Friday, September 02, 2011


Yeah, I'm way late. Sorry about that...It's been a long week.

Let's get a move on with the answers!
Which of the following are actual texts I've sent?
1. Okay? So what's your question? True. The reason I said that was related to 2.
2. I just bought a half gallon yesterday! True. K2 was asking about the milk. And we are always out of milk these days. Always.
3. There are bees... Nope.
4. Dentist appointments. True. 3 in one night. None for me.
5. Oh...crap. Okay then...True. But I can't quite remember why I sent that one.
6. Okey Dokey. True. That one is always on my phone.
7. Start spag sauce True. Actually a text sent to my email so I wouldn't forget. I do that a lot after I've gone to bed.
8. Listen you mf. Don't say that to me. Naw.
9. They don't have magazines? True. When K2 texted me while waiting for her grandmother to come out of her cataract surgery. I did tell her to take something to do...
10. Marco is a man, baby. Also true. We were at the store and K2 went to look for something. She texted me "Marco" and that was my response. Say it to yourself in the Austin Powers voice.
So there you have it.
Feel good Friday is next! Stay tuned!

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