Friday, September 19, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Oh Wait! A real Feel Good Friday? Seriously?
Okay... Well... Here we are and here is the list...
1.Living through the week with the plague... Yeah. I ended up with the crud. I made it through every work day (and even worked OT), but man.... I so wanted to call off... (Oh wait.. .but I have to work tomorrow too... UGH)
2. Being able to come home and sleep... (yes, I felt that sucky for all evenings (and mornings) this week. I didn't write, do laundry, check email, Facebook, or anything...) (I tried in the mornings... I sent birthday greetings...but that was all...)
3. Trying to catch up...I am so far behind. Facebook is so messed up... I don't know that I have any idea what I'm doing or that my settings are right... I don't see anything but stuff that apparently posted 3 days ago... wtf??
4. Whatever Facebook. I hate you and am ready to quit you anyway.
5. Having lunch with the big boss today. We had fun! It was a good lunch where we got to talk about work stuff and plans and ideas. And we got to bond - which is awesome! I love working with these people! We all have the same ideas!
6. Talking to K2 about the baby! I am so excited!
7. Some writing time this week! I am so far behind though (and considering the crud... I have no idea if any of my time writing was good... lol) ! I do feel good about my progress though... but I wish the crud hadn't stopped it from being more or made me feel more confident in what I have done....
8. That Man taking care of the cooking and grocery shopping this week. I never had to think about what to make for dinner... It was done when I walked in the door. Nice.
9. Being able to be with my family tomorrow. Tomorrow would have been Dad's 75th birthday. We were going to plan a fantastic celebration for him... Now it will be us siblings and mom... the way we want it... just us, celebrating and probably crying a lot... But we'll be together and that's all that matters. And we will be okay...
.... There is nothing more...

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