Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thursday Stuff

Today is the 45th wedding anniversary of my creators! Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! *Correction!! I apparently don't have my right math head on today! It's 49 years for Mom and Dad! Which I should know because their 50th is the same year as our 25th!
So, I saw some pictures and a preview for tonight's Supernatural and now I cannot wait for 9pm to arrive! I generally try to avoid spoilers, though mostly I don't mind if I stumble across them. Mostly they just make me even more eager for whatever it is. Like Supernatural! I want to know! Now!
During a writing blast for my group, a new language was discovered by Natalie Damschroder and Misty Simon. Typotic. That's the language of chat room. The fast typing, interchangeable letters within a word, or the missing letters as you type very fast. So, no, it's not a misspelled word. It's the typotic language. And I'm fluent in it, especially during a chat. ha!
I almost swallowed a bee earlier, or at the very least, would have ended up with a bee in my mouth. I was talking to K2 and stepped out onto the back porch - mid-inhale. If I hadn't turned my head...*shudders*
Did I ever tell you about the time I ended up with a blow fly in my ear?
So, my birthday was very nice! The family made me stromboli's for dinner and K4 made me a red velvet cake. She even decorated it herself. Though B put so many candles on it (wayyy more than my new age) that it hurt my eyes to look at it. We watched LoTR and my folks came over with a cake and presents, including a brand spanking new chopper, which I love with all of my culinary heart!
B will be taking some pies to the face tonight at scouts. He challenged the scouts in the recent pie sale. For every 20 pies they sold, he takes one in the face. I think he has 4 pies aiming for his head tonight. Should be interesting, and I will try to get pictures.
Random over.

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