Friday, October 24, 2014

Feel Good Friday

So... I have no idea what happened to Wednesdays post! Obviously it was there, but... somehow gone?

Anyways... We're on to Feel Good Friday!
1. Awesome Beach trip! We had a blast. I almost got killed by a crazy raccoon (not really, but... I had a moment), we spent good time on the beach, caught no fish, ate out way too much, saw many of the places we have missed so much, missed all of the great sales we normally hit - so souvenirs were slim, had a pretty decent condo... It was just good! And so needed!
2. This dog... oy... She's in heat... but we're just about through it. This is the first time we've ever done the heat thing. It is also the last time. We purposefully waited to get her fixed due to many reasons... My sister's and our friend's dog have a bladder leakage problem from supposedly being fixed too soon.  We also dealt with that with our Abbie. So we decided to wait - a collective decision... like when were we supposed to do that over our horrible summer? She will be fixed very soon!
3. Well... It's 2 months until Christmas Eve. How crazy is that? We are all planning on spending Christmas at Mom's. We have a lot of work to do to make multiple air mattresses fit in the basement... But I'm excited!
4. This weekend is the "baby gender reveal"!! I'm so excited to find out about my new grandchild!
5. We're also celebrating K3's 18th birthday! EIGHTEEN!! No freaking way!!
6. Talking to old friends... So good and so needed...
7. Writing! I am! And I love my new story!!
8. Getting my groove back - in more ways than one!!
9. Catching up on The Walking Dead... Love it!!
10. Still missing my dad... There is no way around that. I miss him. I wish he were here. I wish things had turned out differently. I wish we would have known more of how he was feeling and his symptoms.. the things he didn't tell us... It's still rough for all of us... Every thing brings a memory and/or a regret.... Dammit!! But we're taking care of mom and that's what we need to do right now! None of us are complaining!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Fall is here! 

I love fall! I love sweatshirts, candles, blankets, soft socks, pumpkin spice, baking, comfort food, pumpkins, mums, Halloween, cooler weather, leaves falling...
You know...the whole thing!
I'm really far behind on the decorating, baking, comfort food, and mum thing... But it's early. Right? 
Yeah, I know, I'm about nine kinds of cliche. I can't help it. 
We have a lot of fun stuff coming up this month! I'm excited! And I'm ready to start a new story! So very excited! The story is forming and the ideas are piling in. I love it! My writer brain is not broken! That's a very good thing to know! 
Anyways... Sorry I suck at this blogging thing these days. I'm trying... my days go so fast right now. Too little sleep, too much to do, too many obligations...

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Wednesday Weirdness...

1. It's October already! Holy Crap!
2. This time in 13 weeks, it will be Christmas Eve. You're welcome.
3. This time in 14 weeks, we'll be welcoming 2015. You're also welcome. And yeah... how weird is that?
4. My dog ate a paint brush this morning.
5. I think my cats are time travelers. Seriously. I go upstairs after seeing one of them in a basket moments before, and the same cat is sleeping on my bed like he's been there for hours. No kidding.
6. K3 has become a vegetarian. This is interesting. Not weird. We totally respect his decision, but meals have become complicated. Grocery shopping has become complicated. The only food I can buy without reading the labels thoroughly is dog and cat food.
7. My laundry is 99% caught up. For right now. I think that's a first in about 5 months!
8. Finding out I had a 4 star review of Sheltered on Amazon! Whoot! (and only weird because it was a month ago!)
9. This week! Really? My neck is killing me. I'm exhausted. Work is crazy busy. I'm working OT right now, so there is no time left in my day...
10. And... I had an awesome story idea today. Out of the blue. It's only weird because I really thought my brain was broken! Apparently, it's not! Yay!!! I'm letting it form and grow right now, but I think I can make it work! Awesome!
That is all! See # 9 regarding being exhausted!