Friday, January 27, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. Making it to Friday. We've had sickness, snow, and all kinds of crap going on around here this week.
2. Sleeping in tomorrow!
3. Being all by myself for a few hours tonight to work. (I really am. Just taking a break.)
4. Watching Supernatural reruns while I write.
5. Weekend plans. It's going to be a busy one, but a fun one!
6. Not making dinner.
7. Giving up some of my volunteer obligations and feeling really good about it. The weight from my shoulders is incredible.
8. Taking a class that really makes me think about what I'm writing.
9. Getting my ISP situation resolved satisfactorily. They treated me like much crap, but I have been apologized to and the problem has been fixed.
10. Finding out I'm eligible for an iPhone in 3 weeks! Don't know if I'm going to get one yet or not, but it's nice to know I can!

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