Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thursday... Bring On Friday!

What a week! It's a been a week full of headaches, viruses, bad dogs, insane work days...

Friday is much needed!

That Man and K4 have struggled all week with a virus and migraines. I've had a headache as well, but have somehow managed through going to bed early and doing my best to ignore it.

The day job is insane. Today there was two of us to do the work of six people. Needless to say, it didn't all get done, but tomorrow will be the same, so it is what it is.

The dog has been getting into everything this week - she ate a pillow, a sandwich still in the bag, a dish towel, and dug in the bathroom trash - among other things. We think she's dealing with some separation anxiety and are trying different things to ease that.

Getting a little of the holiday spirit back. Hopefully, we'll get our tree this weekend and the decorating will begin.

That is all.


Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sunday Before Monday...

Yeah, I know. It always works this way... Ha!

I need another day, though. I'm achey, tired, head-achey, and my sinuses burn. Just freaking great. That Man and K4 have/had some grossness that's going around. That Man is still hacking up a lung.

Yesterday was fun! Had my writers group Christmas party. Lots of good conversation, laughter, and food.

Came home and tried to take a quick nap, but that didn't work very well. Changed and got ready for my work party. Got there early because we were supposed to meet up with a coworker, but she ended up sick and didn't come. Walked around the huge place and people watched until time for the party to start.

Good food. Good laughs. Good and silly conversations. It was great to hang out outside of work. It was also great to see the boss - she's been away at another location for weeks and we miss her. Had a good conversation with her. The entertainment - though it was a hypnotist (and I am not a huge fan) - was actually great. He was hysterical, but there was no way I would have ever volunteered to get up there. Though, he did say if don't want to be hypnotized, he wouldn't be able to do it. So there's that.

We got home later than we thought and had to babysit the furnace for a bit. When we finally got to bed, we thought we had a leak in our mattress. Well. No. Some stupid animal peed in our bed. Right in the middle. Gross!! If you know anything about waterbeds, you know that it's not a simple sheet change. There are layers of bedding on top of the mattress. Layers of bedding that were soaked. Gross! We switched stuff out - at almost one am - and finally got to sleep.

I've spent the day washing the grossness!

On the upside - my short story is done and sent off for another round of critique. That Man and I ran some errands for lights and groceries. I did not get a nap. I'm not happy about that. I so wanted one. Made some banging chicken pot pie for dinner though.

My Christmas Spirit is a big lagging at the moment. I hope it comes back! I was all fired up to start decorating, but then... meh...

That is all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled life...


Friday, December 01, 2017

December First...

Well, here we are on the first day of the last month of the year!

I really, at this point, have nothing to say about 2017... I don't know if it was good or bad yet. I don't know if it was just one of those years - the kind that take us from one to the next - or if it was something more. Or less. Maybe I'll figure it out before the end of the year. Maybe I won't.

Let's cut to Feel Good Friday, shall we?

1. Reasonably seamless morning getting the kid up and moving for school. We were a tiny bit late, but that was only because I forgot to get gas yesterday. Slept super good last night with the window open. Didn't wake up at three like normal, which is awesome.

2. Leaving work at 11. The morning was hectic with numerous fires to put out and things to be done before I left, but I almost managed to get it all done. And when I left, I didn't think twice about the work still waiting.

3. Hanging with my kid. We did the doc appointment, lunch, shopping, and had a lot of laughs and conversation. I bought new Christmas lights for the piano! Though I could not find the garland I want anywhere we went. I also bought myself a new pair of jeans, and a sweater, because I needed to. No Christmas shopping done by me, but That Man did some.

4. Getting my house vacuumed and cleaned up and doing the "adulting" things. Things were "picked up", but not "cleaned up", if that makes sense. All I can tell you is that I'm sitting here with a sense of calm and peace after all of the stuff I did today. The house smells amazing thanks to the pine candle I impulsively purchased.  I also made macaroni and cheese for dinner, and also for my party tomorrow.

5. The short being >this close< to being done. It'll be done by Sunday come hell or high water. Or... I really hope so...

6. Sleeping in a bit tomorrow. The mac and cheese for the party is already made and only needs to be heated up, so that's a bonus. I had planned on doing it all tomorrow, so yeah....

7. Laundry is 98% caught up.

8. They took our ginormous pile of leaves from the street. The 'burban is now covered in debris.

9. Watching "Office Space" and cracking up.

10.  Planning Christmas Eve... It's a process.

That is all.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

The End of November...

How weird is that?

This year has flown by! I was at work earlier looking at something from May. I thought "well, that wasn't that long ago", and then I realized it really was. We're heading into the last month of 2017 and I still don't know how I feel about 2017.


Tomorrow is Friday and I only have to work until 11. Yay! Though I do have to take K4 to the doc and do some shopping, then grocery shopping. And then hopefully finishing up my short story. It'll be way better than sitting at my desk!

Saturday is the first of our crazy weekends, but I hope to get some decorating started on Sunday. We'll see...

Everyone in this house is sick but me. That Man had to pick up K4 from school today and he ended up staying home, too, since he wasn't feeling much better than she is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays away from me!

That is all!


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

D.R. Grady is in the House!

My good friend D.R. Grady is on the blog to tell you about her new release! D.R. and I walked into our very first writing meeting on the same day. We ended up sitting together and have been friends ever since.

Her new book comes out on November 30th!

The Nerd Who Spied Me

Cian Hunter is tasked with the impossible: find Verity Wellington and bring her home safely. His survival is not guaranteed.

Everyone in their business knows Verity is perfectly capable of getting herself home, since she’s the gut-them-first-and-ask-questions-later type of operative. She also has the advantage of knowing where she is, which would be helpful.

He accepts the assignment, aware two operatives are better than one when dealing with the nebulous factions who lurk in the shadows. Plus, the chance to get close to Verity to see if his attraction to her is more than a fleeting interest is too good to pass up. Provided she doesn’t gut him first.

Cian is confident in his secret operative abilities, despite wishing to leave them behind. However, his relationship goals leave something to be desired. If he can figure those out… he might stand a chance of getting them both home alive.

1. Hi D.R. and welcome. Tell us a little about your new release? 
THE NERD WHO SPIED ME is the 12th book of the Morrison Family series. It’s a little darker than my previous books because both the heroine, Verity, and the hero, Cian, are tough secret agents who know what they’re doing.
Verity is as capable as Cian and her reputation rivals his. They’re not fresh faced recruits, but savvy operatives who have paid their dues. Their interactions entertained me and I looked forward to what they were going to come up with next.
This story was a romp to write! And will hopefully be a romp to read. (:

2. What was your inspiration for this book?
As stated previously, this book is part of a stand-alone series. We’ve met these characters in previous books, and both of them intrigued me. I didn’t know they were supposed to be together at first. It’s super exciting when the characters want their story told. I adore being the “first reader.”

3. How long did it take you to write this?
Somewhere between 30-50 days. The writing is the easy part. Edits are what can prove challenging for me, and tend to take double that or more. I enjoyed Verity and Cian so much that the edits were fun. (:

4. When did you decide you wanted to be an author?
From the moment I learned when you put words together, they form a sentence, and then combine the sentences and wowa story.  An amazing moment in my life!

5. Where do you get your ideas? 
Everywhere! (: Things I see and hear can trigger an idea, although the main place is from the characters themselves. I have to know the characters and a few details about them before I can start a story.

6. Favorite book ever?
Anything written by Jayne Ann Krentz

Thank you so much for inviting me to visit!

D.R. Grady lives with her husband near Hershey, PA. She adores chocolate, laughing, collecting bags, books, and shoes, and writing stories that resonate with others.

Other works by D.R. Grady

The Morrison Family Series:

Nerds Unite
The Trouble with Nerds
The Nerd who Spied Me

Free Short Stories:

Math Nerds and Mechanics
Tall Golfs

The Me Series:

Treasure Me
Save Me
Trust Me
Heal Me
Love Me

The Dragon Chronicles Series:

The Dragon Chronicles Book 1: Learning
The Dragon Chronicles Book 2: Shifting
The Dragon Chronicles Book 3: Healing

Please visit my website for updates on these series.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Still November!

So this Christmas thing is crazy already and we still have two days left in November! I guess that's what happens when Thanksgiving is early.

Decorations are going up all over town.
Christmas music is being played on all of the radio stations (not non-stop yet, but still... several songs during my drives).
We started the Secret Santa name draw at work today and two of the guys are 90% decorated for the cube decorating contest.

I'm not complaining. I'm in full on Christmas mode myself. I've already started shopping and have had three gifts delivered so far, and my awesome Christmas shirt. I'll post a picture of it after I wear it for the first time. It is epic though.
I'm planning my decorating and our schedule.
I have my writing group Christmas party Saturday afternoon, and my work Christmas party Saturday night.

All I can say is that it's going to be a crazy month!


Sunday, November 26, 2017

End of the Weekend...

I thought it was Sunday all day yesterday, so it was kind of nice when today was actually Sunday.

Small Business Saturday at the bookstore was fun. Got to hang out with author friends, meet new friends, and the store cats.

Came home and helped That Man with the leaves. Oy! That was a job and a half. Once we were done, we cleaned up and got in the car for the drive to That Man's best friend's grave site. We took a wreath and some flowers. Then we made our way back home, stopping at the grocery store first.

Made our own subs for dinner, then watched sappy Christmas movies. In bed early. No writing done. Boo. 

Today we grabbed K5, took her to "brunch", and then to see a live reindeer. It was a quick time, but at least we got to see her for a bit. She's a hoot.

Came home to do the chores and make loaded potato soup, which turned out well. I got through a whole critique of my short, which is awesome. I'm heading to bed soon. I know it's early, but while I do feel much better, I'm exhausted, have a massive headache, and just want to be in bed.

Tomorrow is Monday! Oy!