Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Saturday!

We had snow around here!
Enough to keep that man at his snow plowing gig all freaking day (like for 17 hours!!)! He is one tired man!
That meant our shoveling fell to the people living in this house... namely me...K2 has a bum wrist (one that will most likely require surgery, but we won't know until she has her ortho consult. And it hurts her. A lot.), K3 is still under the weather thanks to the stomach flu (not to mention, he has a mondo science project due Monday). K4 helped a lot. More than she thinks, but I shoveled my rear end off (one could only hope) today.
I slept in. (That was wonderful!) Made three pots of coffee, did laundry (even though my washer is now spewing water all over the floor! Gah!) And we took the rest of the Christmas decorations down. (Thank goodness) And played a lot of video games (I stink at that). And cooked. And cleaned. Plus, I did a little bit of editing. Okay, more than a little bit, but still...
Good weekend. So far.
How about you?

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