Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post-Holiday Nonsense....

The deed is done. Christmas is finished and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Yeah, I had my Scrooge on until nearly the very end, but we had a really good time with most of the holiday madness. And, really, I am glad its over. Now it's taking down the tree and other decorations, restoring my living room to normalcy, and putting other Christmas stuff away. I don't want to. I don't have the energy for it yet, and now that its over I kinda like the tree and all of the doodads around. How weird is that?
Now the year is almost over. Thank goodness.
I am looking forward to the New Year Celebration. It'll be nice to go back to basics. It's been too many years!
Hopefully later on this week, I'll have the energy to do my year in review post. I know you're just dying for that one. Ha!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

And Happy Birthday to my baby!! 12 now! Holy does that happen?

I hope you and yours have a blessed day!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Christmas Edition

Holy crap! It's been over a week since I posted? What is up with that?! I'll tell you what...getting ready for Christmas, having sick kids, and general chaos!
But...I'm as ready as I'm going to be now. Which, I guess is good considering there's a little over 2 hours until Christmas Day!
I will tell you one thing... We are NEVER doing last minute shopping again. EVER! Waiting until the Friday before Christmas to buy even one thing is not a fun and pleasant experience, no matter what you've been told by others.
Believe it or not, I do have a feel good list!
1. Being ready. Even though things are a little different this year. Parts of me don't feel ready because I haven't had time to do my usual preparing/cooking/cleaning. But it is what it is and it'll be fantastic.
2. Shopping with the man. Yes, it was stressful. Very stressful - especially since after 3 hours and 4 stores we only had one thing purchased. And we were out until nearly midnight. People were rude, traffic sucked, and the grocery store was out of several things we needed, but we did have a good time together.
3. Getting to sleep in a little this morning. (Regardless of going to bed at 3am)
4. Having the wrapping all done. (Why I was up until 3am)
5. The man making awesome food.
6. K2's awesome present wrapping abilities. (Pictures to come)
7. Hanging with the family at the 'rents.
8. My fantastic youngest daughter's birthday tomorrow.
9. Looking forward to the day.
10. OH! And getting to see the trailer for The Hobbit! I am so super excited!!!
That is all.
I hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed day tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Well...I made it to Friday and I still have vision in both eyes! There's one good thing right there! Ha!
Here's the list:
1. Not looking like so much of a freak now... but my face is still pretty hideous. Latest check up indicates it is getting better, albeit slowly. I have to stay on the double dose of mega antibiotics until they're gone, but the swelling is down. There is still tremendous pressure on my left tear duct and I'm really starting to hate yogurt.
2. Finding a smidgen (a very tiny bit) of Christmas spirit - even though I have absolutely no shopping done (yes, I realize we're at t minus 8 days), the tree is not up, and I haven't done the birthday shopping either...oy!
3. Sleeping in tomorrow.
4. Chinese food with my girl.
5. Running into our oldest friends in the grocery store parking lot.
6. The DVR! I dig that thing! (Though I've barely had a chance to watch anything!) (But it's recorded lots of Supernatural!)
7. Knowing the holidays will be over soon! (Yeah, I know that's grinch-y, but I can't help it!)
8. Sleeping in tomorrow...wait, I think I already said that!
9. Knowing this craptastic year will be over soon. Bring on 2012!
10. That man packing me lunch - though I never got a chance to eat it today!
That is all for now!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Eye Issues...

Yesterday I had to make yet another trip to the doctor for stupid stuff...
Not really my eye, but close enough that my (opposite than the cornea scratch) eye is involved - as in swollen like I got the crap beat out of me involved. And black and blue. And painful.
The doc thinks I got bit by something.
It's nasty and I look hideous.
I'm on mega antibiotics and I have to go back to the doc tomorrow.
It hasn't gotten any worse since I started the meds and the swelling has improved, but the actual problem remains the same. The doctor freaked me out with out adamant she was about how dangerous this could be.
We'll see what happens tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm doing my best to do my best. The headache and discomfort are driving me nuts. I have crap to do and this is not helping. Wah!
That is all.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another Chance to Win...And Some Other Stuff...

First off - Let me report that I am a virus asskicking ninja! I knocked K2's virus totally OUT! Like a bitch! Okay, it was a long fight and I almost lost - especially after a very late phone call to my computer whiz brother. I followed his advice, but apparently missed something, so ended up doing things my own way and 2am...I prevailed. Whoot!!
I am ready for the Christmas Tree (the one that's been on the patio for a week) to come in the house. I hope we have time this week. We'll see. I am not entirely sure I'm ready for Christmas, but I'm trying.
The dryer is officially on the fritz. The man thinks the "reignitor" spazzed out. It starts off with a bang and then quits. Yay.
Okay, so if you entered to win Megan Hart's new book All Fall Down, and didn't get picked. Check her out at Misty Simon's blog!
That is all!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Viruses Aren't Funny

So K2 has a really nasty virus on her computer. Really nasty.
Her virus protection didn't catch it. Still hasn't. I downloaded the program I'd told her to download when she got the computer, and thought we had it...
That was about seven hours ago...
I'm still working on it. She has work tomorrow and all of her lesson plans are on the say she's freaking out a little would be an understatement. Or she was. She's since calmed some and has resigned herself to the possibility of a system wipe.
Though I will say, we actually spent money on a program that had immediately detected the problems when we ran the free trail. After we paid, it removed one. I've emailed them, and we're going to get her money back or you'll hear a lot of screaming going on from here. I am totally kicked myself for taking the easy, but expensive, fix.
I hate to say it, but I *think* I've got it now. Nasty bugger. I downloaded the free anti-virus that I use and immediately upon installation it had quarantined and deleted it. Yeah, we're definitely getting our money back. Now I'm running another Anti-spyware program to make sure. It's taking forever, but the popups we were getting immediately upon log in haven't shown up.
We'll see...
Stupid people making stupid nasty viruses! Seriously!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Foul Language Funny...

br /> writers gotta watch out for that...Ha!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

This Week....

It's only Wednesday. It feels like a way, except I can't sleep in tomorrow and I have to go to the day job and...Well...
Here's how my week has been...
1. I've had more bad news than good this week, but the good far, far outweighs the bad.
2. Re-reading a manuscript and still loving it.
3. Selling Christmas trees in the driving rain and freezing cold. Or not selling them since no one even braved the rain to look at them.
4. Suffering a near nervous breakdown at the noise in the main venue where we were selling trees.
5. Giving blood for the first time ever. (I didn't pass out, or cry, but I'd barely eaten all day and now I'm feeling a little woozey. I got a cool pink bandage though.) That man gave blood, too, and we traded insults in the blood mobile.
6. Going grocery shopping at 9pm.
7. Eating dinner at 9:30. After doing dishes - Why were there dishes when I hadn't even eaten yet? Because other people ate and then had to run to their events. And by rights, Wednesday night is my dish night, so...
Anyways...that's how my week is going. Friday's list should be interesting...
That is all.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Epic Christmas Wish List

Here's what I want:
1. A time turner thingy, or a similar time travel device.
2. To be able to write full time again.
3. An office with a door that locks and my own private balcony.
4. A bedroom with a master bath.
5. An unlimited supply of cash.
6. A teleportation device.
7. A maid and a chef.
8. Grocery delivery.
9. Animals that don't shed.
And the most important...
10. For my children to always be happy.
I know there's more stuff that belongs on that list.
If you could ask for anything, what would it be?

Friday, December 02, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Amazingly I lived through the week! I know, I know...I say that a lot. And I often say "No, I really mean it this week!" But I do...really mean it this week. For real. The day job has been insanely busy. Really insane - like record setting busy. But I survived and that's all that matters.
So, let's hit the good list, shall we?
1. Ordering our brand spanking new DVR! Finally! Because we re-upped our service, the deal comes with a lot of nice perks, which is fantastic because I am in love with my Internet/Phone/Cable provider. And we get a brand spanking new remote for free! That's awesome because the one for downstairs met with an untimely demise and we've been sharing one.
2. Getting to see my writing friends tomorrow for our annual Holiday Party. My gift for the exchange is wrapped (more like bagged, but same difference). I'm getting ready to start the potato casserole I was begged to take and have the details of childcare and who's taking who where all worked out.
3. And! I get to sleep in just a little tomorrow.
4. New Supernatural tonight! That week without took way too long!
5. My kid being so excited to start his leadership training course tomorrow.
6. My dryer not actually being dead, though I am not convinced. It's still taking far too long to dry clothes.
7. My pink fuzzy socks and comfy pants.
8. Kind of getting excited about Christmas. Though I'm really not. But just a little.
9. Staying mostly organized through the chaos of this week.
10. DVR! Oh wait...I said that already...
That is all for now.


Thanks for all of the comments to win Megan Hart's All Fall Down!!

I promise my selection of the winner was very scientific and random! (Now I have to go and pick up the tiny pieces of paper spread all over my dining room floor...)

....And the winner is...



Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Guest Blogger - Megan Hart!

Hey! This is a first time thing here on the blog! My very first guest blogger! Come on in and get to know friend and awesome author, Megan Hart!

Tell us a little bit about your new book:
All Fall Down is the story of a young woman raised in a cult who, along with her three young children, is forced by her mother to leave and find her biological father who has no idea he has a child. Sunshine and her kids, Happy, Peace and Bliss, end up on her dad's doorstep where her stepmother Liesel convinces him that taking them in is the right thing to do. Liesel's been longing for a family for a long time, but she soon discovers an instant family is more than she bargained for.

1. What was your favorite part about writing this book?

Connecting the pieces between Sunshine's past life in the cult and her life in the "normal" world. Also, finishing it. That's usually my favorite part of any book.

2. Worst part?

Hmm. The revisions.

Random Writing Questions:

1. Being able to stay home and write full time again is my dream. We both know there are pitfalls. What's the worst for you?

Managing my time. I often feel like I write *all* the time because instead of managing my time, I fool around and end up taking a whole day to do what I should've been able to do in a few hours. I feel like if only I could get a handle on things, I could write, THEN watch tv or play on the internet, but I can't seem to always do that right.

2. What's your typical writing day like?

Once the family is dispatched to the outside world and I've exercised and showered, I sit down at my computer, usually about 9 am. Then I work on whatever needs doing -- writing, revisions, promotion, etc. with ample breaks until about 3 pm when my first kid gets home. Then a little more until the second kid gets home and it's time for dinner. Then I might hit the desk again later to work on promo or catch up on anything I need to finish.

3.. What's your favorite part of being able to write full time?
Being able to stay home all day. :0)

Silly Questions:

1. Have you ever seen a ghost? For real?

I think so, but I'm not sure.

2. Do you want to?

NO. But...yes.

3. Peanut butter - with or without jelly?


4. Would you rather eat bugs or shave your eyebrows?

Oh, wow. Definitely shave my eyebrows.

5. What would you do if I gave you a box full of monkeys? (cute, little ones)

Hmm. Probably invest in some diapers for them.

In the midst of a chaotic midnight assembly, Sunshine is forced out into the darkness. Holding a scrap of paper scrawled with a stranger’s name and address, Sunny grasps the hands of her three small children and begins her escape.
Liesel Albright has dreamed of starting a family. She never bargained on inheriting one already in progress…or one so deeply damaged. When nineteen-year-old Sunshine appears on the Albright’s doorstep claiming Liesel’s husband Chris is her father, all they can think to offer is temporary shelter. The next day, they’re stunned by the news that the Family of Superior Bliss, led by a charismatic zealot, has committed mass suicide. Sunny and her children haven’t just left the compound–they’ve been left behind.
Now, instead of a baby of her own, Liesel must play mother to the four survivors while Chris retreats into guilt and denial. For Sunny, however, a lifetime of teachings is not easily unlearned. No matter how hard she tries to forget, an ominous catechism echoes in her mind, urging her to finish what the Family started.

Okay. One commentor gets a copy of All Fall Down! Say something!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Coming Soon....

Come back this week for an interview with one of the bff's, Megan Hart! She's stopping in to talk about random stuff and give away a book!
Don't forget!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Thanksgiving Edition

I hope the holiday was nice for you!
We had a good day - first serving dinner at the soup kitchen and then hanging out with my awesome family.
Here's the list:
1. Having the opportunity to serve with my kids. K4 did not want to go. In fact, she refused to get dressed at one point. We managed to get out the door, and, of course, she was the one who ended up with the best experience. The elevator lift broke down and we couldn't get wheelchairs up or down. A woman came in with her assist dog and there was no way to get her into the dining room. We set her up in a small meeting room easily accessible with her wheelchair and K4 took it upon herself to be their personal attendant. The woman and her friend very much appreciated the effort K4 put into taking care of them - carrying dishes, refilling drinks, bringing the dog water, and clearing away the dirties. I think my daughter walked away with more appreciation though and for that I am very thankful and proud of her.
2. Fantastic food and wonderful company. We ate late, but we ate well and laughed much. Throw in some good wine and a hilarious car ride...
3. Sleeping in this morning (especially since I was up a lot of the night feeling the effects of eating too much).
4. Being lazy and staying in my pajamas until almost 4pm when we had to do a Boy Scout thing.
5. Hanging out with our soon to be daughter-in-law due to random circumstance. And the way she hangs out with K4 and makes her feel special.
6. Watching movies with the family even though my husband is commenting on the wrong historical details.
7. It's only Friday - even though I feel like it's Sunday.
8. K2 turning 20 on Sunday!
9. My nice warm bed.
10. Talking to my sister really late at night and laughing our butts off!
That is all for now.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Eat lots of turkey, take a nap, and have fun with your family and friends.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Tuesday Edition

Today is my Friday! I can't tell you how happy I am about that! No day job until Monday! Whoo!
Here's my list:
1. Alternate Thanksgiving going splendidly! We had a blast!
2. My grandbaby is so stinking cute!
3. Living through Monday. Also, if you know you have hours of running around (literally, up and down stairs, loading and unloading vehicles) DO NOT wear heels. Or at least grab your sneakers to change into. Because if you don't, you will suffer! (Trust me, I am suffering!)
4. Parent-teacher conferences being over! 'Nuff said.
5. Shrimp tacos for dinner.
6. A tasty adult beverage to finish off my short, but long, week!
7. Looking forward to Thursday.
8. Sleeping in tomorrow. And Thursday. And Friday. Yay!
9. Writing time coming up! Wooo! I'm just about ready to write the opening scene!
10. Looking forward to the long weekend!
That is all!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What's Been Great About This Weekend...So Far

We're at T-3 hours until Alternate Thanksgiving begins here so I'm sure there will be more greatness to add later (especially since K5 will be here! Man, I miss that kid!).
Here's the list so far:
1. Watching movies with my girls. We've watched X-Men First Class. Pretty good. Red Riding Hood. Also, pretty good. The new Pirates - better than the other two, I'm just not a fan of the actress. We still have Thor on deck.
2. Cleaning dance party.
3. Freaking my youngest out with 80's music. Ha!
4. The vast array of cookies and brownies made. And cream cheese frosting with pumpkin spice. That will go well with the weird dessert I made from scratch...fresh pumpkin, flour, brown sugar, spices...not measured, just thrown together and baked. It's a little denser than intended, but goes fantastic with the cream cheese frosting.
5. Serious laundry progress. Three more loads. guys will be home from camp...oy!
6. Good phone conversations.
7. Mushroom cheesesteaks! And chinese food! (We won't talk about the crap-tastic pizza and how I ate it anyway hoping it would get better)
8. Sleeping in both days!
9. Waking up to the smell of turkey in the oven.
10. Knowing I have a short week coming up. And having to dress up for work, because I don't do that much (no one sees me) and sometimes I like to be a girl!
11. Plotting progress. I still need a name for the hero, a title, and to work out the end game, but I will soon be ready to start FRESH writing! Wooo!
12. My kid saying she feels better, even though she still sounds like crap.
13. Looking forward to the evening's chaos!
That is all for now!

Getting it Back...

It's kind of obvious my life has changed dramatically this past year. "The Job" has been a huge adjustment - physically, emotionally, and with the family. My writing's taken a hit and so have the opportunities to socialize and have fun. I'm not whining (not really) - just stating fact. I have to do whatever necessary to make sure my family survives. I do it willingly (mostly). but that doesn't mean it isn't without true and major side effects.
It's not over. I'm still adjusting, though I hadn't deluded myself into thinking the adjustment phase would be over quick. I promised the face in the mirror I wouldn't be too hard on it until after the first year - going through each season and holiday and reconfiguring the way things are done. I haven't lived up to that promise as much as I should have because I should be able to do it all, especially if you ask my ages old Superwoman complex. Anyway, I digress...
The first year is coming to an end soon, and I can tell. I feel more settled, more energetic, ready to focus. I don't say much about the job, but suffice it to say it's very complicated and requires an insane amount of mental energy and focus. I have at least a million things to remember every day - and what I have to remember changes frequently. Maybe I've finally trained my brain to separate and can shake off the busyness of my days enough to re-focus my energy on other things after I leave. Maybe it's because I've made a decision to pass off some of my volunteer obligations (as I take on a huge one with my writing chapter...hrm) I don't know, but I do feel different. Maybe it's because 2011 is almost over...and well, wouldn't that just be like me to finally get my act together the year the world's supposed to end? Ha!
2011 definitely hasn't lived up to its expectations in many ways. And, as usual (and probably delusional) I am ever hopeful for 2012.
I'm thinking about my goals for 2012 (not resolutions, because resolutions suck). I don't know if I'll post them or not, but I will have some definite goals written down and will do my best to get to this time next year with the ability to say Done!.
So, go away suck! Bring on 2012!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

(I am sorry this is the first Dear Supernatural People post I've done this season. That's too sad. I'll try to do better, but there's only one more episode before Hellatus...)
Loved it!
Poor Dean. He was so funny all drugged up on turducken nirvana. And so pretty when he was sleeping it off. I still worry about Sam with the way he squeezed his reality button on his hand while he was worrying to Bobby. Guess we'll see about that in another episode. Bobby was fantastic, as usual. I'm not saying anything about the end yet, because I refuse to think about it right now.
Dick...well, he lives up to his name, for sure. He's a fantastic character and the evil is played so well. Interesting that he can heal himself from the power clean stuff that takes the rest of them down. Bobby played it cool, but the little freak out he had on his face when he was looking at the folders on Dick's desk is kind of foreboding.
I loved this episode. So much. Loved them walking through the woods with their guns reminiscing about Bobby teaching them to hunt and how they couldn't shoot Bambi. And that guy - or whatever he was by then - was really creepy.
One more episode before another dry spell...*Sigh*

Friday, November 18, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. That our Chinese food finally arrived an hour after we called it in. And the guy stiffed me a buck! And! The eggrolls were so greasy that I now have a stomachache! was good.
2. Sleeping in tomorrow.
3. New Supernatural tonight.
4. Getting a twenty-six pound turkey for free!
5. Being in my comfy pants and warm socks...
6. And having an adult beverage at the end of a very long week.
7. Watching X-Men before Supernatural. With Kevin Bacon!
8. Alternate Thanksgiving on Sunday with the grandbaby!
9. Writing time this weekend.
10. Did I mention sleeping in?
That's it. Been a busy week and between the eye and the constant obligations...well, it's a dang good thing it's Friday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eye Update...

I couldn't stand it anymore. The eye. The pain. The stupidness of it all.
Called the doc and begged them to call in a prescription for pink eye. The receptionist said she'd check with the doc and get back to me. When they called back, the first question was "does it hurt?". Well, yeah, it hurts like there's a rock in it. The nurse said I had to go in and be seen. Really? Come on. My day was so freaking busy. The last thing I wanted, or had time for, was to sit in the waiting room for them to determine I had pink eye and send me off with the 'script they could have just called in for me.
But I went anyway. Because I was done with looking ridiculous.
I barely had my butt in the waiting room chair when they called me back. Then they weighed me and measured me. Really? But whatever. I expected to wait in the exam room for an hour, but the doctor came in before I had my shoes retied. She looked and looked, and then looked some more. Then she put this yellow dye in my eye that stained the white for about an hour after I left (I looked like an alien).
Nope. Not pink eye. (That'll teach me to self-diagnose)
I have a scratch on my cornea.
Which explains why the hot compresses didn't really help. It also explains why the "rock" feeling in the same place.
So, she prescribed some antibiotic goo that I have to squeeze into my eye and I'm supposed to avoid excessive computer time. Ha!
Not very exciting, I'm afraid...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Eye of Mine...

I don't know what's wrong with it. It hurts and it's swollen and feels like there are rocks in it. I look ridiculous, though the man says it's not that bad. He lies, I'm sure. When he moved in to kiss me good-bye, he made a face. Great.
Anyway. I don't know what happened. I felt like I had something in it and it's progressed to where I am now.
Clearly, there is a trip to the doc in my future, but for now I will continue to use compresses and try to avoid the computer. (Ha! I have work to do!)
And that is all for this rainy Wednesday...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh, Sunday...

Why is Sunday almost over? That means the weekend is nearly finished. Poo! My laundry is not done. I haven't slept enough. My kids only just got home from their weekend away. I haven't written yet.
Yesterday I helped the folks clean up the massive amount of debris dumped in their yard from our freak pre-Halloween snowstorm. I even ran a chainsaw. I actually got to drive my dad's coveted tractor, too. We won't talk about how I ran the tractor into the fire pit, or how I fell on my butt trying to help pull a broken branch out of a tree. Anyway. It was a good day.
Then, the man and I were supposed to be alone. We did some grocery shopping (freak power outage at the store. Weird), came home and made dinner. Then...a kid came home. (This is the second weekend in a row that our alone time has been rudely corrupted.) I need to switch laundry, eat dinner, and write...
Damn Sunday being almost over...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Feed Good Friday

First off, Thank You to all of the veterans - my dad, my brothers, the Godfather to my children, the mans brother-to-another-mother, my father-in-law, and everyone else who has given me my freedom. You're awesome and one day of Thank You is not enough.
* * *
After a laboriously long and dreadful week, here is what little I could scrape up for this post.
1. Friday! Duh!
2. Sleeping in a little tomorrow.
3. The adult beverage that will be waiting for me when I return from running all over creation tonight.
4. New Supernatural tonight! I hope we're home in time.
5. The weekend!
6. Taking an extra day off before Thanksgiving. Man, am I looking forward to that!
...that's about it. I feel like I say it's been a long week every Friday, and I know I've posted more than once how "this" week outweighs the rest. I really don't think I like saying that. I don't like wishing my weeks away and all of the stress that seems like it's weighing on me...Something must be done! I just wish I knew what!
That is all...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random Thursday...

A list of utter nonsense...
1. This week is kicking my *ss. I will be very, very glad to see the end of the day tomorrow.
2. Some people should not procreate. They shouldn't even be able to *think* about doing the horizontal mambo because of the risk of procreation. Just sayin'.
3. Sleeping in is a beautiful thing and should happen way more often.
4. Certain people (probably some of the same sort as in #2) will always be a-holes. No matter what happens. Always.
5. Sometimes I am convinced that I have no idea what I'm doing. Make that a lot of the time. Most of the time? See?
6. I miss my granddaughter.
7. When I woke up this morning, it was warm out. When I left the day job, it was freezing. Why?
8. I hope if, when, I end up squirming on the floor - twitching dramatically because some tiny thing has officially put me over the edge - that people just leave me alone. Let me twitch. I beg of you, just let me twitch for a few minutes. Then bring me booze. Or bring me booze first, then leave me alone.
9. Plotting is making me question this whole idea...yeah, it's coming together, but not as quickly or as solidly as I'd hoped. But see #'s 1 - 8. Not calling excuse, just a possible explanation.
10. One of the first things I'm planning to burn when I go on my rampage is my overburdened calendar book (Holy crap 2012, why you gotta start kicking my butt so soon?), followed by the checkbook. I think I will throw in the laundry and perhaps a manuscript or two. When said rampage will happen is anyone's guess...
Ha! That's a weird list!
Tomorrow is 11-11-11. That's pretty cool! Maybe it'll be an awesome day! (I can hope, right?) And it's Veteran's Day, so make sure you thank a vet for their service and your freedom!
That is all.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Plodding...No, Wait...Plotting

Yes, I still have new book excitement, but I'm at the hard part now. The part where I actually have to figure out the plot.
Characters are easy. Mostly. No, they never talk to me, never wake me up in the middle of the night and demand things of me, or take over my brain and prevent me from living a normal life until I write about them. Maybe that happens to some people, but not me. (Getting caught up in the story is different.) Setting is also relatively easy. Especially if I get to create a new and different world.
I love the "what ifs" and "what about" and I'm slowly getting all of those in place. Did a little brainstorm with the man, and with a friend, and the big picture is starting to form. Right now, it's like a 5-billion piece puzzle with little tiny shapes and most of them are the same. And they're all black. Those pieces will move together and the color will shift and I'll be able to get everything where it belongs.
Soon I will start new writing...after I get the puzzle pieces away from the cat and dig some more out of the couch cushions...

Monday, November 07, 2011

The Stuff That Goes On Here...

The Egg Audience...

On Saturday, the man and I went grocery shopping. We were being silly and stupid and our goofing off caused us to leave a box of eighteen eggs in the backseat of his car.
Not very bright.
When we went to parent-teacher conferences for the youngest kid, she discovered the eggs.
We brought them in to dispose of them after discussing how handy a whole box of rotting eggs would be when you had a case of road rage (not me. I am not an angry driver. Ever)

A Happy Chap
We sat them on the counter as we shucked our jackets and stowed our keys.
K2 opened the box and disappeared to find markers....
Every egg has a different face...

Death by Pliers...
This poor guy didn't make it. Someone tried to pick him up with a pair of pliers.

It is any wonder that I teeter on the edge of insanity?


Sunday, November 06, 2011

And There IT is!

I don't think there's anything better than new book excitement!!
I really thought my brain was broken. Truly. I couldn't settle on what I wanted to write. Nothing was sparking. One of my goals for October was to stay in our fifty words a day for fifty day challenge, so I sat every night and wrote at least fifty words - hoping that the brain barf would begin to coalesce. It kind of did, though I didn't realize it until yesterday. To say I was about a half-second away from going into full on panic and despair mode would be an understatement. I really thought my mojo had abandoned me. Quite honestly though, I really wasn't looking very hard. My attitude sucked hardcore. I wasn't being nice to myself or that mojo.
Somewhere between a really crazy dream and yesterday's writing meeting, I was hit in the forehead by not only how I was sabotaging myself, but by the shiny new idea. And it totally rocks!
Yes, I will admit I definitely needed to take some time off. I don't think I'm the only writer who secretly fears that by not writing, your dream will wander off and get lost in the woods, or fall into a well. And yes, I know how ridiculous that is, but there you have it.
Anyway...the point is that I am on it like white on rice now.
I am very excited.

Saturday, November 05, 2011


I've already mentioned some of the changes that will be going on around here for 2012. Weddings, engagement parties...Oh, and there are the milestone birthdays...3 of consider. (K2 turns 21. K3 turns 16. K4 turns 13. And that's just in my immediate family - there are also a few 40's and more milestone birthdays and anniversaries than I can even remember at the moment)
In addition to all of that, I have - just today - been elected to oversee my local writing chapter as president.
Now, I've been vice-president for four years now, so it's a natural step. I only have one more year to serve on the board before I have to take a two year break. I am honored (even though I ran unopposed). There are big shoes to fill. I don't even think I can come close to our current/former president. In fact, I know I can't.
But I will do my best to be a good president in my own way.
One of my biggest problems is my terror of public speaking...
I'd gotten over this many, many moons ago because I was forced to. Years and years at home with no one but the spawn to speak to retracted all of the progress I'd made. That's not a bad thing, but now I find myself barely able to say the things I want to say when I have to stand up. I can talk to a group of people and be intelligent and effective, but the second I have to stand I turn into an idiot. So...I'm going to work on that. Maybe I'll be a "sit down" president for a while.
What's good is that I love my chapter. I love the people - my friends. I love writing. I love meeting day.
I will manage this. I will overcome my obstacles and be an effective (mostly unfunny president). Cool thing is that I have an awesome VP (I don't think she has any idea what she's just gotten herself into!) and almost all of the previous board remains the same, so that's going to help.
It's going to be a great year regardless of my lack of speaking skills. And a busy one!
That is all for now...

Friday, November 04, 2011

Feel Good Friday...

The "Oh, my God. I lived through the week" edition.
Yes, my's been an extremely long one!
Here's the list:
1. Friday...duh!
2. Sleeping in a tiny bit tomorrow. (just a tiny bit)
3. Writing meeting! Whoot!
4. Meeting my goal!
5. My sister being okay.
6. Birthdays!
7. The weekend!
8. Awesome speakers scheduled for the meeting tomorrow!
9. The retreat only being 6 months away!! (and trust me, sometimes thoughts of the retreat is the only thing that keep me sane!)
10. Supernatural being so completely awesome tonight!!
That is all...

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lots of Stuff...

So it's November...
Apparently, it's "No Shave" November. No shaving...all month. Yeah, something tells me I won't be participating in that one...
* * *
There's all kind of big news going on around here. Not only are we in the middle of planning a wedding for 2013, but there will be one in 2012 as well. My oldest is tying the knot next August. It came as kind of a shock, but around here we tend to go with the flow...
So, sometime at the beginning of next year I will be planning and hosting K1 & J's engagement party as we work on wedding plans for them. (And no, there is not an additional grandchild in my immediate future). After the wedding, we'll then plan K2 & J's engagement party. (How weird is it that they're both marrying someone whose first name starts with J?)
It's going to be an expensive year around here.
But I will still be glad to see 2011 end, though I haven't given up hope on the year yet....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I didn't even remember today is Halloween until around 5pm...that's just testament to how my Monday went. Started off ending somewhat better...
Since we already had our Trick or Treat night, there isn't a lot going on around here tonight. We're watching the live feed of Ghosthunters, which is cool.
So! Go here to my friend Natalie's and check out her brand new release! I've read this book and it is awesome!

This is the last post of October 2011. Fair warning...I'm about to start complaining about 2011. It's pretty much sucked. Tomorrow begins November...Really?
That is all...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Storm...

I was going to post pictures of the massive amount of snow we got yesterday, but the camera is broken and my phone takes crappy pictures, so...
Anyway...Yeah, snowstorm in October.
Fantastic! Everything was cancelled and we ended up with a rare day with no obligations...well, except the weekly trip to the grocery store and the shoe buying, but we did those things just as the snow was beginning. We looked a little ridiculous in the massively crowded store with our overloaded weekly cart. We weren't the only ones though - we must have bumped into about ten people we know doing the same thing we were.
The storm was kind of scary though. We lost a lot of limbs from the big trees in the back yard - which meant today was spent with the chainsaw. On the whole, the damage wasn't as bad as we feared. We never lost power and except for the fence, nothing was destroyed.
We made chili, cookies, vodka drinks for the man and I, watched Lord of the Rings and did laundry. It was really really nice not to have to be anywhere. The folks came over since they were without lights and we hung out and talked - which was really good.
I hope it snows its butt off this winter!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feel Good Friday

It's Friday! Another week down the toilet and all I can say is...Good Riddance! Light a match already!
I think if I dig deep enough I might find some good, I mean, hey, we had a birthday around here!
1. K3 turning 15 and being a great kid.
2. Trick or Treat being over. I do love Trick or Treat, but it was an effort this year.
3. Being warm.
4. Snow in the forecast! I know it's early, but I love it!
5. All of Saturday's plans being cancelled because of the potential snow.
6. Sleeping in. Thank goodness.
7. Hanging out and laughing.
8. Supernatural!
9. Slowly figuring out what I want to write next.
10. Having Saturday to relax, cook, and write.
That is all...I think...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Day....

Foul language warning! Again! But you should be used to it by now...
Only my bus says: "Stupid, dumb, ridiculous Bus" (in addition to a lot of other bad words)
And that's my day...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weird Wednesday...

I am alone. For the moment. The quiet in my house is near deafening - except for the dog. This is odd to me (not the dog). Usually I am surrounding by chaos that is hard to explain and the noise level has got to be at illegal volumes. But none of that matters for the next few minutes while I am blissfully alone.
Tomorrow is my baby boy's fifteenth birthday. I'm not sure how he got to be that old. And in high school. I clearly remember his little blond head and his spiderman undies. Now he's talking about college and girls and all kinds of things I'm not ready for.
There is a mosquito flying around me. Shouldn't they be dead now?
On the writing front, I am settling on what to write next. And, of course, instead of grabbing a perfectly good idea out of my idea folder, it's something brand spanking new. I'm getting excited. It's been a while since I've put fresh words on the page. I've missed it. I will finish the zombie book at some point, just not now. I need to start it completely over and at this moment, I'm not that passionate about it. (This decision is subject to change without warning - just saying) This new book is coming together in my mind. Which is good, because there for a while I truly thought my brain was broken. Really broken. Apparently, what I needed was some time off...
By the way, today was markedly better than yesterday. Which is good because if today had been the same, you'd find me rocking in a corner somewhere.
Tomorrow night is trick or treat night/birthday celebrating, following by more birthday celebrating the following night and new Supernatural.
That is all...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Foul Language Warning - 2

That sums it up.

Sure Fire Ways to Irritate Me...

1. Pull out in front of me and then go ten miles under the speed limit.
2. Ask me if I've found everything I was looking for after I've unloaded my cart onto the register. I wouldn't be here if I didn't, and I'm intelligent enough to ask someone.
3. Fail to control your child and allow him to disrupt adult conversations.
4. Start talking about Christmas in October. I feel a grinch coming on...
5. Use my truck and don't tell me it's out of gas.
6. Be as smelly as my dog.
7. Continue to harass and attempt to tease me after I've told you I've had a bad day.
8. Drink the last bit of cold water in the fridge and put the container back empty.
...okay, so pretty much everything irritates me today. Long day - one I'm not going to share because the list is negative enough and tomorrow has to be better. Right? Please?
Yes. Tomorrow will be better...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scary Stuff

I like scary movies. Not the senseless killing movies, but pretty much everything else - from old school campy ones to current cheesy movies. I hate zombies so much I love them. I totally dig apocalyptic stuff, other realm things, and ghosts.
So, then why does The Exorcist scare me so much?
Cut back to when I was about twelve or so - maybe a little older, but probably not much. The movie was on television and I was taunted into watching it by my older brothers. I had to prove to them that I was as tough as they were, so I stayed up to watch with them. Through my fingers because, and I'm not ashamed to admit this, I was kind of sheltered. I'd had very few experiences with scary stuff that wasn't real life scary (like the time someone followed me at o'dark-thirty while I was on my paper route). Seriously, I was twelve or so. It was the late seventies/early eighties. The gut full of bad things and foulness we live with today didn't exist back then. Okay, so it existed, but it wasn't talked about so much.
Anyway. To be honest, I don't remember a lot of the movie. I do remember her face and the sound of her possessed voice (things I still can't bear to look at or hear). I remember the pea soup scene, though I still don't understand why the mother would throw a party when her daughter's all possessed and stuff. Maybe I missed something there. I don't remember how it ended.
What I do remember is flying off the couch the second it was over so I could get the bathroom first (one bathroom, seven people - being first was important). When I emerged, the living room was dark and I assumed my brothers had gone to bed. I shut off my light, crawled between my sheets, and closed my eyes while my head was still spinning from the horrors of what I'd watched. I was keyed up and nervous. Then...I heard something in my closet.
I brushed it off, or at least tried to, as I lay there in the dark watching the closet. Had I closed the doors? I thought they'd been open, but couldn't be sure. I pulled the blankets up and stared into the darkness. The doors moved, a scratching sound coming from the other side. We didn't have a dog. Or a cat. Something was in my freaking closet. The door moved again, a guttural moaning sound striking fear into my heart. Then a hand emerged, followed by hysterical laughter.
Those jerks hid in my closet. They thought they were the funniest boys on the face of the earth. I screamed and one of my parents bolted out of their room and yelled at the boys to go to bed and quit bothering me.
So, that's why I can't watch the movie to this day. Maybe it doesn't make much sense to you. Heck, I'm not sure it makes much sense to me. But there you have it...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday - Ha! The Friday Edition

Yes, it's late, but it's still Friday!
Here's the list...
1. Living through the week. I say that a lot lately. I hate it.
2. New Supernatural!
3. Getting the kids room cleaned.
4.  Fish tacos for dinner.
5. Extreme Makeover PA Edition. That was cool. It would have been cooler had I not had to try to switch back and forth between Supernatural and that! It better be On Demand soon!!
6. Maybe sleeping in tomorrow. No guarantees, but maybe?? I hope!
7. The big move going on this weekend.
8. Our lovely little fireplace!
9. My bed.
10. Comfy pants and comfy worn out sweat shirts!
That is all for now. Perhaps I will come back tomorrow and explain why The Exorcist terrifies me!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Those People I Live With...

I was working on my calendar when K2 snagged one of my business cards and asked if she could have it. She said she was going to call me. Too bad my phone number isn't on it - only my email. I was busy, so didn't think too much about it. All of the kids have my business cards. I don't know why, but they like them.
A little while later, I checked my email and found this:
"Hello, i recived your business card from a random stranger (i think a hobo from the street, she smelled) well she told me to contact you and so now i am. I wnted to tell you about a rash i hve on my rear end... It really burns and makes me cry everytime i poop... I was wondering if you could suggest any ointments or creams i could use? Or a dr you could recomend for me? i see your an author! I love books :) they keep me mental :)"
Unedited and word for word.
This is what I live with...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid-week Insanity...

It's been an off week around here. Really off and kind of bad. It's Wednesday and for the life of me I can barely remember the weekend! All I know is I'm seriously looking forward to Saturday and the promise of sleeping in.

It's been harder and harder to get the horde moving for school in the morning. Okay, technically the spawn are no longer a horde since there's only two of them, but old habits and all of that. Getting up is hard for me and I'm the one with two million alarm clocks going off at various times. And I really need to change the radio station on one of them. If I wake up to rap music one more freaking time I might jump out the window. Anyway.

This morning some guy knocked on the back door when it was still dark. I had a little moment of freak out, and then I realized the dog wasn't in the house and she wasn't barking outside either. It turns out that my geriatric dog was a street freaking traffic! She never leaves the yard. Well, okay, she has a few times, but it's mostly in pursuit of us - following us, or visiting grandma. We don't know why she left, though that man I live with had only just driven off to work. Maybe she thought she'd follow him? Or maybe she saw someone walking that she thought was one of us and followed? Then there's probably the cold hard truth - she's becoming senile. We'll probably never know what happened this morning, but I'm grateful for the stranger who found her and took the time from his own busy morning to bring her home. Though, technically she brought him home. He asked her to take him home and she did, so maybe she's not so senile.

We're in birthday season around here. K3 turns 15 next week! 15!? And...ugh...Christmas is coming. I don't want to talk about it yet...

That is all...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Thank God It's Friday Edition

I know I say this a lot, but this week... Well, this week has felt like a whole month! And not a good month either!
Let's only discuss the good. Okay?
1. Living until 4pm today. Trust me, I didn't think it was going to happen.
2. Girl's night with my oldest baby girl. Chinese food and chick flicks.
3. Supernatural tonight! I cannot tell you how excited I am!
4. Making good writing decisions. Ones that don't include making stupid choices.
5. Taking a little writing break while I figure out which project is next.
6. Looking forward to having the grandbaby all day Sunday.
7. Sleeping in a little tomorrow, then napping later (because I know I will nap and I want to.)
8. Having a little Captain this evening. Boy, do I need that!
9. Finding some laughter amid this wreck of a week.
10. Comfy pants!
And that is all for now. Trust me, it took forever to get to ten, without the obvious good things I live with...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to Keep Up!

I meant to blog last night...
This week seems like it's been two weeks long already and it's only Tuesday!
Tonight is our town's annual Halloween Parade. The parade comes right down our street, which means we end up with about a million visitors. Normally it's a really good time, but I'm not into this year. Yeah, we're still hanging out to watch, but I forgot to send the mass email out reminding everyone, and the people I did tell forgot. So, we have a small crowd this year. Which is fine. The house didn't look even halfway presentable until about 20 minutes ago. K2 planned to clean for me today, but her work meeting ran late, and then there was a slight family emergency to attend to.
I'm not cooking this year. No time. Usually I make chili and stuff and do the grand hostessing thing. I bought some cookies and threw frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, but I forgot beverages. I'm not fighting traffic to go and pick anything up either.
We've got about an hour until the chaos begins. My granddaughter and her mom on our their way. It'll be fun to watch her watch. And my folks should be showing up soon. I'm not sure how many more we'll have.
The only thing I know with great certainty is that I'll be glad when it's over. Next year I'm going to have a better plan so I don't feel like such a Halloween Scrooge!
That is all for now!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Wow! A week since I posted? That doesn't seem right!
Instead boring you by trying to go over everything I would have posted, I'll just hit the highlights...
The list:
1. Getting to spend time with the granddaughter today. We picked out pumpkins, went shopping, colored and when her mommy and daddy got here we cooked out and carved pumpkins. It was a good day!
2. Living through the work week! Oy!
3. Selling hot dogs with the scouts.
4. Sleeping in a little...just a little since we ran all weekend.
5. Supernatural!
6. Gas points!
7. Finishing the book! Whoot!
8. My kid getting her hair cut and loving it.
Okay...That's enough list...It's looking like it's going to be another long week around here. Yay, me!

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dear Supernatural People,

Man, I've missed you!
I didn't realize how much until this week.
Love the leviathan story line, but poor Cass. Dean fishing Cass's trench coat out of the public water supply was sad. So, so many good lines in this episode. Poor Sam! I hope he figures it out and is able to overcome. And Dean. He's so tortured, but can't admit it!
Loved the return of Sherrif Mills and the creepy, cute doctor. Those leviathan's have the grosses mouths, but I love them! Bobby was fantastic!
I'm loving this season so far! Can't wait for next week!
I have missed you, Supernatural People! I wasn't sure about this season, but you have proved me so very wrong!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Another Feel Good Post...

So, we were doing our grocery shopping at our regular grocery store and we heard them announcing an incentive to buy store brand products. We normally do this, because they are less expensive and just as good and we wanted to win, but didn't think we would.
When we went to check out, we were stopped by "the crew". They checked our cart and guess what? We won! $50.00, the lovely bouquet of flowers you see to your left and a whole bunch of balloons!
How cool is that?
Plus, they unloaded our cart, bagged our groceries, and every person from management congratulated us. We had to sign a waiver, have our picture taken, and be taped saying why we shop there, but Heck yeah! it was worth it! I'm still giddy!
Very cool!

Feed Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Always late...
Here's the list:
1. The weather! Love the cooler temps!
2. My writing meeting today.
3. Sleeping in this morning.
4. Meeting my goal.
5. Sending the book to the crit partners! Whoot!
6. Taking the weekend off. (I think) The brain needs some relaxing and recharging.
7. My son singing.
8. Shrimp stir fry for dinner last night.
9. Supernatural!
10. Dr. Who tonight even though it's the season ender.
That is all. I may be back later with a post on Supernatural...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Not Really Slacking...

I'm not. I've been editing my rear end off.
For real!
I am nearly ready to send it to my trusty crit partners, which is good since part of my monthly goal was to send it to them. Still have some chapter length's to mend and some content to add to the end. On the whole, I'm happy with it, though I know there are a few places that need a little work.
The thing about sending the book to people with fresh eyes is that they can see what's wrong, what doesn't make sense. Because to me it does. I've been immersed in this world for so long I know what everyone is thinking, even if it's not on the page. And it really should be on the page. So while I'm nervous about sending it out, I'm excited for it, too. I'm nervous because I've been working on this book for a very long time thanks to life and jobs and stuff.
That's all for Monday!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition...

What was good...
1. New Supernatural!! Whoot! That was awesome!
2. Hanging out on the mountain for the premier with the besties and wine!
3. Making it to Friday without serious injury or bodily harm.
4. Walking with that man I live with.
5. Scallop and shrimp stir fry for dinner.
6. Farmer's market shopping and produce!
7. A beautiful day.
8. Lunch with the kiddos.
9. Editing! Because I'm making progress!
10. Dr. Who!
Okay. That's the list. More tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Like About Wednesday...

1. Walking with that man I live with.
2. The week is half over.
3. Ghosthunters.
4. Having other adults in the house who can drive the heathens where they need to go.
5. Knowing my favorite comfy pants are clean and ready for me.
6. Payday is close.
7. Supernatural coming back on Friday!
8. Editing progress. A little, but some is better than none.
9. Barefeet.
10. My bed - because I need it.
That is all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthdays and Stink Bugs...

Happy Birthday to my daddy!
It only took me about 72-million tries to get him on the phone, but I finally suceeded!
Three live stink bugs in my house today. I don't think they're gone. I think we should be very, very afraid.
Editing is going well. It is, even though I don't feel like it is. I'm making progress, but it feels soooo slow. This book is going to kill me dead. Just sayin'.
New Supernatural in 3 days!
I have missed it! I have missed it more than I even realize!
Short and sweet tonight!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lack of Clever...

I had something clever and deep planned for tonight's post.
I forgot what I was going to say somewhere between 6th grade English and 6th grade Math. (Back to School Night)
I will do my best to remember for another night. In the meantime...some random.
* Wedding planning is stressful.
* Back to School nights are long, and while it's important to meet your child's teachers and find out classroom stuff, Back to School nights are long. I've done two in the past week and I'm glad we're done with them for this year.
* Editing is sometimes like walking down a dark tunnel without a flashlight. You can see the light at the other end, but it seems sooo far away.
Okay. I think it's time for bed.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Here's the list from the week:
1. Despite me missing half of my brain all week, I managed to not wreck, make too many terrible mistakes, or hurt anyone.
2. Getting to the weekend, though I am sad it's almost over.
3. Editing and making progress.
4. Seeing my kid in his element.
5. Having the grandbaby tomorrow for a few hours.
6. Walking with that man I live with.
7. Trying new recipes and having them turn out wonderful.
8. The beautiful weather.
9. Sleeping in this morning.
10. One more week until new Supernatural.
That is all...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


How would you feel if someone stole your paycheck every week?
That's what you do to authors when you pirate books.
And it's illegal.
So don't do it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Three Strikes, Making Progress, and Stupid Things I Do...

Remember when I posted about the rude clerk on her cell phone? I stopped there today to get gas and let's just say I'll never stop there again. First, they charge ten cents a gallon more if you use a card. Really? No one does that anymore. Second, the rude clerk. Third, and this one is totally on me - I had some kind of brain moment or something and couldn't seem to get my truck parked on the proper side to actually put fuel into it. And, of course, the place was packed so everyone inside saw my shame. The first two things are enough to cause me to never go back there. The third is just icing on the cake. (Number three also ties into the last part of this post...)
I'm doing well with my edits. I finished one pass last night and must go back for a major one before I read through it one more time and send to my trusty crit partners. While doing these edits I alternate between absolute love for the story and feeling like I suck something nasty. It's exhausting. The eye strain I've been dealing with this week does not help. At all. If my eye isn't twitching, then I feel blind, and I have a headache. Yes, I know the logical thing to do would be to take a break and give my eyes a chance to rest, but I must get this done. Must. There is only a little over two weeks before my next meeting and I made my goal rather steep this month. break for me.
Stupid things I do...I know the only reason you're still reading is because you had to know what I have done.
The gas thing is one of them. I felt about two inches tall. I've been driving my truck and putting gas in for something like ten years now!
I was using the blender and instead of shutting it off to add more ingredients, I let it run. As a result, I am now sticky and smell like pineapples. The truly sad thing is that there is no liquor involved.
This morning I found an empty water jug in the fridge. Totally me since I was the last one to go to bed and had filled my water glass right before I went up.
I took that man I live with's vitamin by mistake. No harm done, and hey, my prostate feels great.
Usually I write the bills out Thursday or Friday and mail them the day after. Except this week. I forgot to stick them in the mail. They're still sitting beside the printer. Must remember to put them in the mail tomorrow.
Okay...that's enough stupid me. And yes, everything happened this week. I don't know. It's really been a weird week so far and it's only Wednesday! Yikes!
That is all.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moaning Monday...

A random Moaning Monday post. Because... a) it's Monday b) today was a moaning one c) I can.
Here's the moaning list:
1. I swear I'd only just fallen asleep when it was time to get up.
2. Shower jumpers. Dang it. (forgiven because I was the late one)
3. My driver side truck window not working right.
4. Busy, busy, busy day.
5. Eyestrain that includes an eye twitch and the constant wearing of my cheater glasses for computer work. (Yes, I'm getting off of the computer as soon as I'm done here)
6. K2's computer acting funky.
7. Pre-teen emotional roller coaster.
8. Not getting as far with edits as I wanted - see # 5.
Okay that's enough crap.
The good parts about today were:
1. A walk with that man I live with. It's the only chance we have to talk lately.
2. Getting through 30 tedious pages of edits.
3. Coming home to a clean house.
4. Not cooking.
5. Monday's over. (Shh. Don't remind me there will be more Mondays!)
Bring on Tuesday.  I have to go and close my eyes now!


I'm sure I posted yesterday!
I swear I did, but there is nothing here!
I don't know...We had K5 all day long, so maybe my brain was too fried and I posted it wrong. I don't know. And just so you brain was fried because it was a long day - a good day - but a long one. She's a hoot, but she didn't nap. At all.
Okay. So now that you have my written excuse for the lack of a post, I'll be back later with Moaning Monday.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Feed Good Friday

What a long, wet week!
1. The rain has stopped.
2. Friday! Whoot!
3. Not having to cook.
4. Editing going well. Though I almost cried when I cut an entire chapter.
5. Light weekend plans. I hope it stays that way. At least for me. Everyone else is running in ten different directions, but I am editing. At least tomorrow.
6. Looking forward to having our granddaughter Sunday.
7. Walking with that man I live with. It's the only time we have a chance to really talk.
8. Sleeping in tomorrow.
9. Movies I love.
Umm....I'm brain dead now so we'll stop at 9.

Of Floods and Other Things...

You'd have to be living under a rock if you didn't hear about the flooding in PA this week.
We stayed dry - especially in our basement - thanks to the ingenuity of that man I live with. I certainly had no idea that one simple awkward drainpipe move would halt the flood of water into our basement. He's clever, that man. (though I am totally jealous that he got a day and a half off work thanks to the swollen and angry river.)
The pictures of the flood are incredible and the river hasn't even crested yet.
It's not raining anymore.
The humidity is insane though. Everything feels sticky and gross.
I made a quick stop at a local convenience store on my way home. The clerk was on her cell phone, speaking in a foreign language. She proceeded to stand in front of me - talking - while I was waiting for her attention. Really? I'm a paying customer. You can't get off the phone long enough to ring me up?
Water restriction sucks! I need to do laundry. And dishes. Not to mention, I'm really sick of cautiously flushing the toilet. Supposed to end tomorrow. Thank goodness.
I hate it when people call me "Hon".
That is all.
Feel Good Friday is next.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


We are in the very early stages of wedding planning around here...
Good cake?
Or not...
I can't wait to show it to K2. Want to take bets on what she says?

Monday, September 05, 2011

A Weekend List

What was awesome about this weekend:
1. My writing group meeting - new faces, new members, visitors. Lunch was fun, even though I will not be sad if we never go to the restaurant again. I got what I usually get and it had absolutely no flavor.
2. Saturday night and our journey to hear an old friend perform at a nearby bar. What a blast! He played songs only our table knew and the look on his face when we moved to the table closest to the microphone was priceless. It was a lot of fun - good music, great friends, good food, good adult beverages, great friends.
3. Potluck picnics.
4. Creek time! It felt really really weird not to camp this weekend. (We had way too much going on. Camping wasn't logical. And thank goodness after the storms we had last night. And today.)
5. Funny ventriloquist shows and copious amounts of (free!) italian ice. (though the dummies were creep-tastic!)
6. K5 all day today! She is such a hoot! We had a blast with her.
7. All four kids home today! What a riot!
8. A semi-clean house to start the week.
I'll stop there. It was a good weekend. And writing? Well, this was my weekend off. I got my first crit back tonight and while I have work to do on the story, I am bolstered by the fact that my crit partner thinks the story is awesome despite the work I need to do.
That is all.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

It's Friday! Holy crap, I didn't think it was ever going to get here! I always say it's been a long week, but I really mean it this week.
Here's the good list:
1. Writing meeting tomorrow!
2. Finishing the book and sending it for a first round critique. Still have work to do. I'm sure lots. But yay!!
3. Meeting my goal for #1. Yay!
4. Not having to shop or cook for tonight.
5. Long weekends even though our camping plans got trashed.
6. Saturday night plans.
7. Hearing my kid talk about his future plans and his excitement.
8. The first week of school going off without a hitch.
9. K4 meeting new friends who turned out to be our new neighbors.
10. Laughing with that man I live with.
That's is all for now.


Yeah, I'm way late. Sorry about that...It's been a long week.

Let's get a move on with the answers!
Which of the following are actual texts I've sent?
1. Okay? So what's your question? True. The reason I said that was related to 2.
2. I just bought a half gallon yesterday! True. K2 was asking about the milk. And we are always out of milk these days. Always.
3. There are bees... Nope.
4. Dentist appointments. True. 3 in one night. None for me.
5. Oh...crap. Okay then...True. But I can't quite remember why I sent that one.
6. Okey Dokey. True. That one is always on my phone.
7. Start spag sauce True. Actually a text sent to my email so I wouldn't forget. I do that a lot after I've gone to bed.
8. Listen you mf. Don't say that to me. Naw.
9. They don't have magazines? True. When K2 texted me while waiting for her grandmother to come out of her cataract surgery. I did tell her to take something to do...
10. Marco is a man, baby. Also true. We were at the store and K2 went to look for something. She texted me "Marco" and that was my response. Say it to yourself in the Austin Powers voice.
So there you have it.
Feel good Friday is next! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday

I have to keep reminding myself it's Tuesday...
So let's do a lame Tall Tale Tuesday cell phone outbox style.
Which of the following are actual texts I've sent?
1. Okay? So what's your question?
2. I just bought a half gallon yesterday!
3. There are bees...
4. Dentist appointments.
5. Oh...crap. Okay then...
6. Okey Dokey.
7. Start spag sauce
8. Listen you mf. Don't say that to me.
9. They don't have magazines?
10. Marco is a man, baby.
Which are true?

Monday, August 29, 2011


Today was the first day of school.
Looked upon with glee by the oldest heathen still attending, and dread by the youngest. The alarm going off hasn't changed for me. I never gave myself a few extra minutes to sleep when school ended, so I still get up at the same time (most days).
This morning they were both up before me. Ready. Excited - even the youngest. The morning went smoothly (I know this too shall pass. Soon.). The next thing I knew it was time for them to arrive home. The first text I got was that the first day of high school went great. I knew it would. He was too ready and missing his friends. I worried about the youngest and her first day of middle school. Then, she called me.
Over the weekend a new family moved in across the street. We noticed they had a daughter that looked about her age. We wanted to go over and introduce ourselves, but they were so busy.
So, then she called me and told me about her new friend in her homeroom and on her bus. The same girl who now lives across the street. She was so excited. She bugged us relentlessly to meet her parents...before we even got home.
We did. And it was good. Our kid has a new friend and it is good. She's excited about school, which is way more than good.
A wonderful first day! And I am pleased!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


So the hurricane is upon us...or whatever it is by now. We're in good shape here - still have power, no major damage. We have a yard full of debris, but that's it. The winds are still blowing though. And it's raining again. K2 had to take several detours on her way to work due to road closures.
In the past several months we've had a tornado, an earthquake, now a hurricane. The only thing left is a volcano. I say bring it!
Anyway. School starts tomorrow. The heathens are excited and dreadful. Yesterday was school supply shopping, shoe shopping, and organization. The organization is still going on today. It's the last day of summer vacation and you already know how I feel about that.
But, dinner is in the crockpot, laundry is running, the bag of paperwork that was bursting at the seams has been shredded, beds have been made, dishes are document is open and I plan to spend as much time as possible on it today.
And off I go...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

Oh, Hello Friday!
I've missed you!
Here's what's good about the week:
1. Beach trips! Too quick. Too much sun! But lots of fun! (Technically it isn't this week, but...)
2. Finishing the book! Whoot! Now...edits! Again!
3. The engagement!!
4. The very beginning of planning that goes with #3!
5. Weekend plans.
6. Fajitas for dinner.
7. Coming home to find the laundry all done.
8. Old movies.
9. School starting Monday! I am not ready, but I am...except for the boatload of supplies that have yet to be purchased.
10. Sleeping in a little tomorrow!
Okay...that's's game night here and they're all waiting for me...

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I lost Wednesday!
I thought I had it. I did. I know I watched the new Ghosthunters last night (with much glee, I might add), but I just's Thursday!
This week has been screwy, and I think that might be an understatement...
Engagements, earthquakes, school orientations, boy scout stuff...and the usual daily drudergy...
But it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday!
So we'll celebrate with a list...and we'll call it...Thursday Things.
1. It's humid. The rain has turned the air into soup and not a kind of soup I like. After days of not having the air conditioning on in our bedroom, I fired that sucker up the second we walked in the door.
2. Sunburns. Most of mine is better - itchy, peeling, but the worst spot (where I had my leg out the window on the 5 hour drive and then further burnt it at the beach) is still red. It doesn't hurt anymore, but I wonder if the stripe on my leg will always be red? Forever.
3. It's after 9pm and that man I live with is making homemade french fries and chips. I'm not sure exactly why, but they're yummy. (and I'm not complaining!)
4. Dr. Who comes back this weekend. There is much anticipation in my house.
5. There are some really really dumb commercials on television.
That is all for now...I have to get some writing done before my homemade french fry euphoria wears off and I remember how freaking tired I am.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh and I Forgot!

After months of nothing, we had a live stink bug sighting in the house yesterday!
Prepare yourself for the stink bug apocalypse!

Earthquakes and Marriage Proposals...

I don't *think* the earthquake was caused by the proposal!
Which to talk about first? I guess I'll start with the what happened first...
Back in May - over Memorial Day weekend - K2's boyfriend took B and I to breakfast and asked "the big question". We had a feeling this was coming...and, of course, we gave our blessing. They've been together for a long time and he's a great guy. The only drawback was that his plan put the "big asking day" at the end of summer. So, yeah, we've known for months, but couldn't say anything. They spent the summer apart, and K2 spent the summer away from home, so that made it easier. Until he came home from his summer job...Anyway, yesterday he took her to the amusement park where they had their first kiss, and asked her on the same ride. I told you he's a good guy!
Today, we had an earthquake.
I was sitting at my desk when things started shaking...the blinds, the world map on the wall behind my desk, my computer monitor...I ignored it at first thinking it was one of the women who works at the end of the hall and her big chunky shoes. Then we thought someone had been on the roof. I never once thought earthquake until the very end.
When I called home to check on things, I didn't mention the quake. K4 did. Her exact words were: "Did you know we had an earthquake? I thought the T-rex in the basement woke up and I thought, oh dang, now I have to feed him."
I am thrilled she was not freaked out. She's more upset about school starting than some dumb old earthquake and she made her displeasure known before 6th grade orientation tonight.
And that's how the last two days have gone for me. Gah, it's only Tuesday...what in the heck is going to happen tomorrow?

Monday, August 22, 2011

What Happened to My Summer Vacation?

School starts next Monday.
What happened to summer?
I still don't feel like it's even started, and now, it's over. Now we're knee deep in school alert reminders, making lists for school shopping (translated: hoping like heck there are some school supplies left), and organizing our schedules for the start of school.
Why does time go by so fast?
Don't answer that...
But Fall is coming...and I love Fall!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Adventures...

This weekend was what is soon to be known as The Annual Scouting Family Adventure.
7 scouting families (or partial families) (or 27 people) went to the beach this weekend. What a freaking blast!
We left Friday morning after a crazed frenzy of packing up 6 people, fishing poles, snacks, paychecks, ect...getting a later start than we wanted. But four families crammed into three vehicles and finally hit the road for our three and a half hour journey to the beach...only the trip took over five hours thanks to weather and traffic. We finally arrived just in time for a major lightning storm that eventually turned into rain. Our site was what they called a "primitive" site. A large open area with a couple of fire rings, a pavilion, flag pole, picnic tables, and a few smaller sites tucked into the trees. The only difference between our site and the "regular" sites was the bathrooms...see below...

This was officially named "The Turdis"....
...and it would have been okay if our "primitive" site if it had just been us. (notice the second Turdis).
The first time I cleaned pee off the seat it was only our group in the site. I came out, washed my hands (thank goodness I insisted we buy hand soap, and yes, we had a water spigot), and told the boys the next time I had to clean pee from the seat someone was going to find the pokey burrs in the grass that killed your feet and then jammed into your fingers while you tried to yank them out in their swimming suits.
Then...two other troops arrived. Big troops with lots and lots of members. I kid you not, every single time I had to go, I cleaned pee off the seat. By today, the things were unusable. Disgusting. Stinky. Filthy. And still no boy had learned how to lift the seat or aim.
Anyway...That was the worst of the trip. We're home now and I'm still catching up (and dealing with my sunburn). More on the trip through the week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feed Good Friday - The Thursday Edition

Yeah, I'm a day early, because today is my Friday and I'll be running around like a crazy woman for the next few days so I don't know if I'll be on here at all...
So here's the early list:
1. Getting the writing done even though I am still not done with the book. Dangit. It doesn't want to end. But it will. I swear. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, then... another round of edits before it goes off to my trusty critique partners.
2. This being my Friday. Obviously.
3. Cakes being baked in my oven right now.
4. Robin Hood: Men in Tights on my television right now.
5. Weekend plans.
6. Friends moving back into the area! Not soon enough! (You better be here by Halloween!)
7. Did I say weekend plans?
8. Funny pictures of my granddaughter.
9. Knowing there is shrimp on the menu this weekend.
10. Supernatural coming back in a little over a month!
That's all for now!! I am going to have my weekend now. Catch you on the flip side!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Survival: Year Three: Entry Five

The end of the warm season is approaching. In less than a few short weeks, the natives will return to their educational institutions. I am sad. It has been a much different season around the camp this year. They are sad as well. The natives still requiring education are moving into new arrangements and I think there is some trepidation involved. There is trepidation involved for me as well - in the trading of shells and beads for the necessary educational supplies.
While we countdown to the new season, we are preparing the camp for ease of use. Today, we cleaned the youngest natives tent. It was traumatizing for me. The youngest native has an affinity for scissors - always has. Despite my skills at hiding the sharp objects, she always manages to locate them. In fact, I believe she is better at hiding them than I am. The entire time I assisted her in the dumpster filling, I did not see one pair of scissors. There was a ton of evidence that she has them though - cut up paper, shaved chalk, doll pants made into shorts, doll hair. At one point, she asked that I let her clean a particular area. I declined due to the guilty look on her face. I expected much worse, and to be fair, I had given her permission to cut the doll's hair.
The job is done now. It is a good feeling to have that particular chore checked off the list that never seems to end. Now we move on to the third native's room - the one that requires remodeling. I am scared. I have not ventured into that particular territory for quite some time. I will need a strong drink, I am sure.
While I will mourn the passing of summer, I do look forward to the cooler season - to the leaves changing colors, cooler temperatures, warm foods, and sweatshirts. It's my favorite time of year. I'm not quite ready for it yet though. There is still a few summer things to look forward to.
In the meantime, I must take inventory of my scissors and make sure they are hidden properly.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Quickie...

I spent a long time on a sarcastic, but amusing, post that I wasn't sure I should actually post. When I went to publish it, things went haywire and I lost it. I guess that's a sign I should keep my sarcasm to myself...
Sleeping in. Writing (still haven't reached the end, dangit!), errand running, grandbaby babysitting...
The grandbaby is a hoot. But man, I'm tired.
Long week ahead...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Stinkbugs...

I get a lot of hits on my Stinkbug post - Where Have All the Stinkbugs gone?
I know people are curious, but the truth is...I don't know where they went!
There used to be hundreds in my house and now they're gone. My sister had even more than me, and, guess what? Hers are gone, too. (We had a contest and trust me when I say she won. The amount of stinkbugs she had was amazing!) Our other sister has seen a few on her tomato plants, but none in her house.
No one I know has experienced the plague of biblical proportions as we expected. As I mentioned in the post I linked to above, they are supposed to hibernate for 6-8 months. Wouldn't they hibernate in the winter though? I mean, we barely saw them in the winter unless the heat was cranked up or we had an unseasonably warm day. Spring brought hundreds and just when the weather really got nice and warm they disappeared.
I don't know what it means. Maybe they're off somewhere - plotting and waiting. Maybe they're in cahoots with my garden gnomes. I don't know. I'm wary and watchful though.
I'll let you know the second I see one...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Man, what a week!
Let's hit the highlights:
1. Roadtrips with friends.
2. Jason Manns!
3. Handstamps that say "Urgent".
4. Bottled water called "Fred".
5. Pizza for dinner.
6. Frozen drink Friday - Margaritas!
7. Cooler temps!
8. Sleeping in tomorrow.
9. Writing progress - not as much as I'd like, but the weekend is young.
10. Getting to watch the grandbaby this weekend!
And, in totally unrelated news...There was a bug on me. I didn't know he was on me. I moved my arm and squished his guts all over my leg. It was gross. I am traumatized.
That is all.

Things I Learned...

In New York...
Here are some things I learned in New York:
1. A driver AND passenger can fall asleep in bumper to bumper traffic, effectively further screwing up said traffic while they take their little nap. No picture because they woke just as we realized they were sleeping.
2. Sometimes the parking space that looks perfect is maybe not so perfect when the sun goes down. Really, it was fine.
3. There really are homeless people who sleep in doorways in cardboard boxes.
4. You should get some kind of special seal on your license for surviving driving in New York traffic. You also use totally different vocabulary and hand gestures.
5. Sometimes you survive the big city only to fear for your safety in Jersey when you stop to pee.
6. There is no way I could walk in 99% of the high heels I saw people wearing.
7. A big (enormous) bouncer is an effective way to keep people in line.
8. No one pays attention to cross walk signals.
I'm sure there's more, but that's all for now!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Road Trip!

It's been a long time since Jason Manns played somewhere we could get to in a reasonable time by car. And yeah, New York is a haul, but it's still doable.
But! Jason Manns!!
As soon as we heard, we made plans. Then, I wasn't sure I could go. But it all worked out. Yay! Megan, Natalie, Misty, and I piled into Megan's car and hit the road, making it to New York, finding a parking place, and getting to the venue in time to catch the first two performers before Jason Manns.
He was amazing, as usual. The trip was worth not getting home until 5am and only getting a few hours of sleep before I had to drag my sorry butt into work.
The thing about road trips, especially this one, is that it's really more about the four of us being together. We've been friends for a long time, and life has prevented us from getting together as often as we like. Honestly, seeing Jason Manns was like a cherry on top of a big ice cream sundae with hot fudge, strawberry sauce, nuts, (lots of nuts), whipped cream, and all that other ice cream goodness. Okay, he's at least two cherries, but you get my point.
Now go search him on the interwebs, give him a listen, and buy his music.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday...Not

No Tall Tale Tuesday this week as I am out and about and quite possibly doing something fun that I will tell you about later.
I will leave you with this:
..... I have no idea. Maybe it's how tired I was when I set this blog to post today. Maybe I won't even think it's funny the next time I look at it!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Moaning Monday

...except not...
Yeah, it's Monday and, yeah, Monday's suck.
I overslept this morning - which is usual on a Monday. Then, I dragged my tired body through the day, sweltering in the heat, and wondering why, of all things, I'd made soup in the crock pot for dinner. Soup? In the summer? Yeah, that's nine kinds of crazy, but it was ready when I got home, which definitely makes it worthwhile.
The good part about this Monday is that I kicked some major writing butt this evening. I'm so close to being done! I want to stay up and keep working, but I'll regret that tomorrow. For sure.
The other good thing about today was the big storm we had a few hours ago. Thunder. Lightning. And lots of ran. It's still humid, but at least it's cooler.
And now it's time for some shut-eye.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sunday Funny...

I received this note when K2 returned yesterday:
"Dear K2's mom, (Obviously it was K2's real name - not K2)
Hi! I am *****. I am writing this note to express my deep, undying love for your daughter. Which means I probably would love you too. Which makes me say, Hey there, I hope you're having a fantastic day! That's all for now. Bye! ***** ****"
Pretty funny, and obviously my kid made some great friends this summer.
We're going to be in adjustment mode over the next week or so while we get used to having her back. And the chaos. Always the chaos.
I have to go and write now.

Saturday, August 06, 2011


that were awesome about today.....
1. CPRW meeting this morning. 500 kinds of awesome! (even though I missed lunch!)
2. K2 coming home!
3. Rain! And it's still raining!
4. Writing...only a wee little bit, but I still touched it...
5. Naps.
6. Homemade pad thai for dinner.
7. Talking to the bff.
8. Movies.
9. The weirdness of that man I live with.
I hope you had a good Saturday, too!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Feel Good Friday

What took you so long to get here?
This has been an exceptionally long week - exceptionally long.
Here's the good stuff:
1. Sleeping in tomorrow.
2. Writing progress!
3. Exercise bike...more on that later.
4. K2 coming home this weekend! (even though she keeps asking me if she can have a kitten!)
5. Writing meeting tomorrow!
6. Speaking of 5, I met my goal for the month!
7. Homemade subs.
8. Cooler temps.
9. Upcoming stuff.
10. Especially the road trip to see Jason Manns!
Okay. Movie time.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Summer Survival: Year Three: Entry Four

The heat drags on and so does the bickering and mess...
Actually, it has not been that hot lately, but it is out there. In the atmosphere. Waiting to strike again. The natives feel it. They must. Why else would they constantly pick at each other when they know the risk of pushing me closer to the edge?
It has been a strange season in our campsite. It will get stranger when the oldest female native returns in a few hours. I must find a way to fortify myself for the chaos. Perhaps a trip to the adult beverage trading post is in order?
Stranger yet will be the return of the educational camps. Things will be very different as we are done with the elementary level camp. This year will be the first year in 17 years we have not had to take a native to its doors. It is strange and kind of cool. I am also not ready because I feel we have not fully enjoyed all summer has to offer. The next thing you know it will be the hated and feared holiday that robs us all of many shells and beads. 
Whoa, wait. Where was I?
Oh. Yes. Constant chaos. Or something like that.
They are coming.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Like you care, but I'm doing it anyway! Ha!
Which of the following are actual text messages on my phone:

1. hey hey heyhey hey hey heyy imm lve in lile 20 mins Yes. From K2. It's supposed to say: I'm leaving in like 20 minutes.
2. The butter has melted. Nah!
3. HolymotherofGod. Did you... Yes, but the rest of it is not fit for posting.
4. oh hi my name is number 52 Yes. And I do not know.
5. Shoot. Also yes. In relation to me not being able to watch K5 on the day she needed me.
6. G'ma said she wants to go outside topless Nah!
7. mething fun = Yes. And I have no idea what it means!
8. Cake! Also a no.
9. Can i hhaz kitten??? And I said NO!
10. Gummibear chain. K4 took a picture of it to send to K2. It was pretty creepy.
And that is all.
I must write now.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tall Tale Tuesday

A brief return. Don't hold your breath. I'm sure it's not here to stay. Yet.
Which of the following are actual text messages on my phone:
1. hey hey heyhey hey hey heyy imm lve in lile 20 mins
2. The butter has melted.
3. HolymotherofGod. Did you...
4. oh hi my name is number 52
5. Shoot.
6. G'ma said she wants to go outside topless
7. mething fun =
8. Cake!
9. Can i hhaz kitten???
10. Gummibear chain.
Which ones are actually on my phone right now? Hint: There are some lies in there!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things To Not Do...

1. Never eat gummi bears after the whole container has dumped upside down on the kitchen floor when your dog is shedding like crazy.
2. Don't fold laundry right out of the dryer when it's hot outside.
3. Don't try to take a nap in the place where the sun will come through the window and fry your legs.
4. Never think you're going to do a good job shaving when the light in the shower has burned out.
5. Don't play before writing, because you'll never get to the writing. (This, however, does not apply to me today. I kicked writing butt.)
6. Never trust that the cat will stay inside even if it's raining outside. If he gets the opportunity, he will go.
Okay...that's all I have for now. I think I broke my brain a little today. Or maybe I obviously did...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Holy Cow It's Been a Long Week Version

Did I mention it's been a long week? has...
But now it's Friday and the long, b**ch-**sed week doesn't matter anymore. And even though the week was trying, there was still some good stuff...
Here we go:
1. My kid getting to go on vacation with my sister. I won't lie and say I'm not jealous, because I am, but I'm glad he got to go.
2. Alone time with that man I live with.
3. K4 getting to spend some time with her grandparents.
4. Not cooking x 2 - technically x 3, but there was a little cooking involved, so I'm not counting it.
5. Harry Potter!
6. Getting some writing done. Not as much as I wanted, but some.
7. Sleeping in tomorrow.
8. Weekend plans with the fam.
9. Having nearly $2.80 off a gallon of gas!
10. Tomatoes from the garden.
It's a mostly lame list, but hey, sometimes it's the small things!

Monday, July 25, 2011

It IS Monday!

I knew it was before I even opened my eyes this morning. Heck, I knew it before I closed them last night! And I did not like it! I distinctly remember the days when I loved Monday. I no longer love Monday.
Though, it doesn't feel like someone's holding a blow torch on me anymore. That's one good thing.
And it rained. Also good.
We dropped K3 at my sister's so he can go on vacation with them. That is good and sad. He was very excited and will have so much fun with his cousin, but I will miss him.
Oh! And! My sister has stink bugs! On her vegetables in the garden! I haven't seen them for myself, but I have no reason to doubt her. I checked my veges and they're completely fine. So where did my stink bugs go?
Harry Potter totally rocked! Loved it! I left the theater very sad. I felt the same way when I left the theater after seeing LotR, RofK. It's over...And, right now, I cannot imagine loving something else as much as I have loved the Harry Potter series.
And...that's about it for this Monday. I'm going to try to get a few words cranked out before my pillow needs me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

I seem to have my days mixed up! I think the heat scrambled my brain!
Here's the list:
1. Having all of the people who live here with me home again. It was a long week with them all at camp.
2. It's not *as* hot today.
3. Deathly Hallows - Part I is watched, Part II is on the agenda for this afternoon.
4. Not having to do the massive amounts of laundry that came home with the family.
5. Making fantastic writing progress.
6. Finding my *better* attitude.
7. Air conditioning.
8. Seeing K2 for a little while yesterday.
9. Sleeping in.
10. Writing time on the slate for this evening.
That is all for now...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Survival: Year Three: Entry Three

Hiding has finally paid off!
Well, maybe it's not so much the hiding as the heat...The Weather Gods are punishing us for some unknown misbehavior, I think. It is like a volcano has been unleashed without the lava. We're cooking from the inside out.
The young natives don't seem to mind the heat as much as those of us with a few years scratched into our bones. It is my duty to make sure they are hydrated, sunscreened, and out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day. They do not like the constant reminders, but it is for their own good.
It has been a fantastic week for my "other" journal. I have made much progress on my personal files and writings. So much so that I am euphoric and determined about the work I've done. I love writing with a passion of a thousand million firey suns. Having the down time to actually concentrate on that has reminded me how deep my passion truly runs and I am grateful. And determined.
The heat can leave now though. Before we all melt into thick gooey puddles of ick! Please!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Man, It's Hot!

Holy Mother of Blazing Sun!!
I'd ask if it could get any hotter, but it's supposed to. The temperature is supposed to hit 101* by Friday. That's just nuts! It's days like this where I can't decide if I'd rather it be too hot out or too cold - and I think I change my mind depending on the season. But at least when it's too cold out there are ways to get warm - clothes to put on, blankets, socks, and the heater. There are only so many clothes you can take off and if you don't have air conditioning, you're screwed. I guess I'm partially screwed - we only have air in the bedrooms and I've been in here most of the day - except I have to leave to eat and use the restroom. Blarg!
In other news, I've gotten more writing done today than I have in weeks. It feels good. Really good. I'm not at the finish line yet, but I'm close. I will continue to work through the evening and tomorrow and maybe move to the next square of the game before life once again tries to take me by the throat. Though I don't think it's going to be so easy to take me down again. I found what I've been missing and I'm not giving it back. More on that later.
Oh, and I had ice cream for dinner!
Back to work!