Wednesday, February 28, 2018




Tomorrow I get to bail on the day job early to take the kid to a doc appointment. I already have my time made up, so... while sitting in a doctor's office is low on my favorite things to do, leaving early is high on my favorite things to do. It's kind of a wash, but whatever.

This week has been pretty brutal. See above. I've been working early and late to make up time, and hopefully make up a little more so I can head out earlier on Friday. (also very awesome, if it happens) And it's super busy - which is the norm, so I don't know why I even mention it.

Had a super interesting conversation with the Fabulous Simon on the way home from work tonight. Writing stuff. How to get words on the page as presented by a PodCast she listened to. My wheels are spinning and I have to say, I'm pretty excited about those wheels.

That is all. It's late and I'm tired.


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Woah! Almost a Week!

It was a long week last week!

Lots of insanity at the day job. Long days. Brain disintegration. Exhaustion.

I did write.

I also ran around a lot.

This week is probably going to be the same.

The weekend was good though.

Friday night was paint night with friends I don't get to see often. In fact, it's probably been a year for a few of them. K4 and I went and had a blast. We painted pretty pictures, ate a lot of junk food, and had great conversation.

Saturday was a flash signing at the bookstore. Didn't sell any books, but it was super fun to hang out with my writing friends!

Laid low last night - hanging with That Man.

Slept in this morning. Very nice. And I took a nap today. Stayed in my sweat pants all day. Got to see K3 for a little bit. Made an awesome dinner. Did laundry. Writing.

But oy! Tomorrow is Monday again.

That is all!


Monday, February 19, 2018

Another Weekend Wrap Up on Monday...

I was too tired to post an update last night!

The weekend was pretty darned good! Friday night was hanging out, packaging sausage, laughter. Slept in a bit on Saturday. Ran around with That Man. Then home for beautiful snow! Yay! And writing! Sunday was race day and we went to my brother and sister-in-law's to hang out and watch the race and eat. That was a lot of fun. Came home and laid on the couch. Ha!

The good news is that Into the Fire hit print on Amazon! Yay! I was a little worried because it wasn't on yet. Exciting.

The other good news is that The Second Sentence anthology is also live on Amazon!

Look at the choices I just gave you! :)

Now I must write!


Thursday, February 15, 2018


One more work day to live through until the weekend! Yay!

I get to go in late. "Get to" like I have a choice and I'm getting paid for it. Ha! K4 had an orthodontist appointment yesterday and they attached a bunch of hardware into her mouth. So I went in late then. Today I get a call from her, really upset, that some of the things they'd hooked up had broken. Great. So now we have to go back in the morning and get it fixed. She's not happy and is in pain. I am also not happy because instead of making up the time I lost on Wednesday, I will be losing even more time. So there's that. Plus, my kid is hurting, which is never good.

It's raining. It's warm out. I opened our window so we can hear the rain when we go to bed. That will be nice, but it's not going to last. We're supposed to get snow this weekend. Weird.

I'm also fighting off some aches and pains, sinus pressure, and a weird feeling stomach. I am doing my best to ignore these things. I have to make it through the day tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the weekend, darn it, so no way!

This evening went super fast. Came home to dinner made, did the dishes, did the writing, did the bills, and now it's now... and I'm fried.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Look What Came!!

I know the book has been out for months, but it was only available digitally and now it's in print!

There is nothing like the feeling of holding your book in your hands! :) Coming home to my books made a pretty crappy day so much better!

Look at that!

Ignore my dry hands and my lunchbox in the background. I was so excited, I don't even think I took my coat off! ha!

I already have a bunch of people who want copies, which is epic! I'll probably have to put another order in soon, just because I have a few events coming up that I'll need them for!


Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up on Monday

Yeah, it's Monday.

I never made it on here yesterday (obviously).

Let's wrap up...

Friday night - Rushed home so we could take K4 out on date night. We went to a cute little place with a food truck and music. Had a lot of fun and good food.

Saturday - booksigning! Yay! It was awesome. Not very busy, but I did sell books. K3 came out to see me and take pictures. K4 came to be my PR person. It's always amazing to get to hang out with my writing friends. After the signing, we all went over to the restaurant next door for dinner. That was good, too.

Anthology partner Bix, gifted the rest of us in the anthology with a print copy of The First Sentence, which was so very awesome! We were all really excited and are in love with getting to hold that book in our hands.

Finally got home and took my boots off. My feet were killing me. Crashed pretty early - done with being "on" and being on my feet.

Sunday - slept in a little. Coffee. K3 came over and went to see That Mom with us. He hung out a while. After he went home, I took a nap. That was awesome. Made dinner. Then to bed.

So exciting. I know. I can't help how exiting and crazy my life is. Ha ha!

This week is much of the same old, same old. Working the day job. Trying to get writing done. Getting "stuff" done. I'll try not to bore you as much with my next post!

There are two exciting things -

Into the Fire will be a print book in my hands very soon. Probably by this time next week! Whoot!

The Second Sentence Anthology comes out on Valentine's Day. It's only $2.99.

That is all!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Saturday Plans?

Hey! If you're local-ish and not doing anything on Saturday, come on out and visit a super cool greenhouse and meet some authors!

You might find some books to get you through the rest of this super long winter!

And you can plan your flowerbeds and garden for when it finally does warm up.

Ashcombe's has a great lunch, too.

Last year, we had two author sponsored gift baskets.

Also, it's usually warm in the greenhouse, so you won't have to worry about freezing to death!

Image may contain: text

Hopefully, I'll see some familiar faces!


Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Snow & Ice Day...

It was pretty yucky out there today. Awesome!

K4's school cancelled at 5:30. It wasn't even doing anything yet. I got up and turned on the coffee pot for That Man, took the dog out, and then went back to bed. About an hour later, just when I was reaching for the snooze on my alarm, work texted that we would be delayed until noon. Yes! I went back to sleep for a while.

Got up about an hour later. Made coffee. Took the dog out again, and then went back to bed to watch the local news and do a little journaling. Work had said they'd reassess the situation around 10:30, but around 9:30 I got a text that said "we are not closed". Texted my supervisor for clarification. Did I need to get moving and get in there? Were we really closed and it was a typo? She texted HR who had to contact the guy responsible for the texts. We were closed. His next update cracked me up. He said "Correction. We are closed. (I feel like a missile warning in Hawaii now)" Well, maybe not funny to some, but if you knew this guy...

Stayed in bed and kept up my journaling. Finally got up and started a load of laundry, put away laundry and cleaned our room, made a bagel, saw "the boys" off to work. (K1, my nieces bf, and my adopted son - yes, they all work together and they have a blast) Tried to take a nap, but kept thinking about the snow out front. The snow had turned to rain by this point and after talking to That Man, I decided to shovel.

Oy! That crap was heavy! I did the sidewalk and a parking space for That Man. There was a lake forming in the road from the ice jams. I am hurting a bit now. I'm kind of afraid to know what I'll feel like in the morning. My forearms, shoulders, and back are on fire. Yeah. Apparently I need to get into better shape. When I was done shoveling and spreading cinders, I came in and changed. I was covered in dirty gross water from cars going by me while I shoveled.

Made dinner. Talked to That Man. K4's school has already delayed tomorrow. Don't know if my work will or not.

Tomorrow is my baby sister's birthday! Happy Birthday, Meme! (that's what the kids all call her) Love you bunches!

That is all!


Sunday, February 04, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up...

It's Sunday, people. I mean, really?

It's been a pretty good weekend.
Slept in a bit on Saturday, then to my writing meeting.
Then to the grocery store - that was crazy. Snow was in the forecast and everyone was out in full force buying their eggs, bread, and milk. I was just doing regular shopping. I did save like $60.00 in coupons, which was awesome.
K4 met me at the store, which was good because I needed her car for the grocery haul. Then we headed out to get a birthday present for That Man.
I did get the Christmas decorations put away, and put away in the correct place. Yay.

In an epic twist of fate, That Man and I were all alone Saturday night. I mean - alone all night! Woah! It was an awesome evening. We made a great dinner, talked a lot, and watched movies. Oh and did laundry.

Woke up this morning to snow. It snowed for quite a while and then started sleeting and raining. K4 made it home safely after leaving her lights on and needing a jump start.

K3 was supposed to come over for dinner for That Man's birthday, but we told him to stay home and be safe. I made That Man his birthday dinner - cheeseburgers and mac and cheese, and we've just been hanging out. He liked his presents and was only a little sad that I screwed up on the birthday cake.

Now we're watching the Superbowl. We'll kind of. Mainly the commercials. The first movie preview that came on was scary enough that we made Mr. B close his eyes and cover his ears. The movie looks awesome though. The second movie was the new Jurassic Park, which also looks scary, but awesome. And I'm writing, so there's that.


Friday, February 02, 2018

Feel Good Friday

We made it! We all made it!

Yay! It's Friday!

Here's the good:

1. Stupid turned Good.
I was supposed to pick That Man up at work.
He drove K4's car. I drove his car.
(There's a lot of convoluted stuff in there to explain this, but you really don't care)
I left the lights on, by accident. (I seriously drive his car maybe twice a year) (I'm an idiot)
The battery died.
The work peeps had my back, but That Man got done working sooner than he thought so one of his buddies drove him to my work to jump the car before I even clocked out.
I left work and got into a warm car.
Jesus, it's cold here.

2. That Man and I had date night.
Since the car fiasco had us running at least an hour early, we ended up getting a table at a place we've tried to try a few times. Yay for getting a table!
Decent. A little expensive.
But good.

3. Brief trip to the grocery store for junk food and trash bags.

4. Tomorrow's writing meeting.

5. Snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Also hopes to get the Christmas items "properly" stored tomorrow. Not like I have them now - chaos.

6. Potential writing time tomorrow. Yay.

7. Sleeping in. Just a little tomorrow. And then hopefully a lot on Sunday.

8, Sunday is That Man's birthday. He doesn't care, but I do...I need to go shopping.

9. I stickered my new computer. It was time. This new big shiny has proven itself to be trustworthy and useful. I love so many things about it.
I used the last sticker we had with my parent's picture on it, (my niece's bf had stickers made with my folks dates on them.) Everyone in the family got one.
But That Man saved his for when I would need it, because he is amazing. I had one on my old computer, which is probably why I resisted in getting a new one for so long. When I was distressing over the state of my computer, That Man gave me the sticker he had saved.
So I put it on.
And it's freaking crooked!
It's fine. I'm not going to try to move it, though I really freaking want to and it really does bother me.
I have some beach stickers and a Shine sticker. And I will get more stickers as time goes by.
I'm actually feeling more settled with this computer after applying said stickers. I  do love it. The key touch is satisfying and I have written many words just because I love the way it feels to type.
That probably sounds super stupid to most people.

10. It's stupid cold.
This house is warm.
We're watching Harry Potter.
I am a happy camper.

That is all.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Thursday Exhaustion

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

I'm beat.

This week at the Day Job has been harrowing, to say the least. My work load is insane and I found out today that it's going to get even more insane, though some of my duties will hopefully shift. It is what it is, and things will even out soon. Even though it's nuts, we have a great team and awesome supportive supervisors who treat us like real people and value not only our input, but us as people, and that's something you don't find many places. So yeah, there's that.

We always ended running around through the last part of the week for one reason or another. Last night we had a meeting to go to. Tonight we ran all over the place gathering food for That Man's Inventory lunch tomorrow. He was in charge of procuring the food items needed. He does it every year. It's a huge day for them, so they like to show the employees their appreciation by serving them lunch.

Tomorrow night is Date Night, though we can't decide where we're going yet. We still haven't remembered what our Saturday commitment is, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Ha!

That's pretty much all I have to say at the moment. I need to get a few minutes of writing time in before I hit the sack.