Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Thoughts...

On the Royal Wedding...
I didn't watch it, but I might eventually. There isn't much that can drag me from my bed at four in the morning, except for maybe an impending beach trip or some other cool thing.
I don't follow the newlyweds in any way. I know who they are. I remember well when Charles and Diana married and I think I feel the same way I did then.
Half of my Twitter and Facebook pages hate the coverage. Half of them don't. Some are irate over the amount of money spent on the wedding. Some gave constant updates on dresses and guests and the ceremony.
In a world where there is far more bad news than good, what's wrong with the constant coverage? It's far better than watching police chase down a famous person for suspicion of murder. It's far better than hearing about the martial infidelities of someone considered a hero to many people, or having to constantly hear about the atrocities committed against animals by someone a lot of kids admired. I will admit that those types of coverage bring the same kind of social media comments, but at least the wedding was an upbeat positive event.
It's a real life fairy tale and who doesn't love that? Or maybe that's just my romance writer sensibilities. Weddings are a time of celebration. They're supposed to be mushy and romantic. And this wedding was a royal one, which adds the cultural fascination in addition to the royal fascination. The crowds waiting for a glimpse of their Royal Family were upbeat and positive and happy. That's got to count for something.
With all of the ugly stuff in the world, the break from constant bad news is nice. I'm glad my kids were exposed. They even watched some of it when they got home from school. Maybe they're just chips of the old block and romantics to their core...I can only hope...
That is all.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Whoot! Friday!
Here's the list:
1. Less than 2 weeks until the RETREAT!
2. Sleeping in tomorrow!
3. Not really cooking tonight.
4. New Supernatural tonight!
5. Warmer weather. Though I love how cool it is right now. I will sleep well for sure.
6. Having the Scout event go well last night.
7. The attempt to fix my washing machine, even though it's still broken.
8. My flowers coming back. I usually have no luck with that.
9. A tentative truce with the gnomes. It might have to do with the promise of some female gnomes. I only hope I can follow through and find the ones I mentioned.
10. My comfy pants and a warm sweatshirt.
That's all.

On Stinkbugs...

Things I've learned about Stinkbugs:
1. Regardless of popular belief, antiseptic mouthwash does not kill them on contact. Sure, it'll kill them - eventually. By drowning. I put three stinkbugs in some and it took them nearly a day to die.
2. Even though they are attracted to light, it is not unheard of to find Stinkbugs cruising your toilet seat in the dark bathroom at 3am.
3. Stinkbugs are not very smart. Cockroaches are disgusting. Really disgusting. But at least they have the decency to hide from you.
4. Sometimes they don't stink.
5. I get tired of the constant counting of carcasses and how many are flying around.
6. Lately, it's taken a longer stretch of warm weather before they start showing up. Maybe my house isn't as infested as I thought? (ha ha ha)
7. Certain vacuums will turn them into Stinkbug peanut butter, making it very difficult to clean off and staining the canister. (Luckily, not mine)
8. Cohabitation is just not possible.
9. I check every piece of clothing before I get dressed.
10. When they're active, you should always cover any food. It is not unheard of to find a Stinkbug floating in your soup. And it's gross, too.
That is all for now...
(This was supposed to post yesterday. I'm not sure why it didn't!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


See picture below...

1. Some gross pictures of mouth surgery I found on the 'net. Nah. I definitely don't have time to research gross mouth surgery right now!
2. K2's sew job on a clementine. She peeled it only on one side and then sewed it back up and put it back in the bag. Yes! She spent at least an hour sewing it back up and was very proud of the result. I think it looks all moist and stuff because of the light.
3. B's knee. Close up and nasty the day after surgery. Nah. I didn't even see it until three days after because he wasn't allowed to take the wrap off.
4. My sister's spider bite from last year after the doctor's cleaned it (under anesthesia). Nope. Trust me, it was grosser than that!

So there you have it! Oh, and have I mentioned that my retreat is TWO WEEKS away? I am so excited. T-shirts are ordered (right under the wire) and there is shopping to be done.
That is all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday

Is back!
What is this?

1. Some gross pictures of mouth surgery I found on the 'net.
2. K2's sew job on a clementine. She peeled it only on one side and then sewed it back up and put it back in the bag.
3. B's knee. Close up and nasty the day after surgery.
4. My sister's spider bite from last year after the doctor's cleaned it (under anesthesia).
So which is it?

Monday, April 25, 2011


....... Am I the only one who hates "cuz" and "da"?

I'd Hoped....

That we'd seen the worst of the stink bugs.
Bwah ha ha ha!!! I was sorely, sorely mistaken! They are freaking everywhere!
There were none when I walked in the door tonight, but shortly after...yeah, freaking deluge! And it's getting worse. The husband just came down from upstairs and said he killed 5 in the bathroom. I was in there 10 minutes ago and there were none.
I'm a little afraid, but you already knew that.
Oh, and don't be surprised if you see someone who looks like me in that site that showcases weird people at that mega store that's open 24 hours and has everything you can imagine. Our fan died in our room the other day and neither one of us have been sleeping right since. We borrowed K4's for two nights, but she insisted we give it back. It's pretty warm today and B insisted we go for a new fan so we can both get a decent night's sleep. I was already in my comfy pants and refused to went in comfy pants, my work shirt, and orange flipflops.
I was nothing to look at compared to some of the people we saw. Like the woman in the motorized cart with legs as big as B's body and flies all over them. Pitiful, and I felt really sorry for her. Then there was the couple with 42-million packages of feminine products and a frying pan in their cart. Ummm....
Oh, and fans cost a freaking fortune! I almost died when we checked out!
And that is all...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful day!
It was a good day.
A day full of babbling granddaughters, laughing, strange singing kids, lots of food, frisbee playing...
What else...
We arrived at my sister's and the dog was so excited that she jumped over the seat and landed in the taco dip. Tomatoes, olives, lettuce, refried beans, and sour cream all over the back seat of the 'burban and two bags of tortilla chips with nothing to dip.
And, guess what? It's raining again! My basement really can't take much more. We've had fans down there trying to dry things, but it's kind of like bailing water from the ocean with a thimble. We have a major basement cleaning coming up soon and I think we're going to need a very big dumpster.
Anyway. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday whether you celebrate Easter or not.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

Frontierland! I loved it!
That first scene with Dean and the cowboy hat...I almost died! And Sam in his hat! Double joy!
What a great episode! I loved the Back to the Future references, and apparently I missed the Blazing Saddles one because the people I live with would not be quiet, or stop getting in front of the TV.
I really want to know what Cass is up to - I'm a little worried about that and that his end won't justify the means. I have a few theories that I'll keep to myself for now, but I really hope Sam and Dean find a way to help him. The angel who came and started reaming them out was right, they don't seem to care what Cass is facing. Maybe they do care, they just don't think they can help. I don't know.
There were a ton of good lines! A ton! Mostly from Bobby. I loved how he didn't even flinch when Cass needed to touch his soul.
The phoenix was awesome! It was a good thing he started shooting at Dean because I think Dean would have had a hard time destroying him otherwise. Oh and the bar girl with the tobacco stains on her mouth! Gross, but a nice touch. I loved finding out Dean is obsessed with Westerns and his "not awesome" remark when they went into the saloon. And Samuel Colt!
And, of course, I was crushed when they came back without the phoenix's ashes. But then Samuel Colt sent them ala Back to the Future, which was particularly awesome.
I need to watch it again! Mainly for the cowboy hats, but to see the stuff I know I missed thanks to those people I live with.
Thanks, Supernatural People, for another fantastic episode!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Text Conversation...

A text conversation between K2 and K3:
K2: Well, you're adopted. Ask Mom.
K3: You're adopted.
K2: That's why I'm better looking than you, because I'm not adopted.
K3: God doesn't like it when you lie.
K2: That's what I told you.
K3: I think you forgot to take your medicine.
K2: What?
K3: You're off your meds.
K2: You're off your meds more.
K2: Ask Mom. She'll tell you you're adopted.
K3: Then why do I look like Dad?
K2: You don't. They just tell you that to make you think you're not adopted.
K3: You're adopted.
...I stopped listening at this point because it circled back. I even had a text on my phone that said: "Quick, tell K3 he's adopted." Oh and did I mention most of this happened while they were sitting beside each other on the couch?
I love my life...

Feel Good Friday....

And, Oh, Thank Goodness!!
Yay, Friday!!
Here's the list:
1. Coming home to a most excellent dinner and a pretty clean house.
2. K2 being home.
3. Sleeping in tomorrow - though I am currently in negotiations with the husband about what time he's allowed to wake me so we can run the errands we were supposed to run tonight.
4. The husband getting back to normal and having less pain.
5. Dinner with the family on Sunday.
6. Saying no to last minute meetings and sticking with it. Sometimes you have to say no!
7. Looking forward to a mostly writing day tomorrow. Errands in the morning, then writing.
8. The husband doing the grocery shopping and even getting ingredients for sour apple Martini's. (now if he would just come home so we could have one)
9. New Supernatural tonight.
10. A little LotR and Supernatural season 4 in the background as I hustle to get caught up with myself before new Supernatural. Oh and writing already done for the 50/50 challenge, too. (and a decent amount of words as well)
So there's the list. The only downer is the fact that I am freezing to death. My fingers are numb and so are my feet. I am wrapped in a blanket, with two sweatshirts on, the laptop in my lap, and I am still shivering.
That is all...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Out of Touch....

There I go again with the long air silence...
I can't keep up.
It's been another long week around the casa. Yeah, it's Thursday, but I didn't realize that until late in the day. I thought it was Tuesday for some reason.
...and that's all I have for the moment.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday Fail

Sorry about the air silence...Long story.
Anyway. I had some fantastic things in line for Tall Tale Tuesday today, but they've left me. That will teach me for not writing them down. Though if I remember, I'll be back later to post them.
Knee surgery for the husband today. We'll be heading out here in a little while for his surgery in the surgery center that kind of reminds me of a fast food joint. Don't get me wrong, they do a great job there and everyone is very nice and professional, but it's almost like a conveyor belt. I'm looking forward to him being out of pain. I'm sure he is too. I think I'm actually going to do some reading while I wait. I have some good books on my TBR pile - Megan Hart, Misty Simon, Vicky Burkholder...which one to choose....
The younger K's both want e-readers. K3's been doing research on them and pricing out the books he wants. I had to tell them that neither of them get one before me. I've wanted one for way longer. But it's exciting to me that they want one. Very exciting.
We're heading into major busy time around here. Also, major retreat planning time! I've very excited about that. Less than a month to go!
I'm still maintaining in the 50/50 challenge. I have hit at least the minimum every single day since we started. I'm hoping to do some major damage today in between the surgery and prescription runs.
That's all for now!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Feel Good Friday

...just under the wire!
Here's the list:
1. New Supernatural!! Oh, how I've missed you!!
2. Getting to watch it with fellow fans!
3. Friday!
4. Sleeping in tomorrow! Oh, how I need you!
5. My bed - because I am in it right now and I'm finally warm.
6. A decent week, overall, despite surgery dates, rude kids (not mine, other people's), bad dogs, and discovering I have no dash lights except the glaring green of the heater.
7. Maintaining in the 50/50 challenge.
8. Looking forward to some decent writing time this weekend. (knock on wood.)
9. Pad Thai for dinner.
10. Having my bedroom window open, even though it's a little chilly out there. The breeze is fantastic.
Okay. That's enough.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thanks, Mother Nature...

What a gorgeous day! And, as it happens, today is my birthday. Usually I am not a fan of my birthday, and while I'm not so sure about this getting older thing, I've learned from my very good friends that your birthday is yours to relish.
Here are my gifts today:
1. Kids up and ready for school without the usual moaning and groaning.
2. Coffee made for me by the husband, along with a note that made me smile.
3. Flowers from my co-workers.
4. A cool cabinet that I didn't expect to get to bring home with me.
5. Not even thinking about what's for dinner - no cooking, no shopping.
6. Getting to talk to very good friends.
7. My parents stopping in and bringing me presents.
8. Strawberry shortcake.
9. Texts and Facebook messages.
10. The three tiny gnomes K4 got me. They are so cute. (don't worry - they can't fool me)
So there you have it. It's been a good day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too True...

..... It's Wednesday...and you can't go wrong with the above...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday Fail

It just occurred to me that I should have saved some of my random for Tall Tale Tuesday! I don't have much at the moment because sometime before breakfast my brain left and it hasn't come back yet.
So how about a random list....
1. The weather is psychotic. Beautiful and sunny yesterday and winter-coat-wearing today. (okay, maybe not, but I was cold)
2. B is having knee surgery. Next week.
3. I just flicked a stink bug off my soda can.
4. The retreat is exactly a month away!! Wooo!
5. My kid learning to play LotR songs on the guitar.
Okay, that's pillow is calling me...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Monday...

What a beautiful day!! And I love the rain, too!
Tonight was a fundraiser for K3's school at a local restaurant. We ended up being seated near a woman who coughed like she was dying the whole time we were there. It made it impossible to enjoy the meal. Heck, sometimes her coughing made it impossible to swallow. But, the upside of that annoyance is I didn't have to cook.
There is a rather large butterfly bush hydrating in my kitchen sink. I hope we can keep this one alive. We haven't had much luck with them so far.
Speaking of plants...I was walking around the backyard looking at what's coming up and what I may have lost over the winter (like 2/3 of the patio garden thanks to the dog's digging - though I have a theory on that we'll get into later), and I turned a flower pot over to find a sprout struggling to find the light. I'm reasonably sure the gnomes did that. The one nearby looked guilty. I'm keeping an eye on them...But I'm excited to see the green stuff. And to not wear shoes.
K2 texted me today to ask if it was okay to eat moldy peanut butter.
It looks like B's headed for another round of knee surgery. We'll know for sure tomorrow.
Okay, that's enough. I'm so tired I can't see straight. But I did get a decent amount of editing done tonight before my eyes refused to cooperate.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Best Kind of Surprise...

Our parents will celebrate their 50th anniversary next weekend.
So, of course, you know what we did...
We've been planning this party for ages. Some things didn't turn out the way we'd planned, and illness kept a few people away, but I think this party ranks as the best.
My uncle from California came in, and my cousins from Georgia, and my aunt and cousins from Delaware (who have never been here before).
And even though my dad knew something was up and my mom was suspicious (how could you not be with such a milestone?), they had no idea we (and when I say we, I really mean my very persistent and persuasive sister) convinced them all to come. There were tears (the good kind) and shock and for a minute there we worried that we shouldn't have surprised them with everyone all at once, but it was all good.
Good food, good company, lots of good stories, lots and lots of laughing, staying up until nearly 3:30 am and then getting up a few hours later, stink bugs (my sister might just have them worse than me!), ghosts, puppies, lots of was a fantastic weekend.
...and that's why I missed posting yesterday...

Friday, April 08, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Well, here we are at Friday...(well, technically not since I'm writing this late Thursday evening, but since tomorrow night is packed full, I figured I'd better do this now...)
Here's the list:
1. Friday! (even though it's Thursday I can not wait!)
2. Having dinner already in the crockpot.
3. A lessening of the constant trips to the grocery store as I become more organized.
4. Keeping up with the 50/50 challenge.
5. Finally getting the debacle that was K1's taxes taken care of.
6. Talking to K2.
7. The husband taking care of the housework this week, despite his terrible knee pain.
8. Family dinner with the siblings and 'rents and grandbaby on Saturday! At my sister's new house! I'm really looking forward to it. It's been a while since we've seen everyone and I've yet to see the new digs.
9. Funny pictures from my brother-in-law in California. Apparently it snowed there today and the kids made tiny little snowmen.
10. Friday! Sorry. I just have to say it again!
So there's the list. I am, however, not thankful for the stink bugs hanging around again!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's Thursday

.... ...and this week has "mostly" failed....I said mostly! There have been some good things, which you'll find out tomorrow....

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


.... least it's not Zombies!!! Which reminds me...I promised more Zombie Prom pictures...Will fix as soon as possible!

The Power of Positive...

Recently, some friends and I got into a discussion about sharing good news.
One had just recently signed a 3-book contract and had a new book release and she commented about how her first impusle was to share with us, her writing friends, and then she had a second thought about it being kind of douchey to come back and post even more good stuff when a few of us have been in the dregs with writing and life. She said she didn't want to open up any chasms of personal failure feelings or jealousy or even hatred of her for the good things going on for her...
...and I say...piss on that!
Yes. I will fully admit that I had a moment of "oh crap. I must suck." I took a few minutes to wallow in my own personal baggage and issues. Though I can honestly say I was thrilled beyond belief for her. Her successes and what I was feeling were two very different entities - seperate from each other.
But's what happened...
Her news motivated me. It lit a fire not just under me, but within me. I found hope. I've been focusing better, working harder, and remembering why I do this in the first place. Her good news and forward momentum pushed me and reminded me and put me back in charge.
Which is why I will say, again...Get some writing friends. Critique, learn, grow, cheer for each other, hold each other up when life gets tough and then see how you feel when one of them finds success in any way. It is something you will never regret.
Trust me.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I Know!

.... I promise this is the last time I renew! I know I've been done with the book for two weeks and that I only live two blocks from the library...
I have a shame...
Tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow, Gandalf.

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail

I'm here again! Don't faint!
But, unfortunately, Tall Tale Tuesday ain't happening this week. So let's go with this...

Dear Mother Nature,
Stop PMS'ing.

Dear Stink Bugs,
Go back where you came from! No one likes you here!

Dear Supernatural,
Please come back!

Dear Children,
Those piles in the living room are good, but not where they are. They're your clean laundry. Remember how you folded it? Now take it upstairs and put it in its comfy spot. Now.

Dear Dog,
Please stop shedding. I could make yarn and knit a super king-sized comforter from your lovely black fur. And I don't want a black fur king-sized comforter!

Dear School,
Please stop charging a fortune for my child to go on a 'required' field trip. You are draining my wallet and I don't like it.

Okay, that's enough weirdness.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Major Slacker!

Man! I said I would come back on Saturday and I never did! I'm sorry if you were looking for me! seems a little silly to do Feel Good Friday today, on Monday. Especially since...well, it's Monday and let's face it, Monday's suck.
Though, today wasn't so bad. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We got some yard work done, and I got a very decent amount of editing done on the "Dark Angel meets Firefly meets Red Dawn" story. Yes, it's editing time. It's also Writing Blast time, in addition to the 50/50 Challenge and those things add up for some fantastic progress - like a much needed kick in the pants.
In other news, the warm weather has enticed the stink bugs and we are once again battling those nasty little buggers. K4 was keeping count of how many she flushed, until she totally freaked out because they were everywhere. The husband was collecting them from the living room before he decided to turn the lights off. I'm not liking this. Not at all.
What else? Well, not much. It's Monday...

Saturday, April 02, 2011


I cannot believe I haven't posted since Tuesday!
What is up with that? Oh...yeah, it was a very long week...
But it's the weekend now. Yay. And even though it's 8am, I did sleep in a little this morning. Of course, I went to be early, too. And I get to go hang out with my writing buddies in a little bit, which is always awesome.
And I'll be back later to post Saturday's edition of Feel Good Friday.
...if anyone's even hanging out over here anymore...