of my best friend's daughter. She and K2 were the best of friends from the time they were four through high school. She's having twin boys.

And that is all for now... I hope to be back with Feel Good Friday tomorrow, but no promises!


Wednesday, February 01, 2017


I've been missing my momma a lot lately.
Thinking about her and the things we used to talk about and do together. I even drove by the house on my way home tonight. I don't know why. I just felt like I needed to. It looks the same as it did when we sold it.
This morning I even reached for my phone to call her like I always did in the morning.
In a few months, it will be two years since she left.
Maybe it's the timing. Maybe it's just wishing I could talk to her about all of the stuff going on around here. A lot of it is, I think, the fact that the book signing I do every February is coming up, and she always went along with me and hung out with me throughout the whole day - sitting with me and talking up my books to passerby's. It makes me miss her even more.
This time last year, we were waist deep in getting the house ready to sell. We were tired - physically, emotionally, and ready to get back to our own homes and lives, but we still had each other every weekend to talk to and cry with. It sounds weird because while I am happy to not have that constant commitment, I miss it in a lot of ways.
I don't know. I guess it is what it is and that's okay.