Monday, April 12, 2010

Work in Progress Monday

I'm hitting the keyboard hard today. Trying to recoup from the stretch of barely any words for various reasons. I have managed to stay in my chapter's 50/50 challenge, which is a bonus. My new work in progress doesn't have a title yet, which is the least of my worries since right now it's one unholy mess.
I seriously over plotted my last book, so I'm going the opposite direction with this one. Well, sort of opposite. I'm coming into the homestretch of the very rough (very) draft, and then will go back and begin layering in things I'm skipping just to get the story on the page. I'm a little beyond my estimated date of completion for it, but considering stuff that was out of my hands, I'm not doing too bad.
Here's a rough (very) snippet:
“Get that piece of shit off my land.” Isaac toed the filthy body in front of him. “I don’t deal in human trade. You ought to know that by now.”
“It ain’t trade, Isaac. This one has a bounty. A big one. Worth three times what I owe you. If not more. Easy money.” He spit before grabbing a handful of hair and yanking the head back.
Like I said, rough draft. I would have put a little more in, but the hero swears a lot in the next few lines. I think I mentioned before that this book is like Firefly meets Dark Angel meets Red Dawn. My original vision for it is morphing a bit, but that's par for the course.
Lunch break is over, so I'm heading back to it!

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