Sunday, September 28, 2014

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Oy! It's Sunday... I don't want to go back to the routine tomorrow! Weekends need to be 3 days! One for fun, one for helping Mom, and one for doing our own stuff! I told That Man the same thing earlier and he laughed at me! Ha!
Here is the list!
1. Friday night frivolity with That Man! We talked, I wrote, we chilled... It was good.
2. Saturday's Bridal Shower for my niece. It was a fun time that included Grandma being chosen for the toilet paper bridal gown, hanging with K2, K4 deciding to go to the shower, bottomless mimosa's, and general silliness!
3. Today, despite a miscommunication between That Man and I, we worked at Mom's. Her car is now snuggly in the garage. Her tables, chairs, couches have been rearranged. We made significant progress. She now has attic stairs (I had nothing to do with that, except for transporting said stairs). We're getting there.
4. K3 doing some of the grocery shopping. He does very well. He's a smart shopper! And I love that I don't have to go to the store!
5. Our beach trip soon! Kitty Hawk! And days off work with just the four of us in this house! AND! Yay for house sitters, too! No dogs allowed, so having someone who can stay at our house is priceless!
6. Stuff getting done around here. It's a slow process, but we are making progress! We spend a lot of time at Mom's helping her get stuff done, too, which is good and no one is complaining about it at all. My truck is being worked on. K4's truck is being worked on. The bathroom is being worked on. The roof... soon. The tree still needs to be taken down... OY!!!
7. My bed. It's wonderful and I love it!
8. Working OT. Because how can you not like that? (I will admit, I am a little braindead, though)
9. October!!
10. Writing! I am almost there!!! I have brainspins of what I am going to work on next! It's time to finish and move on!
That is all!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bad Movies....?

My Top Bad, but oh so good Movies...
10. Forest Gump - as K4 said tonight, it's not about Forest. It's about Jenny and her story, told through Forest's eyes. Hmm...
9. Twister - classic story of a relationship that went off the tracks.
8. Pretty Woman - Classic Cinderella story...but a hooker? (but I love it)
7. Ghost
6. Dirty Dancing
5. Roadhouse
(Do you sense a Patrick Swayze theme?)
4. Footloose (the old one, NOT the new one)
3. The Stand - because it's awesome and amazing!
2. Frozen - I love it. K4 hates it and trashes it every time we watch it. She has her issues with it. Though so do I. The grandkids absolutely love it though...
1. .... My favorite bad movie of all time....
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner... Don't hate and don't judge.... There is a lot to love about this movie and I guess I watched it at a time in my life that it totally impacted me! I love this movie... and will watch it every single time it's on. I own it on VHS, but need it on DVD....
That is all...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It Can't Be Tuesday....

But it is...
It's been a long week already. OT, the cold from hell circling its wagon and kicking my ass all over again... My God! Really? I feel like a bug squashed on a shoe and then scraped on the sidewalk... Seriously...
But... I have a list... (not all things are good...)
1. Dad's birthday celebration going well. The spaghetti sauce was awesome - like awesomely amazing. We found pictures, letters, and made progress cleaning out the garage so Mom can get her car back inside before the snow comes. We had a lot of fun hanging out "just us". We needed it. Being together is the only way we're surviving...
2. Baby B on Sunday. He's hysterical!
3. Writing. I'm on the last pass now. Yay progress!
4. K3 cooking his own vegan food after he shopped for it.
5. So stinking tired.... too tired.. .and I've been in bed early. Apparently not early enough, though I don't know how much earlier I can go to sleep...
I don't think I have more list now... Like I said, I'm tired. And I'm brain dead.
My night - arrived home (remember I don't get home until late), helped finish dinner, helped with trash and recycling, laundry, cleaned kitchen, including dishes - washing, drying, and putting away, sweeping floor and scrubbing down cupboards, wrote, watched a movie with the family (kind of), listened to barbershop music with K3 after he did his own vegan grocery shopping, surfed the 'net for a few... now bedtime... That is all...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Oh Wait! A real Feel Good Friday? Seriously?
Okay... Well... Here we are and here is the list...
1.Living through the week with the plague... Yeah. I ended up with the crud. I made it through every work day (and even worked OT), but man.... I so wanted to call off... (Oh wait.. .but I have to work tomorrow too... UGH)
2. Being able to come home and sleep... (yes, I felt that sucky for all evenings (and mornings) this week. I didn't write, do laundry, check email, Facebook, or anything...) (I tried in the mornings... I sent birthday greetings...but that was all...)
3. Trying to catch up...I am so far behind. Facebook is so messed up... I don't know that I have any idea what I'm doing or that my settings are right... I don't see anything but stuff that apparently posted 3 days ago... wtf??
4. Whatever Facebook. I hate you and am ready to quit you anyway.
5. Having lunch with the big boss today. We had fun! It was a good lunch where we got to talk about work stuff and plans and ideas. And we got to bond - which is awesome! I love working with these people! We all have the same ideas!
6. Talking to K2 about the baby! I am so excited!
7. Some writing time this week! I am so far behind though (and considering the crud... I have no idea if any of my time writing was good... lol) ! I do feel good about my progress though... but I wish the crud hadn't stopped it from being more or made me feel more confident in what I have done....
8. That Man taking care of the cooking and grocery shopping this week. I never had to think about what to make for dinner... It was done when I walked in the door. Nice.
9. Being able to be with my family tomorrow. Tomorrow would have been Dad's 75th birthday. We were going to plan a fantastic celebration for him... Now it will be us siblings and mom... the way we want it... just us, celebrating and probably crying a lot... But we'll be together and that's all that matters. And we will be okay...
.... There is nothing more...

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Week Goes By So Fast...

Sorry. Again.
I seem to have a real issue with getting on here any day but Monday! I'm not sure why. Except, things have been a little crazy around here. Let's do the Feel Good Friday on Monday list, shall we?
1. K2 and J making their official announcement. My new grandbaby will be here in March! We're so very excited. We've known for a little while, but they wanted to wait before posting on social media.
2. Having Baby B overnight on Saturday. Forget the fact he didn't sleep. He was adorable and we had a blast, despite him ending up with a fever before his mommy and daddy got here. He's fine now, but he was pretty miserable for a little while.
3. The cooler weather and my "Tree of Gondor" sweatshirt.
4. Writing time. Still making progress. I'm so close to the end, but am filled with uncertainty...
5. Last weekend going well, even though Mom and I stayed up way too late Friday night going through stuff and cleaning out her pantry.
6. Weekend plans coming up. It's going to be a rough one. Saturday would have been Dad's 75th birthday. We're all getting together to be together and at least we have that.
7. My bed. I am so very tired.
8. Fall arriving soon. I know that's similar to #3, but it's different. We have lots of stuff coming up, too.
9. Our bathroom almost being fixed.
Okay. That's enough. I'll try to come back before Monday.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Tuesday? Wait!

I don't know how it happened! I'm sorry I missed the weekend postings!
Let's see...
The weekend was insane! Writing meeting on Saturday, which was awesome! Then, staying with my Mom on Saturday and getting to park my truck in an actual garage for the first time ever. That was super cool!!! (I don't know why, it just was) We had a really good time hanging out. Sunday was laundry, grocery shopping, treating the animals for potential fleas after That Man found one! Yuck! (We haven't seen a flea since)
We also paid for our mini-vacation and locked it in with days off work and school schedules, which is super cool! A few days at the beach is just what our family needs! It's just those in this house that are going, which feels weird, but our deal was only for a max of four. I am excited though. Things are coming together for animal care and house setting. These kids that live here have not had much of a summer, so I'm excited for the relaxation days. We're only a few minutes from the beach in our "resort" and only an hour or so from our "real" beach.
Oh and guess what? Only 15 Friday's until Christmas! That was rude. Sorry.
Okay... anyways... our new roof will go up soon. Our porch will be done soon. Front and back. That Man's car will get picked up from the shop soon, even though it's not fixed and is frustrating the heck out of all who try to work on it. Argh.
Also, I am writing. I am 2/3 done with the book I am submitting to my awesome publisher. I worked a whole bunch tonight. It's obviously I have to re-train these people that live here with me... lol. But I am excited to be back in the groove.
Okay. That's all for now.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

It's Thursday...

Thank goodness.
One more day of the work week.
It's been an insane week. In so many ways. In more ways than I can even describe.
I might be back tomorrow with a Feel Good Friday post. It will depend. I'm on deadline and I'm sucking big time!!
That's all for right now.... Deadline... Remember?

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Feel Good Friday - The Tuesday Edition

...yeah, I know... It's Tuesday...
It's been BUSY! I can't even tell you how much! Well... I guess I'll try...
1. I now have my truck back! I can't tell you how much I've missed it! Yay! Of course, the first day I drove it, the power steering fluid leaked out. Or maybe it already had after sitting for so long... either way, it was rude. What is also rude is how That Man's car is not fixed yet. He is so disgusted...
2. Camping! We had a blast in The Wilds! I had to work the day job Saturday, but I picked up K5 and we headed to camp. She had so much fun! She said everything was her favorite part! And we got to keep her an extra night! So much fun! She's such a great kid! I'm so glad she got to spend time with her aunts, uncles, cousins, and her Gigi. Gigi slept in our camper and K5 tucked her in Saturday night, then woke her for a potty trip Sunday am. It was cute, and K5 is awesome!
3. Fall is coming!!
4. Elsa being so good over the weekend!
5. Some writing time, though definitely not enough.
6. Writing meeting coming up! Yay!
7. Hanging out with people we haven't seen in way too long.
8. Hot tub time!
9. Hopeful vacation plans...
10. Sleeping in my own bed with the a/c on. Man... it was hot today. It was way too humid over the weekend. It's nice to sleep in comfort. LOL
That is all... Except... I'm really missing my dad...