Friday, April 30, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

Good episode!
Pestilence! Max Headroom! Yes!
I liked the way this one started at the end of last week and flowed right in. Little concerned about the janitor guy at first. It took me a while to realize he was really Brady (the bastard!). Well, to be fair it wasn't really Brady's fault. Poor Sam. Is everything he thought good tainted by evil?
It was good to see the demon communication device still in action - as gross as it is. The flies were a nice touch. Brady was ruthless and a total douche, but it was very well done. Crowley. Love him and I hope he's not yanking their chain. He hasn't yet, but then we didn't think Ruby was either. So...
Sam's squinty-eyed assessment of Brady after he told them where to find Pestilence and his final revenge was nicely done. Dean watching as his brother soaked in what Brady was saying. Those are things I'm sure Sam's thought of many times.
I think Bobby's going to do it. I really do. I think he'll want his legs to work again as his payment. Which would be cool, but at the same time my stomach hurts at the thought. He's so desperate though, so tired, so sick of feeling like he's not helping. Crowley better not be lying to him.
I wish next week was here already. The previews are totally cool and I love the music.
This one is definitely one of my favorites this season.
Until next week. (And *sobs* not thinking about there only being 2 more weeks!)


Susan Kelley said...

It was great. My son at college was on the phone as soon as it was over. He had a final next week and I'm worried he'll hurry through it so he doesn't miss the episode. But priorities, you know.

Victoria said...

LOL - that's too funny. I'll bet he does hurry and that he passes too! :) It's a good priority, in my opinion. lol

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I have to watch again, but Crowley said Bobby has to make a wish, "Say, Death's location," or something like that. I understood him to mean that if they make a deal and consummate it, then Bobby gets his wish, and can therefore find Death.

The problem is...Crowley doesn't currently know where Death is, and all the demons said they work for someone (I don't think we ever found out who that was, did we?). So that means that other someone would make the wish come true, which to me means Crowley's not the one who gets the soul, his boss is, and HE won't give it back. :(

Victoria said...

I'd have to watch it again, too, because people were bugging me a lot so maybe I'm wrong in thinking Bobby got a wish of his own.
I don't think we ever found out who the demons work for. Not that I remember.
Noooo Bobby! The thought of that makes me sick to my stomach! But that does make perfect sense. Plus we don't know if Crowley is yanking their chains either. His purpose could be getting Bobby's soul.
Thursday seems like a long way off!