Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Holy Heck!

We're 3/4 of the way through October!
Sorry for the radio silence!
We went to the beach and it was amazing. Our house was awesome - perfect for our little group. The weather was mostly awesome, except for Hurricane Matthew threatening us. Luckily, we listened to the locals (and not the major weather people on the major channel) and had a full wealth of knowledge available to make our decision on whether or not we should bolt. Not bolting was the right thing to do. When we talked to the realty company, they advised to be off of the island by high tide - which was four hours after check out time, and we checked out about an hour early, so we were great.
It was an awesome week! Great food (really great). Great views. Great company. Not so great fishing, but that's okay. We didn't have a lot of good beach days - too windy and then rain, but we had a ton of fun hanging out at the house on the days we couldn't be at the beach. I read three books, journaled, hung out with my husband, sisters, kids - it was good. There was never a moment when I felt overwhelmed by dishes or laundry. Everyone kept up on the dishes and keeping the house neat - I swear that dishwasher ran 24/7. And we worked together on laundry - mainly because the stupid dryer took 3 hours to dry one load so we had to be on our toes and switch fast and pay attention. Our bedroom was awesome, heck, all of the bedrooms were awesome. We were right across the street from a cute little store/gas station - so close we could walk to it, which was sweet. Hell, the whole week was sweet. I wish I was still there. I want to go back now.
Actually, to tell the truth, I want to buy that beach house.
I found a cactus leaf on the beach on Friday. I decided to bring it home. I babied it the whole way home and then, sadly and suckily, forgot about it. I guess that was a good thing, because you're supposed to let them get "calloused" before you plant them. I'll be planting it tomorrow and then... eventually, I will transplant this cactus in front of our beach house when we buy it. :)
Oh... On the way home - as we were keeping just ahead of the rain, in Virginia - the water pump went out on the Jeep. What a pain. Our original ETA for home was 5pm. We arrived home at almost 11pm. Yeah, suck. But the guys were great getting it back together, even though they did so in the pouring down rain, and I'm talking bucket fulls of rain. It was crazy. We were all soaked!
We came home and had our Halloween parade, worked, worked, unpacked...
And now it's now...
Closing on the 'rents house soon. We'll be glad to have that behind us.
And I am writing! My sister suggested I try to journaling thing to free up my brain and I'll tell you, it's definitely working. I either journal before or after I write, but I've managed to hit word count for every single day of my group's writing challenge so far. That's progress like I've not had in over two years, so I'm good.
That is all for now.
I'll try to be better about blogging. I'm slowly putting the pieces back together, so bear with me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Always Falling Down....

Not literally...

So in the last 10 days...
1. Sinus/double ear infection which has waylaid me for the last 7 days and had me out of the day job for a day and a half. Yeah, I've gotten some stuff done, but with a whole lot of breaks. High fevers, a lot (a crap ton) of congestion, aches, coughing... argh... I'm on antibiotics, but I'm still not 100% yet. The drainage and drainage cough is ridiculous and the fatigue is just as bad. I do stuff. I take breaks. I have no brain.
2. My dryer is still dead.
Sucks. We're line drying everything, which I hate because the pet hair doesn't come out. The new part will be here on Friday, but that doesn't really help me. Though, the last (current) load of laundry is in the washing machine. However, I don't have room to hang it right now.
3. BUT... Two more days until we leave for the BEACH!!
We have an awesome house sitter. Very happy about my puppy being able to stay home and sleep in her own bed. He's known to all of our animals and is very comfortable in our home, so I will go on vacation with absolutely no worries about our home or my babies.
4. BEACH!!
Don't expect anything from me. I may post tomorrow and/or Friday night, but after that - it's a crap shoot. I am hoping to get my writing mojo back. I am hoping for relaxation and rest and rejuvenation. I need this vacation with every core in my being. So there's that...
5. Oh... Mom and Dad's house is "sold". I'm not holding my breath until I sign the papers, but we're 99% there... which is a very good thing.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Almost Two Weeks?

Sorry! I didn't mean to fall off of the radar again!
So... What's been going on?
Well. That Man and I went away with just ourselves, which was incredibly awesome! We talked like crazy, sat by the fire, cooked amazing food, and just relaxed. It was very much needed!
This weekend, we watched Mr. B for the weekend while his parents went away for their anniversary. He's a hoot and was great, but we are exhausted! Whew!
I've been working a ton of OT at work. Also exhausting and it will continue into this coming week.
I have been writing - not a lot, but some.
I'm also working hard on getting my house back in order - going through boxes that I brought home from my parents and trying to organize stuff. Made some good progress this weekend.
But my dryer died. Again. Argh!
(K4 says Hi!)
(K1 says he has hairy nipples)
K3 says his name is Hugh Jordan)
We're playing Quiplash and laughing hysterically...
And that's it for now...

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Cover Reveal - Brandy Ayers

Check out my friend Brandy's new book! That's a great cover! Details are below! 

Author: Brandy Ayers
Genre: Erotic romance
Release Date: Sept. 6

When FBI agent Jackson Povero agreed to go undercover as a bartender at The Beanstalk, he knew there would be danger. After all, they suspected the owner of running an elaborate human trafficking operation out of the seedy strip club. What Jackson didn’t expect was the instant pull he felt the first time Harper took the stage.

Harper Ryan’s life had been hard. And it wasn’t getting easier anytime soon. After losing her sister to drugs, Harper gave up on her dreams and dropped out of college. She found herself taking off her clothes at The Beanstalk so she could care for her orphaned niece. She wanted nothing to do with the men in the club. Or men in general. But when the new bartender, Jax, turned out to be equal parts sexy and sweet, she couldn’t help but let her walls down, piece by piece.

As their feelings deepen, will Jackson allow his need to protect Harper get in the way of closing the case? Or will he sacrifice the first woman he’s ever loved to complete his mission?

This is a quick and dirty read, with a dash of insta-love; a pinch of suspense; a bearded, tattooed repressed alpha male; and a smart, sexy stripper. Enjoy!

Dressed only in a glittering black G-string and bikini top, the fiery redhead ran one hand up the pole, then the other, climbing with her hands and feet until she could nearly touch the ceiling.

She wrapped her curvy body around the pole into a modified fetal position, the muscles in her thighs the only thing holding her aloft. Her hands meanwhile glided through the air in sweeping arcs in time to the soft opening lines of the song. The haunting voice sang of seeing into her soul, and Jax found himself wanting nothing more than to see into the deepest parts of this incredible woman’s being.

As the song picked up into the driving hard rock beats, the dancer spread her legs, then whipped them up, inverting her whole body, then wrapping herself around it once again. A pause in the music had her idly spinning around the pole, then the guitar kicked in, harder than before, and she began to free fall down the pole, catching herself just before hitting the stage.

Jax’s heart raced as he realized the woman had meant to let go. He stood in awe of her strength and grace. Peripherally he became aware that everyone in the club was just as mesmerized. But he didn’t want to think about all the other men watching this glamorous woman. She didn’t belong in this place. He couldn’t bring himself to call what she did on stage stripping. What she did was art. The movements and tricks she performed were unfathomable. They defied every rule of gravity he knew.

He reached down to adjust his jeans over the growing erection he futilely fought. The undulating of her body brought to mind the many ways he could position her for both their pleasure. All the ways she would wrap that body around his.

About the Author:
Brandy Ayers is a writer of erotic romance. Or romantic erotica, depending on how you look at it. She has been telling stories in one form or another since she was a child and decided her English / Irish heritage was boring. Instead, for a 4th grade class genealogy assignment, she weaved a tale of mystery and intrigue about her great, great grandpa chief of the Navajo tribe. No one bought it. Brandy lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, daughter, neurotic boxer, and satan worshipping cat.

**Check it out!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Still Working On It...

Still up at the butt crack of dawn today, but no writing done.
That's on me only because I goofed off a little too much, took a really long shower (which I never do),  and had a little too much coffee.
But it's only day three (and I missed day one because I lost my glasses!).
I'm getting stuff done though!
And I'm looking forward to Friday when K4 has off school and I get an extra hour and a half of sleep! Also, the weekend! The Wilds! Writing meeting! Having off on Monday!
So today I left the day job and hit the grocery store... The top is down on the Jeep. I had to go put it partially up earlier in the day because of light rain, and when I left work I put the top back down despite the threat of rain. Things actually looked clearer the closer to home I got. I had to go to the grocery store because no one told me we had no bread and K4 couldn't make a proper lunch (we improvised...). When I left the store, it was sprinkling. I figured I'd be fine. That Man was home and could help me throw the top and doors on. I texted him. He wasn't home... I pull in, K4 is out with the dog. It's raining a bit harder. She runs to help me and we get the groceries into the house and start getting the Jeep covered...It freaking poured like crazy. By the time we finished (and we were very fast), we were both soaked to our undies. That Man walked it as we were changing clothes.
Well, now all of the carpets, the seat covers, and everything that shouldn't be wet is out of the Jeep. We had to wipe everything down numerous times. There were puddles on the floor. I guess we got a headstart on cleaning it out for the beach...
This is life with a Jeep. I have no regrets!
Tomorrow we'll be packing for The Wilds and hoping the forecast isn't serious....
Ooh, and tomorrow is the first of September! How weird is that?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Too Early

This back to school thing is for the birds!

K4 has a ridiculously early bus time, which gets me up an hour and a half earlier. That pretty much sucks! It's only the second day, so we'll see if I manage to fit some writing time in. I'm hoping to do that.

This morning was about catching up on emails and writing group related stuff. We have our annual elections coming up and part of my board position is making sure we get the slate filled. I can't run again due to our parent organizations rules and neither can half of our current board, and as with any organization, finding qualified people who are willing to step up and run is a challenge.
So what's been going on? Let's see...

We're gearing up for vacation. Have the house/pet sitter in line. I'm very happy we found someone willing to stay here - it makes things much easier on the animals. So excited to hit the beach!

J ended up in the hospital over the weekend due to a nasty septic kidney infection. She was in rough shape, but is home and doing well now.

Family wedding weekend. My nephew got married on Sunday. They had a beautiful location on a hill over looking a lake. It was a little warm and they were a little late, but it was lovely.

And... It's time for me to hit the road to the day job now.

Have a good day!


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekend Check In

Yesterday's book signing was awesome!
The folks at Cupboard Maker books are incredible and so much fun! And they have cats! They help with a cat rescue and foster before adoption which is super cool. We had the cutest kitten walking across our table and then an older Siamese (not up for adoption) came to clean himself in the middle of the table. Ha! The other authors signing were great - one is a friend, and the other I'd never met before, but she was really nice and I enjoyed talking to her.
Anyway -
I went with 6 books and came home with one. You might not think that's significant, but it is for an unknown author with her first print book. So yeah, I'm super happy with it. We also came home with books. K3 & K4 went with me and were in heaven. It was fun having them along. Two of my writing friends came out to say hi, That Man brought his mom, and my sister came. It was so nice to have their support!
After the signing, the K's and I went to the grocery store. Woo hoo! :) Not my regular store, but the one K3 prefers. I don't have a problem with the store, except that it's always super busy and I don't know my way around at all. It took me twenty minutes to find a can of olives.
K1 and J were here working on the truck, so Mr. B (formerly known as Baby B, but he's not so much a baby anymore so now it's Mr.) and I made a taco feast and had a nice evening talking and laughing over B's antics. That kid is hysterical. I promised him we'd go see his latest love - monster trucks.
That Man was exhausted after the second day of making sure his mom was doing okay. There's only so much "Little House on the Prairie" and "Waltons" one son can endure.
Today is my work "picnic". I say "picnic" because we had to change to an indoor venue due to 90% chance of rain. I'm looking forward to it. I work with a great bunch of people and we have a lot of fun together both inside of work and outside of work when we get the chance. We're having it at a local "fun zone" - one of those places where you can bowl, play pool, and arcade games. Lunch is catered by a local restaurant that is affiliated with the place and it looks amazing. We have prizes and swag and it should be a great time.
Then... tomorrow starts the work week again. Ugh. All of the other kids in the area go back to school tomorrow. K4 has another week yet.
Okay. Time to write.