Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Week?

I swear I have started like four posts! Each were interrupted and then I gave up!

So the weekend was crazy!

Saturday was writing meeting and then a bunch of craziness. Writing meeting was good and I left with the same recharged feeling I used to have after meetings. I really like that and I am so happy to get back to those kind of meetings. Though I did not get to come home and write! Boo!

Sunday I had to work. Nothing more to say about that. Had to run some errands and do some things after. Back home to a houseful. Dinner made. Cleaned up. Grandsons hugs and laughter. To bed way later than I'd hoped.

Since I worked Sunday, this week is screwed up. I am a day ahead of myself and that sucks. Yes. Tomorrow is Thursday and that's great, but I thought today was Thursday. I thought yesterday was Wednesday. We all have the same affliction. Oy. But we did order some amazing subs for lunch. Cheap and super good.

Tonight I had a board meeting with my writing chapter. It went well. We talked about pirates. Ha!

That is all!


Wednesday, September 04, 2019


I got my Jeep back! Yay! It's a hefty bill, but all much needed work. Some had to do with my mud adventures at the Jeep festival (others were just age and rust)... Do I regret it? Not really! I only regret the amount of money it ended up costing. Would I do it again? Nope. Not will full knowledge of what it cost... Ha! (Can I change it? Nope! So there you have it)

It's been a bizarre week so far. I know it's been a short one, but I remain caught up at the day job and I'm even finding time to do quality assurance and train. All while maintaining my workload stats. We're supposed to work a full eight on Sunday - to get caught up - but all of us are caught up. So I don't know what will happen - if we'll work, if we'll work to help sister companies, or what... I'm all in because it's overtime, so whatever. 

Writing happened tonight! Whoot! It's been a few days, so it was much needed. I'm hoping now that some of the craziness has ended that I can get my butt back in gear and actually finish this book. Gah!

Other than that! That Man has to work this weekend. I have my writing meeting and I have to work.

I can't believe we're into September already! Granted, I am glad. I am so ready for fall and for the heat to be done! Though I could use a few more weeks of August, just to get the things done. One of those weeks would just be for sleep!

That is all!


Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Back From the Wilds...For a Day

It was a good weekend camping!

That Man got off early on Friday and took the new camper to camp. Took him about twenty minutes to set us up for the weekend. Poor guy! LOL. I had to work my regular shift, so I did the grocery shopping on my way up.

Saturday was nice. K4 ended up crashing on our couch. We figured out how to hook up our DVD player. Fridge running on LP was also awesome. K1 and J came down. Lots of grandson time and good conversation.

Sunday we awakened to the front of the camper failing. That Man did a temporary fix and has been brainstorming the permanent fix. I think he has it now. It was picnic day. Lots of hang out time. Time with family and friends. And my most adorable great niece.

Woke up Monday to a horrible storm. We were dry, except we both had to go to the bathroom and our bathroom in the camper is out of commission. Worked that out with us both getting wet. Then, K4 called. She was not feeling well at all. Ended up leaving camp to go to the doc with her. She's fine - nothing that a round of antibiotics won't cure. But poor kid. She was in a lot of pain.

That Man got home shortly after we did. Did some laundry. Took a nap. Made an awesome dinner. Talked to my sister. Started the newsletter for the writing group only to realize I didn't have enough information. We were in bed super early.

Up early to carpool to work today. The Jeep and his car were both in the shop. Both for inspection, but the Jeep needed some work (it's been there for almost two weeks now, but our mechanic was trouble-shooting an issue and we knew it was going to take a while). We went to the diner for dinner and then picked up his car. Hopefully the Jeep will be done tomorrow! Finished the newsletter and it's now bedtime.

Tired doesn't even begin to describe how I feel...

That is all!


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

We Made It Back...

We actually got in Sunday... Mid-afternoon...

It was rough. We drove like 36 hours in a 65 hour time span.

The drive out was easy enough. We split it up into about 3 hour shifts, though I took an extra shift since That Man hit a wall. The rental car was okay, but the seats sucked. Definitely another "sitting on concrete" kind of thing.

We made it early Friday morning. Hugs and love and hanging out, then we took the rental car back. Stopped for breakfast/lunch, then back to the house. We were going to take a nap, but got caught up in checking out the camper and doing the legal stuff associated with our purchase. Went to dinner, and then pretty much crashed when we got back, though I did spend some "auntie" time with my aunt. Still in bed by 9pm though. Rough sleeping night due to the ultimate exhaustion - mostly That Man since he was still dealing with a horrible cough.

Got up Saturday, packed our stuff, did camper readying, and hit the road. Later than we'd hoped, but still okay. The drive home was pretty brutal. It was my turn to hit a wall and I hit it pretty quickly. I did drive for a while, but nowhere enough to make it fair. I could not wake up and focus. That Man had bonding time with the camper.

Anyway... It's a little rougher than we thought. The floor at the back is pretty much gone and the roof has several leaks. BUT all of that can be fixed. Overall, it's not bad at all. We have plans and a lot of the work will be done this weekend. Once the structural stuff is done, then we can tweak it to fit our needs. We've been doing stuff to it all week - the LP tank is full, the generator battery is new. We're slowly learning about it, but we're so excited!

We're camping this weekend, so we'll make a plan and start to get the stuff done. I wouldn't be surprised if the roof gets fixed this weekend, and possibly the floor - though I think that might take a bit longer. I'm just excited - this camper opens up a bunch of possibilities for us!


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mid-Week Insanity

Only a half day at the day job tomorrow though! That Man will pick me up, we will pick up our rental car, come home to load up and hit the road. The house/pet sitter is already in place and everything is taken care of for that.

We're super excited. Not just for the camper purchase, but for the road trip together, and to see the midwest family - no matter how quick of a trip it is. We're mostly packed - just waiting on a load of laundry. The stuff has been organized. Other stuff has been taken care of.

We ran to the notary tonight to get the title taken care of for the 'burban so we can donate it to "Vehicles for Veterans". We're happy it's going to a charity like that, but we are both just devastated to have to get rid of it. It's been the best vehicle we have ever had and we have so many special memories with it. Ugh. The brain knows it's the right move, but the heart is not on board - especially after it was washed and looked so good.

Bookstore day was a ton of fun! My signing went really well. I met a lot of readers and other writers. After the signing, I found a corner to write in. Though some creep guy kept standing over my shoulder and I had to give it up. It was authors and readers after the store closed. We had pizza, a scavenger hunt, and so many other things to do. I ended up going home instead of staying over. There was no way my air mattress was going to fit anywhere inside the store, plus, I had been there for about twelve hours - standing on concrete. I was sore and had a killer headache. Next year, I will take a smaller air mattress. It really was fun though and I'm sad I missed the sleepover part!

The mammogram was good. Got the all okay results today.

That is all for now! Laundry is done and it's bedtime.


Friday, August 16, 2019

Feel Good Friday!

For a four day work week, this was a long one!

Next week, I technically only work three days. Full day Monday. Leaving for mammogram/gyne visit Tuesday for a few hours. Full day Wednesday. Half day Thursday and then off Friday. It's going to be a long week though since I'm super looking forward to the end of the week.

We're travelling to Missouri to purchase a camper from my uncle. Yes. We are driving about 2200 miles in 3.5 days. It's fine and good. We were going to fly out, but the camper has sat for a few years and we felt more comfortable having tools and things with us. Plus, holy expensive flights! The drive will be That Man and I - there and back. We are excited to do a road trip just the two of us, and I highly doubt either of us will sleep while the other drives. We're excited to see That Uncle and That Aunt, and we're excited that we negotiated this camper deal with them. We've been talking about this with them for a while now, so this feels like a dream that it's actually happening!

After that we have camp! (With our new old camper! Whoot!)

Tomorrow is Bookstore Romance Day! I am signing at noon and then in for the night for a slumber party! I'm excited! We're "sleeping" over. Though I have a feeling not much sleeping will be done. It's an awesome opportunity and I'm so thankful to have been asked to participate! I only hope I get to sleep a little! I am too old to stay up all night anymore! ha!

The writing has been crap all week. I have spent every single night doing estate stuff and other stuff I can't mention. I didn't make a single blast for my writing chapter.

Oh! We need a list:

1. Sleeping in tomorrow.
2. Bookstore day!
3. Next week!
4. Camping!
5. Not having kids going back to school! First time in like 25-26 years? (we had college last year) Ha! We did school shopping with the grandkids, but it was 1/100th of the scale of what we used to have to do and it was beautiful!
6. The PA part of the estate being done soon. Waiting for one more thing and then... hopefully we're done!

That's all I have! I need to make my list for tomorrow and get some sleep!


Monday, August 12, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up on Monday!

It was a crazy, crazy weekend!

Started out Friday night with K5 and Mr. B. We had a "campout" in the living room. Pizza for dinner, s'mores, strawberry shortcake, The Princess Bride. Air mattresses in the living room. I don't think any of us slept well. The kittens were being crazy. The dog couldn't settle. It wasn't cool enough down here and the downstairs fan died.

But... still... It was fun. It really was.

We did the school shopping thing. Which was fun, but equally as stressful thanks to other people. How many freaking screaming kids can fit into a Mega Mart? Not my screaming grandkids. They were awesome and so well-behaved. (I'm not saying they always are, but they definitely were on Saturday) Both of them were like "that's ridiculous"! We did have a blast. Went to a bbq place for lunch and the woman running the cash register totally hooked us up. It was super cheap and very good. Dropped the kids off and came home and crashed for a while.

Later, we went downtown to hear K4's man's gig at the local wine shop. He did really well. We stayed longer than we planned, but it was really a good time. Got home and did some laundry. In bed later than we'd hoped, but still at a decent time.

Sunday morning, we went to see my sister in the hospital. We will talk about this at another time. We don't really know anything yet and I just can't.

After that... we travelled to MD to see Chris Stapleton in concert. The concert was amazing!! I had some absolute culture shock though. I haven't been to a lot of concerts, but still... How on earth can people afford to get trashed at these concerts? A cheap beer was $11. A good beer was $14-17. We saw people carrying four to six beers. For themselves. I swear we were the only sober people out of at least a thousand people! And the garbage left behind!! Holy crap!

But... Chris Stapleton! Amazing! His voice and is guitar skills. His encore was fantastic!

Our hotel had a shuttle service, which we utilized on our way to the concert (even though we ended up in the cargo area of the van! Ha!). On the way back, however, we chose to walk the mile to the hotel. We beat the shuttle back to the hotel by at least 10 minutes and it was fine. It was an easy, quick walk. We were so tired though. Our section of the hotel did not have an elevator, so it was three flights of stairs each time.

This morning, we went to the main part of the hotel for coffee and took the elevator to travel one floor. That's how done with stairs we were. Ha! Sitting by the lake was really nice and relaxing though. It was good to be off work today.

We stopped at a diner on our way back, took a nap when we got home, then did laundry. I did estate stuff while That Man went to help a friend with some construction.

Tomorrow is back to the real world. I'm not ready and I don't want to... But I must. The next two weeks are super crazy here.