Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wednesday Again...

So... the recap of the week...

1. I had a birthday. My kids were all home. They made dinner and cake, sang to me, and put skewers i my cake. It was a lot of fun!
2. My family threw me a surprise party over the weekend. It was also a lot of fun!!
3. Editing progress.
4. 21 Days until Retreat! Our t-shirts are done!
5. Having the top down in my Jeep!
6. Taxes were done and sent on Saturday. Hateful. Just hateful.
Back to six again...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nearly Half Way Through the Month...

And about 27 days until RETREAT!!

What's going on right now?

1. Tomorrow is my birthday. Ugh.
2. Changes at the day job. Nothing in my position, but overall, a change. We'll see what happens.
3. Editing. Making great progress!
4. The kids straightening up the house. And then singing... It was a good night.
5. Having a great time hanging out with the bff's last night! It's been forever, and that means, literally, almost a year or more since we've had any time to hang out. It was good and not long enough!
6. Retreat coming up soon! So excited!

Okay... So that's six...On a Wednesday... Not too bad...


Friday, April 01, 2016

Feel Good Friday!

Hey! I did it! This is not an April Fool Joke!
Here's what is good about this week...
1. It's Friday!! Yay!
2. My house being clean! Kudos to That Man for being awesome and dealing with the bulk of it, including the cat peeing on the floor and the dog getting into the trash while he cleaned up the pee. Long story, but it's done...
3. Finishing my short story! Yay me!
4. Starting edits on a book I hope to get out the door soon.
5. Living through the work week. It was a little brutal and pretty grim at time, but there was survival!
6. Writing meeting tomorrow!
7. The weather today! Beautiful! I know it's going to get cold again and I hate that, but for now, I'm good!
8. Watching "Friends" with That Man... Brings back memories and hysterical laughter! (Yes, I'm editing, too, or I will be as soon as I'm done here...)
9. An adult beverage at the end of a long week. Yes.
10. Sleeping in a little tomorrow! Also, Yes!
That is all for now!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

End of the Month...

So this is only the second time I've posted this month! What the heck is up with that?
Just craziness... That's all...
March flew by so freaking fast! And tomorrow is April 1st... have no idea what kind of pranks will happen... I know some ideas and I only hope they don't come to fruition - some are hysterical and some are kind of on the mean side considering the week we've had at the day job. We'll see...
So today was my 2 year anniversary at the day job.
I don't think I told you that I got a promotion. That thing I interviewed for a month or so ago. I've been doing it for a few weeks now. I'm now in a position where I take care of the top tier customers and provide them with most excellent service. I'm digging it. It's super busy and I like that. I'm no longer on regular phone calls, and I really like that!
I finished my short story! That's super awesome! Excited about the short, and excited about finally meeting a writing group goal! I think I did meet one so far this year and I had not meeting them! And I'm excited about my edits!
What's coming up?
Retreat! 40 days! Tshirts are ordered! Whoot!
Selling the 'rents house... I hope... It'll be going up on the market very soon.
Camping and a special mother's day/mom's birthday tribute. We're coming up on a year since Mom passed. I thought it would get easier, but so far, no. I find myself missing her, and dad, more and more. I understand this is a symptom of the time of year and times we're passing, but it's not easy.
Getting our house back into shape. We still have much work to do, but hopefully we can get our stuff in order soon. We've spent so much time clearing out the 'rents...
Our 30th wedding anniversary. We want to do something special. Have a few ideas, but not sure what's going to fly...
I'm broken now... Long week so far. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with Feel Good Friday...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I know. I Suck.

So almost a month is a good try, right? Ha ha...
Things have been nuts here - more than usual and I'm spinning in massive exhaustion and deliriousness. No, I'm not going into all of it...
Instead, I'll leave you with this shark picture.
K4 caught this while we were on a boat at the beach.
Isn't he cute?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Feel Good Friday...Again!

Apparently, no matter how hard I try, Friday is the only day I post! I hope to get better at this, but no promises... Ha!
Okay.. So the week...
1. Awesome book-signing! Didn't get a lot of action with folks interested in my work, but got to see a friend I haven't seen since high school (awesome) and our very good friends that we haven't seen in ages (and we love them). Those kids came with that grandson. It was awesome!
2. Dinner with most of the sibs after. We had a blast and good food! We needed that!
3. Getting stuff done at the 'rents. We have an overall plan and a heck of a lot of work to do!
4. Productive family meetings.
5. Seeing Baby C and her kisses!
6. Leaving early and delays at the day job due to weather.
7. Writing a little. Not a lot, but a little.
8. Seeing Baby B twice this week. He's so funny and fantastic!
9. Feeling my mojo slipping in... I think I'm going to be back in the writing game soon - like I was two years ago... It's been a long time. I never expected to be waylaid like this... I would prefer not to have been.
10. Working at the 'rents this weekend. With my sibs. Which is good for the grief. And the grief has been hardcore this week. I'm so grateful to have my family and friends. And grateful for our conversations...
That is all...
One day, I hope, I will be funny again. One day, I hope, to have relevant writing posts. One day, I hope, to stop whining so much about missing my parents. One day, I hope, to make you want to come back here to see what I've written... I hope...

Friday, February 12, 2016

Feel Good Friday!

Again! It's been a week! I guess once a week is better than nothing!
This week... Oy!
The list in no particular order:
1. Losing a tooth! Yikes! It had been feeling weird for a few weeks, but Saturday, as I bit into an awesome hamburger, something happened. It cracked so loud everyone at the table heard it! So much for a fun family lunch! It hurt and continued to hurt with hot, cold, and air... Obviously not good and the rest of the weekend was Hell for eating. I called the dentist and left a message. They called me back first thing Monday morning with an appointment time that meant I went into work and then went back to work with a mouth full of painkillers and cotton.
Long story short, as much as my dentist tried to save the tooth, there was nothing for it. After an excruciating two hours in the chair, I left with a hole in my mouth and a whole lot of pain. I missed work Tuesday because of it and it took until today before I started feeling better... Still tender and sore, but no longer feeling like I was kicked in the face by a large dude wearing huge boots.
2. Having an awesome day job that understood. I, obviously, get an attendance point for not going on Tuesday, but everyone was concerned and wanted to make sure I felt okay.
3. Managing to cover my writing group blast on Wednesday and even actually writing.
4. Seeing my grandson and hanging out with those grownup kids.
5.  Superbowl Sunday. We don't watch football and we don't have "teams", but we vowed to watch. I made awesome food I couldn't eat. And we watched and discussed the game and how it works. It was fun.
6. Still writing. Making progress even though it's been slow this week.
7. Tomorrow is the annual book signing at a nearby greenhouse! I'm so looking forward to it!! But I do get to sleep in a little tomorrow, which is also awesome! And plans to have dinner with the sibs after my signing!
8. The K's still at home are gone to see "Deadpool", which means That Man and I are home alone in the blessed quiet.
9. That Man made an awesome dinner tonight. And I didn't have to. I often don't have to. He is amazing and takes care of so much stuff around here that it sometimes leaves me feeling guilty.
10. Dear God, it's Friday! Thank you for delivering me from this week of pure Hell. Thank you for the weekend, which I am seriously looking forward to!
Ha! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow at the book signing!