Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

Yeah, I had to hit the grocery store on my way home. That was brutal. We'd promised cookies to an organization for their Thanksgiving dinner and ran out of time to make them, so I had to purchase them. I also needed some mushrooms for dinner. That trip should have taken less than ten minutes (considering the bakery is at one end of the store and produce is at the other and the store is three times as huge as my local store and then, you know, the parking lot walking). Twenty or more minutes later, I finally got back into the Jeep. There were people everywhere - all with huge carts of Thanksgiving goodness. Yikes.

Our community service plans fell through. We were going to do it with That Sister, but by the time we received the sign up sheet, the only times available were when we would all be at work. We tried to figure it out, but there was nothing for it. Next year though.

Tomorrow is the day job and then cooking/baking. I need to make pies and some other things. I was going to make one dish tonight, but with a 5 minute prep time and an unknown on how it will keep until Thursday, I decided to wait.

Car issues in the house tonight. K4 has an orthodontist appointment in the morning and has to drive herself. She hasn't had to drive her car for the last week or so and her brother was the last one to use it, so we encouraged her to start it tonight to make sure it wouldn't let her sit in the morning and to make sure she had gas and oil. Of course, it wouldn't start. It has a slow battery drain, which, in his defense, he didn't know (but it's his car luck) (I kid you not - if something is going to break or have an issue, it will always do so after he drives it. And he's not abusing any car. There are many, many examples, most recently, I let him borrow my Jeep for a brief foray on a Saturday afternoon. He brought it back no problems and I didn't drive it for a day or so. I went to move it and realized he'd accidentally left the key on auxiliary. It's a thing that easily happens. I've done it a few times myself and he had no idea because he hasn't really driven it often.) Anyway. We jumped K4's car and he owes me the funds I transferred to her because it has no gas.

K4's best friend comes home from college tomorrow. I don't know how much we'll see K4 or the bestie over the weekend. They have plans and the bestie needs K4 to help her with some stuff. I'm excited for them to get to spend some good time together. That's a very good thing.

I did the writing thing and make super good progress, though I have much to do yet.

We're heading into the crazy season. I hope you're all ready! I thought I was, but I'm not so sure now...


Sunday, November 19, 2017

The End of the Weekend...

Today was the "Women Helping Women" event.

It was a lot of fun. The place is a nursery - similar to where we have our February event, but not quite as big. They had appetizer food, hot chocolate, and wine. Everyone got two tickets for wine. I gave mine away, because I was driving. Found some Tastefully Simple stuff I needed. And found something super cool for my siblings - which I will give to them Thursday because I can't stand not to.

I sold zero books - like most of us. Only two out of seven of us sold books, but not very many. We spoke to the shelter organizers about our upcoming donation with our anthology stories. It was fun to talk shop and hang out with my writing buddies, but it was a long day. When we were done, most of us went to dinner and then it was the long drive home. It took about an hour and a half each way. I have no problem with that, but the winds were high again, so my poor Jeep took a beating and so did I. Nothing like white knuckling it over the bridge fighting the gusts you're afraid will flip you into the river below.

Now, my comfy pants are on. My writing has been done. I came home to a cleaner house than I left and to several projects being completed in my absence, which is cool. I'm tired though. My ear hurts, too.

I think I'm off to bed.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rainy Saturday

Woke up earlier than I intended to. Took the dog out, started the dishwasher, checked the furnace, and then went back to my warm and comfy bed.

When I woke up again, it was raining.

I stayed in bed.

K4 came down and crawled in with me. We watched stupid television. It was still pretty early.

Dozed on and off for a while. Still raining.

Finally got up and made cinnamon rolls with homemade cream cheese icing. Watched some Criminal Minds. Did the adulting thing - paid bills, made a grocery list, wrote. Still raining.

I was supposed to go to Misty, Barb, and Gerri's signing, but the furnace was not doing what it's supposed to do (it was freezing in here) and by the time I got it to the right place, it was too late. That makes me sad, but I couldn't leave it. Sometimes having a coal furnace sucks big time.

Once we were up and running, I went to the store with the rest of the Thanksgiving shoppers. Crazy time. Pouring down rain. Super busy store. Saved like $50.00 in coupons though. But I'll probably have to go back at some point this week. I did get all of my pie stuff and ingredients to make sauteed mushrooms for Thanksgiving, and a vegan corn bread for K3. But for the actual dinners for this week, I kind of failed. Kind of. We have dinners, but I'm not sure we have as many as we need.

Tomorrow I have a booksinging. I'm kind of nervous because I've never been there before. I have my stuff ready, though I can't find a bag big enough to hold all of my stuff. I'm 90% decided on clothing. I have to leave kind of early and won't be home until kind of late. My main worry at this point is having change - as if someone is really going to buy my books. Ha!

It's still raining...

That is all for now...


Friday, November 17, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Well... Hello, Friday!

The good...

1. Friday. Duh! It was a long day at the day job. No overtime, but long nonetheless.

2. Having a yummy lunch though.

3. The holiday work stuff scheduled. We're doing something cool every Friday (and other days) from here on out, and our community service stuff starts Monday. Excited about that.

4. Super productive meeting last night with my anthology partners. Get your free copy of The First Sentence now, because come January 1st the price will go up to ninety-nine cents. Our Second Sentence hits preorder soon. It's going to go for $2.99! Before you complain, all proceeds will go to a Women Helping Women shelter. So, it's for a really good cause. In fact...

5. Sunday I will be at an event for Women Helping Women. I'll be selling books at a discount to benefit the shelter. I've never done this event before. I'm nervous and excited. But it's an awesome cause and I'm so happy to be able to participate. (Send me a message or comment if you want more info.)

6. That Man making most of the dinner and then I made him go to the store with me because neither of us wanted to go! It was good for us to get out with just each other, even though it was a stupid grocery store trip.

7. Sleeping in tomorrow. Man, how I need that. Last night was another sleepless night. I think I had one decent night sleep this week, and it was on a night I figured I'd be up running stuff through my head.

8. Oh and we had a dog friend at work this week. There was this little white and grey dog running around the complex. Several of our people tried to catch it, but all the dog did was bark and run away. One of our guys volunteers at a shelter and he knew the right people to call to get the dog taken care of. The little guy was caught, de-flead, de-ticked, and cleaned up, and they brought him into work today to thank everyone for looking out for him. He sure was cute and I would have taken him if I could. So cute and the entire office forgot their jobs to go and hang out with him.

9. Making progress on my edits and staying in the 50/50.

10. Teaching Elsa new tricks. She's getting it and it will be epic once she totally gets it. She's so smart, but she's dumb enough that we had to move the trash can to keep her from foraging, so that's dog life for you.

There was bad this week, too. I won't go into details, but... well... It is what it is.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Another Stupid Wednesday

(Sorry, Wednesday!)

So this time next week it will be Thanksgiving eve. How weird is that?

Plans are coming together and I'm looking forward to it. I have to make pumpkin pies and some other stuff. That Man and I are going to do a little community service Thanksgiving eve by serving Thanksgiving dinner in the city. We've done it a few times already, though not at this place.

The big push for me is to get my story edited and back out for critique. I'm making progress. I have a lot of work to do on it though. I know I edited it before I sent it out, but man, I'll tell you, it's like a three-year old did that editing pass. So yeah...

Ah well...

Overtime didn't happen tonight, though I did get in there a little early this morning. No one else could stay and we are waiting on some answers to proceed, so I bagged it and came home. I'll go in as early as I can make it tomorrow, but I have a few errands to run first. And tomorrow night I get to have dinner with friends I haven't gotten to hang out with for quite a while.

That is all.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday Musings

I'm tired. The overtime, while awesome, is tiring. (and the fact that I didn't sleep last night) Well, what's really tiring is that my work computer keeps crashing - bad enough that I grabbed a flash drive and backed up all of my files, just in case it crashes for good.

The IT guy says I'll need a new tower, but since temps are working to help with the backlog, it might be a while. I have a lot of thoughts about this, since when I crash it's usually 45-60 minutes until I can get back up and running, and I have other responsibilities. Super annoying (and made worse because my personal computer continues to crash as well). But overtime will continue and I'm all on board.

Tonight I left earlier than I'd planned because of computer crashing/total frustration and I wanted to go see one of my oldest friends in the hospital. She's not old - she's my age (okay, shut it), but we've been friends since early high school. They found cancer in her colon and surgically removed it. She's doing okay - not sure of what happens next, but I love her attitude. The whole thing has me feeling a certain way though...

Even with the overtime, I am writing. Currently doing another round of edits on the Second Sentence. I'm the slacker. Again. Everyone else is done. Blah! We have a nacho meeting this week to discuss our Sentence stories, so stay tuned for new developments on that. It's going to be epic.

Lots of crazy stuff coming up for the end of the year. We don't have a free weekend until...? But I'm looking forward to all of it! I need to get organized and I feel like I'm doing that.

That is all...


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Feel Good... Saturday?

Yeah... It's Saturday...

And there is lots of Feel Good....

1. Sleeping in was great this morning, but I did get up and got to the day job. That was okay and good - I'm not doing my regular job on overtime, but helping our sister company out in getting orders entered so it's kind of cool to get paid for doing something different. Still super productive because we'll be getting this new system soon so knowing what to expect is awesome.

2. Getting the shopping done for the week. I have no idea what we're actually eating, but we're covered for whatever... And I saved a crapton of money on coupons.

3.  The adulting stuff is done - bills paid, vacuuming, laundry (almost).

4. Writing for the day has also been done. Yay! Yeah, it's not enough, but I did do it! If it wasn't for the 50/50 challenge I would have written nothing today! Ha! But I did it!

5. Holidays coming! Yay!

That's it for now!! My boys just got home so I need to give hugs!