Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday - Fail (Sort of)

Okay, so I'm a bonehead. I was only coming up with one thing for Tall Tale Tuesday anyway, so here it is:
Saturday night I was texting K2 on my way to bed. She was working pretty late and I wanted to let her know we were retiring, plus to give us a heads up that she was home when she got in. The house was already dark since I was the last one up. I hit the top stair, tripped over a pair of shoes and went down, hitting my head pretty hard on the doorjamb after scraping my arm down the wood. What did I do next?
1. Continued texting, then went to bed.
2. Cried, because it hurt really bad.
3. Yelled in pain loud enough to wake K4 and B and send them into a tizzy because of the blood on my arm.
4. Sat there stunned for a few seconds before getting some ice for my aching head and wondering if I'd given myself a concussion.
There is only one correct answer.


Ava Quinn said...

Yeoch, are you okay? No concussion, I hope. That sucks.

I'm torn between #3 and 4. hmmmm. Though in all reality it could be #1 too.

Alright, here's my guess.
#3 because they should run and help you!

Susan Kelley said...

I'm guessign #1 because I think you're one tough kick-ass heroine type and even though blood gushed from a deep wound, you merely used super glue to seal the wound and continued texting.
Now there's some pressure to lie if I didn't guess right.

Victoria said...

I'm okay, M3. It was a good bump, but I must be too stupid.

LOL, Sue. You crack me up! I wish!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I say none of the above, because none mentioned cursing like a sailor.

(If you've posted the answer since 6:00 p.m., I promise I haven't read it yet. I pulled up blogs to read and then left for p/t conferences.)

Victoria said...

Bwah ha ha! You know me so well, Nat!! I did curse, but it was quiet so not to wake anyone. lol

But one of them is the truth even if I didn't mention the cursing part! :)