Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Sucks!

There seriously should be a third weekend day! A day of rest! Like years and years ago where everything was closed on Sunday - no groceries, no retail stores... nothing! So your choices are... stay home and clean up / do stuff, or relax for a freaking change! Ha! That day should be in the middle of the weekend. Or the first day of the weekend, because I think if it came on the last day, well... We'd still be just as tired and potentially hung over! Because we'll try to cram every single thing into that last day!  Oh wait! And I need one solid day to just write! No obligations, no errands, noting else that needs my attention! Just writing! That makes four days for the weekend.
Yeah, I'm tired. This weekend was insanely busy. But good. We ended up kid-less at the last minute and for two nights. That hasn't happened in so long, I can't even remember the last time. The first night, the kids all left at bedtime. No fun there. On Saturday, we were both busy doing stuff that wasn't together most of the day. I had my writing meeting, which was awesomely good and much needed. But then That Man and I met up and did some running around, came home and cleaned the house before crashing at a weirdly early hour. Up way too early on Sunday, but ended up being a really really good day.
We got to see the family and Baby C. C's mommy and daddy are doing an amazing job with her! So proud of them! Baby B was so cute and awesome! He was so happy with the T-ball set we got him. He jumped up and down before launching himself into my arms. Too freaking cute. The food was amazing and plentiful. We talked, laughed, watched movies, drank a little Sangria, and got home a little later than we'd planned!
The kids are the lucky ones in this scenario... Their last day of school was Wednesday. They go back tomorrow. Very lucky. Though I know tomorrow will feel like this Monday for them. They had a blast hanging out with their cousin this weekend.
Days off... That's what I need... Not just a weekend, but days...

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