Monday, April 21, 2014

Cursed Fate Cover Reveal

Here it is! Coming from Liquid Silver on May 26!
The blurb:
When artist and occasional witch Taylor Reed finds her ex-husband murdered in her kitchen, she denies what she really saw. Fearing the ominous presence will make her its next victim, she runs—right into Ben Jones.
Ben is a retired demon hunter, and though he’s left his former life behind, he’s compelled to help Taylor find answers and stop the demon hunting her. That’s not all he’s compelled to do…
A family curse, a binding ritual neither knew they were part of, and a demon who can’t be stopped unless Taylor and Ben resist their feelings—Cursed Fate is a journey of survival, and proof true love really can conquer all.
I'm so excited!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun...

We had a really great day!
Hung out at my sister's with the family and a bunch of dogs! The dogs were hysterical and played themselves out! Elsa is completely sacked on the couch. She hasn't moved since we got home.
We had our first Easter egg hunt in probably ten years with Baby B, my great niece, and my niece's boyfriend's little sister. The teenagers hid the eggs, which was hysterical! Baby B was all about running and making his turkey noises and didn't care about the eggs. Too funny!
We had a ton of great food...except for my gluten free, vegan, dairy free potato casserole. Yuck! (I made a regular version that was actually good!) I didn't realize vegan ricotta cheese is sweet! It was not good!
It was a good day! We need more days like it! I got to see all of my kids, both of my sisters, but not my brother (he was under a pile of homework). But my sister-in-law and nieces were there, and my niece's boyfriend, and my nephew and his fiancee, and my parents, and new friends. My niece's boyfriend's parents also came and it's always fun to see them.
K3 stayed. The teenagers are camping in the backyard. K3 doesn't have school tomorrow. K4 does.
On the way home, K5 called. She's hysterical and we had an interesting conversation about dog's dancing.
I hope you had a good day too!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Hey... Feel Good Friday on Friday! How rare is that? Ha!
Here's the list...
1. Friday. Yeah. If you've been keeping up, you understand!
2. No cooking tonight... Everyone was on their own for dinner. Plenty of leftovers and other stuff to make... Come to think of it... I never did eat anything for dinner.
3. Pizza for lunch! Though by the time I got to eat, it was cold, but it was still good.
4. Doughnuts for breakfast! I got way too many and brought almost a dozen home, but they were appreciated.
5. Feeling like I have a handle on things. I know this feeling won't last, but for now I will take it!
6. Having not much to do tomorrow... besides laundry, some cleaning, shopping, cooking... Oh and sleeping in!
7. Sunday's plans. Looking forward to my grandson's first Easter egg hunt, the food, and hanging out with my awesome family.
8. This week - even though it's been long, it's been good.
9. Flamingos! I will post pictures then, but Kris' school had a fundraiser to "flock" yards. We did three yards and they all have happened. Two very good friends, and our parents. It was fantastic!
10. Dr. Who marathon tonight! We're still at the very beginning, but it is renewing my love. That's a very good thing!
That is all. I think the Dr. Who watching will commence from the comfort of my bed...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is It Friday Yet?

This has been a really long week!! I think I said that on Tuesday and nothing has changed. Late nights of running errands and wrangling pies and kid homework and all of that stuff. I'm totally burned out.
The upside is that my final line edits are done and turned in as of last night. Yay! And I have a handle on the story I'm writing for Halloween. And I also know what I'm writing next!
The other upside is my kid's great report card! She really turned things around! Yay!
The pie sale was a nightmare! My helpers did a really good job, but some pies got mixed up due to having to move them twice. Money is a wreck, scout accounts need to be re-figured, I have 4 extra pies needing homes in my freezer... I'm so done with it. I hate pie more now than I did on Wednesday.
One more day to work and I don't have to deal with teenagers in the morning since they're off! I also don't have to take lunch tomorrow, which is cool. Our sales rep has bought pizza for tomorrow. I'm also taking the guys in the store doughnuts in the morning to thank them for putting up with me and answering my million questions. They don't know I'm bringing them yet. It's been good to work in the store. They're good guys with a lot of knowledge and a twisted sense of humor and I've gotten a good handle on a lot of product and procedures, and have learned a lot of stuff, but it's been so slow the past week. I still have not heard a bad word about the company, which, after three weeks, is a very good thing. Monday I go back to corporate and my desk. I am looking forward to it.
Retreat is in 27 days! I have a lot to do for it, but this is the fun stuff! I so need this retreat!
But I need to sleep now... For like a week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Tuesday?

Sorry, but this week has already been so very long. Seriously.
I am beyond tired. And my toe(s) still hurt, though not as bad as they did even this morning. I have a big bruise, and another bruise forming, but I'm not sure I have any kind of a break now. At least I don't think.
Today is tax day. I mailed my returns (the ones I owed on. The other was done electronically last week) on Saturday. I hate writing that check and I hope this is the last year I have to do it. Damn.
Today is also my parent's 53 wedding anniversary. How cool is that? Five kids and fifty-three years and they still love and like each other? Awesome stuff!
I'm currently working on my final line edits for Cursed Fate. I'm about 90% done, which means the easy stuff is done and I only need to go back and hit the stuff I have to think about. I'll share my cover as soon as I get it, but it should be out around the end of May.
We have around 235 pies coming in for scouts tomorrow. I screwed this thing up big this time because I added wrong and ended up ordering 30 extra chocolate whipped cream pies. Oy! Luckily, all but 5 or 6 are now taken, but man, I feel like a jerk! It's been chaos organizing the extras and I'm stressing because I won't be there to do the sorting and counting tomorrow. I have two really great volunteers helping until That Man and I can get there, but still...
I need to go to bed...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Craziness...

Yeah, so, it's my birthday. I was trying to keep everything on the down low. I'm not particularly fond of being the center of attention, but That Man and K2 had other plans.
I go into work this morning and was greeted by a huge good morning from the receptionist. She's always very pleasant so I didn't think anything of it. As I started walking to my desk, my boss comes running out and tells me in a kind of stern voice that she needs to see me immediately. I'm thinking - "Oh crap. I'm going to get fired on my birthday" I start walking towards the conference room, but she leads me into our break room instead, where there are balloons, a cake, and fabulous Dunkin Donuts coffee. I look at her and she said "Surprise, your husband and daughter set this up." I'm stunned and almost cry, but don't. Instead I call them jerks (in the loving-est of ways). And then I laugh because one of the balloons is this huge cow. It's hysterical and I knew right away that K2 had picked it. They got up early to gather everything and drop it off before I got there. How awesome is that? My boss tells me to get my cake now, because That Man brought the cake and coffee for everyone and she wanted to make sure I got mine before she sent an email telling everyone about the cake / coffee.
I do that, log in, and head across the street to the store to start my last week of store training. To sum up, it was a good day. I meet more of my coworkers because they went out of their way to come up to me to say Happy Birthday. That was very cool. I had work emails from so many people, including the bosses, which was also cool! (All of this makes me love my job even more!)
K1 and K2 ended up in a lengthy Facebook conversation on my wall. It included a ton of Nic Cage meme's, which had me laughing hysterically even though I had over 110 emails in my inbox as a result. I had a lot of nice messages, too.
That Man made grilled garlic chicken, potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. I didn't have to cook, clean up, or even thing about dinner, laundry, or much else. We did watch Baby B for a little while, which was very good. I missed him and he's so funny. And he loves his Nanners and Pappy! He wanted my cow balloon! (Shush! I'll get him an Easter balloon!)
The only downsides were K4 not feeling well :( and me (I think) breaking at least one toe, maybe two. I was heading upstairs to change into my comfy pants and when I went over the baby gate, I cracked my toes on the steps. Hard. They hurt. Really, really bad - like I can't put weight on them bad. (and no, I had not had one single adult libation!) Which totally sucks, because my feet actually felt good today and now I have to deal with the pain again.
Oh and my awesome parents got me gnomes for my birthday! I love it! They're very cute. I will take a picture of them soon!
So that was my birthday. Awesome! But I didn't get any older. Just so you know...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

So apparently I didn't end up with any kind of sinus infection... at least not that I can tell at this moment. I'm still fighting this crud, but it's not as bad as it was on Friday.
This weekend has been crazy! But way too much fun...
Saturday - K4 and I went on a run for shorts and bras, then did the grocery shopping. (That Man and I went to the store again later) When we got home we helped with the yard work. She did homework, then we all went to K2 and J's house for dinner. We had a blast! We ate tacos, talked, laughed, and played a really fun game that had us all laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. It was very good.
Today - That Man and I dropped the van off at our mechanics because it sucks and won't stay running. Damn. We stopped at a friend's house to pick up a computer he generously offered us. That's a lifesaver. Now I don't have to give up mine for homework and can finally get some writing done. We came home and finished cleaning up, sent K3 and K4 to get gas and to the store (again... really?). Then, the family came over for a cookout and to celebrate our parents anniversary. Their anniversary is really on Tuesday, but this was the perfect day to get together. The weather was beautiful. We grilled, talked, laughed, and my puppy got to play with my niece's puppy. They wore each other out, which is a very good thing. Elsa is so tired and snoring on the floor. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. We definitely need to do this more often!
Oh wait... we will. Next weekend at Easter.
I did a little writing. Not enough to catch up with myself, but some. My feet are still hurting and I have to be on them again all day tomorrow. I still have laundry to do and I still have teenagers in my house. But I need to go to sleep, because that sleep thing... It didn't happen too much this weekend. Ha!