Friday, April 24, 2015

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Friday! Yay! Though, I do have to work the day job tomorrow. In the store. It's okay. I do like working in the store, but Saturday's are exhausting!
2. A little stop off at the adult beverage store tonight. Long week. Much needed. (and in small amounts... see number 1)
3. Despite a crappy week, still hanging in for the 50/50!
4. Less than 3 weeks until retreat! I will have my own room for the first time in years! (Not that I wanted to, but was forced to because our numbers are so low and we have a room minimum) But after shelling out the cash and coming to terms with it, I'm actually excited to have my own bathroom and bedroom.
5. Pizza for dinner. Good pizza, too!
6. My crazy kids....
7. That Man's Mom doing awesome!
8. Roof work coming soon! About time!
9. That Man and I are about the watch The Battle of the Five Armies...
10. 'nuff said...

Good night...

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