Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Stuff

I have no idea where this day has gone. I did some stuff, and some other stuff, but no writing stuff. Yet. Though I have to say, I'm thinking about taking the weekend off. I have to write at least 50 words tomorrow to stay in the 50/50 challenge, and I suppose I will.
To be honest, I'm having a tough time at the moment. Let's face it - it's hard to continue to keep smiling when disappointment continues to smack you in the face. Rejections seem to get harder, despite trying my best not to get my hopes up. Some days I have no idea what I'm even doing anymore. Some days I'd like to curl up in a ball in the corner and cry.
And then...
Then, I decide to watch a movie. (Thanks to a promotional offer from our cable company, we now have free premium channels.) And then...Bam! The movie has the exact message I need to hear.
...And my hope is restored.
I'm still a little shaky, but I will survive.


Ava Quinn said...

Keep the faith, V. I'm trying to, as well.

Victoria said...

That's all we can do, M3! Sometimes it sucks though!

Susan Kelley said...

I have those days too. Keep going. Remember, Dawn is ever the hope of warriors.
Warrior on.

Victoria said...

I like that, Sue! Thanks!