Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail

No Tall Tale Tuesday this week. Too much going on and not a clue where the camera with potential pictures has gone. It will come back, just not this week.
So, the very terrible, completely awful first draft is finished. Joy. I'm apathetic about it right now - maybe because I know how much work it needs. I'm still completely in love with the concept, so I guess that's at least something.
I gotta tell you my rough spot hasn't gotten any easier. I was just at the point where I thought I'd begun the crawl back out of the hole when something else happened - like a boot heel to my forehead that propelled me back into the abyss. Yeah, It's been like that lately. Sure I could make the choice to stop trying, but...not.
How about a little good?
The retreat t-shirts are as awesome as I thought they'd be. The first draft is done in a decent time frame, considering. K4's orchestra concert was fantastic. My house is in semi-decent shape. (not really, but it's my lie, let me live it! ha!) The retreat is two weeks away. And I'm taking a nap today.
So there you have it.


Susan Kelley said...

The retreat will surely pull you out of that dark place and back into the light. Keeping on truckin.

Victoria said...

I'm counting on that, Sue! Thanks!