Monday, September 08, 2014

Tuesday? Wait!

I don't know how it happened! I'm sorry I missed the weekend postings!
Let's see...
The weekend was insane! Writing meeting on Saturday, which was awesome! Then, staying with my Mom on Saturday and getting to park my truck in an actual garage for the first time ever. That was super cool!!! (I don't know why, it just was) We had a really good time hanging out. Sunday was laundry, grocery shopping, treating the animals for potential fleas after That Man found one! Yuck! (We haven't seen a flea since)
We also paid for our mini-vacation and locked it in with days off work and school schedules, which is super cool! A few days at the beach is just what our family needs! It's just those in this house that are going, which feels weird, but our deal was only for a max of four. I am excited though. Things are coming together for animal care and house setting. These kids that live here have not had much of a summer, so I'm excited for the relaxation days. We're only a few minutes from the beach in our "resort" and only an hour or so from our "real" beach.
Oh and guess what? Only 15 Friday's until Christmas! That was rude. Sorry.
Okay... anyways... our new roof will go up soon. Our porch will be done soon. Front and back. That Man's car will get picked up from the shop soon, even though it's not fixed and is frustrating the heck out of all who try to work on it. Argh.
Also, I am writing. I am 2/3 done with the book I am submitting to my awesome publisher. I worked a whole bunch tonight. It's obviously I have to re-train these people that live here with me... lol. But I am excited to be back in the groove.
Okay. That's all for now.

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