Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April Fool

I got nothing... so no jokes here...
But how about an April 1st list?
1. We did have a failed April Fool joke at work. The entire office knew, but one person, and we were all SO excited. At zero hour, we were all hanging out near the intended recipient... and then BUSTED... It would have been awesome! Dang. (I promise it wasn't mean at all)
2. That Man's mom was moved to a rehab type facility. It's the best move and we're so happy even though she's still in a lot of pain. The staff is awesome and attentive and there's a calm, friendly vibe there. I'm sure they're going to take great care of her. Heck, they already were and she had just been transferred.
3. I love my day job friends. We all fit together so well. Today was "reveal" day - where the list of the previous months "error rate" is posted. (In my old job, the "problem log" was a horrible, horrible thing. This is not.) We're all working together to get the lowest rates possible, and it's awesome to see someone that had a rough couple of months finally make it into the "zone". There is no animosity or ugliness. Just support and congratulations. And then there are the random Facebook comments that never fail to crack me up!
4. We were told to get out of the house so K4 could take care of her April Fool joke as we were leaving to see That Man's mom... So far... nothing... She doesn't have access to my computer this year, and obviously, her joke wasn't to clean the house or do laundry or anything like that. HA! We'll see... Our bedroom light was on as we pulled in, but I haven't braved it yet...
5. I didn't play the joke I wanted to play today... We had a mice problem at work over Christmas. Turds everywhere, missing food. I wanted to get some chocolate jimmies and go to each desk and tell them the mice were back because look at the turds I found on my desk, then eat the jimmies, but I didn't. Because I'm lame...
6. I miss April Fool with a houseful of crazy kids. Last year was Nic Cage, There has been a lot of things that never made it on here and a lot of things that have, but weren't April Fool's related. I guess I just miss the chaos. And I miss being home and being in the thick of it.
7. 42 days until Retreat! It's a weird year this year with a lot of regular attendees with other writing-related commitments. It's a small group. We'll be cozy, but we'll have fun! I had to take a single room for the first time since we booked this facility. It sucked financially, and I'll miss my roomie, but I'm kind of excited about having my own room.
8. I miss blogging everyday! I know no one reads this anyway, but I love this blog. It's not a funny blog (or even slightly) anymore, but since I'm not home all day it's no wonder...
9. I'm taking a short writing break while I figure out titles and what I'm working on next. I hope to be back in the game by Saturday. That's my plan. We're concentrating on writing at the meeting Saturday...
10. This is ten. For no reason except I needed a ten... Ha!
That is all... We're gearing up for Easter, which will be awesome!

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