Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beach Retreat - Last Day Blues

It's been an awesome time!!
I've gotten a TON of work done and am nearing the end of these revisions. A few more things to tweak and check and make sure of, but I did more work yesterday than in forever. And that feels really, really good.
We didn't leave the house yesterday. Not even once. Lots of writing, talking, laughing, junk food eating. We watched Supernatural - which was absolutely awesome, ordered pizza, and then at game time Natalie gave Misty her first understandable football lesson, effectively turning her into a fan. I even watched with them and had a great time.
Today has been more talking, laughing, working, but now it's time to clean up so we can go home. I am sad, but also ready to go back to my crazy life and my crazy family. This weekend was exactly what I needed to find my perspective, my goals, and myself and I needed it far more than I realized.

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