Friday, October 20, 2017

Feel Good Friday

I love you, Friday! Thank you for being the end of a long and stupid week...

Here's the good...

1. Not cooking dinner (not that I've "really" cooked all week, but still...) or going to the store. (I did the store thing too many times this week)

2. A productive week in the writing life. Yay! And really, when you get right down to it, that's the only thing that matters!

3. Talking to both of my sisters this week.

4. Work people - though the week was long and bumpy, they stayed funny and supportive. Love the new girl, she fits right in with the rest of the crazies. I do miss my Stacey though.

5. My kid offering me her last cheese stick. She didn't want to and was super happy when I didn't take it...But she would have given it to me if I'd have wanted it. That's the kind of kid she is. :)

6. Sleeping in tomorrow. Oh, yes. Please and thank you.

7. Plans to finally get the fall decorations out. Mr. B will be here to help, which will be fun. He's been asking me for weeks.

8. Seeing Funeral Bob tonight. It was so good to see him. This guy was our rock after both dad and mom died. (He's the funeral director at the home that took care of my folks) He called me regularly to check in and make sure we were doing okay for a long time after. He made me laugh and supported me in my insanity. He still makes me laugh and I'm so glad I made the time to stop in and see him. I learned at least four new jokes.

9. The weather. It is perfect.

10. The fact that we have no solid plans for the weekend, besides sleeping in, laundry, writing, vacuuming, laundry, writing, grocery shopping, bill paying, organizing, working in K4's room... yeah, okay... whatever.

That's enough...


Thursday, October 19, 2017


It was a beautiful day! Chilly this morning, but absolutely gorgeous this afternoon. Gotta love that!

Still brain draining at the day job. There's nothing for it. It is what it is.

Came home to find a storm window broken in the hall. Granted, it had been leaning there - waiting for installation near the cat box. But the danged thing was shattered and there was cat litter everywhere. Also, a few drops of blood on the sharp shards still stuck in the frame. Neither animal has any injuries, so no idea on that. What I think is that the dog attempted to move it to get to her cat "tootsie rolls" that she has an affinity for, and knocked it down, crashing it either on her own head, or on the edge of the box. Like I said, she's not injured, so I don't know if that's feasible. Anyway. Cleaned that up. Did some laundry. Dishes. Edited 13 pages (less than 10 to go, but I need to add a few things, so...)

Now it's bedtime. And man, I am tired.

Tomorrow is Friday though! Always a very good thing!

That is all!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Only Wednesday?

This week... Oy, this week...

Suck is a good word. Not quite strong enough, but effective nonetheless.

Day job = total suck and brain draining. That's all I'm going to say about that.

That Man & K4 = sick. He's snotty, stuffy, headachey, and all over achey. And he's allergic to all cold/flu medicine. Great. K4 has other issues of the opposite kind. All I know is that I'm running away so I don't catch either.

Fleas = rude and relentless. Yes, we're dealing with a flea outbreak. Elsa is protected and unaffected, but the cats are not as well protected. One of our cats is bored or hates us or something. She keeps running outside and then when she runs back in...well, hello fleas. So now the other cat is affected. We've treated both of them, but it's not working. We vacuum every single surface every single day. You wouldn't know what we're dealing with to walk in here, but yeah, there's a flea circus lurking. A call to the vet happens tomorrow though. It's been long enough since the last completely ineffective cat treatment that we can finally, hopefully, treat them with the stuff that will end this.

The dog = Being bad. She has gotten into the trash everyday this week. Punishment for us leaving her? Probably. Annoying? Definitely. She goes into total shame mode as soon as she realizes we know what she did. (But she's so cute!)

The good things...

I talked to my aunt and uncle tonight. Always good to hear their voices and support. They have great advice and are great listeners for the issues of life. And, as always, are supportive, though they would not hesitate to tell me if they think I am wrong about something. 

Listening and engaging with my very very good friends excitement over her upcoming book release and all that she has done to prepare. So excited for her!

Getting through ten pages of editing! Amazing!

Bedtime very soon.

That is all.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday Again...

Sorry for the radio silence.

That Man and I were on an adventure! We took off after work Wednesday and did some driving. We had a glorious mini-vacation just the two of us. Good food, good conversation, a lot of laughing and relaxing. It was fantastic and just what we needed.

I'm tired though. Got back to the day job on Monday and was so overloaded with work that I think my brain imploded. Today was the same.

I've been keeping up with my writing chapter's 50/50 challenge, which is good. Making the bare minimum word count right now, but I'm still doing it. Tonight was better than last night, though, so that's something. Hopefully every day will get better as the week progresses. I'm doing two things at a time - writing a new story and editing.

That's all.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Parade Tuesday!

Tonight was our towns annual parade! We weren't looking forward to it for various reasons. Mainly because this week is insane with early work mornings and many things going on. But I made the chili and did the parade preparations anyway.

Friends of all kinds came and it really was good. It was fun to watch Mr. B's face and see his excitement. It was fun to hang out with the kids, even the adopted ones. Ha! And the old neighbors. And the sister. And the family that's not really family, but is.

The chili was a hit. It's "garbage" chili - which just means I use all leftovers (appropriate ones) and it's different every time. I made the chili on Sunday. I made the vegan chili on Monday. I sent the vegan chili home with the vegans. They were happy. Sent leftovers home with whoever wanted.

We had said goodbye and then realized that some jerk pulled right behind our exit from the yard. Many visitors were parked in the yard and could not get out. We were ticked off in a way I can't describe. Talked to neighbors walking by who got ticked off for us. Just as I was ready to put a nasty note on their windshield a police officer cruised by. We told him the deal and he promptly wrote the guy a hefty ticket. I didn't get to see what happened when he saw the ticket, but he did leave about 15 minutes ago. Which is good because I was stressing over getting out of the yard in the morning. (It was hard enough to get into the yard after work...)

Now I'm waiting for laundry to be done so I can go to bed.

That is all...


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Thursday - Goal Met

So I just met my writing group goal for the month. That feels super good.

Writing meeting coming up on Saturday. Really looking forward to that! I haven't been at a meeting since May, I think. Maybe June. I miss my writing peeps a lot. They always energize me and makes me feel not so alone.

Total author validation - someone who read my book told me they read it twice and still felt the same way they did the first time they read it. This has to be the first time someone has even said they read my book twice. And said that! Sweet. And Awesome!

In other news - today was my pals last day at the day job. She left in tears. I think I did too. I'm going to miss her. She talked. A lot. But she did a wonderful job at the job and she was someone I could always count on - for personal stuff and work stuff. I'm going to miss her a whole lot. I wish her well though. She had to do what she had to do for her family. But damn...

Tomorrow is Friday. Thank God. It's going to be a weird day. No doubt about it. I just need to get through it. And then the weekend. Writing meeting. Dinner with friends.

That is all. There is a sickness going around the day job and I'm fighting it. Going to bed to sleep off any potential germs I may have gathered today. I swear it's all around me...


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Wednesday Again...

Mid-way through the week...

K4 had her third oral surgery yesterday. Hopefully this is the last one. We'll see, though, because her teeth are coming in flipped around. The surgeon moved things around in the hopes of making things move a bit faster since it's taking far longer than it should. She's in a lot of pain, but has until next Tuesday to recover. Out for a few days with the surgery and then a super long weekend off of school.
Poor kid. She's pretty rough still.

The day job week has been super long and exhausting. I'm sporting a pretty good headache and some shoulder muscle-thing. I'm not going to be up for long.

Have to wait for the laundry though. And write some words.