Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mixed Up

I have my days all mixed up this week. Maybe because I've had multiple Mondays. I keep thinking today is Thursday, but it's not. Sigh.
Here's what I'm thinking about today:
1. Senior-itis - K2 and her classmates have it bad. She just sent me a text with a picture of all of the junior cars - saran wrapped. Very funny stuff, though I'm sure the perpetrators will be in trouble. At least she wasn't involved in the prank.
2. I must have very small ear canals because my ear buds won't stay in.
3. Gummi butterflies - if you like that kind of thing, you must find them. Don't blame me if you become addicted though.
4. I'm glad I called to double-check K3's appointment time. I would have been late.
5. 21 days until my writing retreat!!!
6. I need someone to come and clean my house so I don't have to. Like every day. Some days twice. I don't understand how it turns to filth so fast and I do not like it.
7. I'm still cold.
8. My dog snores pretty darned loud.
9. Rain - we have some.
10. Tomorrow's Supernatural is being delayed thanks to a baseball game and that makes me really sad.
There's a lot more on my mind, but I'll leave you with those.


Susan Kelley said...

Hey the senior prank sounds pretty harmless though not very 'green.'
Mad about SN baseball delay too.
With you on the house thing but I really need someone to do laundry too.
I'm cold too, darn it.
I'm going to find some of those gummi butterflies.

Victoria said...

Not green at all, and they got in big trouble over it!
I need someone to do laundry as well. I should have mentioned that!