Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail

So, a month or so ago, Wednesday was the new Monday.
Today, Tuesday is.
A long day. Very. Meetings, errands, appointments, grocery store. Ack!
I haven't had my shoes off for very long. My feet hurt. A lot.
I need new sneakers in a big way.
I did manage to write - longhand - while doing various other things that had to be done. But I still did some significant work. Not quite done yet, but soon. Every single time I think I'm close, I go off in another direction and start adding necessary scenes. But I'll get there.
Tomorrow is very similar to today. It scares me. So, then Wednesday is Monday, too.
I don't even know.
So, that's just a long way to tell you that there's no Tall Tale Tuesday this week.

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