Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Woah! It's Tuesday!


I had started a post on Saturday, and then realized I had nothing new to say. Ha!

We did the weekend - it was pretty good. That Man and I did some running around on Saturday. We cooked on the grill. Blah, blah, blah.

Sunday was quiet at first - did some writing, laid in my bed after not getting to sleep until 3am. Then we went to my sister's for a little while. Ate some pizza. Hung out with the family. Came home and did some laundry, caught up on emails, listened to Mr. B's WWE rantings and videoed him and sent it to my niece. Hysterical. He has to "talk to her" about WWE and John Cena. The kid has never ever watched WWE.

Monday was brain-draining at the day job. Of course. I came home and made a turkey dinner. How weird is that? The turkey was ready to cook. We had taken it out of the rapidly defrosting freezer (before we realized Mr. B had turned the freezer down to zero. Ha!). I threw it in the roaster, so it was ready by the time I got home. Made some cream cheese mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and everyone was happy. We have a crapton of leftovers.

Today was the same at the day job. The kids cooked dinner, so that was amazingly awesome. I wrote a bunch of words and critiqued a bunch of words for a friend.

Now I'm done...

Friday, January 19, 2018

Feel Good Friday...

The I'm too stuffed to move edition...

1. That Man and I grabbed K4 after work and went out to eat at a new-ish place not far from That Man's day job. He's been raving about this place for weeks - sending me pictures of his awesome lunches and bragging about the whole thing. So we decided to check it out as a family. 

The service was a little slow, but she was sweet and awesome. Not too busy at all. We had awesome loaded fries and then... the food. Amazing. It was one of those deals where you're full, but you just can't stop eating because it's so damned good. Yeah. It was like that. I had a french dip sandwich with onions and mushrooms. So freaking good. I never even touched my hand cut and amazing fries. I ate 99.8% of my sandwich. That Man got an Italian boli, which I had a bite of an almost died from how good it was. K4 got a burger with bacon, tons of cheese, and an egg on top. She actually got a box for half of it, but that half a sandwich died about two blocks after we left the place and she was left with the empty box. We'll definitely go back. Next time I'm not going to eat the entire day before.

2. It's Friday, bitches! What a super long week at the day job. I broke my own record today in the amount of work I got done - which is awesome, but the reason that happened was because I had a ton of easy stuff to do, so whatever. I don't think I talked to anyone I work with at all today until after work - except for the usual pleasantries when you pass each other or whatever. I had headphones in and was focused on the work. That's how it usually is for me, but today was a little different for some reason. And I have about ten phone calls to return on Monday....

3. The week, while long, ended up being pretty decent. I got a lot of critiquing done and a little writing, kept up on the laundry and kitchen cleaning. I did the adulting thing and paid the stupid bills when we got home tonight. I also sorted through a stack of crap that I had stuck in a drawer - you know, that stuff that you need to look at, but just not at that moment. It's all shredded or tossed now - the only things that survived were the things I had no choice but to keep. I have a zero-ish mail policy now. I keep nothing unless I have no choice.

4. Plans to sleep in tomorrow. Yay!

5. Hanging with That Man tomorrow. We have a bunch of running around to do, but we'll be together so it doesn't matter what we do.

6. Managing to actually find K5 her unicorn slippers. After a first failed attempt and return, between her mom and I, we found a pair that worked and she's happy. Who knew unicorn slippers were going to be so hard to find? It's ridiculous! Her mom and I have both been looking since Thanksgiving!

That's all I have for now...


Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Second Sentence Anthology

So our project anthology - the second one, aptly named "The Second Sentence Anthology" is available for preorder now. This one will cost you $2.99.

The First Sentence Anthology is still available at the low price of ninety-nine cents. You can find it on Amazon and all major retailers.

Why are you guys charging for these stories now, you ask? Well, all of the proceeds from the books will be donated to "Women Helping Women" (Mary's Shelter) for this year. Next year, we may pick a different charity, but the Women Helping Women cause is something all of us feel very strongly about. It's an awesome cause and if we can help them out, then why not? We started off doing these stories for fun, but then realized that we could actually do something awesome with them.

It's a lot of fun to write these stories and it's an honor to be in an anthology with these amazing authors. It's also exciting to know that we'll be donating any money earned to a great cause. And we'll have a third one out later on this year.

I hope you feel inclined to check it out. My story is a love story set in a zombie horde. Ha!


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


The snow is very pretty, but it'll be gone by this weekend...

K4 didn't have school today. That Man and I had work delays. My work was supposed to be delayed two hours, but I was there an hour before then. The roads were fine. I got gas, stopped for coffee where my niece works, and headed in. Now I only have an hour to make up, which is good considering there are only two days left in this week.

The worst part of today was finding our that our niece's husband passed away. This is That Brother's oldest daughter, who lives in Oklahoma. She's a tiny bit younger than K2. Her husband had a massive heart attack over the weekend and was gone for about 10 minutes on the way to the hospital. They brought him back and then put him into a coma. Over the last few days, they started bringing him out of it, but found little to no brain activity. She had to make the decision to stop treatment. She's 32 weeks pregnant with their fourth child. He was 34. We received a horribly sad picture of him with his hand on her pregnant belly right before he passed. God. What awfulness. My heart is breaking.

On that sad note...


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Snowing!


We're supposed to get up to 5"! We probably have close to 3" now. I was talking to K5's mom earlier and they don't have a thing yet (flurries now). K5 is a bit jealous of our snow. It's weird because they don't live that far away.

K4's school dismissed early and she already has a delay for tomorrow. We'll see what my work does. They don't generally close, but sometimes we get a delay, depending. It was slippery as heck on my way home. I struggled to get up a hill, and then slid down another one - ending up on the berm of the road turned a little funky. No harm done and I popped it into four-wheel drive so I could continue on. I was driving K4's car today, which is a little beast. I wish I would have driven the Jeep, mostly for kicks and giggles, but we drive K4's so we don't freeze to death. Ha!

Today is the four year anniversary of Elsa's adoption!

Look at how little she was when we brought her home!!

Here she is now:
This picture was taken last summer, but she's pretty much the same size. She's not as big as we expected her to get, but she's still a heifer. Ha! She's a good dog - a little crazy at times, a little bad at times, but on the whole, she's a sweetheart and I can't imagine life without her. She "mostly" gets along with the cats, though sometimes she feels it necessary to chase and chastise them.

I think that's all I have for now... I'm a half-hour passed my designated writing time, so I must get to it...


Sunday, January 14, 2018


It's cold. Damn cold. I wouldn't mind the cold if we had some snow to go along with it! But whatever. Only a million and a half days until Spring, right?

We had a little birthday party for Mr. B yesterday. He's a crack up. Lot's of wrestling with Grand Uncle, which they both love, and despite the fact that he wanted nothing to do with the chili we made, he had a great day. He received some awesome presents and was busy the rest of the evening playing with, looking at, and talking about how great everything is. He decided the Harry Potter shirt his Auntie K got him was his new favorite and wore it the rest of the night and into bed.

Once everyone left, we cleaned up and pretty much crashed. I was in bed at a stupid early time for a Saturday night, but I was beat after the day of running around, cooking, and cleaning (though I did have a lot of help with all of it). K4 wasn't feeling good at all. Managed to get some food into her and spent some time talking with her.

Slept in this morning, which was awesome. Ran to see That Mom and hit the store for dog food. Back home to do laundry and nap. The nap was amazing.

Did 2/3 of the critiquing I need to do. I'll do the other one tomorrow and then it's back to my own writing. Yay!

Tomorrow is Monday! Boo!

That is all!


Friday, January 12, 2018

Feel Good Friday!

The new hotness is in the house! Whooo!

Oh this wonderful huge screen and the keyboard has a fantastic touch! I had no idea it was coming today! (no shipping update! Dammit, but nice surprise, too)

It took like an hour to set up and I have all of my stuff exactly as I left it thanks to Microsoft and Google Chrome! Nice!

So here are the feel goods...

1. Friday! What a long-assed week at the day job. So freaking busy. We were standing outside of work after hours and our supervisor looked up and said "You all look like crap", to which we advised her that she also looked like crap. She meant it in the "you are all overwhelmed and it shows kind of way" (and we did too), but it's a testament to the kind of week we had. We have a fantastic team though and we made it through the week because of that. Oh, and I got a raise! Whoot!

2. No cooking! Though ordering food was a chore. Our favorite pizza place's website was down. I tried three different computers and my phone and there was nothing for it. We had to order and then K4 went and picked up the food. But still...

3. Talking to my uncle yesterday. It was his birthday and we had a great conversation about computers, weather, and everything else.

4. The weather. It's like 60* out there right now. It's only going to last for about another 18 hours though... Then it's going to get super cold again. Boo, but it is winter.

5. Getting to see the family tomorrow.

6. Ooh. This keyboard makes a clicky sound. Nice!

7. Driving my Jeep today after a long spell of not driving it. It's been too cold. It was awesome to drive it today!

That's all I've got at the moment. It's bedtime soon. I have the same headache I've had since this morning (sinus), and I'm ready to crash. That Man thought it was Saturday this morning. That made for a super rough and late morning for all of us. Yikes.