Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tall Tale Tuesday...

True or False...
1. I did not get to before before 3am either day this weekend.
2. I went out with my sister and some bearded guy tried to talk me into going to his hotel room with him.
3. I learned two new dances and am proud to say I mastered them.
4. Someone thought I was my sister's mother.
5. My dog got into the trash and spread it all over the back yard.
6. I ate escargot and deer heart.
7. My granddaughter has decided I am to be called "Sho sho".
8. My husband kissed a dead pig.
9. I got carded buying beer.
10. Some creeper guy tried to pick up my mom.
Which are true, which are false?
Answers tomorrow!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Making it to Friday. We've had sickness, snow, and all kinds of crap going on around here this week.
2. Sleeping in tomorrow!
3. Being all by myself for a few hours tonight to work. (I really am. Just taking a break.)
4. Watching Supernatural reruns while I write.
5. Weekend plans. It's going to be a busy one, but a fun one!
6. Not making dinner.
7. Giving up some of my volunteer obligations and feeling really good about it. The weight from my shoulders is incredible.
8. Taking a class that really makes me think about what I'm writing.
9. Getting my ISP situation resolved satisfactorily. They treated me like much crap, but I have been apologized to and the problem has been fixed.
10. Finding out I'm eligible for an iPhone in 3 weeks! Don't know if I'm going to get one yet or not, but it's nice to know I can!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old Posts....

This is an old post, but it's definitely worth repeating....
If you're a new writer go and read. And if you're not... Well... read it anyway...

Monday, January 23, 2012

More Dear...

Dear Other Neighbor,
Did you shovel that spot? No? Then don't freaking park there! Especially since you are now parked right in front of my house! I am stunned by how rude and inconsiderate you are. Stunned. And my aching back says some very bad words to you!
Get out of my parking spot.
(as an aside here, I normally don't get ticked off when someone parks in the spot I usually use. It's a public street - you park where you can and there have been many times that my guests have parked up the whole street and I know that's irritating to you, but it's not very often and I really try to be a good neighbor. But snow shoveled spaces are sacred. I think it's the ultimate in asshatery to park in a space someone else shoveled. I don't care if you park there to shovel your own spot. I'm okay with that.)

Dear Mega-Super Store,
I don't know why I keep going back to you. I try not to. We had to tonight because the m-i-l needed some things and likes you. Your shoe selection stinks hardcore. Why don't you have any cute shoes for girls -  maybe not cute, but shoes a 12 year old girl would love? Why is your book section so freaking tiny? And why do you keep moving stuff so I can't find it and your employees don't know either?
I should quit you.

Dear Writing,
Why you gotta be so hard sometimes? Why does inspiration strike at the worst possible time, and why is there not more time in the day so I can do what I need to do?
I love you and I want to be able to do you full time again. (Ha ha! How's that for innuendo?)

Dear Monday,
You suck.
That is all.


Sunday, January 22, 2012


Dear Neighbors,
You like that nice shoveled spot you parked your car in? You're freaking welcome! And my aching back says you're welcome, too, only not that nice! My aching back says shovel your own damned parking spot, and you can shovel your own front sidewalk next time it snows, too, because we did that to be nice. My aching back also wants to know why you didn't shovel today while you were home tromping around in your backyard with your unshoveled walk? My aching back does not care that you didn't shovel the back walk. That's your business, but you don't park in the spot someone spent hours shoveling, especially when you don't even normally park there.
It's so rude and is not good for neighborly relations!

Dear Snow,
Thanks, but next time can you hit us with a little more? I'd appreciate that, even though I'll have to shovel again. (Not shoveling the rude neighbor's walk again though). My specific request would be for snow to start Friday morning (early enough that everyone has to go home early) and continue to snow through Sunday night. Enough that a state of emergency is called for Monday and no one has to go to work. And give me a little warning so I don't have to go to the store with the rest of the crazies.

Dear Children,
I know I am your mother and I'm supposed to be some kind of robot or something, but I do like to listen to all different kinds of music. Some of it has swearing in it. Get over it. I am an adult and that is why they make headphones and why I use them. Yes, I like a lot of the same music you do and many times I know the words better than you. And I know songs with swear words in them. I like it. Hell, I like to swear, too. That is because I am not a robot. I am a person. Yes, I will always be your mother, but I have interests and likes that are separate from my identity as your mom.
You will get over it and deal with it when you have children.
That is not a curse, it's a promise.

Dear Washer & Dryer,
Why you gotta be broken again? Why can't you wash my clothes without spewing water all over the floor, and then dry them within a reasonable amount of time? Why do I have to put up with my dining room looking like laundry central? There are actual clotheslines in my dining room and the laundry never ever ends!
I am in huge dislike of this situation.
It must end immediately!

Dear Eyes,
What the heck is with you? First, we had the cornea scratch. Then, the bite that wasn't really on my eye, but affected it anyway. I know you're bad an in need of a competent exam and I know you're not what you used to be and are stressed by my dual occupations spent staring at a computer screen for hours and hours and hours, but why the twitch?
Yeah, I'll see if you go away when I cut out caffeine (*sobs*). Then, I'll see if you go away when I get this project finished.
But...please, just go away!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Saturday!

We had snow around here!
Enough to keep that man at his snow plowing gig all freaking day (like for 17 hours!!)! He is one tired man!
That meant our shoveling fell to the people living in this house... namely me...K2 has a bum wrist (one that will most likely require surgery, but we won't know until she has her ortho consult. And it hurts her. A lot.), K3 is still under the weather thanks to the stomach flu (not to mention, he has a mondo science project due Monday). K4 helped a lot. More than she thinks, but I shoveled my rear end off (one could only hope) today.
I slept in. (That was wonderful!) Made three pots of coffee, did laundry (even though my washer is now spewing water all over the floor! Gah!) And we took the rest of the Christmas decorations down. (Thank goodness) And played a lot of video games (I stink at that). And cooked. And cleaned. Plus, I did a little bit of editing. Okay, more than a little bit, but still...
Good weekend. So far.
How about you?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Thank Goodness it's Friday! What a long week!
Let's hit the list, shall we?
1. Making progress. (every time I say that I think of that song with the line "Every day I'm shuffling". I don't know why)
2. Not coming down with the stomach flu (yet), even though another member of my family has fallen victim and I've again cleaned up more puke than I care to admit.
3. My cable provider reaching a deal with the network of my favorite show. (Apparently. I have not verified this yet.)
4. Snow in the forecast! Whoot!
5. Maybe finally getting the rest of the Christmas decorations down this weekend!
6. $2.20 off a gallon of gas.
7. Sleeping in tomorrow!
8. Finally...finally! sitting down with an adult beverage. The grocery shopping is done. The bills are paid, and laundry has been folded. Tonight is for relaxation. Tomorrow I will work.
9. Comfy pants, my favorite sweatshirt, and my very fuzzy socks.
10. Listening to my kid recite the entire promo for The Twilight Zone.
Okay, that's enough for now. There's some reading on my horizon, and most likely an early bedtime.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Supernatural People,

I haven't written in a while. Don't think it's because I have nothing to say. That's not it at all.
I loved, loved, loved this episode. Yes, I loved it even more because I got to watch it at the beach with the bff's, but it was way more than that.
Dean in the 40's with Elliot Ness! How cool is that? Loved that Ness is a hunter. The clothes, Erma, "lettuce", all so very great. Dean's obsession with The Untouchables = Squee!
Sheriff Mills is one of my favorite characters. I so wish she and Bobby would have had the chance to be together. I loved that she thought of Sam and Dean, and then went to help Sam.
Loved Dean's hacking skills and how he hid the letter in the old house for Sam to find.
This episode was rich with so much goodness - great lines, great characters, Dean in the 40's suit!
I miss Bobby, though. So much. *Sigh*
I hope my cable provider decides to give me my channel back so I can actually watch on Friday night.
Thanks, Supernatural people. You're awesome. (and yes, I'm waiting to see what happens with Bobby. Reserving judgment, even though I'm really, really sad!)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Okay...Here's what it really is...

1. The inside of my new slippers. Nah. I didn't get new slippers. In fact, I don't even have slippers right now. I have slipper socks and clogs.
2. A close up of a glass of orange juice. Yes. Just goofing off with the kids borrowed camera.
3. An attempt to take a picture of the moon with wonky backlighting. Nah. But had you wondering, didn't I?
4. The inside of my pocket when the camera accidentally went off. That's logical and highly possible, but no.
So there you have it. I'm not promising Tall Tale Tuesday is back as a regular feature around here yet. I'd like it to be, but we'll see...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tall Tale Tuesday

Back for a brief time...
What is this?
1. The inside of my new slippers.
2. A close up of a glass of orange juice.
3. An attempt to take a picture of the moon with wonky backlighting.
4. The inside of my pocket when the camera accidentally went off.

So which is it?


Monday, January 16, 2012

Moaning Monday

Here's where I moan about weird things...
1. When I got home tonight, the neighbor kid was digging a hole in my front yard.
2. It sleeted, rained, sleeted, and is now raining again. Where is my snow?
3. People who let their kids run willy nilly through the grocery store.
4. This headache I have.
5. Planning a productive writing evening, only to discover company and chaos when I got home. Oy!
6. The fact that I haven't had time to finish taking down the Christmas decorations. This is getting ridiculous!
7. My cable company discontinuing my Supernatural channel. I'm not just moaning about that, I'm ticked off beyond belief.
That's about it for now...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beach Retreat - Last Day Blues

It's been an awesome time!!
I've gotten a TON of work done and am nearing the end of these revisions. A few more things to tweak and check and make sure of, but I did more work yesterday than in forever. And that feels really, really good.
We didn't leave the house yesterday. Not even once. Lots of writing, talking, laughing, junk food eating. We watched Supernatural - which was absolutely awesome, ordered pizza, and then at game time Natalie gave Misty her first understandable football lesson, effectively turning her into a fan. I even watched with them and had a great time.
Today has been more talking, laughing, working, but now it's time to clean up so we can go home. I am sad, but also ready to go back to my crazy life and my crazy family. This weekend was exactly what I needed to find my perspective, my goals, and myself and I needed it far more than I realized.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday and I'm at the Beach Edition!

Yes, you read and saw that right. I'm at the beach!!
It was random and by chance, but here we are. This week started off rough - the stomach flu, followed by me getting a nasty cold. When the weekend offer was made, I wasn't sure I could make it. Not only was I sick, but the home weekend was packed full. That man I live with didn't even raise an eyebrow though. He rearranged everything to make it possible.
So, here I am with the bff's - laughing, watching sappy movies, Supernatural, and eating a ton of junk food. And having a blast. And writing!!!
That is all for now...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tall Tale Tuesday - Or Not...

I'd do a Tall Tale Tuesday, but life is so bizarre right now....
Here's what has really happened around here in the past week. (and no, I'm not lying)
1. The gas company found it necessary to dig in front of our house (with jackhammers) until 1am Saturday morning. (So what there was a stupid gas was annoying)
2. They also posted my street as a "No Parking" zone and they haven't been back. (Guess who parked there tonight, even though the signs have been up since Friday and say 6am until 4pm??? If you can't come back to finish the job, then I can't read your signs! And guess what else? I don't leave until well after 6am!)
3. Not long after the gas company finally left Saturday morning, some moron decided it would be a good idea to set off mortar fireworks behind our house and in a few other locations around our town. The cops are looking for them, and we're lucky our house didn't catch fire! Morons...though I slept through it...
4. Stomach flu and head cold. K4 and yours truly.
5. Potentially awesome weekend plans. If I can make it work. And I really really hope I can (but am not holding my breath)!! (and did I mention the head cold thing?)
6. I'm pissed because of the lack of snow.
7. And... (probably the most amazing thing of all. I don't care if you don't believe me, it's true!) It's Tuesday and I have not had to stop at the store or cook anything yet. The kids made the menu, we all did the shopping, and it's good! K3 made dinner tonight and it was absolutely awesome!
That is all for now!!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Moaning Monday...The Flu Version

I live in terror.
The stomach flu has come to visit. While it appears the visit is a short one, we all know how quickly minds can change.
K4 puked her way through all of Sunday, and still felt like dog poop this morning. On the mend now, but the question on my mind is...who's next?
That's what I'm afraid of.
According to the school, this is going around with insane craziness. K3 reports the same at his school.
That is all.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Yeah, I know Friday was days ago... It's been one of those weekends around here!
Let's cut the BS and get to the list already:
1. New Supernatural!!
2. Getting to watch new Supernatural with my sister and the bff!
3. Taking the younger kids out to dinner and having a blast.
4. Not passing out or throwing up at my very first meeting as president.
5. Great lunch conversation.
6. Sleeping in today.
7. Staying in my comfy pants all day, and getting a decent amount of revisions done. (Still going, just taking a break)
8. Movies.
9. Grocery shopping with that man I live with. Because he makes the chore fun.
10. That man I live with taking care of the supply run for sick child needs.
11. Coming home yesterday to find the tree down and the house clean.

Here's the other list:
1. The stomach flu.
2. Cleaning up vomit.
3. The somewhat queasy feeling in my own stomach.
4. Tomorrow is Monday.
5. The gas company not allowing me to park in my regular spot because they plan on showing up at an ungodly hour to finish the work they annoyed us with until 1am Saturday morning.

That is all for now.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Some Days...

This is necessary and would make the day go ohsomuch better
Too bad I hate that stuff. Too bad.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

On Resolutions...

I never make resolutions for the New Year. I will, however, make writing goals, but I specifically try not to make "life" goals. But...
I heard something, or read something, or something - I'm not sure exactly where, so if you said it to me, credit yourself in the comments...And I don't remember it word for word, either.
The gist of it was, that you never face something new - a new job, a new chapter in your life, a new year, without wanting it to be your best, without wanting it to be "different". Even if you simply want to be a better person, or enjoy things more, or do the best job you can.
I guess that's why people make resolutions - because it's new. And maybe there's a lot to be said for the hope in that. If you start something new with no hope that it will be different than the old, then how do things ever change? You don't, because you're stuck in that hole of "well, same crap, different time/place/thing". And that's kind of sucky.
Maybe I'm talking about two different things - hope and change - but you can't have good change without hope. So, maybe I do believe in resolutions a little - in the hope and the excitement and the promise of the new. Maybe my problem is with how resolutions are made. You know, the ridiculous laundry list of things that are either beyond your control, or are in your control, but you're never going to do it. Maybe you only say you will because you feel like you have to.
For example: You're a smoker and you know you should quit. You don't really want to, but on New Year's Eve you make a big deal out of quitting because you have to have a resolution. Then, by 12:05am, you say "After I finish this pack", then, the next morning your boss calls and gives you heck because you messed up the Davis account and you say "I'm so stressed right now. I need a new pack, but once that one's done, I'm done too". If you really wanted to quit, nothing would stop you. Stop lying to yourself.
I think that's what bugs me about resolutions.
But the hope thing...I really like that. I do have hope that 2012 will be an awesome year. I also realize some of the things that will help to make it awesome are things within my control. And that's what I have to think about...

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Year in Review...

Hey, it's only a week late!!
January: New jobs, stink bugs, dead dryers (huh...and my dryer is dead again!), more stink bugs, snow, adjustments.
February: More stink bugs, warmer temps, spaghetti, Supernatural, pictures.
March: Tall Tale Tuesday, Zombie Birthday parties, Quiet month.
April: Slacking, LotR pictures, Surprise 50th Anniversary parties, more stink bugs, motivation, gross Tall Tale Tuesday.
May: Chickens, tornadoes, Retreat!
June: Weird pictures, bad days, Chickens.
July: Camping, Summer Survival, Missing my friend, more stinkbugs, heatwaves, a week off.
August: Summer Survival, weird pictures, Jason Manns, funny notes, things I learned, more stinkbugs.
September: Tall Tale Tuesday, Floods, Weird and random, funny cakes, wedding planning, editing.
October: Weird pictures, random, Halloween, foul pictures.
November: More engagements, being elected president, taking it back, egg pictures, eye issues, guest blogger.
December: Guest blog winners, more eye issues, random, Holidays.
Actually, I posted less in December than I did every month all year. That's kind of sad, but it was a crazy month. Notice how the stink bug posts died off there...apparently, so did they, though we see an occasional one here and there.
And now we're in a new year. Come on, 2012 - show us what you're made of and make it awesome.