Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post-Holiday Nonsense....

The deed is done. Christmas is finished and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yeah, I had my Scrooge on until nearly the very end, but we had a really good time with most of the holiday madness. And, really, I am glad its over. Now it's taking down the tree and other decorations, restoring my living room to normalcy, and putting other Christmas stuff away. I don't want to. I don't have the energy for it yet, and now that its over I kinda like the tree and all of the doodads around. How weird is that?
Now the year is almost over. Thank goodness.
I am looking forward to the New Year Celebration. It'll be nice to go back to basics. It's been too many years!
Hopefully later on this week, I'll have the energy to do my year in review post. I know you're just dying for that one. Ha!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

And Happy Birthday to my baby!! 12 now! Holy does that happen?

I hope you and yours have a blessed day!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Christmas Edition

Holy crap! It's been over a week since I posted? What is up with that?! I'll tell you what...getting ready for Christmas, having sick kids, and general chaos!
But...I'm as ready as I'm going to be now. Which, I guess is good considering there's a little over 2 hours until Christmas Day!
I will tell you one thing... We are NEVER doing last minute shopping again. EVER! Waiting until the Friday before Christmas to buy even one thing is not a fun and pleasant experience, no matter what you've been told by others.
Believe it or not, I do have a feel good list!
1. Being ready. Even though things are a little different this year. Parts of me don't feel ready because I haven't had time to do my usual preparing/cooking/cleaning. But it is what it is and it'll be fantastic.
2. Shopping with the man. Yes, it was stressful. Very stressful - especially since after 3 hours and 4 stores we only had one thing purchased. And we were out until nearly midnight. People were rude, traffic sucked, and the grocery store was out of several things we needed, but we did have a good time together.
3. Getting to sleep in a little this morning. (Regardless of going to bed at 3am)
4. Having the wrapping all done. (Why I was up until 3am)
5. The man making awesome food.
6. K2's awesome present wrapping abilities. (Pictures to come)
7. Hanging with the family at the 'rents.
8. My fantastic youngest daughter's birthday tomorrow.
9. Looking forward to the day.
10. OH! And getting to see the trailer for The Hobbit! I am so super excited!!!
That is all.
I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed day tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Well...I made it to Friday and I still have vision in both eyes! There's one good thing right there! Ha!
Here's the list:
1. Not looking like so much of a freak now... but my face is still pretty hideous. Latest check up indicates it is getting better, albeit slowly. I have to stay on the double dose of mega antibiotics until they're gone, but the swelling is down. There is still tremendous pressure on my left tear duct and I'm really starting to hate yogurt.
2. Finding a smidgen (a very tiny bit) of Christmas spirit - even though I have absolutely no shopping done (yes, I realize we're at t minus 8 days), the tree is not up, and I haven't done the birthday shopping either...oy!
3. Sleeping in tomorrow.
4. Chinese food with my girl.
5. Running into our oldest friends in the grocery store parking lot.
6. The DVR! I dig that thing! (Though I've barely had a chance to watch anything!) (But it's recorded lots of Supernatural!)
7. Knowing the holidays will be over soon! (Yeah, I know that's grinch-y, but I can't help it!)
8. Sleeping in tomorrow...wait, I think I already said that!
9. Knowing this craptastic year will be over soon. Bring on 2012!
10. That man packing me lunch - though I never got a chance to eat it today!
That is all for now!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Eye Issues...

Yesterday I had to make yet another trip to the doctor for stupid stuff...
Not really my eye, but close enough that my (opposite than the cornea scratch) eye is involved - as in swollen like I got the crap beat out of me involved. And black and blue. And painful.
The doc thinks I got bit by something.
It's nasty and I look hideous.
I'm on mega antibiotics and I have to go back to the doc tomorrow.
It hasn't gotten any worse since I started the meds and the swelling has improved, but the actual problem remains the same. The doctor freaked me out with out adamant she was about how dangerous this could be.
We'll see what happens tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm doing my best to do my best. The headache and discomfort are driving me nuts. I have crap to do and this is not helping. Wah!
That is all.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Chance to Win...And Some Other Stuff...

First off - Let me report that I am a virus asskicking ninja! I knocked K2's virus totally OUT! Like a bitch! Okay, it was a long fight and I almost lost - especially after a very late phone call to my computer whiz brother. I followed his advice, but apparently missed something, so ended up doing things my own way and 2am...I prevailed. Whoot!!
I am ready for the Christmas Tree (the one that's been on the patio for a week) to come in the house. I hope we have time this week. We'll see. I am not entirely sure I'm ready for Christmas, but I'm trying.
The dryer is officially on the fritz. The man thinks the "reignitor" spazzed out. It starts off with a bang and then quits. Yay.
Okay, so if you entered to win Megan Hart's new book All Fall Down, and didn't get picked. Check her out at Misty Simon's blog!
That is all!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Viruses Aren't Funny

So K2 has a really nasty virus on her computer. Really nasty.
Her virus protection didn't catch it. Still hasn't. I downloaded the program I'd told her to download when she got the computer, and thought we had it...
That was about seven hours ago...
I'm still working on it. She has work tomorrow and all of her lesson plans are on the say she's freaking out a little would be an understatement. Or she was. She's since calmed some and has resigned herself to the possibility of a system wipe.
Though I will say, we actually spent money on a program that had immediately detected the problems when we ran the free trail. After we paid, it removed one. I've emailed them, and we're going to get her money back or you'll hear a lot of screaming going on from here. I am totally kicked myself for taking the easy, but expensive, fix.
I hate to say it, but I *think* I've got it now. Nasty bugger. I downloaded the free anti-virus that I use and immediately upon installation it had quarantined and deleted it. Yeah, we're definitely getting our money back. Now I'm running another Anti-spyware program to make sure. It's taking forever, but the popups we were getting immediately upon log in haven't shown up.
We'll see...
Stupid people making stupid nasty viruses! Seriously!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Foul Language Funny...

br /> writers gotta watch out for that...Ha!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This Week....

It's only Wednesday. It feels like a way, except I can't sleep in tomorrow and I have to go to the day job and...Well...
Here's how my week has been...
1. I've had more bad news than good this week, but the good far, far outweighs the bad.
2. Re-reading a manuscript and still loving it.
3. Selling Christmas trees in the driving rain and freezing cold. Or not selling them since no one even braved the rain to look at them.
4. Suffering a near nervous breakdown at the noise in the main venue where we were selling trees.
5. Giving blood for the first time ever. (I didn't pass out, or cry, but I'd barely eaten all day and now I'm feeling a little woozey. I got a cool pink bandage though.) That man gave blood, too, and we traded insults in the blood mobile.
6. Going grocery shopping at 9pm.
7. Eating dinner at 9:30. After doing dishes - Why were there dishes when I hadn't even eaten yet? Because other people ate and then had to run to their events. And by rights, Wednesday night is my dish night, so...
Anyways...that's how my week is going. Friday's list should be interesting...
That is all.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Epic Christmas Wish List

Here's what I want:
1. A time turner thingy, or a similar time travel device.
2. To be able to write full time again.
3. An office with a door that locks and my own private balcony.
4. A bedroom with a master bath.
5. An unlimited supply of cash.
6. A teleportation device.
7. A maid and a chef.
8. Grocery delivery.
9. Animals that don't shed.
And the most important...
10. For my children to always be happy.
I know there's more stuff that belongs on that list.
If you could ask for anything, what would it be?

Friday, December 02, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Amazingly I lived through the week! I know, I know...I say that a lot. And I often say "No, I really mean it this week!" But I do...really mean it this week. For real. The day job has been insanely busy. Really insane - like record setting busy. But I survived and that's all that matters.
So, let's hit the good list, shall we?
1. Ordering our brand spanking new DVR! Finally! Because we re-upped our service, the deal comes with a lot of nice perks, which is fantastic because I am in love with my Internet/Phone/Cable provider. And we get a brand spanking new remote for free! That's awesome because the one for downstairs met with an untimely demise and we've been sharing one.
2. Getting to see my writing friends tomorrow for our annual Holiday Party. My gift for the exchange is wrapped (more like bagged, but same difference). I'm getting ready to start the potato casserole I was begged to take and have the details of childcare and who's taking who where all worked out.
3. And! I get to sleep in just a little tomorrow.
4. New Supernatural tonight! That week without took way too long!
5. My kid being so excited to start his leadership training course tomorrow.
6. My dryer not actually being dead, though I am not convinced. It's still taking far too long to dry clothes.
7. My pink fuzzy socks and comfy pants.
8. Kind of getting excited about Christmas. Though I'm really not. But just a little.
9. Staying mostly organized through the chaos of this week.
10. DVR! Oh wait...I said that already...
That is all for now.


Thanks for all of the comments to win Megan Hart's All Fall Down!!

I promise my selection of the winner was very scientific and random! (Now I have to go and pick up the tiny pieces of paper spread all over my dining room floor...)

....And the winner is...