Monday, September 12, 2011

Moaning Monday...

A random Moaning Monday post. Because... a) it's Monday b) today was a moaning one c) I can.
Here's the moaning list:
1. I swear I'd only just fallen asleep when it was time to get up.
2. Shower jumpers. Dang it. (forgiven because I was the late one)
3. My driver side truck window not working right.
4. Busy, busy, busy day.
5. Eyestrain that includes an eye twitch and the constant wearing of my cheater glasses for computer work. (Yes, I'm getting off of the computer as soon as I'm done here)
6. K2's computer acting funky.
7. Pre-teen emotional roller coaster.
8. Not getting as far with edits as I wanted - see # 5.
Okay that's enough crap.
The good parts about today were:
1. A walk with that man I live with. It's the only chance we have to talk lately.
2. Getting through 30 tedious pages of edits.
3. Coming home to a clean house.
4. Not cooking.
5. Monday's over. (Shh. Don't remind me there will be more Mondays!)
Bring on Tuesday.  I have to go and close my eyes now!

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