Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Chance to Win...And Some Other Stuff...

First off - Let me report that I am a virus asskicking ninja! I knocked K2's virus totally OUT! Like a bitch! Okay, it was a long fight and I almost lost - especially after a very late phone call to my computer whiz brother. I followed his advice, but apparently missed something, so ended up doing things my own way and 2am...I prevailed. Whoot!!
I am ready for the Christmas Tree (the one that's been on the patio for a week) to come in the house. I hope we have time this week. We'll see. I am not entirely sure I'm ready for Christmas, but I'm trying.
The dryer is officially on the fritz. The man thinks the "reignitor" spazzed out. It starts off with a bang and then quits. Yay.
Okay, so if you entered to win Megan Hart's new book All Fall Down, and didn't get picked. Check her out at Misty Simon's blog!
That is all!

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