Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tall Tale Tuesday - Or Not...

I'd do a Tall Tale Tuesday, but life is so bizarre right now....
Here's what has really happened around here in the past week. (and no, I'm not lying)
1. The gas company found it necessary to dig in front of our house (with jackhammers) until 1am Saturday morning. (So what there was a stupid gas was annoying)
2. They also posted my street as a "No Parking" zone and they haven't been back. (Guess who parked there tonight, even though the signs have been up since Friday and say 6am until 4pm??? If you can't come back to finish the job, then I can't read your signs! And guess what else? I don't leave until well after 6am!)
3. Not long after the gas company finally left Saturday morning, some moron decided it would be a good idea to set off mortar fireworks behind our house and in a few other locations around our town. The cops are looking for them, and we're lucky our house didn't catch fire! Morons...though I slept through it...
4. Stomach flu and head cold. K4 and yours truly.
5. Potentially awesome weekend plans. If I can make it work. And I really really hope I can (but am not holding my breath)!! (and did I mention the head cold thing?)
6. I'm pissed because of the lack of snow.
7. And... (probably the most amazing thing of all. I don't care if you don't believe me, it's true!) It's Tuesday and I have not had to stop at the store or cook anything yet. The kids made the menu, we all did the shopping, and it's good! K3 made dinner tonight and it was absolutely awesome!
That is all for now!!

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