Saturday, February 28, 2015


I'm hanging at Mom's...
We cooked in the new (almost completely done) kitchen tonight! It was sweet! We all did our thing without bumping into each other! Awesome! Finding utensils and stuff was weird - tomorrow is our day of putting things away - so no one knew where bowls, spatulas or anything like that was. We unloaded the kitchen over a few weekends, so we kind of forgot where we put stuff... Ha!
I keep looking at this new kitchen in amazement. It's beautiful!
Today was the day I picked for my new sweet granddaughter to arrive. Obviously that didn't happen... Any day now though! I can't wait to hold her!!
I am writing! In the middle of a rewrite, and it's going well. I just need more time! I need people to remember what it means when "Mom is working". Ack!
It's supposed to snow again tomorrow! It's the first of March! Spring is coming! Soon... right? Though I would really love a lot more snow! A lot more!!
We're watching a Jaws marathon here... Oh, Lord... Help me!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aw Heck! It's Wednesday!

What a dumb week!
Crazy busy!
Unable to keep up!
Writing/revising as much as humanly possible. Before work. After work. I made really decent progress tonight despite a trip to the warehouse store, the gas station, and the grocery store!
New grandbaby coming soon! So freaking excited! Can't wait to hold my new little girl! (I keep saying that... but it's true!)
Mom's kitchen is almost done! I will try to post a picture! She is so excited as are the rest of us. Did I forget to tell you about Mom's new kitchen? There was wall ripping out and everything! It's going to be awesome!
That is all...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bloody Hell! It's Cold!!

It's currently 8* here, with a windchill of -12*
When I wake up, it's supposed to be -2*, with a windchill of -15 to -25*.
It's 34* in Anchorage, Alaska right now.
It's 41* in Juneau, Alaska
Heck, it's even warmer at the North Pole! It's 20*!
The highest temperature in the entire US today was 82*, and that was in the desert.
I'd give you more temps (I know you want them), but the site won't load. Ha!
The kids already have a 2 hour delay. We'll see if they actually have school tomorrow. I really, really hope they don't! I really, really wish I didn't have to go out either, but that's not going to happen.
We're supposed to get snow over the weekend, then the temps shoot to 40* on Sunday.
What the heck?
I can't get warm. The dog keeps wanting to go outside and play with sticks. There is a breeze over my legs and hands.
I'm going to my nice warm bed now...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2014 Year in Review...Late

It's only 2 months late... Sorry about that...

I know I usually post this before the new year starts...I'm dealing with a lot of things right now, so that's why it's late...Please forgive me...
Our Elsa! She's a year old now! She's still super cute and super smart. We love her!
Back then:

Actually that was September, and she's so tired, she can't even wake up enough to eat a pizza bone.. (that's what's beside her...) She's not as big as we expected, YET, (she'll grow until she's two) but she is super sweet and smart and she's such a good dog! We love her!

Also in January:

Super cold and A LOT of snow. It was good I was still home all day! I miss that this year! lol

For the Love of Isaac came out! Still super excited about this book and my publisher!

I dealt with some bad customer service, which was infuriating,but eventually turned out well.

Baby B turned 1! I was still looking for a job. We had the plague here. Lots of weather delays.
And this:

Trying to watch the Super Bowl...Snow. More snow. Birthday craziness. More ugly weather. Job interviews. More birthdays. Puppy training. Awesome Author Event and Birthday Tea Party!
Sheltered was released! Yay!

Theater stuff with kids. Helping with the musical. More craziness. Fun times. The decline of the rat. Writing process blog tour. Spaghetti dinner. Cousins. Clothes shopping. Stupid fraudulent job. Edits. Auditions. Getting a night out with That Man. My new Kindle! Vet appointments. A NEW good job! Death - the rat. Very Sad. Edits.

Nick Cage jokes. Loving the new job. That Man becoming everyone's favorite person at my new job by bringing cake and coffee for everyone. Fixed dryer. Grandkids. Easter. Anniversary Party. Retreat on the horizon. Taxes. Sickness. New shoes. Writing. Puppy stuff. Report cards. Pie sale. Easter. Adjusting. Edits. Meadow clean up with the grandkids. Ice Cream. Cursed Fate released!!

Retreat. 50/50 challenge. NYC with my girl! Awesome Broadway show! Ice Cream with the kids. Mother's Day. Retreat Shopping. My brother graduating - kind of... The beginning of the decline of my dad...Though we didn't know it yet... Retreat!! Cursed Fate released! Yay! My Dad failing... falling and needing someone with him..

Surprise Birthday parties. Graduation Party for my bro. My Dad being in too much pain for his procedure. Dad going into the hospital. New kitty boys. Finding out K2 and J are preggers! YAY! No answers for Dad. And then the bad answer... Cancer. Not dealing well with things - trying to make it all fit and be there for everyone. Trying to figure it out...Orthodontist consult for K4. Street Fair. Out of town company. Too much. Bringing Dad home with Hospice.

My Dad passed away. He went fast and in a lot of pain. It was horrible. It still is horrible. It was a rough month after a rough couple of months. (and followed by a whole bunch of rough months) I miss my daddy. A tree fell on our roof on the day of my dad's funeral. How shitty is that? That was awful and continues to be... No new roof yet, though the money is in the bank. It's too cold to put a new roof on now... Much needed Date night with That Man. Summer Survival. Reflections...

Our chimney getting repaired. The end of summer school. Oy! Renn Faire. Our favorite! Blogging award thing... School shopping!  Baby B. K5 getting into arts school! New baby on the horizon! Getting my truck back. Camping. School starting! New routine. Looking forward to Fall!

Getting my truck back, finally! And power steering lines going bad! Oy! That man's car still being stupid and broken! Ugh! We had K5 for her first camping trip with us in The Wilds! She was only supposed to stay one night, but ended up with us the entire weekend! We had an absolute blast!! Hot tub time. Booking our mini vacation at the beach! Writing time! Official baby announcement! Baby B overnight! Having the plague. Lunch with the Big Boss. Dad's birthday. Helping Mom clear out stuff. That Man taking care of stuff. Date Nights. Bridal Shower. OT at work.

Cat time travelers. Crazy dog. Vegan kid. 4 star review. Fall. Awesome mini vacation at the beach! K3 turning 18!! Getting my writing groove back! Missing my Dad.

Wedding! House guest, which was awesome! Family parties. Birthday parties. Hanging out at my sisters. Feeling the new grandbaby move! Cleveland with K3 and That Man. What a blast! New contract with Soul Mate! Thanksgiving awesomeness! Getting a better shift at the day job! Missing Dad, especially with the holiday! K2's birthday and nostalgia. Awesome Thanksgiving Eve hanging out with my sister and bro-in-law. Getting Mom's house ready for Christmas! 50/50 challenge. Baby B and his "pappy" yelling.

Author page. Time going by too fast. Shopping. Getting trees up. Friends in accidents and being okay. Crazy Christmas Wishes! The van breaking down. The 'burban almost catching fire. Great Christmas spent at Mom's. Missing Dad a whole heck of a lot. Good Birthday for K5. Having to work the Friday after Christmas. Suck. New boots! Rest time...

And that was the extent of my 2014 posts...I posted 122 times in 2014, which isn't my lowest year. (2013 - 98) (Highest - 2010 with 380) I'm sucking pretty good this year so far... Maybe I'll get better??


Lame Tuesday...

I know I suck...
So Saturday was a lot of fun! The crowd was small - maybe because it was 400* below zero and there was snow in the forecast. Dinner after was a lot of fun, too. After that we did a quick shopping trip and ran home to hang out with K1 & J. We had a blast.
Sunday was cleaning and getting ready for our day with K5. Only... Due to the weather, they ended up cancelling. The family still came over to hang out though. We made stromboli's, watched SNL, and had a really great time. It was good for Mom to get out of her under construction house for a little while. It was also good to hang out with K2 & J for a while. Baby is coming soon! We're in the homestretch!! I can't wait to meet my new baby girl and find out her name!!!
Now we're into the new week... Doc appointment to find out what's going on with K3's hip, OT at work, writing, new title search (Illusions won't be Illusions soon), writing, concerts, house stuff, and a really really early morning tomorrow. I have to be at the day job before 7am. Which means I have to get up at an unholy hour. Not looking forward to that, but my clothes are laid out and I'm heading off to bed very soon.
I am still working on my year in review... I'm sorry it's so late. It's a hard one to get through...

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Well.. Now it's February...

And I still haven't done the year in review... (still working on it) Or post much of anything... I am trying... There is a lot going on at the moment...

But.. I am writing. As much as I can, as often as I can. Currently doing revisions. Have a really great new story idea that I can't wait to start because it's creepy and awesome and I love it! But I have a bunch of stuff to do before I can get to it...

My new granddaughter will be here soon... another month or so... So excited!! So looking forward to knowing her name! (they won't tell us yet! :/)

That's all...