Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snow Day...

Well, not for me. I did get an hour and a half delay this morning, which meant I got to sleep in a little. That was nice, but totally necessary since I barely slept last night.

Happy for snow though! It was so pretty.

The kid had off school, which she loved. She shoveled and slept. Lucky.

And... it's supposed to be in the fifties this weekend, so the snow will be gone.


It's been a crazy week. Again. The day job is nutso. Enough that I was approved for overtime (which got eaten up by the delay, of course - that's my luck).

But Yay for Friday tomorrow!

The book-signing is Saturday. I'm looking forward to it! And to our usual dinner out afterward. We'll have Mr. B with us, too. Sunday I have a baby shower for one of my best friend's daughter. She and K2 were the best of friends from the time they were four through high school. She's having twin boys.

And that is all for now... I hope to be back with Feel Good Friday tomorrow, but no promises!


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