Thursday, April 30, 2015

Retreat in Two Weeks!

This time in two weeks, I'll be at RETREAT!!
Tonight Simon and I went shopping to get the swag for retreat! We made out like bandits!
We found so much great stuff!
It's going to be so awesome!
Simon and I went out to eat and then hit all of our regular spots. The first one was disappointing. We didn't find all of the awesome stuff we'd found in years past. Then we hit the office supply store and ... Bingo!
Like I said... It's going to be so awesome!
I cannot wait!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up...

What a crazy weekend! Crazy, but good...
You saw my Friday night...It was good and relaxing...
Saturday: Worked the day job at the store. It was mostly busy and that's good for time going fast. Left work and met That Man at my mom's. Her raised planter had dumped all of its dirt... My bro and That Man were fixing it. She fed us. We laughed a lot. I got her Internet/Phone/Cable upgraded - about time. Her current settings are ridiculously slow! (1 mg compared to the new 25 mg...seriously?) I had to do some comparing, and found that the provider I love sucks for her!
Came home and wrote, That Man fixed the 'burban's power steering hose, (and I went to get power steering fluid in my jammies. Ha) then we hung out with Those Kids that live here, went to bed early.
Sunday: Slept in. Housework stuff. Met the family at Mom's for kitchen stuff, yard stuff, grill cooking, beach meeting.... Our first choice beach house was booked, but we found a better one! Yay for beach!! It's happening after 10 years without a vacation!! I am so very excited!
We came home from Mom's late, but I did write and talked to K2, and took care of a lot of stuff that needed to be taken care of!
Tomorrow is Monday... We're out of OT at the day job right now, so I can sleep in a little (maybe), and I have to lose my Saturday time, so I should be able to leave early one day this week. That will be nice and good for writing! Though, I could take an entire day off and only lose a few hours... hmm... will have to think about that one...
That is all...

Friday, April 24, 2015

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Friday! Yay! Though, I do have to work the day job tomorrow. In the store. It's okay. I do like working in the store, but Saturday's are exhausting!
2. A little stop off at the adult beverage store tonight. Long week. Much needed. (and in small amounts... see number 1)
3. Despite a crappy week, still hanging in for the 50/50!
4. Less than 3 weeks until retreat! I will have my own room for the first time in years! (Not that I wanted to, but was forced to because our numbers are so low and we have a room minimum) But after shelling out the cash and coming to terms with it, I'm actually excited to have my own bathroom and bedroom.
5. Pizza for dinner. Good pizza, too!
6. My crazy kids....
7. That Man's Mom doing awesome!
8. Roof work coming soon! About time!
9. That Man and I are about the watch The Battle of the Five Armies...
10. 'nuff said...

Good night...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Reality...

1. We had a really great time in Delaware. Our cousins are awesome and so is our Aunt. Talk about family - they are just like us. I'm sad that we've missed out on so much time, but happy that we have a plan and have had the realization that we're all on the same page with our moms! The farm is beautiful and amazing and I'm so glad that it's my family.
There was no wifi there... I managed. I think it was actually good to be disconnected.... I think...
2. I did miss days in the 50/50 challenge, but not enough to kick me out! One was my cousin's fault for showing up way too early in the morning. The other was mine for being too tired to function...
3. The XBox fix didn't work. We need a new one and that's out of the budget. The kids are dealing okay. (!&#2^) Yeah... like that...
4. I realized halfway home from Delaware that my drivers license had expired the day after my birthday. I had meant to take care of that... No more speeding for me... Yikes... All taken care of now, but OY! And my new picture SUCKS really hard!!
5. We didn't stop to see the beach because my granddaughter(s) and grandson were waiting for me at home! It was so fantastic to see K5, Baby B, and C! I'm so happy K5 is able to be a part of the family again. AND baby C was here when I got home! I didn't expect C to be here! I was so happy to see her! We got the first picture of all of our grandkids!
6. We're in the middle of a new week now... I'm writing. Preparing for retreat in 3 weeks - that's crazy. So looking forward to it!
7. Summer is coming. We have plans!
8. We're all set for graduation!! Yay! Can't wait to see K3 graduate!!
9. Dead chickens on the farm...long story...
10. That Man's mom is doing well and moved to a really great rehab facility that we're all happy with. She's doing great and we're all hopeful...
That is all for now...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

10 Days Later...

1. I've had my birthday. It was good.
2. We survived my parents 54th anniversary without Dad. We wet out to dinner and it was really nice.
3. There was a little yardwork done at our abode and some work done at Mom's, though That Man and I weren't able to help.
4. We purchased our first brand new television in 25 years. And paid cash for it because That Man is a saving machine. It's not huge, but it's really nice to be able to see what's on the screen.
5. I had my one year work review and it was really good. And I got a raise!
6. With #5 came some new responsibilities, which I'm digging.
7. We got to hang out with Baby B's other grandma, which was fun, but too short. And Baby B is so stinking cute and awesome!
8. Birthday videos from Baby C. She is so adorable!
9. We're still dealing with That Man's Mom in the hospital and no idea what's going on.
10. The kids attempt to fix the XBox failed and we had to order new parts. Suck.
11. I'm heading out with Mom to Delaware very early in the morning to take care of a bunch of stuff. No work for me tomorrow. YAY! But... I have to get up at 4am. I should be in bed already, but have to wait for laundry to finish first. Talk about running around like a crazy person. We had a nice dinner out, an emergency trip to the store after I couldn't find any underwear at my house. Nice. Came back to mom's and have been getting ready to go ever since.
12. Not missing a day in the 50/50 challenge so far! Go me!
13. Plans to stop and see the beach on our way home! YAY!
That's all. I don't know that I'll be able to post this weekend. Not sure of the Internet ability. I'll be writing though! (I plan to!)

Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Sucks!

There seriously should be a third weekend day! A day of rest! Like years and years ago where everything was closed on Sunday - no groceries, no retail stores... nothing! So your choices are... stay home and clean up / do stuff, or relax for a freaking change! Ha! That day should be in the middle of the weekend. Or the first day of the weekend, because I think if it came on the last day, well... We'd still be just as tired and potentially hung over! Because we'll try to cram every single thing into that last day!  Oh wait! And I need one solid day to just write! No obligations, no errands, noting else that needs my attention! Just writing! That makes four days for the weekend.
Yeah, I'm tired. This weekend was insanely busy. But good. We ended up kid-less at the last minute and for two nights. That hasn't happened in so long, I can't even remember the last time. The first night, the kids all left at bedtime. No fun there. On Saturday, we were both busy doing stuff that wasn't together most of the day. I had my writing meeting, which was awesomely good and much needed. But then That Man and I met up and did some running around, came home and cleaned the house before crashing at a weirdly early hour. Up way too early on Sunday, but ended up being a really really good day.
We got to see the family and Baby C. C's mommy and daddy are doing an amazing job with her! So proud of them! Baby B was so cute and awesome! He was so happy with the T-ball set we got him. He jumped up and down before launching himself into my arms. Too freaking cute. The food was amazing and plentiful. We talked, laughed, watched movies, drank a little Sangria, and got home a little later than we'd planned!
The kids are the lucky ones in this scenario... Their last day of school was Wednesday. They go back tomorrow. Very lucky. Though I know tomorrow will feel like this Monday for them. They had a blast hanging out with their cousin this weekend.
Days off... That's what I need... Not just a weekend, but days...

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April Fool

I got nothing... so no jokes here...
But how about an April 1st list?
1. We did have a failed April Fool joke at work. The entire office knew, but one person, and we were all SO excited. At zero hour, we were all hanging out near the intended recipient... and then BUSTED... It would have been awesome! Dang. (I promise it wasn't mean at all)
2. That Man's mom was moved to a rehab type facility. It's the best move and we're so happy even though she's still in a lot of pain. The staff is awesome and attentive and there's a calm, friendly vibe there. I'm sure they're going to take great care of her. Heck, they already were and she had just been transferred.
3. I love my day job friends. We all fit together so well. Today was "reveal" day - where the list of the previous months "error rate" is posted. (In my old job, the "problem log" was a horrible, horrible thing. This is not.) We're all working together to get the lowest rates possible, and it's awesome to see someone that had a rough couple of months finally make it into the "zone". There is no animosity or ugliness. Just support and congratulations. And then there are the random Facebook comments that never fail to crack me up!
4. We were told to get out of the house so K4 could take care of her April Fool joke as we were leaving to see That Man's mom... So far... nothing... She doesn't have access to my computer this year, and obviously, her joke wasn't to clean the house or do laundry or anything like that. HA! We'll see... Our bedroom light was on as we pulled in, but I haven't braved it yet...
5. I didn't play the joke I wanted to play today... We had a mice problem at work over Christmas. Turds everywhere, missing food. I wanted to get some chocolate jimmies and go to each desk and tell them the mice were back because look at the turds I found on my desk, then eat the jimmies, but I didn't. Because I'm lame...
6. I miss April Fool with a houseful of crazy kids. Last year was Nic Cage, There has been a lot of things that never made it on here and a lot of things that have, but weren't April Fool's related. I guess I just miss the chaos. And I miss being home and being in the thick of it.
7. 42 days until Retreat! It's a weird year this year with a lot of regular attendees with other writing-related commitments. It's a small group. We'll be cozy, but we'll have fun! I had to take a single room for the first time since we booked this facility. It sucked financially, and I'll miss my roomie, but I'm kind of excited about having my own room.
8. I miss blogging everyday! I know no one reads this anyway, but I love this blog. It's not a funny blog (or even slightly) anymore, but since I'm not home all day it's no wonder...
9. I'm taking a short writing break while I figure out titles and what I'm working on next. I hope to be back in the game by Saturday. That's my plan. We're concentrating on writing at the meeting Saturday...
10. This is ten. For no reason except I needed a ten... Ha!
That is all... We're gearing up for Easter, which will be awesome!