Friday, February 21, 2020

Feel Good Friday!

Yay for Friday! I am happy to see you, Friday!

Let's get to the list already!

1. One of That Man's oldest friends stopping by work yesterday! It was a spur of the moment thing, but it was good to see him. We were late for where we were supposed to be, but that's okay. We haven't seen him for a super, super long time, though That Man and him text all the time.

2. After dealing with the stabby headache for most of the week, it is finally gone. Though there is still remarkable sinus pressure going on.

3. Our poor Mr. B getting better from the flu. Poor boy was a mess most of the week.

4. Getting to see a good friend tonight. She's had an even rougher week than probably a whole bunch of people. We took her and her dad dinner and got to talk for a bit. She's a sweet person. Her dad's been dealing with some health issues and just when she thought things were getting better, he fell and broke stuff in his foot. We've been there and done that, too, so we wanted to help.

5. Our camper getting a new roof! Hopefully it will be done soon. We dropped it off at our friend who owns a roofing company last week. He wants to branch out into doing camper roofs, so we're his test case. Once we get it back, we will tackle the floor and get the new subfloor down. Then we will paint the cabinets, then put the nice floor down and attach the new toilet. I'm excited! I can't wait to get it camping!

6. That Man and I reserving a little beach house! It kind of happened on a whim. He sent me a picture of us on the beach. I said let's go and the next thing we knew we had reserved a tiny house for a long weekend coming up. I am so freaking excited! This was just what we need to get through the next few long months of constant work and projects!

7. Plans for a day out with my girl tomorrow. She needs her driver's license picture taken and we both need to do some shopping, so we're set for the day. (She and That Man tried to go last Saturday, but they were closed. That Man got his done today.)

8. Despite the stabby headache, I have written every night this week but one. I am making amazing progress and loving the story!

That's all I have right now. I'm beat and my shoulders ache.


Monday, February 17, 2020

Moaning Monday...

Eh... It's not so moaning. Except I'm tired and have a stabby sinus headache and I'm cold. Okay, so maybe it is more moaning than I thought. Ha!


The greenhouse event was a lot of fun. Didn't sell any books, but no one else really did either. The crowd was light. Folks that normally come couldn't. It is what it is. That's something that's definitely beyond control. But, like I said, it was fun. Got to talk to my author peeps and meet some authors I didn't know before. Caught up with old friends and bought some super cute gnome napkins.

After the signing, a bunch of us went to dinner. That was fun. A lot of laughter and conversations. That Man and Simon's Man came, too. When we were done with dinner, we weren't ready to go home, so we went to see friends. That was fun. We didn't stay too late, but we did have a good time.

Sunday was a quick run to the store for ingredients. We whipped up some spinach artichoke dip and headed to a different friend's house to watch the Daytona 500. We only get to see them maybe twice a year, so it was definitely a good time. They made meatballs and other dips. We talked and laughed and well.. since the race was rained out, we ended up home sooner than expected. At one point, I'd gone out to the car for something and it looked like the radiator on the car had busted. There was a huge spray of liquid and it was puddling on the ground. I called That Man out, and we quickly discovered that their male cat had sprayed our car. Gross, but definitely good for a laugh.

Now it's Monday again. It was a quiet Monday at the day job. No mail. No bank. Very few phone calls. Very few emails. I had to cover the phones all day, which is fine. I cleaned up some receivers and purchase orders and organized my day for tomorrow - which will be busy since there are checks to write and bank stuff to do...

I'm about ready to crash now. I've already done my words, caught up on my emails, and took care of a few other household administration duties. It's time to find a blanket and rest my stabby head.


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thursday... Pre-Weekend Prep...

This Saturday is the annual greenhouse signing! I love this event so much!

It's just a super fun day with author people, cool greenhouse stuff, good food, and just awesomeness.

My mom loved this event so much. She would come and be with me for it. I made her a special place at my table and was always so grateful for her to be with me. Her friends would come and she would delight in walking around with them and me and meeting everyone. I will always miss that, and I always am aware of it. I miss my momma so much and this event is always a tribute to her in my mind.

So, it you live in my area, think about maybe coming to see me! It starts at noon and goes until three! Heck, it's not going to be winter this winter, so you might as well start thinking about your spring planting. I know I am already! You know... replacing the flower bed that was decimated by the stupid homeowner next door... (I'm still super angry, if you can't tell...)


It's Thursday. This week has been pretty okay. My only complaint is the excessive amount of spam email I am getting. Like 100 spam emails a day. I hate it. So much. We all know that you can't just "unsubscribe" because when you do it automatically subscribes you to five million more spam sites... ugh!

The day job has been pretty good. I've been at the receptionists desk for most of the week until today. I equally love and hate being at the desk. It is what it is. When I'm told the phones are busy, I usually roll my eyes. Yesterday, the phones were the busiest they've been since I started, and, I roll my eyes. That was not busy. It was. But not like I'm used to. Obviously, I'm still adjusting.

Though I was very busy all day today. Busy enough that I didn't get all of the things done! So woohoo! (I do know how ridiculous that is... lol)

We stopped at the store on our way home tonight. That Man is making my favorite dinner tomorrow night. Scallops and pasta. We bought all of the ingredients and grabbed stuff for dinner. Quiche - which was mostly good.

I don't have a lot of love for the traditional Valentine's Day stuff. That's just me! We, also, haven't really ever celebrated Valentine's Day, so this will be a first for us... I might change my opinions...

That's all... The laundry is done. The words, and more words!, have been written. (my story has direction again! WHOOT!)

and that is all...


Sunday, February 09, 2020

Woah! Long Silence!

Sorry about that! It's been kind of crazy around here.

Let's back up...

Last weekend we took a day off work and spent a long weekend at the cabin. It was warm and comfy and we had a really relaxing time. We set our air mattress up in the main area, which was pretty cool. We watched Lord of the Rings, and made some really awesome food. Scallops & Pasta and Shrimp & Grits. I absolutely love scallops, but the shrimp & grits were the most amazing. It was so easy to make, too. I always get it on vacation on our way home, but last time I just couldn't do it because they don't devein their shrimp and that totally grosses me out. But I've been craving it. Amazing.

On our way home, we stopped at our niece's new house to check things out. They bought a really cute place not far from us.

Then back to work. It was a rough work week for some reason. A lot of weird stuff happened. But I got through it and my supervisor said I'm doing a good job, so there's that.

I had my eyes checked for the first time in a over a decade. Not nearly as bad as I thought. I did need glasses - bifocals, which I expected. I had them leave the lines in them so I could better train myself on where to look. They are fine for reading and driving, but not for computer work. Ugh. So now instead of worrying about one pair of glasses, I need to worry about two. And then three when I have sunglasses. I almost wish I would have gotten them tinted so the sunglass factor was out of the picture. But whatever.

Critiqued an awesome story for a friend and got some writing in. Then prepping for the weekend.

Our second attempt to trim our tree in the back was more successful, but still not a complete success. We started early with a light crew, but the rest of the gang showed up and worked their butts off. Both of my boys and both of our "adopted" sons. They are an amazing team. We only got about halfway done though before we lost the light. Rope lowering huge branches through the power lines ate up so much time. And our finish up date is not for another month. Ugh. Once the tree is done, we'll start on the fence back there. K4 crashed into a few weeks ago...It was already broken though. It's semi-leaned up, but looks like crap.

I made white chicken chili, cornbread, and tons of coffee. We fed them breakfast, too, and kept them hydrated. It was a lot of work, but also a really good day. I didn't do a lot of tree work because there were many hands helping, but I had enough to do with the food and coordinating and cleaning up.

We were in bed stupid early last night. Up stupid early this morning. K4 and I did some shopping. The craft store down the road is going out of business so we hit that up. Then the mega store since we both needed socks. They had the kind of sweaters I love on sale for $5, so that happened. Then grocery shopping. We had a good time!

Back home and paid bills, made lunch, watched Toy Story 4, and tried to take a nap. That Man is making dinner. The laundry is done. The house is in decent shape. Back to work tomorrow. Next weekend is the annual greenhouse signing. I'm looking forward to that!

That's all I have!


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Holy Lost Week!

I can't even tell you what went on last week!

I know there was a lot of craziness and a lot of stress. The stress wasn't the day job, writing, or immediate family, so that's a good thing.

We did have our great-niece's first birthday party! She's so stinking cute. Her cake face was awesome! We took the B's. They wore us out and they had a blast.

This week is going fast. I mean it's Tuesday already.

The rest of the week is crazy, so you won't hear from me again until at least Sunday.


Monday, January 20, 2020

A New Week...

So the snow was pretty disappointing. We spent the morning talking about how we could have gotten the branches down and mostly taken care of before people needed to go home so they weren't driving in the freezing rain. But... it is what it is. Who knows what would have happened had we proceeded? Maybe something bad? I'm going with that.

We have rescheduled, but there's still always a chance of inclement weather, so we'll just take things as they come. Again, it is what it is... The bonus is the delay of the hit to the checkbook, so there is that... Ha!

Anyway. We did stay in our jammies all day. Watched movies, read, took naps, did laundry, cooked, and generally goofed off. We made chicken cheesesteaks for dinner and went to bed super late. And we didn't go outside other than to take the dog out. It was a good day.

Sunday we made a quick trip to the grocery store because we had a dinner epiphany. Did some more napping, though it was interrupted by this weird smell... We'd smelled it on Saturday, but couldn't pinpoint it. By Sunday, it was so bad we thought we had a break in the furnace. It was a exhaust-type/burning smell. We kept walking around sniffing and finally figured it out. They make these plug in diffusers for cat anxiety. My sister had given me the ones she'd gotten (they turned their one cat into a demon - it happens, rarely, but it does happen) for Fred. Both were super, super hot and the one was leaking the oil into the outlet. One of them was starting to burn the plastic. Holy Fire Hazard!! Yikes!

The sad thing is that I think it actually worked. On Saturday and Sunday morning, all of the cats were in the living room all chill. They were sleeping together and there was no stress. No one is crazy now, so I can't say that it did really work or it didn't. I don't think we had enough time with it to know for sure... So now I don't know what we're going to do. I won't plug them in again because I don't want my house to burn down. (Read some reviews and found that it is a common problem with this brand and of course, there are no other brands that appear to work and not catch on fire.)

Other than that... Today was Monday again. It was a weird day at work because I thought I was only on the phones for the morning and I had planned my day around that, but it turned out to be all day. I screwed up my check run - twice, and have a crap ton of research to do tomorrow on three problems that started before I did. (That part is fine...I like the research)

I got my words done. Took laundry downstairs, but didn't start it. Ha!

And that is all...


Friday, January 17, 2020

Feel Good Friday....

Yay for Friday! Right now, with no immediate holidays to look forward to, Fridays are all we have... Ha! It's what we talk about at the office.

We had to reschedule our tree trimming! It was supposed to be tomorrow. We had all of the "crew" on board - brothers, brothers-in-law, kids, adopted kids - they were all going to be here. Some of them are calling us "wussies" for rescheduling, but it's all about their safety. (They are joking, but...) I am not a happy person about this weather. Everything was planned. Food was purchased. My day was scheduled. Ugh. I even bought first aid supplies, just in case. But the Tree Trimmer made the call so we can't feel bad.

Now That Man and I are looking forward to a "jammie day". We have decided that we are staying in our jammies all day and take a literal day off for a change. We will read. I will write. We will do laundry (because we have to, or maybe we won't) and we will cook amazing food. I am definitely looking forward to staying in my super soft jammies all day. And sleeping in.

I am really looking forward to that!

We, unfortunately, had to stop at the store tonight. Mainly because we were so sure about our weekend plans that we stopped last night. So while everyone else was buying bread, milk, and toilet paper, we were buying hamburgers, perogies, beer, and snacks. We went to the store that only the old people go to and got out of there pretty quickly. Still brutal...

I am spot on with my writing goal! I didn't write last night because I felt like utter Hell, but I made up for it tonight, which is awesome. And I have the weekend since I generally don't count weekends in my writing goals.

That is all...