Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Well... Here I am in Maryland...

I made it! I'm in a pretty much brand new hotel in the middle of nowhere!

My room smelled slightly musty and when I entered, the toilet was filling and the water at the sink was hot, which tells me someone came in to freshen while I checked in. The carpets absolutely look brand new and the air conditioner is slowly getting the musty smell out. But whatever. I'm really absolutely not complaining.

This area is in the process of building up, so things are random. And they charge you 5 cents if you want your groceries bagged. Weird. So... You see no physical evidence of a reusable bag on my person and yet you still ask me if I want a bag for my sodas, chips, and sandwich? Weird.

I should have done something different for dinner, because the grocery store deli sandwich is pretty damned gross. I've taken a few bites and don't know if I can take another. I have some Sun Chips though, so I'll just eat those until time for breakfast. This hotel has free breakfast, which is awesome.
And no one down here drinks regular diet coke? Seriously? I was going to buy a twelve pack or a six pack or even a two liter, but nooo.... I had to pay out the butt for three 16 ounce bottles from the register refrigerators. Really?

I worked the day job for a little when I got back from my journey for food. Talked to three reps, one of them not mine, which is fine and awesome. Also talked to one of my clients because he'd left me a voicemail and I couldn't hear it. (He's my first appointment tomorrow) I emailed him and gave him my cell number and he called me. I'm excited to meet him tomorrow. We've been talking for two years now and this will be the first time I'll been face to face with him. I'm not supposed to give my personal information to clients, but I would do it again...

I'm going to write now... I tried to eat a few more bites of my sandwich but I thought it would be better if I didn't have food poisoning tomorrow... Yeah... It was that bad. The Sun Chips seem to be safe though...


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up...

It's, once again, Sunday night... Boo!

Sleeping in Saturday was good, though, I don't sleep in much past my normal wake up time anymore. Whatever. I also was in bed before ten, so that probably has something to do with that. Also, sleeping with the windows open and no ac. Awesome! Sweatshirts are also awesome. I didn't sleep in at all this morning, though I really wanted to.

K4 and I got our shopping trip in yesterday. I got some shirts and a pair of pants for my work trip and she got a few shirts and a jacket. Then we hit the grocery store. She wasn't feeling well at all, but she was a trooper. Between the two of us, we zoomed through the store and made it home so she could take some meds and rest.

We made the dinner for That Man's work daughter and delivered it. She wasn't there, but we had a nice conversation with her mom and sister. And we had nice conversation on the way there and back.

That Man brought these awesome doors home that were bound for the dumpster at work. They are seriously awesome. Eight glass panels, and huge! We're installing them between our dining room and living room. He's currently pounding plaster off the walls to find the header so we can mount the barn door hardware. The dining room is our next project. There is way too much furniture in there and it's making me crazy. I offered my niece my hutch. I'll keep the sideboard because it's awesome for gatherings. The one cabinet will go to my office as storage, and the dresser that was That Man's mom's will go to our bedroom. I was using it for storage down here and it's just not working out the way I wanted it to. So that's what we'll be doing for the next few weeks on top of continuously working on the yard. That Man got a lot done while K4 and I were shopping, and I'm pretty glad I missed out on it. Ha!

So, I didn't get much writing done this weekend. By last night, I was all achey and felt crappy. This morning wasn't much better. I did manage to do the laundry, putzed around in my office, and started packing for the week. That Man made the dinner and I put gas in K4's car for the week before she went back to school. Let me just say... College kids are expensive. Oh and I don't think I'm getting what K4 has, even though I'm still a little achey and sneezey.

That's all I have for now...


Friday, September 21, 2018

Feel Good Friday!

It's list night!

1. Friday! Duh! It's been a brutal work week!Seriously. And I think it's about to get ever more brutal. Just saying...

2. Sleeping in tomorrow. Yay!

3. K4 being home! She's sick - as in snotty, headache, and achey. And is currently laying on the couch kind of moaning. Though she's happy to have had pizza for dinner and ice cream in the freezer. No. She's not spoiled at all.

4. Shopping date with my girl tomorrow. Hopefully she's feeling up to it. I think she will be. I mean... shopping? Yeah. She's going to want to do that.

5. Ordering food for dinner. Yay!

6. Writing this weekend.

7. Work friends delivering mini-fridges for the college dorm and hooking them up with tires and laughing on the patio. That was fun!

8. Upcoming work trip. It's going to be a long week. I'm gone from Tuesday afternoon until Friday afternoon. I'm excited about getting to do my job on the road and introduce my reps to my departments. But I get to hang with my super cool reps and meet the people I've only ever talked to on the phone. Awesome. That Man will be in charge of the house and the animals. I know he's looking forward to it. I can't tell you the last time he's had the house to himself. I mean, really. It's probably been years...

9. Hopefully getting some house stuff done this weekend. Hopefully.

10. The not so fun thing is that we're taking dinner to That Man's work daughter this weekend. Her husband tragically died this week. It's super sad and horrible. They have a young daughter, too.

That is all I have for now...


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Almost the End of the Week...

Woah! Thursday!

I made it through about half of my "to do" list tonight. And there is so much more to do. I've been dealing with some major work stress, a headache that would not and still has not quite, crazy evenings, and a major lack of sleep.

I have not written a word this week. That's terrible. But it will be rectified this weekend.

We did take the animals to the vet tonight. That was tons of fun. Luckily, we were able to borrow a cat carrier, after we realized (at 10pm) last night, that we weren't prepared. Ha!

Little Max is 5# now! Last month, he was only 2#! He got two shots, his nails trimmed, and his appointment to have "his little boys" removed.

Elsa is 85#. She got two shots too, but no nails trimmed. She hates that so much and the vet would have probably gotten bit. She said her nails were fine though.

Both animals are in great shape. The vet was super pleased.

Okay. I have more stuff to do.... Until tomorrow!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Weekend is Almost Over...

I am old. 
We spent yesterday going up and down the attic stairs and climbing up and down ladders. Painting. Cleaning. 
I hurt. 

Since the kid was supposed to stay on campus this weekend, we figured it would be the perfect time to get her bedroom done. We hauled all of the house guests remaining items up to the attic, cleaned the room, painted the room, and then moved K4's stuff over. 

Then we had an event to go to, so we showered and did that. 

Came home and moved my desk into K4's old room... I now have AN OFFICE! Holy crap! I've been waiting for this for so very long. 

Look at it! I mean! My very own office space! 

I am beyond elated. 

It's a work in progress. I have many things I've been saving for just this time. I'm finding them all and slowly getting things organized. I will post a picture of the ridiculous amount of sombreros I hung up later. (These are the sombreros we brought home from my uncles last summer - the ones we didn't have a choice but to accept. Ha!)

That picture on the wall is from paint night with my girl. I also have another paint night picture hung, and some original prints from the bestie. 

K4's room turned out awesome, too. I didn't take any pictures of that, but she has a nearly identical picture hanging on her wall. (Hers is way better than mine)

So anyway. She came home this weekend since the dorm room switch won't happen until this coming week and she was bored on campus since everyone else went home, too. She hung out with her brother and cousin last night, so that at least gave her a little time to finish. She thought we were mad at her for coming home. Once she saw what we did, she understood why we seemed annoyed when she called to tell us she was. ha! 

Today is laundry and writing stuff. I spent several hours upstairs organizing, so things don't look exactly like they did in the picture. I still have stuff to put in there and am weighing my furniture options for storage. I need to find more stuff for the walls, too. Like I said, it's a work in progress. And I love it. 

That's all for now. 


Friday, September 14, 2018

Feel Good Friday!

Friday is here! Yay!

Let's hit the in-no-particular-order list!

1. Dinner with the kid this week! She's staying on campus this weekend to move into her new digs with her friends. Still on campus, but it will be a much better situation than she's currently in. She and her current roommate are on different planes of existence and that's okay. K4 likes her, but they're not compatible as roomies. Their schedules are vastly different and so are their tastes in pretty much everything.

2. That Man removing the annoying boxes left in the living room. Yay! I have my whole living room back! There will be more rearranging of stuff this weekend and potentially I will have my office very soon.

3. Lunch with the big boss today. We had this program a few years ago and it was awesome, but some things changed and it wasn't feasible anymore. I hadn't planned on attending because I'd already been to one, but my direct boss said I should go and my work load was light enough that I could justify it. It was nice to get out of the office and hang with a few coworkers and just talk to the big boss. We sat in an outside venue and had awesome food and conversation. He wants to know what you're thinking about the company and what's going on and he listens to what you say. He always has had an open door policy, but it's nicer when it's outside of the office walls.

4. Signing up for a book festival in December! So excited! It may be lame to some, but I have three events lined up for the rest of this year. And I just got a big old box of books today! Yay!

5. Friday! It was a reasonably light day at the day job, though I did a lot of running around, organizing, and stuff you can't measure with our system. That's okay though. My stats are just fine.

6. Easy dinner after a quick trip to the grocery store. Why is it that you run out of all of the expensive stuff at the same time? Dog food. Laundry soap. Cat food. Ugh!

7. Sleeping in tomorrow. Even if it's for a little. That Man and I have stuff to do.

8. Getting a decent amount of writing in this week. And more to do this weekend.

That is all for now!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Dinner With the Kid

K4 had to come to down for a doctor's appointment today. Instead of her driving the whole way back to the house, we met her at this little pizza place we enjoy. That Man and K4 arrived way before I even got off work. They ordered the food, and the second I sat down, the waitress brought me my soda. Nice.

We had a nice discussion about school, stuff going on there, the weather, and 9/11. She doesn't remember 9/11. At all. She wasn't quite two when it happened, so she has absolutely no perspective. She knows it was horrible and knows it was a vicious senseless attack, but she's never known a world without the events of 9/11. It's interesting to hear her perspective on it. I think in my life before this day, the worse things I remember is Elvis dying and Three Mile Island.

She doesn't remember there being no planes in the sky. At all. Or the run on the grocery store with people stocking up on canned goods and non-perishable foods. She doesn't remember the Antrhax scare. She doesn't remember the shocked silence of walking into a public place and seeing the fear on everyone's faces. Or the way people came together to help and support each other. She doesn't remember all of the neighbors gathering in the backyard to discuss what happened and talk about what we would do if our Naval base was hit next. I remember though. I won't ever forget.

I heard something today about making this date about doing something nice for another person - no matter how big or small. I like that idea.

And now we're watching as our favorite place in the whole world faces down what could hit landfall as a category five hurricane. Florence needs to stop and go back out to sea. We don't have plans to go down this year - the stars didn't align like we needed them to, which, considering what kind of damage potential they have down there, is probably for the best. But still... That Man and I just talked about doing hurricane relief, but we're not in a position to pull that off this year.

That is all. It's time to write. I need to finish up this story so I can critique an important project for a friend and then get busy on my next book.