Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

Good episode!
Pestilence! Max Headroom! Yes!
I liked the way this one started at the end of last week and flowed right in. Little concerned about the janitor guy at first. It took me a while to realize he was really Brady (the bastard!). Well, to be fair it wasn't really Brady's fault. Poor Sam. Is everything he thought good tainted by evil?
It was good to see the demon communication device still in action - as gross as it is. The flies were a nice touch. Brady was ruthless and a total douche, but it was very well done. Crowley. Love him and I hope he's not yanking their chain. He hasn't yet, but then we didn't think Ruby was either. So...
Sam's squinty-eyed assessment of Brady after he told them where to find Pestilence and his final revenge was nicely done. Dean watching as his brother soaked in what Brady was saying. Those are things I'm sure Sam's thought of many times.
I think Bobby's going to do it. I really do. I think he'll want his legs to work again as his payment. Which would be cool, but at the same time my stomach hurts at the thought. He's so desperate though, so tired, so sick of feeling like he's not helping. Crowley better not be lying to him.
I wish next week was here already. The previews are totally cool and I love the music.
This one is definitely one of my favorites this season.
Until next week. (And *sobs* not thinking about there only being 2 more weeks!)

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Beautiful sunny days!
2. Girl weekend!
3. Supernatural last night. (post on that later)
4. Somehow managing to stay in the 50/50 challenge.
5. Tomorrow's meeting.
6. Retreat countdown. And my dining room being full of retreat stuff.
7. Dogs that love to open presents even if they can smell its not a treat.
8. Cool new pens.
9. New shiny ideas that are forming.
10. Dinner out with my baby girl.
That's all for now.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Stuff

Okay, I promised you random dancing, retreat shopping, and the discovery of important things. Hmm..Where to start?
Let's start with...
1. Random Dancing: The other night K2 was playing that song from the Tarzan movie - the slower one - I can't remember the name. And K1 was using the pillar in the living room and dancing against it. Scary stuff, that. But funny. Currently, they are singing a montage of Lion King, Pocahontas, and Lady GaGa. Life in my house - it is always interesting.
2. Retreat shopping: Is done. Whoot! There is one more super secret project to complete, and we're set. 2 weeks until retreat time and I cannot wait!! I have boxes of stuff around my dining room, and all that does is make me even more excited.
3. Discovery of Important Things: Some of you know, some do not. But in about 8 weeks or so, I am going to become a grandmother. Me? Yeah. Me. I'm not really ready for that, but I guess it really doesn't have anything to do with me. ha! K1 is going to be the daddy of a beautiful baby girl who will also be a K. I'll have to think of what to call her on here - K5 doesn't seem right, though maybe? Anyway. I can say she's a beautiful baby girl even though I haven't met her yet because I've seen some awesome 3D ultrasound images. And besides, she's a product of my son and his beautiful girlfriend. K1 will be moving out very soon as they prepare their home together.
So there you have it.
New Supernatural tonight. Counting down to the season finale, which of course, happens while I'm at the retreat, but we've got a plan so it's all good.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm all good, just in case you were wondering. Yes, it was a real rough spot, and it was shorter-lived thanks to some awesome friends and a fantastic family. There is nothing like the support of people who love you to put things in a whole new perspective. People who will let you say what you need to without judging you, do what you need to do without pressuring you, and people who send you cards that show up in your mailbox at the exact time you need to hear what they have to say. It's all awesome and all I can say is that I'm very blessed. And maybe that's what I needed to discover.
Maybe the rough spot was a reminder to me.
Tomorrow we will discover important things, discuss random dancing, and retreat shopping.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail

No Tall Tale Tuesday this week. Too much going on and not a clue where the camera with potential pictures has gone. It will come back, just not this week.
So, the very terrible, completely awful first draft is finished. Joy. I'm apathetic about it right now - maybe because I know how much work it needs. I'm still completely in love with the concept, so I guess that's at least something.
I gotta tell you my rough spot hasn't gotten any easier. I was just at the point where I thought I'd begun the crawl back out of the hole when something else happened - like a boot heel to my forehead that propelled me back into the abyss. Yeah, It's been like that lately. Sure I could make the choice to stop trying, but...not.
How about a little good?
The retreat t-shirts are as awesome as I thought they'd be. The first draft is done in a decent time frame, considering. K4's orchestra concert was fantastic. My house is in semi-decent shape. (not really, but it's my lie, let me live it! ha!) The retreat is two weeks away. And I'm taking a nap today.
So there you have it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Counting Down

1. Retreat!!!! 17 days!!!
2. The end of Supernatural Season 5 - 3 episodes.
3. The last day of school - 43 days.
4. K2's graduation - 42 days.
5. The end of the terrible first draft - today? Maybe?
6. First campout - 32 days.
This is when the calendar goes haywire. Every weekend and nearly every evening. So much is yet unknown - K2's summer schedule and therefore, my summer schedule, college stuff, camp schedules, ect.
So, yay for that. Ha! But, for now, I'm concentrating on the retreat! Our t-shirts are done and I'll be picking those up this afternoon. And finishing the very terrible, completely awful first draft possibly today. Then I'll do an editing run to hopefully bring it up to just very terrible. I might get another pass done before the retreat and then maybe I can just call it a 'rough' draft. ha! I'll be starting something new at the retreat while the current wip rests enough so that I can look at it without puking. I need to figure out what I'm doing over the summer with the kids underfoot, but I'm getting there.
It's raining and cold here, but I have hot coffee with excellent creamer, a warm blanket, and Supernatural reruns on the television.
Time to get to work.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dr. Who Sunday

.... Dr. Who is huge in my house. I mean, it's on all the time. If not "on demand", it's a DVD K3 borrowed from the library. I'm not kidding. The younger K's are obsessed. I have to say I'll watch it if it's on. I have fond memories of Dr. Who marathons from when I was a kid and there's a lot of ideas to be had from watching it. I'm also fond of David Tennant as the Doctor, so I wasn't sure how much I'd embrace the new guy.
He's definitely growing on me. Now that we're two episodes into the new season, I think it's going to be okay. We're still catching up on older episodes from previous seasons, so I don't think the craze is going to end anytime soon.
That is all.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Stuff

I have no idea where this day has gone. I did some stuff, and some other stuff, but no writing stuff. Yet. Though I have to say, I'm thinking about taking the weekend off. I have to write at least 50 words tomorrow to stay in the 50/50 challenge, and I suppose I will.
To be honest, I'm having a tough time at the moment. Let's face it - it's hard to continue to keep smiling when disappointment continues to smack you in the face. Rejections seem to get harder, despite trying my best not to get my hopes up. Some days I have no idea what I'm even doing anymore. Some days I'd like to curl up in a ball in the corner and cry.
And then...
Then, I decide to watch a movie. (Thanks to a promotional offer from our cable company, we now have free premium channels.) And then...Bam! The movie has the exact message I need to hear.
...And my hope is restored.
I'm still a little shaky, but I will survive.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

Way to kill me. Again.
Loved the hotel. And the Gods. And how they argued. Nice introduction of other mythologies.
I didn't expect that.
Poor, poor Gabriel. Man, how I'm going to miss him. What a great character! He stepped up and did the right thing though, or at least tried to. And man! Lucifer! You're meat suits looking a little bad these days. Loved the look of terror on both Sam and Dean's faces when he showed up.
It was a great episode. Worth staying up way past my bedtime. Though, honestly, I'm going to have to watch it again before I can put up a proper post.
I loved it though!

Feel Good Friday

Long and not such a great week, but let's see if I can find some good.
1. Good kid dentist appointments.
2. Supernatural last night - even though I stayed up way past my bedtime.
3. Not cooking dinner.
4. Sleeping in tomorrow.
5. Weekend!
It's short and sweet!
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mixed Up

I have my days all mixed up this week. Maybe because I've had multiple Mondays. I keep thinking today is Thursday, but it's not. Sigh.
Here's what I'm thinking about today:
1. Senior-itis - K2 and her classmates have it bad. She just sent me a text with a picture of all of the junior cars - saran wrapped. Very funny stuff, though I'm sure the perpetrators will be in trouble. At least she wasn't involved in the prank.
2. I must have very small ear canals because my ear buds won't stay in.
3. Gummi butterflies - if you like that kind of thing, you must find them. Don't blame me if you become addicted though.
4. I'm glad I called to double-check K3's appointment time. I would have been late.
5. 21 days until my writing retreat!!!
6. I need someone to come and clean my house so I don't have to. Like every day. Some days twice. I don't understand how it turns to filth so fast and I do not like it.
7. I'm still cold.
8. My dog snores pretty darned loud.
9. Rain - we have some.
10. Tomorrow's Supernatural is being delayed thanks to a baseball game and that makes me really sad.
There's a lot more on my mind, but I'll leave you with those.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail

So, a month or so ago, Wednesday was the new Monday.
Today, Tuesday is.
A long day. Very. Meetings, errands, appointments, grocery store. Ack!
I haven't had my shoes off for very long. My feet hurt. A lot.
I need new sneakers in a big way.
I did manage to write - longhand - while doing various other things that had to be done. But I still did some significant work. Not quite done yet, but soon. Every single time I think I'm close, I go off in another direction and start adding necessary scenes. But I'll get there.
Tomorrow is very similar to today. It scares me. So, then Wednesday is Monday, too.
I don't even know.
So, that's just a long way to tell you that there's no Tall Tale Tuesday this week.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, here we are at Monday again.
I remember now why I used to post Moaning Monday, especially since K1's music has filtered through two floors and the bass is about to make me go insane. And it was one of those mornings typical of Monday - missing things, attitudes, dawdling. Joy.
I have to admit, I really don't think it's going to snow again. Just sayin'. Though some consistent temperatures sure would be nice. I'm cold and I hate that.
On the writing front...I'm very close to finishing the very awful horrible first draft of the book without a title. Then, I'll be editing, or in editing Hell. I think I've got some good bones, but those bones are sticking out all over the place. Some are probably broken beyond repair and will need to be surgically removed. The scene I just wrote belongs in the front of the book because it's a huge turning point in the trust factor between my hero and heroine. Which is good, but I've never written a book out of order like this before and it kind of scares me a little.
23 days until the retreat! I'm so excited! We have a record number of attendees this year and have the entire floor filled with several people doubled up. Several new faces as well, which is awesome. I've ordered the t-shirts and scheduled the shopping. And am slowly getting the home schedule ironed out for the weekend. There's a lot going on that weekend, including prom.
I think that's enough rambling for this freezing cold Monday morning.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

Thanks for a fantastic episode! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I cringed, I stared in horror, I cheered. The ep was packed with so much emotion. I swear you could feel it coming from the television and soaking into you.
When Castiel kicked the crap out of Dean, I was both horrified and delighted. Horrified that Dean's essentially believed everything Cas gave up to help them meant nothing. Honestly, I hadn't even thought about how Dean saying yes would affect Cas. The furious emotion from Cas was very nicely done - that's where the delight comes in. Bobby broke my heart with his single bullet and telling Dean the reason he didn't do it was because of a promise he made to Dean.
Adam being yanked from his grave was a very dirty angel trick. Adam's character was very nicely played. I had no trouble believing Adam would have been hunting demons right next to Sam and Dean had they known him sooner. His attitude was perfect. Those angel's totally yanked the poor kid around.
Dean was pretty much a jerk for most of the episode. Yeah, I get that he felt he had no choice and the events of the past few episodes had taken the life, and the faith, right out of him. He was in crisis and Jensen played that perfectly. It doesn't change the fact that I wanted to smack him upside his head many, many times. What he said to Sam was so wrong, so horrible. But then, Dean turned the corner and did the right thing. I'll admit it: I cheered when he ganked Zachariah. The character, much like Gordon for me, was very nicely played.
Sam was steadfast through the whole thing. His unfailing belief that Dean would do the right thing even if Bobby and Cas didn't agree. His lack of external response to Dean's hurtful words. His belief in his brother and the fight. Loved it.
The ending was perfect. Dean's apology, Sam's near tears. Yes! Though I have to say, I hope Sam's mistakes stop being an excuse for Dean. How much does Sam have to apologize. I know he started the apocalypse, but technically Dean did with being the righteous man and all. They both did the best they could and end of the world or not, I'm tired of hearing Dean bash Sam for his mistakes.
I'm afraid there was too much chaos in my house for me to hear much of next week's preview. All I know is that I probably won't get to watch it until at least Friday night or Saturday, depending. And that makes me very, very sad.
Anyway. Good job, Supernatural People. Nicely done.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Well, we made it. Friday. Finally!
Here's the list:
1. Friday! Yay!
2. Sleeping in tomorrow, though I just found out I don't get to sleep in as much as I thought.
3. Supernatural last night. (more on that later - probably tomorrow)
4. Having two adorable little visitors when I finally got home.
5. Pizza for dinner.
6. Thunderstorms!
7. Birthday balloons. Birthday cakes. Birthday presents. Good birthday!
8. Lord of the Rings - because it's always, always good.
9. Ordering T-shirts for the retreat! Whoot! Retreat!
Okay. Can't think of the 10th, though I know there is one. Ha!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thursday Stuff

Today is the 45th wedding anniversary of my creators! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! *Correction!! I apparently don't have my right math head on today! It's 49 years for Mom and Dad! Which I should know because their 50th is the same year as our 25th!
So, I saw some pictures and a preview for tonight's Supernatural and now I cannot wait for 9pm to arrive! I generally try to avoid spoilers, though mostly I don't mind if I stumble across them. Mostly they just make me even more eager for whatever it is. Like Supernatural! I want to know! Now!
During a writing blast for my group, a new language was discovered by Natalie Damschroder and Misty Simon. Typotic. That's the language of chat room. The fast typing, interchangeable letters within a word, or the missing letters as you type very fast. So, no, it's not a misspelled word. It's the typotic language. And I'm fluent in it, especially during a chat. ha!
I almost swallowed a bee earlier, or at the very least, would have ended up with a bee in my mouth. I was talking to K2 and stepped out onto the back porch - mid-inhale. If I hadn't turned my head...*shudders*
Did I ever tell you about the time I ended up with a blow fly in my ear?
So, my birthday was very nice! The family made me stromboli's for dinner and K4 made me a red velvet cake. She even decorated it herself. Though B put so many candles on it (wayyy more than my new age) that it hurt my eyes to look at it. We watched LoTR and my folks came over with a cake and presents, including a brand spanking new chopper, which I love with all of my culinary heart!
B will be taking some pies to the face tonight at scouts. He challenged the scouts in the recent pie sale. For every 20 pies they sold, he takes one in the face. I think he has 4 pies aiming for his head tonight. Should be interesting, and I will try to get pictures.
Random over.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I know you're not going to believe me, and yes, I am saying "Hell, no!", but the truth is...
If old Lightning manages to get sweet Melody pregnant, we will be getting a puppy.
Hard to believe, right?
It is for me, too, and I was dead set against it until I spent some time with these dogs and realized what awesome offspring they'd create. It's nuts, I know. I'm nuts. But...
I am really okay with it, regardless of how much I dread the idea of puppy training again. Abbie was relatively easy to train and she's a great dog. I fear we won't be so lucky again, but then I hang out with these potential parents and realize there's a good shot we could be blessed with another awesome dog.
At this point, there's no positives. We're just waiting to see what happens.
And we'll go from there...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday

A simple True or False for you today!
See those dogs? Those are my sister-in-laws dogs. Both are labs, though one is an American Lab and the other is a European Lab. The male is enormous - his head is stunningly huge. The female is feisty and sweet and somewhat smaller than his 120 or so pounds.
So...the question is:
If these two procreate, will we get a puppy?
What do you think? Will we, or am I saying "Hell, no. We already have a huge dog. And I do not have time to train a puppy."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Work in Progress Monday

I'm hitting the keyboard hard today. Trying to recoup from the stretch of barely any words for various reasons. I have managed to stay in my chapter's 50/50 challenge, which is a bonus. My new work in progress doesn't have a title yet, which is the least of my worries since right now it's one unholy mess.
I seriously over plotted my last book, so I'm going the opposite direction with this one. Well, sort of opposite. I'm coming into the homestretch of the very rough (very) draft, and then will go back and begin layering in things I'm skipping just to get the story on the page. I'm a little beyond my estimated date of completion for it, but considering stuff that was out of my hands, I'm not doing too bad.
Here's a rough (very) snippet:
“Get that piece of shit off my land.” Isaac toed the filthy body in front of him. “I don’t deal in human trade. You ought to know that by now.”
“It ain’t trade, Isaac. This one has a bounty. A big one. Worth three times what I owe you. If not more. Easy money.” He spit before grabbing a handful of hair and yanking the head back.
Like I said, rough draft. I would have put a little more in, but the hero swears a lot in the next few lines. I think I mentioned before that this book is like Firefly meets Dark Angel meets Red Dawn. My original vision for it is morphing a bit, but that's par for the course.
Lunch break is over, so I'm heading back to it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funny

It's Sunday around here. Of course, I guess it's Sunday where you are, too. Unless you're not reading this on Sunday, then it's not. So...
Maybe I'll just leave you with this...>Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

Fantastic episode!
I'm in love with the idea of an entire town coming together to fight the bad things. The post-apocalyptic feel of the little community, the kids packing salt rounds, the line of guns in church, the holy water in the tanker truck - brilliant! I loved it, though it was obvious there was something wrong. I never bought that Leah was a prophet. I found her progression from whispering things to her father to taking over for him nicely done - especially when she absolved the mom of any guilt for killing someone who'd been her friend for a long time. I loved how Leah's father realized there was something wrong, and I loved the holster on his thigh.
I was worried, and I guess I had every right to be, about Sam and Dean. Sam is determined to fight this thing, to win, and Dean could not care less about anything going on anywhere. Cass's arrival and his "I found a liquor store and drank it", brilliant. His lines were hysterical, especially when he called Sam an abomination. I'd hoped Dean could be the one to kill Leah, but at the same time I didn't want him to. What I feared ended up happening and that breaks my heart. The previews for next week have me all worried, but you've never let me down, Supernatural People, so I'll anxiously wait. Dean showing up at Lisa's and telling her when he pictures himself happy it's with her...*sniffle*. But dang, Thursday is way too far away!
I can't think about this season nearly being over, and I can't think about next season being the last. I don't know if I can bear it, though I don't want Sam and Dean to go all Fonzie on us either. I will be sad though. Really sad.
That is all.

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. A little chilly, but the sun is shining and our schedule for today has miraculously cleared, except for a few things. Of course, that means I have no excuse not to get my house cleaned...
Here's the list:
1. Good parent-teacher conferences.
2. Fantastic booksignings. Met a lot of nice people and sold some books. The folks at Aaron's books are superb and it's the cutest little book store.
3. Hanging with my writing buddies.
4. Epic!
5. Whittling down the "to do" list, though I still haven't found the correct notebook.
6. Supernatural! (more on that later)
7. No stink bug sightings in the past two days.
...and...I don't know. It was a pretty decent week. Friday went so fast. I barely had time to keep up with myself.
Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, April 09, 2010


Come out for Second Friday in Lititz!!
Author signing with:
Lititz, Pa
Friday, April 9, 2010
Come out and say hi!!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thursday Things

...and yes, they are random things.
*My handy dandy 'to do' notebook was full and I spent too much time looking for a similar notebook to keep track of life. I know I have one, but it appears lost in the void. Honestly, I felt very discombobulated without it. This notebook is like my life line. I still kind of feel that way since the notebook I found isn't the one I wanted. How weird is that?
*My elbow hurts. A lot. I think it's because of the way I sit and the way I hold the mouse or hold my hand over the keyboard when I'm typing. I've been doing okay remembering to get up and stretch not only the elbow, but every other part as well, but it's still store.
*I am so sick of doing laundry that I've begun training the younger K's on proper laundry protocol. It's going well, except for their constant bickering and the fact that they have no concept of sock matching. I can live with mismatched socks, the bickering is another thing entirely. Once they are properly trained, I will move to "laundry days". Brilliant.
*K3's awful nosebleeds appear to be on their way out. This is after a cauterization and several trips to the doctor. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll have minimal nosebleeds from here on out.
*Stink bugs. Since the weather has warmed, they've come out of hiding. B, for some odd reason known only to him, had to tell me he'd removed three from our bedroom when he went to take a shower. Did not need to know that. I also removed two from the dining room - with the bottom of my shoe. They're everywhere. The cat is no longer interested in them, probably because he got stink on him. Special note: Do not rinse stink bugs down your drain. The smell takes forever to go away.
Gotta go. Parent-teacher conferences loom on the horizon.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Ready for the answer?

1. Continued texting, then went to bed. Yes. I didn't cry, didn't yell, and there was no blood. After I landed on my tush, I finished the text message and crawled into bed, not really thinking about my little spill. When I woke up, I realized how hard I'd hit my head. There was a huge goose egg there and the area's still sore. I probably did give myself a concussion and am just too stupid to notice these things. I was intent on my texting though because we'd worked our tails off in the yard all day and I felt like the walking dead. I just wanted to go to sleep.
Maybe that just proves I'm not very smart. Or maybe it's just typical for me. I don't know. Or maybe I should be too embarrassed to post these things here. Nah. ha! Or! Or maybe people shouldn't leave their shoes at the top of the stairs for me to trip over in the dead of night.
That is all.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail (Sort of)

Okay, so I'm a bonehead. I was only coming up with one thing for Tall Tale Tuesday anyway, so here it is:
Saturday night I was texting K2 on my way to bed. She was working pretty late and I wanted to let her know we were retiring, plus to give us a heads up that she was home when she got in. The house was already dark since I was the last one up. I hit the top stair, tripped over a pair of shoes and went down, hitting my head pretty hard on the doorjamb after scraping my arm down the wood. What did I do next?
1. Continued texting, then went to bed.
2. Cried, because it hurt really bad.
3. Yelled in pain loud enough to wake K4 and B and send them into a tizzy because of the blood on my arm.
4. Sat there stunned for a few seconds before getting some ice for my aching head and wondering if I'd given myself a concussion.
There is only one correct answer.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday Random

I'm still not a fan of Monday. Just sayin'.
Here's a brief rundown of my day:
My couch is full of laundry. Which is good, but a mess. Thankfully, the kids did laundry while I was otherwise occupied today. Especially since, this morning, after nearly getting stung by this huge (and I mean, HUGE) yellow jacket-type bee in our room (I piled clothes on him), I realized that the weekend busyness had thrown my laundry schedule off kilter and I was missing items to make my outfit complete. 'Nuff said about that.
Oh, and then I found a tick in my leg. Which freaks me out because I hate ticks and because I showered this morning, had on clean jeans and never wore my shoes outside this weekend. Where did it come from? (Rhetorical question. I know they are sneaky buggers.)
The chicken never got out of the freezer (stupid chicken), so I had to be innovative with dinner. That's fine, except I got sidetracked and let it burn. And then, planning to finish off the leftover salads from yesterday, I pulled the container of macaroni salad out of the fridge, opened the container to find a fork and no more than ten lonely macaroni's.
The week can only improve, right? Not that today's really been bad or anything. It's just been...Monday - an odd mix of the bizarre and interesting and somewhat frustrating.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

... Don't ask me. I don't get it either.
It's been a long day full of food, fun, and laughter and I'm so tired and full I can no longer think straight.
Hope you had a good day no matter what you celebrate!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Sleeping in this morning.
2. Coffee with coconut cream creamer.
3. My meeting tomorrow.
4. Meeting my monthly goal with time to spare.
5. Friends getting positive news.
6. K4 playing her violin on the patio - close enough for me to hear, but not so loud in my ear.
7. Getting the splinter out of my toe.
8. The sun - oh what a beautiful day!!
9. Not knowing what I'm making for dinner and not caring either. ha!
10. Supernatural.
I think that's enough for now!

Dear Supernatural People,

Once again I am filled with awe and love.
The only spoiler I'd seen was Sam getting shot and, for a minute, I thought the episode would turn out to be a huge April Fool joke. Therefore, I didn't bat an eye when Dean got his guts blown out as well. Let's face it - Sam and Dean can't die, so I knew the episode would end with them alive, even if it did turn out to be a joke.
Cut to Dean in the Impala and young Sam running by with a box of fireworks. Loved the look of pure joy on Dean's face as he relived a cherished memory with his little brother. But then, Dean remembers getting shot and while he thinks he's dreaming, he knows this is something more. Then 11-year old Sam remembering his first "real" Thanksgiving, complete with crushing-on-him girl and turkey. Nicely done. And! They're in heaven - despite the terrible things they've done!
Sam's memories vs. Dean's memories and Sam saying "I never had anyone cut the crusts off my sandwiches" *sobs* Which is worse? Having those kind of memories and knowing you'll never have that again, or never having them and knowing other people you love have? Dean very obviously did his young best to keep Sam's childhood as normal as possible considering their circumstances, and Sam did what every kid is supposed to do - pull away and seek his own future. Interesting and very good insight.
And then! Ash! Ash in his own personal heaven at the bar and no hangovers. And he's still a techno geek, checking out the angel speak and going to see Johnny Cash's heaven. Very cool. I loved when he told Sam and Dean that they died more than anyone he knew. And then! Pamela shows up. I'm not sure if Ash and Pamela ever knew each other in life, though I suppose we can assume they did because of Bobby and the bar, ect. I didn't like that she tried to hard sell Dean the idea that he should just let the apocalypse come and then sit back and enjoy his heaven. I have to wonder why Ash didn't know Ellen and Jo were dead, and why he hasn't found Mary or John. Though, would Mary be there for selling her kid's soul to Yellow Eye? I don't know.
Zachariah is a douche. No arguments there. Though I wonder how he can get away with being so evil while in heaven. He really put Dean through the ringer, and then...Joshua. I loved his character and while I believe the things he said, I also think he's only saying what God tells him. God might talk to him, but it doesn't mean he tells him everything. Dean had such high hopes that they'd finally get the help they need, or at least some good advice. What he got was a loss of faith for himself and Castiel. (Nicely done, Cass.) When Dean threw the necklace away, I almost cried. Though I know Sam had to have taken it back out of the trash.
I'm definitely buckled in for the ride, and loving every minute of it. (and not thinking too hard about missing the finale while on the retreat!)

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool?

It's April first! I can't believe I forgot that in my previous post.
So far, there has been no fooling around here, but I'm ready for it.
I did hear a good potential prank though. Two women I know from B's work planned to put liquid thickener in some of the guy's coffee. They are serious coffee guys and spend much time discussing said brown liquid and grinding and brewing different pots at work. Can't wait to hear how that went.
I think I told you the last time I tried a prank, it backfired into me being pregnant with K4. Won't do that one again.
I'll let you know if any fooling goes on here today. I think the kids forgot this morning, which was fine. The morning was stressful enough without it. The day is young though.

Things I'm Thinking About...

1. How to find the 2 hours I lost this morning with K3 and yet another nosebleed. Late to school. A late start for my day.
2. How fantastic sleeping in tomorrow will be.
3. Resisting adding yet another obligation to my list.
4. The sun. Oh, how I've missed you.
5. The wip. Need to make serious progress.
6. How my 'to do' list constantly grows instead of shrinks.
7. If moving my computer will help me focus better.
Things I am not thinking about:
1. The cleaning I have to do before Sunday.
2. The shopping I have to do before Sunday. (Guess who's hosting Easter this year?)
3. Peanut butter.
4. Street cleaning.
5. The rubber hand on my dining room table.
Okay. I need to write.