Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Survival: Year Six: Entry Two

The natives are restless...
It has been a weird season at our camp. We have yet to break off and do many fun things just us beyond hanging with the family, relax just us, or be spontaneous. We do have plans, but nothing concrete yet...
The natives know we are in transition, but the stress in our camp is outrageous. The natives are at each other like crazy! Neither can say anything without the other taking offense. Both complain endlessly. I am confused and weary of all of the complaining and whining. Earlier this evening, I said our camp felt like it was full of dynamite and would explode at any time. That Man agreed, but the natives just offered to light the fuse. 
One native is still working on summer school and is stressed beyond reason. The other native is bored out of her head. The clock is ticking for school to start and while one native is excited and ready to do school shopping, the other has yet to have a break and does not even want to discuss...
We are a quandary camp.... 
We have ten days of the summer school camp to get through. I hope we will live. And that my house doesn't get blown up. Oy! 
Tonight was insane. We had the grand-native and he was so cute and funny, but crazy wound up. The natives here were like bee stings to each other and us - complaining, judging, making remarks and complaining about things we have already discussed and decided on. I am weary. So very weary. 
I am hopeful the next few weeks ease up and we get some stress removal here before the educational camp begins...The bottom line is that all natives, including the senior ones, need the beach! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Feel Good Friday (Shh... I know it's Saturday)... The Date Night Edition

So That Man and I went on a date last night...
It was funny how it happened. On my way to the day job on Wednesday, I was thinking about how much I missed him and how little time we'd been able to spend together lately... wondering when the last time we did anything "just us". I was going to call him when I parked at work to ask him if he wanted to go out just the two of us Friday night, but ran out of time. He texted me an hour later to say the same thing I'd been thinking and ask if I wanted to go out with him Friday night. (of course, I said yes...)
We talked while I was on lunch, trying to decide what to do... where to go. By Thursday, he had a plan and he wasn't telling me... Just that I needed to come straight home and be ready to go the second I pulled in. He said he had everything covered.
I, of course, had to work a little later than normal. I rushed out and ended up behind him after he made an emergency grocery store run. Apparently, the K's went through all of the food we'd just bought. They were *ahem* starving. I pulled in. We unloaded the groceries and uploaded the things That Man purchased for our evening into my car. After making sure the kids were good, we left and hot-footed it to our destination. I had no idea where we were going. That Man said I would figure it out, but I never did. I knew we were going to a winery, but had no idea where.
I was pleasantly surprised. We went to a small, but awesome, local winery - voted 6th in our state, though they haven't been open very long. He had to call on our way because they were ready to close, but he'd talked to the owner and he told him to just come on over.
By all means, they were closed when we got there, though the "open" sign was still lit. We were welcomed with open arms, tasted wine, talked to the owners wife for a long time, bought wine and cool glasses, then went on their deck to drink some wine. We felt a little awkward because they were closed and it was late, but that didn't last long. We were joined on the deck by one of the owners and we laughed and talked and I drank the rest of the wine in our bottle. (No worries, we bought two more! Ha!)
On our way home, we ate the dinner That Man had gotten us (we felt weird eating there because the one owner told us she hadn't eaten yet...). So good. Stopped for gas, ate some chocolate, then went home.
It was a really good night. That Man is awesome.
When we got home we hung with the K's, did some laundry... I drank more wine. Though I will say, I was completely fine. I drank slow, with plenty of water, and I don't think the wine had a high alcohol content, because otherwise I would be on the floor. And I wasn't at all... Even a little.
I slept in a whole lot this morning, which was awesome. We cleaned the house, did laundry (all caught up), cut grass, and waited for the insurance adjuster. (Did I tell you that the day of Dad's funeral a big hunk of our tree broke off and landed on our house and did a crap-ton of damage? Oy!! (more on that later). By the time we left the house to come to Mom's for dinner, the house was awesomely clean - still is and it smells good in here.
We had lasagna thanks to our awesome friends. That Man's mom came over to hang with us. K4 stayed home for dinner because she wasn't feeling well. K3 drove his g'ma over and then home.
It's been a good few days.
Tomorrow I write again. I've been working up to it all week. I want to. I need to. It's just still been chaos...
I'm coming back. I swear.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Survival: Year Six, Entry One

Summer is now half over...
The day the natives return to the educational camp is marked on the board in red. And it's not that far away. One of the natives has yet to have any enjoyment of his vacation due to finishing his work from the previous camp, and heading straight into summer school camp. He is working hard and hopefully will get a little bit of time away from school before he must go back. The other native is excited to start her new adventure at her new school. She'll be a theater major and can't decide which electives interest her yet. 
The major outlay of shells and beads for proper attire needs to happen, but not before we have some fun... Whatever we decide to do... 
Camp is so different this season. Obviously. The loss of the family patriarch has been rough and hard and we're still dealing. We've come together as a family unit though, and the result, while tough, has been good. We all enjoy spending time with each other and we actually enjoy staying with Mom and making sure she's okay. 
The youngest native and I are here with Mom tonight. We're all on our electronic devices - catching up, playing games, checking stuff, but we're together. Watching old television shows and laughing at them. It's late and I have to go to the day camp tomorrow, but I'm so far behind on everything...
The baby native was here with us earlier. We watched him while his momma went to another camp to do some stuff. He's so busy. I'm so so tired. 
There are natives in another country at the moment. K2 and J are on a mission trip to Guatemala. We miss them. We worry for them. They'll be back next week and I cannot wait. 
This journal used to be a lot more amusing...
Sorry about that...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm Coming Back...

My Dad passed away last Monday.
I'm still trying to adjust.
We had a very awesome weekend with my siblings and being home at the 'rents house. We had a lot of very good times, a lot of tears, a lot of food and beer, and a lot of making Dad laugh.
I will always remember that weekend as one of the best. I would never change it for any other weekend or memory. Even though we all knew Dad was dying, we were all there together - talking, laughing, playing music, telling stories, supporting Mom and each other. It really was an epic weekend.
I miss my dad. I always will. But I am so very grateful for the time we had together. I'm so glad I got to tell him how much I love him and that I could be with him every second in his final days.
Missing my dad sucks! I want him here. I miss him so much.
I will be back... I'm still trying to process and get my crap together... I appreciate your understanding through this horribly tough time...

Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Way It Is...

The siblings who can take shifts staying overnight at the 'rents. The spouses stay when they can. It's not ideal, but it's working for now. We can't leave Mom alone. We can't leave Dad.
He's restless and on heavy pain meds. Every day it's something different with the meds. And the pain.
I'm here tonight. That Man is here too, but has gone to bed because he works much earlier than I do and I had to give the pain med dose at almost 11. He will be up and checking things before he heads to work. My sister will be here before I leave for work. I can't remember who is on shift tomorrow night. Frankly, every day is running together right now. Wait. I think it's my brother since Friday is the 4th. We're having a cookout here and when I told Dad what we were doing he was happy and looking forward to it.
Tonight we rearranged the living room where Dad is so Mom's chair is right beside him. I also did some work in her kitchen to make it easier for all of us to cook and clean up while here. All of us kids (and our spouses) are very cooking oriented and the kitchen is kind of small. Space was needed. She was scared of my plan and told That Man and K2 that I was hiding all of her stuff. (ha! She cracks me up!) It looks good though! She helped and we talked and it was good.
Dad had a hair cut tonight. One of That Man's good friends is a barber and he came after hours to cut Dad's hair. It went well, though it took a while because he was "this" side of being a wholly mammoth. (ha!) He was sore afterwards, but pleased with the results. K2 and J stopped by. That was good. K2 was silly and made Dad laugh a lot.
We finally (I think) made him comfortable, but I'm waiting a few minutes before I try to go to sleep. I'll be sleeping in the living room with him, just in case. There is so much noise in this house I would never hear him call me. There are air conditioners, fans, fans, fans.... And it's freaking hot outside... Geeze!!
Tomorrow is everyone's Friday though. That's a good thing. A very good thing.
One day at a time...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

So... Again... In Case You Didn't Know..

Cancer SUCKS!!!
My dad is dying from it!
This has all happened so fast! Dad is home with Hospice care now. It's in his brain, bones, liver... The doctors haven't given him a lot of time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still Processing....

Every day it's something different....
Dad has had some stomach issues - not sure if it's the same bug that has seem to hit most of the family, or something else, but he's feeling better now.
There's been a few episodes of AFib - where his heart stops for a few seconds and then starts again. We think that's been going on for a little while and is only noticed now because his heart is being monitored. New meds have been ordered. He may have a pacemaker in his future.
He had a bone scan today. The results were that he has some lesions in a few spots. I did some research and while it could be related to his spinal stenosis that he's had, it could be other things too. We were told that they just don't know for sure, but our follow up is with the oncologist. He has blood work in the morning. Then he moves to a rehab facility for strengthening.
All I know is that my siblings and I are pissed. We want answers. We don't want to have to wait another two weeks for them. It's ridiculous that we're on this information finding quest when it's quite clear that the doctor's already know. Just freaking tell us already! And way to make the consult appointment on the most inconvenient day. No one can take off on July 3rd at this point unless they have seniority! Way to screw 90% of the family!! (yes, I'm angry... for many reasons!)
It's been another long week. And it's only Wednesday.
And I still have to do what I have to do...
Yesterday K4 had an orthodontist consult. She needs braces and oral surgery. We have another appointment in a month to do xrays, scans, and write another huge check...blah blah blah. And then the next month we hear the treatment plan and how much it will cost. Whatever. We'll do whatever we have to do for her. But oy!
I'm trying really hard to write. I have less than two weeks to turn this book in and I'm close, but not close enough. I have been working as much as I can, but my "as much as I can" is not good enough in my mind. I will be putting the hammer down over the next few days, because I will meet this deadline!
Our kitty boys are getting big! Not too much bigger, but they're putting on weight, which is good. And they now have free reign over the downstairs while we're in bed now. Noisy! They love the stairs! Elsa is so good with them. She loves them and they don't want to play with her yet.
Elsa got herself in trouble by leaving the yard today. Note - the reason she left the yard is because no one was watching her! Some people forget she is still a puppy and not Abbie. We've taken care of that knowledge, but Elsa is walking around here full of guilt. How weird is that? I wasn't even home when it happened and she's still sucking up to me...
And tomorrow is our town's huge street fair. I have to leave when it's just getting started and will be home during the thick of traffic... OY! I hate it! Next year I will take off to be here just so I don't have to leave! But suck! What a pain!
At this time last year, we were saying goodbye to That Man's brother and family. We'd had a successful and awesome bridal shower for K2 and were gearing up for the wedding.
This year sucks so far. Though we are looking forward to some things...
Everything is just up in the air...