Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Stuff

Okay, I promised you random dancing, retreat shopping, and the discovery of important things. Hmm..Where to start?
Let's start with...
1. Random Dancing: The other night K2 was playing that song from the Tarzan movie - the slower one - I can't remember the name. And K1 was using the pillar in the living room and dancing against it. Scary stuff, that. But funny. Currently, they are singing a montage of Lion King, Pocahontas, and Lady GaGa. Life in my house - it is always interesting.
2. Retreat shopping: Is done. Whoot! There is one more super secret project to complete, and we're set. 2 weeks until retreat time and I cannot wait!! I have boxes of stuff around my dining room, and all that does is make me even more excited.
3. Discovery of Important Things: Some of you know, some do not. But in about 8 weeks or so, I am going to become a grandmother. Me? Yeah. Me. I'm not really ready for that, but I guess it really doesn't have anything to do with me. ha! K1 is going to be the daddy of a beautiful baby girl who will also be a K. I'll have to think of what to call her on here - K5 doesn't seem right, though maybe? Anyway. I can say she's a beautiful baby girl even though I haven't met her yet because I've seen some awesome 3D ultrasound images. And besides, she's a product of my son and his beautiful girlfriend. K1 will be moving out very soon as they prepare their home together.
So there you have it.
New Supernatural tonight. Counting down to the season finale, which of course, happens while I'm at the retreat, but we've got a plan so it's all good.


Susan Kelley said...

K1.a I think that's the proper designation.
My stepson has a little girl and I love being Grammy Sue so prepare yourself for major enjoyment.

Ava Quinn said...

How about GK-K = grand kid K.

Hooray retreat!!!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

K1.2 Or K2.0-1. No, that's too much. How about K+?

Why, oh why, can't it be an L?!

Victoria said...

Many good suggestions! I like them all.