Friday, September 09, 2011

Feed Good Friday

What a long, wet week!
1. The rain has stopped.
2. Friday! Whoot!
3. Not having to cook.
4. Editing going well. Though I almost cried when I cut an entire chapter.
5. Light weekend plans. I hope it stays that way. At least for me. Everyone else is running in ten different directions, but I am editing. At least tomorrow.
6. Looking forward to having our granddaughter Sunday.
7. Walking with that man I live with. It's the only time we have a chance to really talk.
8. Sleeping in tomorrow.
9. Movies I love.
Umm....I'm brain dead now so we'll stop at 9.


Ava Quinn said...

Great list, but by the title I thought you were going to feed me good.

Actually, you did! You fed me a whole list of happy. So, thanks!!

And good luck with your edits!


Victoria said...

LOL!! I should change that, but...whatever!

I'm glad you liked the list! The edits are going sllllloooowwww....